Monday, August 8, 2011

Ball, Lucille (1911-1989)

Lucille Ball, the famous actor and comedienne has a place on this blog for two main reasons. The first reason concerns the tale that Ball reportedly told concerning Ronald & Nancy Reagan's UFO sighting. This information can be found in the book, Lucy In The Afternnon by Jim Brochu. From the book;

"We were very social at the that time. We loved to go to parties and have people in...One night we went to Bill Holden's for dinner, and it was fun at first, but we couldn't eat until two of the other guests arrived, and they were almost an hour late. The tardy two were Ron and Nancy Reagan. Desi had time for a few extra cocktails, and was sailing by the time the Reagans arrived. They were all out of breath and so excited and said they couldn't help being late because of what happened. Are you ready? They saw a UFO and stopped to watch it. After he was elected president, I kept wondering if he'd have still won if he told everybody he'd seen a flying saucer."
(Lucy In The Afternoon by Jim Brochu, Pg. 122-123)

The second reason is that that it has been alleged that Lucille Ball's former Beverly Hills home is haunted by the famous red-head. New owners have reportedly experienced broken items, disembodied voices, and the mysterious movement of furniture.

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