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The Ahab-Spirit, a.k.a. The Spirit of Ahab, is a category of demon that possessed the biblical figure of King Ahab. It is important to realize that the Ahab-Spirit is not the biblical character who was transformed into a demon upon his death, but rather the demon that possessed him in life.

Appearance: The Ahab Spirit, as a demon, has no true form.

Lore: The Ahab-Spirit prefers male hosts to possess. Unlike other cases of demonic possession, the hosts of Ahab-Spirits are willing or agree to the possession as the possession benefits the life of the host via material prosperity.

How To Identify A Man Possessed By An Ahab-Spirit: The following are warning signs that a man may be possessed by an Ahab-Spirit.

- May Be Effeminate (This does not mean homosexual, but rather "soft" or feminine)
- May Be Macho-Acting (It's just an act and is easily seen through. In any case, the man with an Ahab-Spirit is never really perceived of as "manly".)
- May be "metrosexual".
- Avoids Confrontation
- Materialistic
- Promiscuous
- Obsessed With Career And The Acquiring Of Status & Material Possessions
- Prefers Dominate Women (Usually possessed by a Jezebel-Spirit)
- Abdicates Authority To Women
- Christian-In-Name-Only
- "Wishy-Washy"
- Shirks Responsibility
- Tolerates Evil, Especially Evil Women
- His Wife Wears The Pants In The Family, Rules The Home, And Is The Spiritual Leader Of The Home. (Especially If The Man Becomes Angry Or Irate If He Is Called Out For This. In Christianity, Men Are To Be The Head Of The Household, Including The Spiritual Leader Of The Family. A Woman With A Jezebel-Spirit Will Attempt To Usurp This Authority For Perversion Purposes.)
- Becomes Upset, Angry, & Irate If He Is Called Out For Allowing A Woman To Dominate Him. (Men Possessed By Ahab-Spirits Will Become Angry If Anyone Attempts To Interfere. Otherwise, A Man Who Is Simply A Victim Of A Woman With A Jezebel-Spirit Will Be Suffer Emotional Stress Because He Knows There Is A Problem.)

How Ahab-Spirit Operates: The Ahab-Spirit prepares the male host for the coming of the Jezebel-Spirit who will dominate him, rule him, and strip him of power. Ahab-Spirits seek to pervert the man, seducing him into worship of false gods. In modern times, that false god is usually money, status, and material possessions. A man possessed by an Ahab-Spirit and married to or involved with a woman possessed by a Jezebel-Spirit, will actively seek to protect the Jezebel, no matter how evil her actions are. Ahab-Spirits are great perverters. They teach their hosts that going to church isn't necessary, that sin doesn't really exist, and that God will simply forgive them no matter what and without need for repentance. It is also common for men possessed by Ahab-Spirits to be atheists or agnostics. Perhaps the most found scenario is a man possessed with an Ahab-Spirit who turns to his wife for spiritual guidance and instruction. Such is a perversion of the roles God wants for human beings. In a nutshell, the Ahab-Spirit prevents a male from becoming a man, sets the stage for the male to be dominated by a woman with a Jezebel-Spirit, and basically leads the host down the path toward damnation.

Defense Against Ahab-Spirits: Ahab-Spirits can be exorcised. Unfortunately, it is very hard to rid a man of an Ahab-Spirit. Even if exorcised it will usually return. Men who are successfully exorcised and turn their lives over to Jesus need to be counseled and watched to make sure they don't hook up with another Jezebel. Usually, when a man is exorcised of the Ahab-Spirit, the Jezebel in his life will immediately flee after realizing the gig is up. But another Jezebel will try to stake her claim in the future and enslave the man again.

Trivia: For believers, Ahab-Spirits are among the most numerous and active demons working in the world today. A significant percentage of the male population is possessed by an Ahab-Spirit. Likewise a significant percentage of the female population is possessed by a Jezebel-Spirit.

The Ahab Spirit

Spirit Of Ahab

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Anonymous said...

Very informative, exposing charcteriistics of the Ahab spirit.

Anonymous said...

you know what, I was watching Bob Larson who was praying for a man who got possesed during a druid ritual and got ahold of satan himself and jezebel. He casted them out and they told him ahab and said don't forget ahab. This is what made me search ahab and I came here. Very informative for Christians.

Darin Blocker said...

Thank you so much. I needed that. I now know what us going on in my life. Please someone please pray for me.

Anonymous said...

Women can function in this spirit too. Don’t be deceived.

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