Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle

The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle, is the alleged spectral black dog or hell hound that haunts Leeds Castle and surrounding property.

Appearance: The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle appears as a large black retriever with curly hair.

Lore: According to lore, the Black Dog Of Leeds Castle first began to haunt the location after Eleanor Cobham, an aunt of Henry VI, was found guilty of witchcraft and imprisoned in Leeds Castle around the year 1440. Sightings of the Black Dog Of Leeds Castle are viewed as an omen of death. Interestingly, the black dog was believed to have saved the life of at least one woman, a member of the Wykeham-Martin family. The woman was sitting by a window when she sighted the phantom. The black dog then walked right through a wall. The woman excitedly jumped up to see if she could locate the animal when seconds later the wall collapsed and fell into the castle moat below. The woman would have most assuredly died had she not have seen the spectral canine.

Powers: As a spirit, The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle can walk through walls as well as simply fade away and disappear before the eyes of witnesses. Sightings of the phantom are believed to be death omens.

Defense Against The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle: The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle poses little-to-no threat to people. People who see the phantom hound should show caution as it is believed to be an omen of death.

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

Spirit Of A Black Dog

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