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Repost For The 64th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash: JFK UFO Conspiracy

Like with the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe, the death of John F. Kennedy is also attributed by some to the secrets that JFK knew with regards to UFOs and to the battles he personally fought with various factions of the government, among them being the military, the CIA, and MJ12, the alleged group responsible for the UFO cover-up.

For those who believe that knowledge of UFOs played a part in the assassination of JFK, the situation played out similar to this:

-JFK was made aware of the UFO problem, including the recovery of a crashed spaceship and occupants, by Eisenhower.

-JFK was made aware that a secret group, named MJ12 (Majestic 12) was in control of the UFO problem.

-MJ12 had grown to the point where it had escaped all executive authority, meaning it had acquired the power to do whatever it wanted, whenever it wanted, without the need for presidential approval. In effect, MJ12 had become a power greater than the president.

-JFK battled MJ12 in an attempt to force it back under executive authority.

-JFK battled the CIA for UFO information and was denied. In effect the CIA told JFK [my words], "F@#$ You, Mr. President".

-JFK decided to go behind the CIA and assert his executive power by showing up unannounced at military bases that were rumored to possess wreckage and/or bodies from recovered crashed UFOs. Some of the bases complied and revealed to JFK what they were keeping secret. However, MJ12 was reportedly quickly informed of the problem and the word was sent to deny JFK any further access.

This was reportedly the information Marilyn Monroe was told concerning JFK touring military bases to observe wreckage and bodies from flying saucers. Some believe it was this information that ultimately cost Marilyn Monroe her life.

-Having been denied further access to such military bases, JFK decided to play a new card, one in which he proposed a joint space/lunar mission with the Soviet Union, one in which he ordered the CIA to hand over secret files to NASA. NASA would then share such info with the Soviets. Ten days after making this request, JFK was assassinated. You can view JFK's reported memo HERE. In the memo, UFOs are referred to as "unknowns". As with the Marilyn Monroe Document, there is a good chance this document is authentic.


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