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The Ceasg  are the Scottish version of mermaids.

Appearance: The Caesg has the upper portion of a beautiful woman. Below the waist the Ceasg have the tails of salmon.

Lore: Ceasg inhabit the lakes and waterways of the Scottish Highlands. Ceasg are curious about humanity. If a man can manage to capture a Ceasg then she will grant him three wishes in return for her release. Ceasg will occasionally marry humans but unfortunately the marriage usually does not last. The call of the water is too strong and eventually the Ceasg will return to her watery domain. The male offspring of a Ceasg and a mortal are believed to grow to be excellent sailors. Unfortunately, Ceasg occasionally do drown people

Powers: The Ceasg can grant three wishes to anyone who manages to capture them. The Ceasg can take human form in order to marry a mortal.

Defense Against Ceasg: The best advice that can be given with regard to mermaids is to simply ignore them and quietly leave the area. If a mermaid should approach, in the very least show them respect. Do not look them in the eye and do not go with them should they ask.


Yet Another Human Foot Washes Ashore

In the last few years, about a dozen human feet have washed ashore in the same general area. The latest one was found in Vancouver B.C.

Human Foot Washes Ashore In British Columbia

Sacred Circle - Stregheria Cornucopia Ritual (1997)

Part 1

Part 2

Book Review: The Magic Candle

The book is The Magic Candle: Facts And Fundamentals Of Ritual Candle-Burning by Charmain Dey.

Don't let appearances deceive you. This is more of a booklet, a mere 62 pages in length. Though it is very short, there is more useful information in it's pages than similar "candle magic" books that are a 100 pages plus. In this book the reader will learn the types of candles burned in magic and how to properly use them. Included in the book are sections on magical oils, incense, magical color correspondence, seals, and planetary tables. This book is great for individuals interesting in learning candle magic. The only downside of the book is that there are a few errors but I will not nitpick here.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give the book a 9. I would definitely recommend that practitioners have a copy for their personal occult library.

The Birdman Of Madisonville, TN

The Birdman of Madisonville, TN is a reported bird-like, flying humanoid that has been reported sporadically in the area of Madisonville, TN, starting in the 1960s and ending circa 1973. There have been no further sightings of the creature.

Appearance: The Birdman was described as a 7ft tall, bird-like humanoid with wings.

Lore: In the first sightings the creature was described as an extremely large bird. In later sightings the creature was said to also be humanoid and that it could even run like a person. There are stories of people shooting either a gun or an arrow at the creature, hitting it. In some legends part of the foot or a toe is injured or blown off.

Powers: Flight

Defense Against The Birdman Of Madisonville, TN: The Birdman is of little-to-no threat to humans. No human injuries or fatalities have been attributed to the Birdman. The Birdman has not been sighted since the early 1970s so it may have either moved way or may be dead.

The “Birdman” of Madisonville, Tennessee?

Flying Humanoids And Other Winged Creatures

Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, And Beasts From The Darkside by Brad Steiger

Old Time Conjure - Prosperity & General Conjure Work

Momma Starr & Dr. Lovebug discuss prosperity work and other general conjure work.

Old Time Conjure - Prosperity & General Conjure Work

The Mountains Of Mystery (2009)

A documentary concerning the hunt for the Almasty, the Russian version of Bigfoot.

Hollywood's Satanic Agenda

A Christian documentary alleging that many of our cherished Hollywood celebrities were either demon-possessed or demonically influenced and worked to fulfill a satanic agenda.

Reminder: Exeter UFO Festival This Weekend

Just a reminder to those who are interested, the Exeter UFO Festival will take place this Saturday, September 3.

Aliens descend on Exeter Saturday

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The Exeter UFO Incident

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Woman Claims Ghost Hacked Her Daughters To Death

A mother who was suffering depression after losing a pregnancy hacked her two daughters to death and then tried to killer herself with the same hatchet. The mother allegedly told the cops that a ghost was responsible for the crimes.

Naiyana Gauri Patel, Accused Of Murder, Blames 'Ghost' For Death Of Two Young Daughters

Boas, Antonio Villas (1934-1992)

Antonio Villas Boas was one of the first documented people who, in 1957, claimed to have been abducted by aliens near Minais Gerais in Brazil. For pictures of Antonia Villas Boas, click HERE. Due to the sexual and reproductive aspect of the abduction, researchers chose to suppress certain details of the case. The incident did not appear in print until 1962, one year after the alleged Betty & Barney Hill abduction. To this day, many sources still falsely claim Betty & Barney Hill as being the first abductees.

On the night of October 16, 1957, Antonia Villas Boas was working in the family fields with his tractor. During the heat of the summer, Boas preferred working at night. Boas claimed to have sighted a bright, star-like object that neared him and landed, revealing an egg-shaped craft. Boas attempted to flee but when all power to the tractor was lost, he immediately bailed and began fleeing on foot. Boas claimed it was then that he was seized by aliens that were approximately 5ft tall and were dressed in a gray, one-piece suit that joined to a helmet. Boas was then dragged aboard the craft. On board, Boas was stripped and had a strange liquid or gel applied to his naked body. He also claimed the aliens drew blood from his chin. Boas was then taken and left in a room. Shortly thereafter the room began filling with some form of strange, yellow gas that made Boas extremely nauseous. After this, a naked female entered the room. The woman was strange-looking. The woman had long platinum blond hair, red arm pit hair, red pubic hair, and blue eyes that seemed bigger than a normal person's eyes. The woman's facial bone-structure was very angular and she had a pronounced pointed chin. The woman did not speak but made it clear with her body language that the two would be engaging in sexual intercourse. Boas did not resist her. During sex, Boas tried once to kiss her but the woman snapped at him and growled like a dog or animal. The strange woman did not seem to enjoy the sex and instead acted like it was a chore or a job she was made to do. When the sex was finished the woman simply got up and rubbed her belly while pointing upwards with her other hand. Boas interpreted this as meaning that reproduction was the reason why they had taken him and that they were hoping that pregnancy would result. Boas also feared that it may have meant that they would return to take him at a later time. Boas was then allowed to redress and eventually was dropped back off into the field. The abduction experience was believed to have lasted approximately four hours. After the incident Boas began to experience symptoms such as nausea, blisters, bruising, headaches and fatigue, all of which are consistent with radiation exposure.

In 1958, when investigators began to research the case, Boas pleaded for them to withhold the more lurid details of the case out of modesty. The researchers complied. It wouldn't be until after the Hill case became known that the sexual details of the Boas case were made public.

Antonia Villa Boas would go on to become a lawyer, marry, and raise a family. Boas passed away in 1992.

Alien Abduction Of Antonio Villas Boas

The Amazing Case Of Antonio Villas Boas

The Antonio Villas Boas Abduction

Interstellar Intercourse - The Abduction Of Antonio Villas Boas

Book Review: Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, And Beasts From The Dark Side

The book is Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, And Beasts From The Dark Side by Brad Steiger.

The book is by renown paranormal author Brad Steiger. It is divided into sections and is perhaps more easily enjoyed by skipping the sections that do not interest the reader or by reading the book one section at a time, disregarding the order of the sections in the book.

The good thing about the book is that is has a little something for everyone. In the book one will find stories of ghosts, demons, vampires, bigfoot, bogeymen, werewolves, and nearly every other supernatural "nasty" one can think of. The bad things about the book are that most of the people in the supposedly-true-tales remain anonymous. Additionally Steiger makes certain factual errors that may be difficult to spot unless one has priorly researched a subject or incident. For example, Brandi Blackbear was not a witch possessed by a demon who put a curse on her teacher. Instead, Blackbear was a Wiccan, a witch who doesn't do curses, and was a victim of intolerance by a paranoid teacher who falsely accused her of using black magic to make him sick. Steiger also includes a section on Hoodoo that contains a lot of nonsense. In fact, the sections on Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria, and the other African-derived religions and/or practices are quite out of place in this book.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give it a 6..

Old Style Conjure - Prosperity & House Blessing

Momma Starr & Dr. Lovebug discuss ways to bless your home and draw in wealth. love, happiness, and prosperity.

Old Style Conjure - Prosperity & House Blessing

Encounters - Bigfoot (1994)

Michael Harris - CFRA Ottawa Talk Radio - Leslie Kean - UFOs

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Murder Music: A History Of Black Metal (2007)

UFO Filmed By Astronauts Flying Over Hurican Irene?

Did something break off? Was it space debris? What was it?

Stanton Friedman Sells Out

The drama and uproar caused by Stanton Friedman when he was bought for the producers of the movie Apollo 18 to make an appearance on

Stanton Friedman vs. The Internet

Update On The Ghost Hunters Lawsuit

If you remember, a year or so ago I posted an article on how a paranormal group claims NBCU (NBC Universal) stole their concept for a ghost hunting show. The group presented their concept to Syfy and NBCU who then rejected it and said they weren't interested, only to turn around and come out with Ghost Hunters which became a huge success. The group sued and below is an update.

Why NBCU Appealed a 'Ghost Hunters' Lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court (Analysis)

ABC To Jump On The Witch Bandwagon

Witches are officially the new vampires. ABC has decided to jump on the bandwagon by purchasing a script for a t.v. series titled, Wicked Good. The series, about a family of witches who fight evil, sounds like a Charmed-based knock-off.

Desperate House Witches

For those who remember, ABC had a potential hit with Eastwick but failed to promote it properly, especially to younger crowds. My bet is on Secret Circle as CW knows how to draw in crowds both young and old.

Your Questions Answered......#5

As usual, all identities are kept confidential and the questions are rephrased.

1.) Do you believe UFOs are real? If so, what do they want? Also, will the government ever admit the truth?

Answer = I believe some UFOs are indeed extraterrestrial. As far as what they want, as in motivation, the only chance at knowing this would be to look at the alien abduction phenomenon. What alien abduction researchers figured out is that the abduction experience is centered around reproduction, as in that the goal of the aliens appears to be to take the sperm and eggs from humans and create a race of beings that are a blend of both alien and human. These beings are referred to as "Hybrids". In fact, the very first reported abduction, the Villa Boas case, likewise had the reproductive element. In fact, I think I will post a blog on the Boas case soon. The Boas case occurred before the Betty & Barney Hill case but was not publicized until years later. With regard to the Hill case, it too involved reproduction motivations as the aliens took sperm and eggs from the Hills. Now, what is the purpose of creating these hybrids? Who knows? Dr. David Jacobs believes the aliens are performing a colonization program, as in that they will one day take over. As far as an official disclosure from the government, I don't believe it will ever happen. In fact, I believe that if there was an alien invasion tomorrow that the plan may just be to nuke the planet, as in the U.S. government and possibly it's allies, purposefully setting of nukes in the hope of rendering the planet useless to the aliens or as a desperate act of suicide to prevent humanity from being enslaved.

2.) Can Christians become possessed?

Answer = I really don't want to open up that can of worms so let me state that for most denominations the answer is "no". Some denominations have a better understanding of the bible and realize that the answer is "yes", but really only for the people who are C.I.N.O.(Christians In Name Only).

3.) Are there any spells that involve the making of mud balls which are thrown at a house? Someone keeps throwing mud balls at our house.

Answer = I don't know of any offhand but that's not to say that it can't be done. I would check to see if it's not dirt daubers nests though.

4.) I like your Black Man At The Crossroads article. Which method do you prefer one uses to try to make a pact with him?

Answer = I don't. The Black Man At The Crossroads is a figure of legend. When this lore is transmitted it is done so with the telling of a friend-of-a-friend used to know this guy who lived next door to this woman who claimed her boyfriend went down to the crossroads.... This means it has always existed in legend only. Most practitioners of Hoodoo are Christians and this is simply something a Christian would not do. If you research the Black Man At The Crossroads you will learn that he is supposed to appear to you in an actual physical form. I've never heard a single instance of the legend where he manifests as the wind or an invisible spirit. So even if someone were to do this, if he's a no-show then it's not going to work. For me, that's just further evidence that the legend of the Black Man At The Crossroad is folklore and not something that practitioners of Hoodoo ever actually did, as in made a pact with. Hope that clears that up. I do know of one example where a specific person was believed to have gone down to the crossroads, but it definitely did him no good. So there you have it. You heard it from me first. The Black Man At The Crossroads is legend, not an actual ritual that Hoodoo people carry out.

5.) Can you give me better directions to the Purple Church?

Not really because I don't know the names of the streets and such. The best thing I can tell you is to go down Douglass all the way. You will pass a Wal Mart. Keep going. You will pass train tracks. Keep going. You will turn around a bend with spooky trees hanging over the road. There will be a farm house on the left and a field on the right. Keep going. You will go up a hill. Off to the right will be a small trail. You can follow that trail if you want but most people continue on. You will come to a drive way with a metal bar blocking it. The Purple Church lies about a mile walk from there. If you are going to go to the Purple Church, please only go with a group. Remember it is private property. I also found this link that may be of some help:

6.) What's your favorite Hoodoo Candles to burn, the ones that have the most power?

I not quite sure what you meant by "power". but my favorite Hoodoo Candles are the Lucky Flame/Money Drawing candles, the kind that has seven colors of wax and lots of lucky imagery. You can view a picture of these candles by clicking HERE.

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Book Review: The Everything Spells & Charms Book

The book is The Everything Spells & Charms Book, 2nd Edition by Skye Alexander.

Don't waste your money buying this book. Don't waste your time checking this book out from your library. This books is a very amateurish jumble of unrelated subjects with little actual spells and charms. Some of the information is also incorrect. Everything 'New-Age' under the sun seems to be included. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give it a 1. It's not worth it.

The Black Man


The Black Man In The Woods

The Dark Rider At The Crossroads

The Black Man At The Crossroads

The Black Man In The Woods

The Black Man In The Woods, a.k.a. The Black Man, is a euphemism for Satan, the Devil, or a devil which tempts people into making pacts with him in exchange for the magical powers of a witch or the ability to become a werewolf.

Appearance: A man dressed in black who sometimes is said to ride upon the back of a black stallion.

Lore: According to certain confessions of accused witches and werewolves, such individuals claimed to have met a peculiar man dressed in black in the woods who bid them to make a pact with him by signing his book in blood. In exchange for this he granted unto them magical powers or the ability to transform into a werewolf. The ability to transform into a wolf was usually achieved by way of a magic salve or belt made of wolf hair which the Black Man gave the person. Additionally the Black Man was believed to ask people to come dance with him and a group of his followers in the woods. Such was usually viewed as an invitation to become a witch.

Powers: The Black Man In The Woods, as the Devil or a devil, has supernatural powers. The Black Man In The Woods can grant people the magical powers of a witch or provide people with magical items that can transform them into werewolves.

Defense Against The Black Man In The Woods: If you should meet the Black Man In The Woods, do not accept his invitation to dance nor make a pact with him.

Trivia: The Black Man In The Woods is referenced in the book, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

See Also:

The Dark Rider At The Crossroads

The Black Man At The Crossroads

The Dark Rider At The Crossroads

The Dark Rider At The Crossroads, a.k.a. The Black Rider, is a euphemism for Satan, the Devil, or is sometimes used to refer to a demon or spirit associated with the granting of powers to witches.

Appearance: The Dark Rider At The Crossroads is dressed all in black and rides a black stallion.

Lore: The Dark Rider At The Crossroads is a figure of European folklore and is believed to be the Devil or a demon that by means of a pact will grant magical powers to witches in exchange for their souls. One method by which a person can achieve this is to go down to the crossroads at midnight, strip naked, and then place one palm between the souls of one's foot and the other palm on top one's head. Call upon Satan, or the Dark Rider, and promise him everything between your hands in exchange for magical powers. It is believed the Dark Rider will appear and make a blood pact with you.

Powers: The Dark Rider At The Crossroads, being the Devil or a devil, possess supernatural powers and can grant mortals supernatural powers in exchange for their souls.

Defense Against The Dark Rider: Show respect while travelling through crossroads. Do not call upon him if one truly doesn't wish to have an encounter.

The Dark Rider At The Crossroads vs. The Black Man At The Crossroads: These two figures share many qualities and many people equate the two figures. The major difference between the two figures are:

- The Dark Rider has always been viewed as being the Devil or a devil, while the core of the Black Man At The Crossroads is an African deity.

- The Black Man At The Crossroads can teach one any skill, while the Dark Rider is almost exclusively identified with the granting of magical powers.

- The Dark Rider makes pacts for the souls of people while the "pacts" made with the Black Man At The Crossroads do not entail the loss of one's soul, but merely an "indentured servant"-type situation. A person who works for the Black Man At The Crossroads will do so for a set period of time, usually 7 years, and does so while they are alive.

See Also:

The Black Man At The Crossroads

The Black Man In The Woods

Old Style Conjure - Blackhawk & How To Call On His Spirit!

Momma Starr explains a little about who Blackhawk is and how to work with his spirit.

Old Style Conjure - Blackhawk & How To Call On His Spirit

The Wolf Hour


Dead Time

The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour, a.k.a. The Witching Time, is the time from midnight to 1:00 AM, though some people claim it extends to 3:00 AM or 4:00 AM, combining it with belief in Dead Time.

At this time, witches were believed to be most powerful and to be actively working their magic. At this time, ghosts, demons, and all manner of supernatural beings were believed to be most active.

Dead Time

1. Dead Time, a.k.a. Dead Hour, Devil's Hour, the Wolf Hour, is the time from 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM. At this time it is believed that spirits and demons are most active. This belief stems from the lore of Jesus being crucified at 3:00 PM. Since this would be a holy time for Christians, then the Satanic perversion would be the opposite, at 3:00 AM. According to folklore or urban legend, this hour is also believed to be the time that most nocturnal deaths occur.

2.) Dead Time, a.k.a. Dead Hour, is a time deemed most appropriate for magic as claimed by Minerva, the Voodoo priestess who was featured in the book, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil. According to Minerva, Dead Hour is 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM. The first thirty minutes are for doing good work and the last thirty minutes are for doing evil work. Additionally, Minerva claimed that Dead Hour is the most appropriate time for gathering graveyard dirt for use in spells.

Haunted History: Savannah, GA - Minerva

3.) Dead Time, according to Ryan Buell, star of the A&E series Paranormal State, is a time when all electronic equipment is turned off. Participants will engage in a make-shift seance where spirit communication is attempted. Interestingly, a proposed name for the show, prior to the adoption of the name Paranormal State, was Dead Time.

Paranormal State: What Is Dead Time?

Coast To Coast AM - August 28, 2011 - UFO Show

Interviews with John Schuessler of MUFON, and researchers Alejandro Rojas and Antonio Huneeus. Topics include the nature of UFO research, UFOs at NASA, and more.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Death Metal Murders

A series of brutal murders is discovered to have connections to satanism and the death metal genre.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Reminder: Death Valley Premiere Tonight On MTV

Death Valley premieres tonight, August 29, 2001, at 9:30 PM CST.

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Strange Septembers: The Hill Abduction & The Exeter Encounter (2011) Trailer

Strange Septembers is an independent documentary featuring James Earl Jones and covers the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction as well as the Exter UFO Incident.

Strange Septembers will debut at the 2011 Exeter UFO Festival on September 3, 2011.

Hunt, Officer David


The Exeter UFO Incident

Bertrand Jr., Officer Eugene


The Exeter UFO Incident

Muscarello, Norman


The Exeter UFO Incident

The Exeter UFO Incident

The Exeter UFO Incident specifically refers to a UFO sighting that occurred on September 3, 1965 and involves an unknown woman, a teenager, and two Exeter, New Hampshire, police officers. The Exeter UFO Incident was merely one incident in a local flap of UFO sightings.

Early in the morning on September 3, 1965, eighteen year-old Norman Muscarello was walking along highway 150, attempting to hitchhike a ride home. As Muscarello walked he noticed strange red lights in the woods off of the highway. The lights began to move toward Muscarello. In a panic Muscarello jumped into a ditch in an attempt to hide himself. The strange lights then began to move toward a nearby farm house. After some time the lights moved off into the woods again. When the lights moved back into the woods Muscarello ran up to the farm house and began banging on the front door and screaming for help. Unfortunately the owners were not home. Muscarello then saw that a car was coming and ran out into the street and flagged down a couple who then dropped him off at the Exeter police station.

At the station, and as Muscarello recounted his tale, Officer Bertrand advised of his experience earlier in the evening with a woman who he had dismissed as a nut. Officer Bertrand claimed he came upon a parked car and thought that the driver may be in distress. Inside was a woman who seemed frantic and extremely frightened. The woman claimed that a UFO had followed her car and had even hovered over the car at times. Officer Bertrand now began to believe that perhaps something strange was indeed going on.

Officer Bertrand decided to take Norman Muscarello back to the location where Muscarello claimed he saw the strange red lights. After arriving at the scene the pair discovered nearby animals acting very unusual. As Officer Bertrand scouted the area he claimed a large, barn-sized craft with flashing red lights rose up from behind a corral. Officer Bertrand became so frightened that he almost shot at the UFO but then quickly regained his senses and grabbed Muscarello while yelling at him to get into the car. Officer Bertrand then radioed for back-up. Officer Hunt responded and also claimed to have seen the UFO. Shortly thereafter the UFO disappeared at a high rate of speed.

The Air Force and Project Blue Book issued a number of so-called explanations for the events, from claiming the men saw nothing more than stars and/or a temperature inversion, to planes during an military exercise. The Exeter UFO Incident is one of the rare cases where public pressure caused the Air Force to retract it's explanation. To this day the case is officially classified as an "unknown".

The city of Exeter now embraces the UFO sighting that brought it fame and hosts the Exeter UFO Festival to commemorate the event.

In a 1997 interview for Susan Michaels' book, Sightings: UFOs, Norman Muscarello stated that the events on that September night back in 1965 were the most frightening experiences he has ever had, even more frightening than his experiences in Vietnam. Muscarello claimed to still suffer nightmares over the incident. Norman Muscarello passed away in 2003.

For a picture of Norman Muscarello, Officer Bertrand & Officer Hunt, click HERE. To read the eyewitness statements, click HERE.

1965-Exeter, New Hampshire UFO Encounter

1965, The Exeter, New Hampshire Encounters

The Incident at Exeter

J. Allen Hynek: The Incident at Exeter

Exeter UFO Festival

Incident At Exeter: Unidentified Flying Objects Over America Now by John G. Fuller

N.H. Teen's 1965 Sighting Became Blueprint for UFOs

The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle

The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle, is the alleged spectral black dog or hell hound that haunts Leeds Castle and surrounding property.

Appearance: The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle appears as a large black retriever with curly hair.

Lore: According to lore, the Black Dog Of Leeds Castle first began to haunt the location after Eleanor Cobham, an aunt of Henry VI, was found guilty of witchcraft and imprisoned in Leeds Castle around the year 1440. Sightings of the Black Dog Of Leeds Castle are viewed as an omen of death. Interestingly, the black dog was believed to have saved the life of at least one woman, a member of the Wykeham-Martin family. The woman was sitting by a window when she sighted the phantom. The black dog then walked right through a wall. The woman excitedly jumped up to see if she could locate the animal when seconds later the wall collapsed and fell into the castle moat below. The woman would have most assuredly died had she not have seen the spectral canine.

Powers: As a spirit, The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle can walk through walls as well as simply fade away and disappear before the eyes of witnesses. Sightings of the phantom are believed to be death omens.

Defense Against The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle: The Black Dog Of Leeds Castle poses little-to-no threat to people. People who see the phantom hound should show caution as it is believed to be an omen of death.

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

Spirit Of A Black Dog

Conjure Crossroads - Powerful Botanical Roots In Conjure Work

The gang at Conjure Crossroads discuss working with roots in conjure work.

Conjure Crossroads - Powerful Botanical Roots In Conjure Work

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John The Conqueror

Rent-An-Exorcist Vs. Satanic Death Metal Guy

Rent-an-exorcist Bob Larson confronts Satanists Glen Benton.

Part 1

Part 2

Alien Encounter

Haunted New Orleans - Voodoo

Part 1

Part 2

Coast To Coast AM - August 26, 2008 - UFOs & The Medie

Terry Hansen is the guest and talks concerning the role of the media in covering-up UFO sightings and incidents, as well as shaping people's opinion. His conclusion is that at least part of the reason why the Media either completely ignores UFO news or makes it appear to be "kooky" is due to involvement of certain parts of the government. Hansen is the author of, The Missing Times: News Media Complicity In The UFO Cover-Up.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


"Knobby" is the name for Bigfoot in North Carolina.

Knobby legend lives on: History of bigfoot sightings brings the curious to Casar (with photo gallery)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Schafner, William (1941-1970)

Captain William Schafner was a United States Air Force Pilot who attempted to intercept a UFO and then subsequently crashed.

On September 8, 1970, a UFO was picked up on radar flying over the North Sea. Two Lightning jets were ordered to scramble. As the jets neared the UFO, the UFO suddenly accelerated from circa 900 mph to circa 17,000 mph and disappeared. When the jets landed the UFO returned. Two Phantom jets were ordered scrambled as they could out fly the Lightning jets. Both failed to intercept the UFO. At this time both Thule Air Force Base and NORAD began to track the UFO. Two more Lighting jets were ordered to scramble. Captain William Schafner piloted one of these Lightning jets and was able to give a description of the UFO. According to Captain Schafner, the UFO was cone-shaped with a bright blue light. A separate UFO described as a large, "soccer ball" that appeared glass-like, flew in front of the larger, cone-shaped UFO. As Captain Schafner neared the UFO radio contact with him was lost. On the radar screens, both the blips for Schafner's Lightning jet and the UFO temporarily merged. When the blips separated the blip for the UFO split up into two separate blips, indicating two different UFOs, with each UFO moving off independently. Radio contact with Captain Schafner was restored but Schafner complained of blacking-out and seemed to be suffering some form of side-effect from the encounter. Additionally, Schafner claimed his controls were not responding. Schafner was ordered to ditch the jet in the sea. Schafner was never seen again. Approximately one month later, Schafner's lost Lightning jet was found. Schafner's remains were not located in the cockpit. It was also determined that Captian William Schafner did not eject either. The official explanation is that somehow Captian William Schafner manually exited the plane, without a dinghy, and was presumed to have drowned.

Cover-Up?: The accident report makes no mention of a UFO and claims that Schafner became disorientated and crashed his jet into the sea and then drowned.

Was missing pilot snatched by aliens?

Yorkshire Alien Abduction

The Strange Case Of Foxtrot94

UFO files: USAF pilot's death explained

Old Style Conjure - Working In The Graveyard

In this episode, Momma Starr & Dr. Lovebug discuss how to properly do graveyard conjure work. Included are instructions on how to work with the ancestors and how to gather graveyard dirt.

Old Style Conjure - Working In The Graveyard

Season Of The Witch (1972)

A bored and neglected housewife turns to witchcraft.


Christian-Wicca is an alleged "tradition" of Wicca that blends the religions of Christianity and Wicca. Followers of this alleged tradition will use Wicca as a base or foundation and then add Christian elements to the mixture, such as veneration of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary and the Saints. Imagery such as the Christian cross is also "borrowed" and usually incorporated into the Wiccan pentacle. Christian teachings such as Satan, original sin, and hell are genuinely rejected by believers.

The reality of course is that there is no such thing as "Christian-Wicca". Neither Christianity nor Wicca allows blended or dual faiths. You can be a Christian or a Wiccan, but you cannot be both per the rules of both religions.

Many people who claim to be part of this "tradition" suffer from the belief that Wicca is an "anything goes" religion where one can do whatever one wishes and still be free to slap a Wiccan label on it.

In a nutshell, people who claim to practice "Christian-Wicca" are neither Christian, nor Wiccan and are simply practicing their own self-made spirituality and then simply pretending as if is a valid tradition.


Red Ice Radio - August 21, 2011 - Nic Redfern - Men In Black

Ryerson, Ellen and Laura

Ellen and Laura Ryerson where two teenage girls, Ellen 16 years-old and Laura 13 years-old, who had an encounter with what is believed to have been aliens at their job on a bean farm on August 13, 1965, in Kent, Washington. The girls' father was also a witness to the beginning of the events but did not get a good look at the beings as he saw them from a distance.

Shortly before 7:00 AM on August 13, 1965, the girls' father dropped them off at the farm. Mr. Ryerson noticed two strange figures in the distance and reportedly thought to himself that it was strange that other workers were there at this time. The girls exited the vehicle and began to walk to the farm. The girls saw the figures and became frightened as they neared them as their features became more apparent. Two beings were short while the third being was taller, approximately 5ft 2. The smaller beings were dressed in white and a garment that resembled a v-neck, purple sport jersey. The taller being was dressed in some type of shiny or metallic cloth. The beings had large heads, grey skin, and protruding "frog-like" eyes. The taller of the three beings had a very strange, "veiny" head that throbbed or pulsated. Additionally, the taller being had something in his mouth that the girls thought was a whistle as it seem to make shrill noises. The beings noticed the girls and the girls noticed that the beings noticed them. The girls panicked and fled. Instead of giving chase the beings disappeared.

Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters And Bests From The Darkside by Brad Steiger

On This Day In History  (Scroll Down, With Drawing)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Book Review: Weird Hauntings & Weird Encounters....Great For Halloween!

I recently just finished two books, Weird Hauntings by Joanne Austin and Weird Encounters by Joanne Austin and Ryan Doan.

Both books are collections of very good and allegedly "true" ghost stories and 'haunted house' tales. Both books would be wonderful additions to one's book collection. I would definitely recommend reading them this Halloween season.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give both books a 10. They deliver.

Xavier, Telemaco

On September 16, 1962, Telemaco Xavier disappeared while walking home after watching a soccer game in the nearby town of Villa Conceica in Brazil. What provides the disappearance of Telemaco Xavier a place here at the Demoniacal is; 1.) Xavier disappeared during a UFO flap in which several animals were reported to have disappeared, and 2.) three workers at a rubber tree plantation located near the jungle path that Xavier would have taken home testified to seeing a giant ball of light that gave off sparks land in the jungle. Three small humanoid occupants raced out of the object, grabbed a man and dragged him inside the craft. The craft then sped off at a great speed. The men could not identify the man they claimed they saw being abducted, so it cannot be verified if the man was indeed Telemaco Xavier. The local police did investigate and did find evidence of a struggle at the scene. The ultimate fate of Telemaco Xavier remains a genuine mystery.

UFOs Are here!: Unmasking The Greatest Conspiracy Of Our Time by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger

The Complete Guide To Mysterious Beings by John A. Keel

A New FSR Catalog (See # 73 + more info on following page)

Duncan, Helen (1897-1956)

Helen Duncan was a medium who was exposed as a fraud. If her story ended there then she would have no place in this blog. What guarantees Helen Duncan a place here at the Demoniacal is that even though she was proven to have committed fraud she may very well have had a remarkable gift. Duncan was also one of the last people to have been arrested and jailed over British anti-witchcraft laws.

Helen Duncan claimed to be a medium, a person who can communicate with the dead. Duncan routinely led seances in which she claimed to make contact with deceased loved ones and manifested "ectoplasm" from her orifices. Unfortunately, Duncan was proved to be a fraud on several occasions. In 1931, Duncan was put through rigorous tests sponsored by the London Spiritual Alliance. Duncan failed the tests and was deemed a fraud. The renown skeptic, Harry Price, also tested her and concluded she was a fraud. In fact, Price wanted to have Duncan x-rayed to see if she was faking materialization of ectoplasm by regurgitating items like cheesecloth. Duncan became hysterical and ran out into the streets. In 1934 a skeptic infiltrated one of her seances and grabbed ectoplasm that Duncan allegedly manifested. It turned out to be cloth. The police were called and Duncan was charged and convicted of being guilty of affray, which is similar to the U.S. version of disorderly conduct. So let there be no confusion. Helen Duncan was indeed a fraud. Now, whether or not she had an actual gift is another matter.

In 1941, during a seance, Duncan began to speak about a ship called the HMS Barham that had recently sunk. Duncan claimed to be in contact with the spirits of some of the men who died aboard the ship. Amazingly, the ship did sink and it's sinking was kept confidential. To this day there has never been an acceptable explanation for how Duncan knew of the ship's sinking. When the Navy became tipped off as to what Duncan was saying they sent two lieutenants to infiltrate the seances and spy on her. Based upon their reports, Duncan was arrested again. To make matters worse, Duncan was busted performing more fraud. The authorities threw the book at her and charged her with seven counts, one of the counts being the obscure Witchcraft Act of 1735. Duncan was found guilty of one count and spent nine months in jail. Upon her release Duncan did not walk the straight and narrow. She was arrested on final time in 1956. Duncan died shortly thereafter.

It is painfully clear that Helen Duncan committed fraud. However, the question remains, did she have a special gift? Could Duncan actually communicate with the dead? Was Duncan's trickery and deception merely done to spice things up, draw in crowds, and accentuate a small core of truth? We will probably never know.

Helen Duncan's granddaughter, Mary Martin, is currently petitioning a pardon for her grandmother, whom she believes is innocent.

Book Review: Not In Kansas Anymore

The book is Not In Kansas Anymore: A Curious Tale Of How Magic Is Transforming America by Christine Wicker. This is my second attempt at reading the book. I first picked up the book in 2005 and began reading. I got less than half-way through before I realized I could not continue with it anymore. Now six years-later I wondered if it was time for me to finally finish it. Unfortunately it was not. I started over and once again, I simply could not finish reading this book.

The book is about a "normal" woman's journey into freak-ville (magical traditions and the people who practice them). The author is an atheist. At the conclusion of the journey the author has not undergone any significant changes. In interviews I've heard with the author it's apparent that this was simply a job, a book she enjoyed writing, but at the end of the day it was simply a money-paying job and this "normal woman" went back to her "normal world" being none-the-wiser for her experiences.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give it a 5. It is average. It is not horrible. I give it a 5 because the concept is unoriginal and I'm personally sick of "normal people" vacationing in freak-ville and not coming home with a souvenir in the form of changed outlook on life or reality.


The Ahab-Spirit, a.k.a. The Spirit of Ahab, is a category of demon that possessed the biblical figure of King Ahab. It is important to realize that the Ahab-Spirit is not the biblical character who was transformed into a demon upon his death, but rather the demon that possessed him in life.

Appearance: The Ahab Spirit, as a demon, has no true form.

Lore: The Ahab-Spirit prefers male hosts to possess. Unlike other cases of demonic possession, the hosts of Ahab-Spirits are willing or agree to the possession as the possession benefits the life of the host via material prosperity.

How To Identify A Man Possessed By An Ahab-Spirit: The following are warning signs that a man may be possessed by an Ahab-Spirit.

- May Be Effeminate (This does not mean homosexual, but rather "soft" or feminine)
- May Be Macho-Acting (It's just an act and is easily seen through. In any case, the man with an Ahab-Spirit is never really perceived of as "manly".)
- May be "metrosexual".
- Avoids Confrontation
- Materialistic
- Promiscuous
- Obsessed With Career And The Acquiring Of Status & Material Possessions
- Prefers Dominate Women (Usually possessed by a Jezebel-Spirit)
- Abdicates Authority To Women
- Christian-In-Name-Only
- "Wishy-Washy"
- Shirks Responsibility
- Tolerates Evil, Especially Evil Women
- His Wife Wears The Pants In The Family, Rules The Home, And Is The Spiritual Leader Of The Home. (Especially If The Man Becomes Angry Or Irate If He Is Called Out For This. In Christianity, Men Are To Be The Head Of The Household, Including The Spiritual Leader Of The Family. A Woman With A Jezebel-Spirit Will Attempt To Usurp This Authority For Perversion Purposes.)
- Becomes Upset, Angry, & Irate If He Is Called Out For Allowing A Woman To Dominate Him. (Men Possessed By Ahab-Spirits Will Become Angry If Anyone Attempts To Interfere. Otherwise, A Man Who Is Simply A Victim Of A Woman With A Jezebel-Spirit Will Be Suffer Emotional Stress Because He Knows There Is A Problem.)

How Ahab-Spirit Operates: The Ahab-Spirit prepares the male host for the coming of the Jezebel-Spirit who will dominate him, rule him, and strip him of power. Ahab-Spirits seek to pervert the man, seducing him into worship of false gods. In modern times, that false god is usually money, status, and material possessions. A man possessed by an Ahab-Spirit and married to or involved with a woman possessed by a Jezebel-Spirit, will actively seek to protect the Jezebel, no matter how evil her actions are. Ahab-Spirits are great perverters. They teach their hosts that going to church isn't necessary, that sin doesn't really exist, and that God will simply forgive them no matter what and without need for repentance. It is also common for men possessed by Ahab-Spirits to be atheists or agnostics. Perhaps the most found scenario is a man possessed with an Ahab-Spirit who turns to his wife for spiritual guidance and instruction. Such is a perversion of the roles God wants for human beings. In a nutshell, the Ahab-Spirit prevents a male from becoming a man, sets the stage for the male to be dominated by a woman with a Jezebel-Spirit, and basically leads the host down the path toward damnation.

Defense Against Ahab-Spirits: Ahab-Spirits can be exorcised. Unfortunately, it is very hard to rid a man of an Ahab-Spirit. Even if exorcised it will usually return. Men who are successfully exorcised and turn their lives over to Jesus need to be counseled and watched to make sure they don't hook up with another Jezebel. Usually, when a man is exorcised of the Ahab-Spirit, the Jezebel in his life will immediately flee after realizing the gig is up. But another Jezebel will try to stake her claim in the future and enslave the man again.

Trivia: For believers, Ahab-Spirits are among the most numerous and active demons working in the world today. A significant percentage of the male population is possessed by an Ahab-Spirit. Likewise a significant percentage of the female population is possessed by a Jezebel-Spirit.

The Ahab Spirit

Spirit Of Ahab

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Momma Starr & Dr. Lovebug are joined by a special guest in this episode of Old Style Conjure.

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Best Evidence - Bigfoot (2007)

Coast To Coast AM - August 25, 2011 - Roswell Believers

Journalist Frank Borzellieri has done some fascinating research on the profile of a person who believes that what crashed in Roswell was a genuine UFO. His results may surprise you.

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The Dangers Of UFO Research

Should UFO research come with a warning label that "they" might get you?

Research UFOs and You Will Die (Maybe)

Secret Access: UFOs On The Record (2011)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remember - 'Secret Access: UFOs On The Record' Tonight On History Channel!

Secret Access: UFOs On The Record airs tonight, August 25, 2011, at 7 PM CST, on the History Channel.

One of the incidents that will be discussed on the show is the Japan Airlines Incident in 1986 in which a massive UFO was picked up on radar. For more information on this incident, view the documentary below.

UFO Files - Black Box UFO Secrets

El Silbon

El Silbon, a.k.a., "The Whistler", is a spirit or monster in the folklore of Colombia and Venezuela that eats people, especially children, drunks, and unfaithful men.

Appearance: El Silbon appears as a tall, lanky, undead man carrying a bag of bones. For images of El Silbon, click HERE.

Lore: There are many different stories for the origin of El Silbon. Most stories involve a spoiled man-child who kills his father. His grandfather then curses him, transforming him into El Silbon. As an undead spirit, El Silbon must roam the world. He carries a bag containing the bones of his victims. Each night El Silbon must stop at a house to count the bones to make sure they are all there. Interestingly, if the household does not waken by the noises he makes while counting his bones then it is a bad omen and means that someone in the home will soon die. If the family is awakened by his clamoring then the household will experience good luck.

El Silbon's Curse: Els Silbon is under a curse for the punishment of his sins. His curse entails eternal pain, as his brother tortured him with a whip and then rubbed red pepper into his wounds, eternal wandering, and eternal attack from a spectral dog that constantly chases him. This is the curse placed on El Silbon for his sins.

Powers: El Silbon is stronger than a man. El Silbon, a.k.a. "the Whistler", achieves his name via the fact that his whistling is heard prior to an encounter with him. Interestingly, if the whistling sounds loud then it means El Silbon is actually far away. If the whistling is faint then one should immediately flee as El Silbon is nearby.

Defense Against El Silbon: El Silbon fears whips, red pepper, and dogs. El Silbon is more active during the rainy season, so use extreme caution during this time of the year.

Myths for Monday -- El Silbón

Tell me a story; El Silbón (The Whistler)

UFOs - The Joy Behar Show - August 24, 2008

Part 1

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Witch's Market In Arequipa, Peru

Old Star Conjure - Traditional Conjure

This is Momma Starr's and Dr. Lovebug's first show. During this episode the two discuss politics in conjure work and other issues.

Old Style Conjure - Traditional Conjure

Bob Larson Exorcizes 'Spirit Of Jezebel' From Woman

The rent-an-exorcist in war against whore spirits.

Coast To Coast AM - Ghosts & Spirits - August 24, 2008

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Remembering The Japan Airlines UFO Incident

On November 17, 1986, a Japan Airlines pilot sighted a massive UFO that was also picked up on radar. The pilot had to make evasive maneuvers to avoid the object. This case remains one of the best UFO cases on record.

Alaska UFO mystery endures 25 years later

Mass UFO Sighting Over Laredo, TX - August 23, 2011

Budd Hopkins Obituary

Published in the New York Times:

Budd Hopkins, Abstract Expressionist and U.F.O. Author, Dies at 80


Does anybody else find it creepy for a kid's show to spoof an HBO show for adults, especially one loaded with lots of wild sex? This is definitely not the Sesame Street I grew up with.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

UFOs - Watch The Skies: Abduction 101 & The Alien Agenda

Abduction 101

The Alien Agenda

So according to the work of Dr. David Jacobs, what is communicated to abductees is that sometime in the near future there is going to be what is called, "The Change". There will be a new way of doing things. For one, humans will no longer be in control. It will be like "the kingdom of heaven" to use religious terminology, where telepathic beings with advanced mental powers create a utopia-like society that is hierarchical in structure, with only a small group of pure-humans left. The process will begin with "hybrids", who cannot be distinguished from normal humans, begin to infiltrate society. According to abductees, the aliens seem to think it wonderful when abductees can't tell a hybrid from a normal human. The aliens also promise that this new society will be wonderful.

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UFOs...Will You Believe?

An AOL article in anticipation of the two hour documentary, Secret Access: UFOs On The Record, airing tomorrow, Thursday, August 25, 2011 on the History Channel

History Channel Puts The Strongest UFO Evidence Under The Microscope

La Sayona

La Sayona is an avenging spirit or monster in the folklore of Venezuela who preys on unfaithful men.

Appearance: La Sayona's true form is of a rotting corpse or skeleton, concealed by her clothing. For images of La Sayona, click HERE.

Lore: There once was a beautiful woman named Melissa. One day while bathing in a local river, a man approached her and told her that her husband was having an affair with her own mother. In a fit of rage, Melissa burned down her home as her husband and child slept within. She then grabbed a machete and hacked her mother to death. As she lay dying, the mother placed a curse on Melissa, transforming her into La Sayona, a spirit who kills unfaithful men. La Sayona will appear as a beautiful and seductive woman who tempts married men, often by getting them to follow her into the forest. Once alone, La Sayona transforms into her true form and mutilates her victims. In modern times, La Sayona will appear as a hitch-hiker or a woman in need of a ride. The "concerned" men who stop to help her are in fact her would-be victims. La Sayona is a smoker and may ask for a cigarette. She also appears to enjoy toying with her prey. Whether she leads them into the forest or asks them for a ride, the victims of La Sayona all meet the same painful doom.

Powers: La Sayona can appear as a beautiful and seductive woman.

Defense Against La Sayona: Carrying tobacco in your pocket will protect you from La Sayona. Stay true to your mate. La Sayona only preys on unfaithful men.

Confusion With Other Monsters: La Sayona is often confused with La Llorona and Patasola.

Why Men Shouldn't Cheat

Encylcopedia Of Spirits by Judika Illes

The Witches Market In Bolivia

Old Style Conjure - Spiritual Warfare & How To Fight Back Using The Weapons Of Conjure

Momma Starr and Dr. Lovebug provide excellent tips for use in spiritual warfare against enemies and those who wish you harm.

Old Style Conjure - Spiritual Warfare & How to Fight Back Using The Weapons Of Conjure.

Encounters With The Unexplained - Bigfoot (2001)

Bob Larson - Showdown With Satansim

Rent-an-exorcist, Bob Larson is back with more satanic shenanigans.

CNN - Budd Hopkins

Naples Museum Said To Be Haunted, Construction Works Complain

The National Archaeological Museum in Naples, Italy, is believed to be haunted. Construction workers attest to items being moved, the presence of cold spots and the sighting of apparitions.

'There's something strange that happens at night': Museum calls in ghost hunters after spooked builders down tools

The Conspiracy Show - Vampires

Austrailian Town Hit By UFO Flap

The town of Katherine has found itself right smack in the middle of a UFO flap.

Mass UFO sighting spooks town

UFOs On The Joy Behar Show

UFOs will be the topic tonight on the Joy Behar show, 10 PM ET/9 PM CT.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coast To Coast AM - August 21, 2008 - Mothman Experiences

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Budd Hopkins Alien Abduction Lecture - July 7, 2004

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark = Pukwudgies???

The critters in the movie, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, remind me of Pukwudgies. I wonder if there's a connection.


The Patasola, a.k.a. One Foot, One Leg, is a vampiric forest spirit of South America.

Appearance: The Patasola's true form is of a horribly ugly and malformed woman with one leg and large cat-like eyes, claws, and fangs. For images of Patasola, click HERE.

Lore: According to legend, a Patasola is created when an unfaithful wife is attacked by her husband. Usually the husband cuts off one of her legs and the unfaithful wife manages to flee into the forest where she is transformed into a Patasola. Patasolas are the guardians of the forest and act to protect the plants that grow there. If a man is hunting or logging the forest and shows disrespect for nature then he may become the Patasola's next victim. The Patasola stalks her prey and waits for the man to begin to long for female companionship, a.k.a. sex. The Patasola then shape-shifts into the woman he has fantasized about in order to lure him away from his camp and deep into the forest. Once lost and separated the Patasola then reveals her true form and proceeds to drain the man of his blood. The Patasola may also consume his flesh.

Powers: Patasola can shape-shift and displays telepathy as she knows what form to take in order to seduce her victims.

Defense Against Patasola: Unknown. If a beautiful, seductive woman appears to you and wants you to follow her deep into the forest, it's best to decline.



Saint Marta Dominadora Love Ritual By Lucky Hoodoo Products Inc.

For more info, visit my blog entries below.

Saint Martha The Dominator


Secrets And Mysteries - Bigfoot

Satanis: The Devil's Mass (1970)

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Druid Loses Legal Battle For Stonehenge Human Remains

"King Aurthur Pendragon" has lost his legal battle to have human remains reburied at Stonehenge.

King Arthur Pendragon loses human remains legal battle

Beware The Emotional Vampire

They want to suck your life-force.

Steer clear of 'emotional vampires'

Monday, August 22, 2011

In Rememberance Of Budd Hopkins...

The 1992 television mini-series, Intruders. Based off of the 1987 book by Budd Hopkins.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Hopkins, Budd (1931-2011)

Budd Hopkins was an established New York City-based artist who was perhaps best known as being the pioneer in the field of alien abduction research. Hopkins' work and research with people who reported experiences of being abducted by aliens proved pivotal with regards to public perception of the phenomenon. Hopkins' books, Missing Time (1981), Intruders (1987), and Witnessed (1996), are perhaps the most widely-read books regarding the alien-abduction experience. Hopkins also co-authored the 2004 book, Sight Unseen and authored a memoir titled, Art, Life And UFOs in 2009.

Hopkins first became intrigued by the subject of UFOs after having his own UFO sighting in 1964. Eleven years later Hopkins became fascinated by the case of a local man named George O'Barski who claimed to have seen a UFO land in North Hudson Park. Hopkins researched the case and wrote a story for the Village Voice that became quite popular and captured public fascination for UFOs.

While researching cases of alleged alien abduction, Hopkins quickly picked up on the the majority, if not all, abductees reported the phenomenon of "missing time", that is a period of time, usually up to a few hours, that the abductee has no memory of and cannot account for. Hopkins became convinced that this period of missing time was in fact due to the abduction and that the amnesia was brought about by the aliens. It was this research that led to the book, Missing Time and which set Hopkins on the map as a key alien abduction expert, a part of "the trinity" composed of Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs, and the late Dr. John E. Mack. Hopkins would go on to create the Intruders Foundation and to continue his work with abductees.

Budd Hopkins became convinced of the reality of the alien abduction phenomenon and was the first to go public with his conclusion that the true purpose or motivation for the aliens abducting people was to obtain sperm and ovum which were then used to create what he referred to as "hybrids". In the 2004 book, Sight Unseen, Budd Hopkins would go on to clarify that these being may not be hybrids per the strict definition, but may in fact represent transgenic beings. Budd Hopkins never took on the issue of why such beings were being produced, rather leaving such avenue open to Dr. David Jacobs who then theorized the aliens are performing a colonization program. For the most part, the "why" of the creation of these "hybrids" seemed to have stressed and frightened Hopkins.

Budd Hopkins passed away peacefully on August 21, 2011 from complications from liver cancer and pneumonia. He will be sorely missed.

Unsolved Mysteries - Missing Time Part 1

Unsolved Mysteries - Missing Time Part 2

Unsolved Mysteries - Missing Time Part 3

Unsolved Mysteries - Missing Time Part 4

The Intruders Foundation

Budd Hopkins' Art

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Old Style Conjure - Conjuring With The Bible

Momma Starr & Dr. Lovebug give excellent advice for using the Holy Bible, the most powerful conjure book in existence.

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Ch'an Chu

Ch'an Chu, a.k.a., King Money FrogWealth Toad, Money Toad, is a creature in Chinese folklore that is believed to rule over and protect money.

Appearance: Ch'an Chu appears as a large, three-legged toad with red eyes. He is usually portrayed with a coin in his mouth. For images of Ch'an Chu, click HERE.

Lore: On nights of the full moon, Ch'an Chu will make an appearance at households that are destined to experience extreme good luck.

Powers: Ch'an Chu rules over money. He can draw wealth as well as protect one's money. Keeping a statue of Ch'an Chu in one's home is said to promote wealth and protect one's finances.

Defense Against Ch'an Chu: Ch'an Chu posses no threat to humans. If he should make an appearance at your house it would be best not to harm or damage him.

Ch’an Chu: The Lucky Money Toad

Weird Travels - Bigfoot

Stories Of The Supernatural - Bob Larson Exorcism

Rent-an-exorcist Bob Larson in action.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

West Memphis Three Public Hearing - August 19, 2011

The hearing that led to the release of the West Memphis Three.

Part 1

Part 2

UFOs....A Sighting Will Change Your Life

An interesting article on how seeing a UFO changes one's life.

UFO sightings: Seeing is believing

UFO Prompted Massive Search Near Loch Ness

Reports of an unidentified object that some witnesses claimed looked like a round blue balloon has led to a massive search near Loch Ness. The object was seen coming down and the fear was that it might have been someone in trouble.

UFO sparks search on shores of Loch Ness

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Your Questions Answered.....#4

As usual, all identities are kept confidential and the questions are rephrased.

1.) So I guess you believe in that 'Star Trek' sh*t?

Answer = No. In Star Trek aliens and human beings are considered equal. In reality, human beings would be inferior to any advanced alien species. Human beings will never be considered equal to any advanced alien race. Remember, there are likely species that are millions, if not billions, of years older than the human species. Humans will never be their equals, and rightfully so. So no, I do not believe human beings and aliens will ever live together as equals. 'Star Trek' is a science fiction series that is based off of the narcissistic and immature fantasies of human beings.

2.) Can a Christian put a curse on someone? My father believes my grandma cursed him but she is a Christian. If it is a curse, can you help us remove it?

Answer = Yes. According to lore, a mother cursing her child is one of the strongest curses possible. Now, it's different if it's an abusive mother, but if the she is a good, loving mother and her son did something so unforgivable and she curses him saying, "I curse the day you were born", "I regret ever bringing you into this world", etc., then yes that is an extremely powerful curse. Will I help you to remove the curse? No. (Her father deserves the curse. I can't post the reasons why due to confidentiality. I did tell her that she will likely need to pay a professional to remove the curse.)

3.) Do you happen to know the name of a demon that appears in a black, hooded-cape and has red, glowing eyes? I've seen this thing since I was a kid and I don't know what it is.

Answer = I am not familiar with a specific demon that matches that description. If you think you are being attacked by it then there are many ways in which you can protect yourself. (Tips sent via email)

4.) Do you know of any spells that involve putting sand down? While coming home I noticed that someone had put a layer of sand down on the steps. My immediate thought was that it was something to do with a spell but I guess it also could have been done by children.

Answer = Your intuition may be correct. It may be that someone was trying to capture your footprint for foot track magic. If someone captures your footprint then they can use it to do all kinds of nasty things to you. Then again, kids do weird things so it's possible it was just a neighborhood kid playing around.

5.) My fiance has cheated on me twice. The first time happened about a year after we had been together. Now that we are supposed to get married I find out that she's been cheating on me with a guy from her past for about three weeks now. Her friends all knew and didn't tell me. Is there a spell I can use to get rid of that other guy and to keep her faithful?

Answer = Yes. You can do a Hot Foot Spell to send him away in a hurry. There are things you can do to keep her faithful. Most of the workings involve ingredients that will magically burn her, dry her up, and make sex with any other men painful for her. However, please allow me to give you some important advice. Save yourself future pain by breaking up with her now. If she cannot be faithful to you before you are married she definitely will not be faithful to you while you are married. You deserve someone who can be faithful to you. Because I'm a guy I know guys can be quite stupid when they are in love. So my guess is that you will go ahead and forgive her. I would just respond by reminding you of the wisdom of Ludacris, "Can't Turn A Ho Into A Housewife".

6.) Can you write about dead hour? It was on Paranormal State.

Answer = Yes! I think I will go ahead and write a blog about 'dead hour' soon. I first heard about that from a documentary that featured a segment on the film, "Midnight int the Garden of Good and Evil". I'm not quite sure when I'll get around to doing it but I'll try to do it soon.

If you have a question, feel free to send it to

Chicken Feet

Dried Chicken Feet are used in the practice of Hoodoo, as well as other magical traditions, for protection and for enemy work. The feet are believed to be powerful protection against evil doers and are believed to work by magically "scratching" one's enemy. Many practitioners will use a chicken foot as part of an anti-theft spell which is usually hung in the open, such as from a rear-view mirror or above a door.. In such use the foot represents the threat of magical retaliation. In a nutshell, a chicken foot is a non-verbal means of communication by which a warning is sent to any would-be-thief that if they steal then they will be magically "f*cked up". Chicken Feet are usually used in pairs and placed in a "x" manner by crossing them. Chicken Feet can also be used alone as part of a charm, fetish, or for inclusion into a mojo bag.

Certain online sources indicate that Chicken Feet are used for good luck. Though this use is logical, based on the notion of the foot grasping luck and money, it is not traditional.

The most powerful Chicken Feet come from black-feathered fowls. For images of Chicken Feet, click HERE.

Note: Chicken Feet are not obtained via sacrifice. They are obtained via natural slaughter of chickens for food. The Chicken Feet that can be purchased at occult stores and other curio shops are usually provided by local farmers.

To The Ends Of The Earth - Bigfoot Monster Mystery (1996)

Fox News - Hannity - Beyond Belief - Exorcism

The Griggstown Cow

The Griggstown Cow, or Ghost Cow, was a legendary phantom cow that was said to appear on foggy nights in the area near the canals in Griggstown, NJ.

Appearance: The Griggstown Cow appeared as a normal cow.

Lore: For 30 years witnesses would report seeing a phantom cow roaming the area on foggy nights. The cow never left any tracks or proof of it's existence. Local police scoffed at the sightings and the "Ghost Cow" was believed to be a local legend.

Truth Revealed: The Griggstown Cow turned out to be a real cow when an old bull was found lying in a ditch near the canal in 2002. It is believed the cow may have escaped from a dairy farm and had been living wild for almost 30 years. Due to the bull's age and condition, it was euthanized and buried nearby. Only time will tell if the ghost of the "Ghost Cow" returns.

The Legend Of The Ghost Cow

Secret Access: UFOs On The Record (2011) Trailer

Secret Access: UFOs On The Record airs August 25, 2011, on the History Channel.

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Rolling Head

Rolling Head is an undead, vampiric monster found in the lore of several Native American tribes.

Appearance: Rolling Head is usually a female decapitated head, though some legends involve a decapitated male head.

Lore: Most legends of Rolling Head involve either a disobedient girl or an unfaithful wife. For the tales involving a disobedient girl, the child disobeys her elders and goes and does something she should not be doing. She is cut or injured in the process and then precedes to suck her blood. She finds the taste of her blood and flesh to be so delicious that she begins to consume her own body until only her head is left. She does not die but instead becomes an undead monster, the Rolling Head. As the name implies Rolling Head achieves locomotion by rolling or even bouncing. Rolling Head will roll or bounce until she comes across a human victim which she then consumes. In the legends involving an unfaithful wife, a husband usually murders her and butchers her body and feeds it to their children. The undead mother's head then returns, kills and consumes the husband who murdered her. Since the Rolling Head's hunger is insatiable, she then turns and devours her children. In time she turns and starts attacking the rest of the tribe. The tales involving a male Rolling Head usually involve a man who has been decapitated and who returns to seek vengeance because his brother has taken his wife for his own. Rolling Heads are evil and must be destroyed lest they will continue to kill and eat people.

Powers: Rolling Heads have incredibly sharp teeth and roll or bounce for locomotion.

Defense Against Rolling Head: Like vampires, some Rolling Heads are only active at night and will roll through the brush and undergrowth looking for sleeping victims. Rolling Heads can be killed with fire. In legend, most Rolling Heads are dispatched when they attempt to cross a river and are eaten by a large fish. Rolling Heads do not appear to be able to swim. If one is being chased by a Rolling Head it would be advisable to try to trick the Rolling Head into bouncing into water. Otherwise, make a dash for the nearest body of water to make your escape.

(My Grandfather told me this legend as a child and it freaked me out!)

Rolling Head

The Rolling Head

Rolling Head

The Rolling Head

Magical Oils

Krazyboytx talks about condition oils in magic.

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