Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tonight Is The New Moon

There will be no moon visible tonight, as it is the new moon. For witches, the time of the new moon last for three days, similar to time of the full moon. So last night, tonight, and tomorrow night will compose the three days of the new moon. Modern witches use the new moon for esbats as well as for magical rituals involving new beginnings. In legend, the witch-goddess Hecate roamed the earth on nights of the new moon, accompanied by her pack of baying hell hounds.

New Allegations Surface For "Hypnotizing" Principal

I blogged on this before, on how the principal was accused of somehow being at fault for the suicide of a student when it was revealed that the principal had been hypnotizing him. Now the death toll is set at three students who died after they were hypnotized.

George Kenney, Hypnotizing Principal, Allegedly Lied About Putting Students In Trance

Note: Hypnosis was used in the mind control experiments of Project MKULTRA. I can't say there is link but I think that this story should be thoroughly investigated.

See Also: Project MKULTRA

Madson, Lt. Col. Raymond

Lt. Co. Raymond Madson was the Project Officer for the secret project known as Project High Dive, that dealt with dropping crash-test dummies from high altitudes back in the late 1950s. It was this program that the Air Force claimed was responsible for the sightings of alleged extraterrestrial bodies at Roswell, even though this project would not occur until years after the alleged crash.

In a 2009 interview with researcher Tony Bragalia, 79 year-old Madson admitted to Bragalia that he felt he was used by the government to continue to cover-up the Roswell crash and that it was his opinion that what crashed in 1947 was indeed extraterrestrial in origin.


The Roswell Report, Ray Madson, and Project High Dive

Book Of Shadows

The Book of Shadows, a.k.a. grimoire, is the book containing the magical knowledge of the witch and  is perhaps the most important tool of the witch.

The name, "book of shadows", dates back to the 1950s and to Gerald Gardner the founder of Wicca. According to Dorothea Valiente, Gardner literally took or stole the phrase from the title of a separate book relating to using shadows for divination purposes. Additionally, Gardner seemed to have invented a mythical past history of the book of shadow as well, with the notion of a single book being hand-copied and passed down through the ages.

The concept of the book of shadows originally involved one book owned by a coven. In time, the notion of a book of shadows evolved into the belief that each witch owned his or her own copy. There is much lore surrounding the book of shadows, so much so that it would be pointless to list all here. Because of such it would be better to focus on the inspiration for the book of shadows and how the majority of witches today view the book of shadows..

Gerald Gardner was undoubtedly influenced by the magical grimoires of the past, such as The Key of Solomon, and The Sacred Magic of Abremelin the Mage. These books, some of which are believed to date to medieval times, contained rituals, recipes, and spells for the conjuring and control of spirits, angels and demons, as well as magical spells for various conditions. All that one needs to do is to study these texts to realize much of what constitutes modern Wicca was in fact borrowed from these texts. For example, the athame and the concept of the sacred circle are but two things taken from the Key of Solomon. Understanding that the book of shadows was inspired by these magical texts from the past helps us to understand the purpose of the book of shadows today and how witches use them.

The book of shadows owned by the average witch will contain religious or spiritual lore, teaching with regard to the deities, laws of the tradition, magical correspondence tables, listings of herb and stone/crystal properties, sabbat information, astrological and planetary tables, magical and often medicinal forumulary, the tools of the witch and their use, instructions for the creation of amulets and talismans, and of course, magic spells. Additionally, many book of shadows will also contain hand-drawn drawings of various symbols, sigils, and other items such as amulets or tools of the witch.

As far a the lore surrounding the book of shadows, I will now briefly cover just a few important beliefs.

- The book of shadows must be written in code or a magical script to prevent prying eyes from reading it's contents.

In actual practice this is rarely done. If a witch were to do such, the witch must be well versed in the script in order to easily translate it.

- The book of shadows must be hand-written.

In actual practice, modern witches seem to be moving toward printed pages, often kept in a three-ring binder. Some witches have even gone as far as only keeping a virtual book of shadows, existing only online. Many witches who do keep a hand-written copy may use a spiral notebook rather than an actual book.

- The book of shadows must only contain spells the witch has created himself or herself.

Many modern witches have move passed this lore and are now including spells they have collected from other witches. Some witches teach that one should make a note in one's books of shadows as to whether the spell was copied from another witch or invented.

- The book of shadows must be burnt upon the witch's death.

This is a very common belief. The belief seems to date to Gerald Gardner who seems to have taught it based on the need for secrecy. Of course, if this was a genuine practice of the past then there would have been no magical grimoires to inspire Gerald Gardner in the first place.

Each and every book of shadows is a unique creation of the witch who owns it. Though unique they all are easily recognizable for being related to witchcraft. One of the few main differences between different book of shadows would be the distinction between the book of shadows from an initiated witch of a tradition, such as Gardnerian Wicca, vs. the book of shadows owned by an uninitiated, solitary and eclectic witch.

Top Astronomer Supportive Of UFOs

Astronomer Derrick Pitts has come out of the closet in support of UFOs, not that they are genuinely extraterrestrial, but in that there is indeed a genuine mystery that should be addressed. Pitss was motivated by the new book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record by Leslie Kean.

E.T., Phone Derrick Pitts

Bin Laden's Death Linked To Roswell Crash?

According to this article, there is a rumor that the team who took down Bin Laden wore night vision contact lenses. According to Philip J. Corso, in his 1998 book, The Day After Roswell, the "black eyes" of the aliens turned out to be a high tech form of contact lenses that was believed to be able to allow the aliens to see in the dark. Corso would go on to state that these alien contact lenses was among the alien technology that was reverse-engineered.

U.S. Navy Seal team who killed Bin Laden may have used night vision contact lenses

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lytle, Chester

Chester Lytle worked on the Manhattan Project, created the first atomic bomb trigger, was an Atomic Energy Commission (now Dept. of Energy) engineer, and held top secret clearance with several government agencies, including the DOD and CIA.

During a 1998 taped interview with researcher Robert Hastings, Lytle stated that back in 1953, William Blanchard, commander of the 509th Bomber group and Roswell A.F.B. at the time of the Roswell crash, told him that an extraterrestrial craft had crashed back in '47 and that the debris and four bodies were taken to Ohio.

Chestery Lytle

Blanchard, Lytle And Roswell

Humans To Meet Aliens In 20 Years

A Russian scientist has recently announced his opinion that humanity will encounter aliens in about twenty years.

Humans To Encounter Aliens By 2031: Russian Scientist (POLL)

New Theory For The Salem Witch Trial Hysteria

Could the hysteria have been concocted by Puritan Minister Samuel Parris for a self-serving end? This is the theory put forth in a new UK documentary. When the hysteria was over, nineteen people had been hanged, one man was tortured to death, over a hundred were jailed, and at least five, but possibly more, people died in jail awaiting trial.

Salem Witch Trial Conspiracy

How To Protect Yourself From Vampires

James Clark presents some interesting folklore for preventing unwanted nocturnal suckings.

Practical Tips For Keeping Vampires Away

Why TrueBlood Appeals To Real Vampires

An Introduction To Real Vampires

TrueBlood's Fangtasia Based On Real Goth Nightclubs

According to author and vampire, Michelle Belanger, the vampire nightclub called 'Fangtasia' on TrueBlood, is in fact based on real-life vampire clubs.

There's Something About Marnie....

Spoiler Warning!
There's something not right with Marnie. She's not her usual, mousy and timid self. It's almost as if she's developing a split personality.

Marnie Resorts To Black Magic (Season 4, Episode 1)

In case you haven't figured it out yet, and especially if my previous post just wasn't obvious enough, Marnie, who is a Wiccan and a Medium, has become possessed by the spirit of a powerful witch. I'm not referring to the spirit of a new-age, hippy, Wiccan witch, but to a hardcore, old-school, "cross me and I'll f*ck you up", witch.

This season is going to be good! Can't wait for more!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eric Plays With Fire By Threatening Witches And Gets Burned

Spoiler warning for those who haven't seen the show and plan to. Otherwise these YouTube clips are a juicy tidbit of what we will see from the witches on season 4 of Trueblood.

In these clips, King Bill of Louisiana sends Eric to shut down a local coven of witches. Why are the vampires so seemingly scared of witches? Most vampires in the TrueBlood universe arrogantly think they are superior to mortals and other supernatural beings. Do vampires secretly fear witches?

In the clips below, Eric pays the price for threatening witches.

If you aren't watching Trueblood then you don't know what you are missing!

TrueBlood, HBO Sunday nights at 9PM


Did anybody catch the life-sized Santa Muerte statue near the front door of the occult shop? Rad!

Exon, Brig. Gen. Arthur E. (1916-2005)

At the time of the alleged Roswell crash in 1947, Arthur Exon was a Lt. Colonel stationed at Wright Field (Wright-Patterson A.F.B. in Dayton, Ohio), the location where the alleged debris and bodies from the crash were allegedly shipped. In the future, Exon would go on to become base commander of Wright-Patterson.

According to Exon, the Roswell crash actually happened and that though the debris was first assumed to have come from a Russian craft, it soon become extremely clear that the material was not anything made by man. It should be stressed that Exon never claimed to have direct, first-hand knowledge of the event save for the fact that he flew over the reported crash sites. Instead, Exon's information comes second-hand from individuals who were directly involved and from the benefits of holding a high-position later in life.

Among claims made by Exon was of being told that a special project was created at Wright Field as soon as the technicians realized that the material was other-worldly and that there were two crash sites, the first site being on the Foster ranch and consisted mostly of debris while the second site had more intact structures of the craft as well as bodies. Additionally, Exon claimed that while he worked at the Pentagon in the late 50s and 60s that he was made aware that there was a small group of men that was handling the UFO situation. Exon dubbed this group, "The Unholy 13", though it should be stressed this is not an official designation.

During a 1994 interview with a Congressional Staff member for the GAO investigation of Roswell, Exon reported that he feared he was being monitored for coming forward with what he knew.


Brig. Gen. Arthur E. Exon

Witness To Roswell: Unmasking The Government's Biggest Cover-Up

In Search Of... UFO Cover-Up

Part 1

Part 2


The bell is a secondary tool of the witch used by witches to summon spirits and deities, cleanse the sacred space, ward off evil, and designate the beginning and ending of rituals. As with all tools of the witch, non-witches should not touch the bell. If a non-witch should touch the bell then the bell needs to be cleansed and re-blessed before being used again.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bill Betrays His Queen

I found this clip from TrueBlood on YouTube. Is shows what happens when Bill betrays his vampire queen. Spoiler warning, of course, for the fans who have yet to see it.

I just want to say that I love the special effects on TrueBlood. With the vampires, it's similar to a water balloon, as if the vampires are nothing but big bags of blood.

If you like vampire or supernatural-themed shows and haven't gotten into TrueBlood yet, then you don't know what you are missing!

Easley, Edwin

Edwin Easley was the Provost Marshall in charge of the Military Police/Security at Roswell during the alleged crash in July, 1947. As such, it is believed by many Roswell investigators that Easley possessed knowledge of the events. Unfortunately, Easley was hush-lipped and according to his friends and family, as well as investigators, claimed he was sworn to secrecy and that he had made a promise to President Truman never to discuss the incident. According to researcher Kevin Randle, Easley did open up and admit that the wreckage did go to Ohio. According to Randle, when Randle asked Easley if the investigators were on the right path, with reference to their belief that the crash was of an extraterrestrial craft, Easley reportedly responded, "Well, let's put it this way. It's not the wrong path." According to Easley's granddaughter, when Easley was shown a copy of the book, UFO Crash At Roswell by Kevin Randle And Donald Schmitt, on his death bed, Easley reportedly responded, "Oh, the creatures...".

Edwin Easley and Roswell

Edwin Easley and the 1947 Roswell Crash

Witness To Roswell: Unmasking The Government's Biggest Cover-Up

The Gary Mantz Show: Don Schmitt Interview


The bolline, or the white handled-dagger, is a utilitarian tool of the witch that is used for the cutting of herbs and plants, cords, and carving candles, amid other uses, in magical rituals. The bolline stands in contrast to the athame, though both daggers should never be used for mundane purposes, such as slicing cake, or to harm or injure living things. The bolline is considered a secondary tool of the witch. Many modern witches do not posses a bolline, choosing rather to use house-hold tools, such as scissors or pocket knives for example.  As with all tools of the witch, non-witches should not touch the bolline. If a non-witch touches the bolline then the bolline should be cleansed and re-blessed before being used again in ritual.

The Rise Of Santa Muerte

An article on the rise and spread of Santa Muerte in the U.S.

Drug Traffickers Worship "Holy Death" Saint To Keep The Law Away

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tonight's The Night!!! TrueBlood Season 4 Premiere....The Witches Reign This Season!

So as far as "big bads" go, we've had a serial killer, a maenad, werewolves, and now, it's time for the witches to reign!

In the following article, executive producer Alexander Woo discusses witches and the effect they will have on the vampires this season.

'True Blood': EP Reveals How Witches Conjure Up Chaos in Season 4

Here are also 8 new clips from Season 4. Marnie, the leader of the witch coven is shown in clip 3. Note that Eric is trying to shut the coven down. It seems vampires are not found of witches at all, in fact, it's almost like they feel threatened by them somehow. Of course, this is a bit perplexing since the vampires on the series tend to have an arrogant attitude and believe themselves superior among all the supernatural beings, as well as mortal ones.

All I know so far is that Marnie, the leader of the coven, starts off as being a very weak and timid older woman. Something happens to her and she completely changes and becomes extremely powerful, magic wise. Of course, I already know why, it's just I don't want to spoil it for anyone! LOL

Catch the premiere of TrueBlood season 4 tonight at 9:00 PM ET on HBO.

Roswell Alien UFO's 60 Years Later - VOA Story

How To Cast A Burning Spell

Keep in mind that much of what this man is speaking of refers to Wiccan spirituality and includes teachings not found in other magical traditions.


The cingulum, a.k.a. cord, is a braided or plaited string and a secondary tool of the witch and part of the witches' wardrobe. Traditionally, the cingulum is 9 feet long and is composed of natural materials, i.e. no yarn or synthetic or even blended materials. In some covens the cingulum's length is determined by measuring the witch's body. Initiated witches of traditions will have cingulums of various colors to signify their rank and or order, similar to the colored belts in martial arts. Solitary practitioners should use the color red, as it symbolize power and the will.

The cingulum is traditionally used to measure out the sacred circle and is used in binding rituals of various sorts. The cingulum also is used in the initiation rites of many coves, where the new witch is symbolically bound to to the deities and to the coven. Cingulums are also used in marriage rites called hand-fastings. When not in use the cingulum is worn around the waist in ritual, though a small minority of witches claim the cingulum should not be worn and should only be used for magic spells. In practice, most witches tend to view the cingulum as specialized tool and part of the witches wardrobe and seem to prefer a separate cord for spell work, a cord that can be disposed of when the magical work is complete.

As with all tools of the witch, the cingulum should never be touched by a non-witch. If a non-witch touches the cingulum then the cord will need to be cleansed and re-blessed before being reused.

Couple Told Almost No Chance Of Conceiving Claims Success With Witchcraft

A couple who were told they had almost no chance of conceiving a child were desperate enough to turn to a witch for help. Six months later pregnancy was achieved. Six months after the birth of the baby, the woman found out she was pregnant again!

'I can't thank her enough!' Finance worker told she would never conceive has two children after meeting a white witch

Tamara (2005)

I was told I should watch this film. I checked out the trailer and it seems like it might be worth watching. The trailer reminds me of the Craft, Carrie, Jennifer's Body, and Ghost Story all wrapped into one movie.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

911 Calls - Witchcraft, Werewwolf, Bigfoot, Psychic, & More!

I thought I could use a humor break.


Witchcraft & Bigfoot

Here's some emergency calls from overseas. Included is a psychic.


Roswell Facts And Government Explanations Don't Add Up

How To Cast An Image Magic Spell


The besom, or broom, is perhaps the most recognized tool of the witch. The broom is so highly connected to witches and witchcraft that many people would be surprised to realize that the besom is considered a secondary tool of the witch and that many modern witches do not possess one. Traditionally, besoms were composed of birch twigs secured to a wooden stick or pole. Today, any broom may be used in magic, as long as it is properly consecrated, though modern witches due tend to like the visual aesthetics of the old-fashioned besoms vs. the store bought and modern variety.

In the folklore surrounding witches, the broom was the vehicle of flight for witches travelling by air to the sabbat, though other items were often used as well. The broom also had a secondary role as a substitute for the witch. In this role, a witch wishing to attend a sabbat would place a broom in bed next to her sleeping husband and by magic make the husband believe the broom was herself. Of course in these situations it is believed the witch was able to travel to the sabbat by some other means.

The actual truth concerning the origins of the witch's broom can be found in folk magic. Additionally, it should be noted that like the cauldron, brooms were a prized possession of a family and were usually hand-made. As such, it is quite understanding that so much lore grew up around such an important tool of a household.

Brooms have a long history and use in folk magic, usually in rites for cleansing, banishing, protection, fertility, and even for black magic purposes. For example, a broom lain down in a doorway will protect against those who wish you will as one's enemies will not step over it. To make an unwanted guest leave, call out that persons name, turn a broom upside down and tap it's handle on the floor three times, lean it up against the back door, still upside down, and then sprinkle salt on the bristles. To banish a person and prevent them from returning, throw salt & pepper on the ground behind them when they leave and quickly sweep it out and off the porch, and preferably into the street, while cursing them and telling them never to return. To make a sick person die, "sweep" a broom through the air over them as they sleep. This will sweep away their life-force. Additionally, in the 1800s a fertility ritual enacted by newly married African-American couples whereby the couple would jump over a broom was quite popular. This ritual was said to bless the union and to help ensure many strong, healthy offspring.

In the book, Witches by Erica Jong, Jong provides an interesting observation of how the broom, a symbol of female oppression, has been transformed into a symbol of freedom with regard to the belief in the witches' flight. Ironically, male witches were believed to often fly upon pitchforks. The seemingly lack of surviving folklore on male witches and pitchforks seems to emphasize just how firmly connected the practice of witchcraft is with "the fairer sex".

For modern Wiccans, the besom is primarily used as a tool for cleansing, either personal in nature or of the cleansing of the sacred circle. Some Wiccans have also borrowed the ritual of broom jumping during their wedding ceremonies known as hand-fastings. As with all tools of the witch, non-witches should not touch the besom. If a non-witch touches a besom then the besom will need to be cleansed and re-blessed before being used again in ritual.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ghost Captured On Film At Wedding Reception?

A woman at a wedding reception was taking photographs and was excited to discover the image of a ghostly figure in one of the shots.

Ghostly image shocks St. John's wedding guests

More On The Bigfoot Press Conference

A KING5 news article on today's Bigfoot press conference.

Bigfoot Found In California?

Roswell Legarcy - Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

How To Cast Magic Spells

LOL... I think this clip is kinda cheesy, but good for entertainment purposes. FYI: You don't blow the candle out. You let it burn out naturally. Make sure to practice safe candle burning by burning it in a candle handle and never leaving a burning candle unattended.

Brigadier General Thomas Dubose On Roswell


A censer, a .k.a. thurible, incense burner, is a small dish, bowl or vessel, usually made from clay, brass, or bronze, which is used to burn cone and loose or powdered incense. Censers are among the secondary tools used by witches and may either be ornately decorated or plain in design. Censers that have chains and which are meant to be  carried and swung in ritual or suspended are referred to as thuribles. The majority of censers used by witches lack chains and are meant to be stationary. Covens may prefer a thurible over a stationary censer.

Today, many modern witches forgo a separate censer and use a small cauldron instead. As with all tools of the witch, non-witches should not touch the censer. If a non-witch touches the censer then the censer will need to be cleansed and re-blessed before it can be used again.

Interestingly, incense burners specifically designed for stick incense are not referred to as censers, though some censers do have holes in the lid that are meant for use when one is burning stick incense.

For image of censers, click HERE.

Tales Of The Kentucky "Wild Man"

An interesting article on sightings of a large, hairy "wild man" in Kentucky, which date back over a hundred years, may in fact be tales of Bigfoot.

Hair-raising accounts aren’t uncommon in Kentucky

Today Is The Sanger Paranormal Society's Bigfoot Press Conference

Today at 4:00 PDT, the team at Sanger Paranormal Society will release their information and evidence for the existence of Bigfoot. I've heard rumors that the live press conference can be viewed at their website at the link below.

Here's a copy of their press release:


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Defending The Roswell Witnesses: Robert Durant

Review: Witness To Roswell Book

This is a review of the book by YouTube user, "UFOBookReview". He's spot on with his review. Witness To Roswell: Unmasking The Government's Biggest Cover-Up is perhaps the best book on the alleged Roswell Crash and is a must read for anyone who either thinks they know what took place in July 1947 near Roswell, NM, or for those who are new to the controversy. I consider it required reading for anybody interested in the topic. Included in the book are the testimony of witnesses most people have never even heard before. As we approach the 64th anniversary of the alleged crash, I strongly urge my readers to go to either purchase the book or go to your local library and check out a copy. You will not be disappointed.

How To Seduce Someone With A Love Spell


The cauldron is a metal pot or kettle used to cook food and create medicines and sacred brews. The cauldron is perhaps the most recognizable tool of the witch, other than the besom or broom. Most people, when asked to visualize a witch, will imagine an old hag stirring a huge bubbling cauldron. Ironically, the cauldron is one of the secondary or less-often used tools of the witch. In fact, many witches today do not use one or even own one.

Cauldrons, as tools of witches, date back to a period of time when families owned one large cauldron which was used for all cooking and the creation of natural medicines. As such, the cauldron was extremely valuable, perhaps being the most valuable possession of a family. As such it should be no surprise that magical cauldrons entered the mythology of many peoples. It should also be of little surprise that the tool used to create medicines or even sacred brews should be so firmly connected to witches.

Modern Wiccans view the cauldron as a symbol of transformation and as a representation of the womb of the goddesses. Most Wiccans also identify the cauldron with the element water, though ironically most cauldrons used by Wiccans are used to burn things, such as incense or petition papers. A few witches do seem to use a cauldron for scrying, but normally a specific scrying bowl is utilised for such purposes.

The use of a cauldron will also differ among the various magical traditions. For example, in the African-derived religion of Palo, a cauldron is used to hold special items, such as sacred sticks, animal parts, and human bones, which are used in the construction of a 'prenda', which houses a spirit.

Traditionally, a witch's cauldron should be made from cast iron, though cauldrons of other metals have a historical use. Erica Jong, in her book, Witches, stresses that most modern witches simply consecrate a normal cooking pot to the goddess and god and use such for the creation of magical brews. Today, most witches who do own cauldrons seem to favor the smaller varieties more suited for burning incense and other materials rather than the extraordinarily large and heavy varieties most often associated with witchcraft. As with all tools of the witch, non-witches should not touch the cauldron. If a non-witch touches the cauldron then the cauldron must be cleansed and re-blessed before being used again.

For images of the types of cauldrons most often used by modern witches, click HERE.

Russian Woman Revives At Her Own Funeral Then Promptly Dies From Schock

A 49 year-old Russian woman who collapsed after complaining of chest pains was pronounced dead due to a heart-attack. During her funeral, the woman suddenly revived, saw the funerary rites going on and began screaming. Twelve minutes later she officially died .

Woman dies of heart attack caused by shock of waking up at her OWN funeral

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How To Cast Revenge Spells

Just for the record, I think this is a rather weak revenge spell. I don't agree with what is being recommended in the clip. This said, the clip is good for entertainment purposes.

Eli Benjamin (Roswell First Hand Witness)

Four More Days Until "The Season Of The Witch" On 'TrueBlood"!

I can't wait! Season 4 of TrueBlood will focus heavily on witches, so much so that it has been dubbed, "The season of the witch". Since witches are my most absolutely favorite "monster" archetype, I am exceptionally excited for next season.

Here's what I know about Season 4 (SPOILER WARNING!):
- A witch will put a curse on Eric, giving him amnesia, and putting his life in danger. After all, if a vampire can't remember that sunlight is fatal, well.....

- Jason is now a were-panther.

- Someone previously thought to be straight will have a same-sex fling.

- Eric & Sookie will do the nasty.

- Sam finds a new love interest.

- A new female cage-fighter will be introduced.

- Sookie will find out the dark truth about fairies.

I can't wait! Season 4 of TrueBlood premieres Sunday, June 26.


The paten, a.k.a. pentacle, altar tile, is a circular disk, tile, or shallow dish in which the 5 pointed star, or pentagram, is carved. The points of the star represent the four elements, earth, air, fire, & water, plus that additional element of spirit. The paten is one of the four principle tools of the witch. Traditionally, patens are to be circular and made of natural materials such as clay, stone, metal, or wood.

As far as use goes, the paten is placed in the center of the altar and is the focal point of the altar. The paten is used to ritually charge and consecrate items used in magic by placing the items upon it.

As with all magical tools of the witch, non-witches should not touch the paten. If a non-witch touches the paten then the paten needs to be cleansed and re-blessed before it can be used again.

Many modern Wiccans, especially solitary Wiccans who have not been initiated into a coven, do not use a paten. Many Wiccans may not even be aware of this tool. Instead, many Wiccans will wear pentacle jewelry or have some other representation of the pentacle on their altar.

For an image of a patens, click HERE.

Join The Zombie Army

Teen Kills Pet Dog, Rumors Of Satanism

An 18 year-old young man in Primera, TX, slashed the throat of his pet Chihuahua. Some believe the horrendous act to have had a satanic connection.

Primera Police Say Animal Cruelty Case May Have Satanic Motivation

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Repost For Roswell Crash Anniversary - Montoya, Joseph (1915-1978)

Joseph Montoya was a U.S. senator (NM) from 1964-1977. During the time of the alleged Roswell crash, Montoya was Lt. Governor of New Mexico. According to Montoya's assistants/drivers, Montoya was a witness of the Roswell wreckage and bodies at Roswell AFB.

According to Ruben and Peter Anaya, assistants and drivers for Montoya, Montaya sent word for the pair, as well as Moses Burrola and Ralph Chaes, to pick him up from the base as soon as possible. The brothers were given the instructions not to pick him up in front of the hanger he was at but rather to meet him in front of the water tower. When Montoya entered the vehicle he reportedly shouted at the brothers to hurry up and leave the scene.

The brothers assumed that Montoya wanted to be taken to the hotel in which he normally stayed but were shocked to learn that Montoya wanted to go to Ruben's home and wanted a strong drink. Montaya became upset and revealed that he had seen something at the base which completely disturbed him. Later on at the house, and while drinking straight from the bottle, Montoya claimed to have seen a 'flying machine' and 'little people' who weren't human. Montoya described the bodies as small and child-like with large, dark eyes. The creatures were dressed in silver, one-piece suits. According to Montoya at least one of the beings was alive. Later that night, Montoya would be taken to the hotel room, but not before making them swear they would never reveal anything he told them.

The next day the brothers arrived at the hotel room and Montoya advised them that the bodies were transported to Ft. Worth, TX. He again made them promise never to speak of what he had told them. Later on, the pair was harassed by George Wilcox, the Sheriff of Roswell who also advised them to keep their mouth shut or risk being murdered. If this wasn't enough, the brothers, as well as the other two men who had heard Montoya's stories, were approached by Senator Dennis Chavez who told them not to believe anything Montoya told them because he was a liar. Senator Chavez went on to state that Montoya saw something he wasn't supposed to see, a secret government project, and that for the security of the United States, nobody should ever speak of it.

Ruben Anaya passed away in 2002. Moses Burrola is deceased and the whereabouts of Ralph Chaes has not been established.

Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government's Biggest Cover-up (Revised and Expanded Edition)

Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and first day of summer. Wiccans celebrate the Summer Solstice under the name Litha, or Midsummer.

Wishing Everyone A Wonderful Summer Solstice And A Very Happy Summer!


The chalice, a.k.a. cup, goblet, is one of the four principle tools of the witch, alongside the athame, wand, and paten.

According to Erica Jong, in her book Witches, the chalice is traditionally made of silver, is a symbolic representation of the vulva or womb of the goddess, and is used for communion purposes among witches, for libations to the deities, as well as a representation for the Goddess in a ritual called the Great Rite, in which the athame is plunged into the chalice to represent the sexual union of the Goddess and the Horned God. It is this union that believers feel gave rise to universe and is responsible for the rebirth of nature each year.

As with all tools of the witch, non-witches should not touch the chalice. If a non-witch should touch the chalice then the chalice should be cleansed and re-blessed before being used once more.

*Note: Some traditions use a drinking horn rather than a chalice. Also, do to the fact that silver tarnishes easily, many witches no longer use silver chalices but prefer either pewter chalices, which give the appearance of silver without tarnishing, or chalices made from other substances such as glass, wood, clay, stone, or even metals like brass.

Coast To Coast AM - Investigating Roswell (6/12/2011)

Part 1

Part 2

Robert Hastings Press Release: UFO Sighting During 2010 Missle "Malfunction"

Robert Hastings has recently sent this press release which details the sighting of a UFO during an incident in 2010 where an Air Force Base in Cheyenne, WY, lost communication with approximately 50 minutemen missiles.

Robert Hastings: Unidentified Aerial Object Sighted During October 2010 Nuclear Missile Incident

Monday, June 20, 2011


A wand, a.k.a. rod, is an ancient symbol of discipline, power and authority and has also a long history as use as a tool amongst various witches and magicians of numerous traditions. As such the wand is among the four principle tools used by witches. Some of the earliest references to wands or rods can be found in the Bible, with perhaps the most famous reference to wands being found in Psalms 23, "..thy rod and thy staff they comfort me...". 

As far as origins go, most experts tend to side with the belief that the wand is a shortened form of a staff and is a phallic symbol, thus symbolizing power and virility. In fact, in the middle-ages, the word "rod" was also considered slang for a penis. I do agree with this line of thought and would also add that I have a feeling magic wands may also have arisen from the use of sprigs of plants in ritual. Another line of thought is that the magical wand is an extension of finger-pointing, an action associated with domination or control of a person or animal.

The magical wand has as it's origin the mudane uses for wands or rods, that is to control people and animals. It wasn't a major leap for magical practitioner to use wands for the controlling of spirits or to enforce the will of the user. Interestingly, many modern Wiccans believe that the wand is preferable over the athame as a tool to use in the aid of summoning deities or spirits. For these practitioners the wand is viewed as being "nicer" than the athame, though the actual history reveals the wand to have a more harsher reality than such practitioners may realize. After all, the magical wand descends from the same wand/rod that is used to discipline children!

In the book, Witches by Erica Jong, Jong gives a description for the creation of a magical wand that entails the cutting of a straight branch from a sacred tree, such as oak or willow, to the length of one's inner elbow to the tip of the middle finger, the coring out of the pith and the stuffing of the hollow wand with cotton, and of the witch "bringing the wand to life" by three drops of her own blood. This is an interesting procedure but in reality wands of all types, such as clay, metal, or wood have been used. Additionally the wand may be topped with a decorative piece with magical or symbolic meaning, such as a crystal, stone, or even acorn, though the wands of the past tended to have plain tips, save for the metal wands owned by various pagan priesthoods, which tended to have fancy metal work. The shaft of the wand may also have magical symbols engraved upon it.

As far as how wands are used, the old ways of wanding, or the magical use of wands, is to control spirits and to inscribe a magical circle in the dirt. These old-fashioned wands tended to be nothing more than sticks practitioners would gather before undertaking a ritual and which were usually discarded after the ritual was concluded. Modern witches tend to use wands as an aid in invoking deities and spirits, rather than controlling them, as well as to focus their personal power toward the achievement of a goal. Modern witches also tend to keep wands of sturdy construction and not discard them. For images of modern magic wands, click HERE.

As with all tools of the witch, non-witches should not touch the wand of a witch. If a non-witch touches a wand then the wand must be cleansed and re-blessed before it can be used again.

PETA & Israeli Animal Rights Groups Vs. Rabbinical Court Who Wants "Possessed" Dog Stoned To Death

PETA and Israeli Animal Rights groups have spoken out against a Rabbinical court that has allegedly ordered a "possessed" dog be stoned to death.

PETA urges rabbis to overturn dog's death sentence

Sunday, June 19, 2011

More On The Durham Mystery Hum...

What is it? Why do only certain people hear it?

In search of the thing that goes hum in the night

How Mothman Saved Point Pleasant

 The curious sightings of the winged humanoid has helped to sustain Point Pleasant, WV.

Travel: Mothman put Point Pleasant on the map

Emotional Vampires In Your Life?

Nearly everyone has encountered a psychic vampire in their life. This article deals with a variety of psychic vampires called "emotional vampires".

Do You Know an Emotional Vampire?

Friday, June 17, 2011


The Athame, pronounced "a-tha-may" or "a-tha-me", a.k.a. "the black-handled knife", is a magical dagger and one of the four principle tools used by witches and magicians of many traditions, but especially Wicca, Neopaganism, Satanism and Ceremonial Magic. The athame first appears in writing in the Key of Solomon where it is referred to as the 'arthame'. For an image of an athame, click HERE.

Traditionally, the athame is a double-edge, black handled knife. Additionally the athame may have a magnetic blade and have it's handle engraved with various magical symbols. The athame must never be used to cut anything or to harm anything, be it animal or human. The athame must never be used for any trivial purpose and should only be used for it's role for inscribing the magical circle by holding it in the air and walking around in a circle as well as an aid to summon and control deities or spirits.The athame may also be used by plunging it into the ground or into the chalice, another tool of the witch, in a specialized ritual referred to as 'the great rite' which takes place on or near May 1st. The athame in a coven setting, is also sometimes used in a mock threat of harm by witches entering the sacred space for ritual. During such instances the tip of the athame blade is placed over the witch's heart and a phrase similar to, "It is better that you should rush upon this blade than to enter this circle with fear in your heart. How do you enter?", is spoken. The witch responds by saying, "In perfect love and in perfect trust". In such instance no true threat of harm takes place as the individual is made aware of what will take place.

As with most magical tools, the athame must never be touched by non-witches and preferably by no one other than the owner or at least fellow members of the coven or circle. If the athame is touched by a non-witch or someone other than the owner then the blade must be ritually cleansed and blessed before it can be used once more in ritual.

*Note: I'm told that Satanists will use the athame to direct black magic against an enemy. If this is true then this would be an example of someone using the athame to harm another, but this would be a practice found among Satanists and would still represent a "magical use" vs. a mundane use.

Anne Diamond's Ghost Tale

A very good, real-life ghost tale told by Anne Diamond. While arriving a potential house she was interested in purchasing, the deceased owner opened the door and welcomed her and an acquaintance in.

The ghost that tried to sell me her house: Anne Diamond used to scoff at stories of haunted homes until she had a very spooky encounter

iO9 Offering $2,000 For Best 'Cryptid' Photo

Got a picture of a monster? Well, submit it to iO9 for your chance at winning $2,000.00!

io9 Offers $2000 Bounty For Authentic Photos Of Cryptids

DNA May Confirm Bigfoot's Existance

California Bigfoot hunters claim two Sasquatch came up to their vehicle they abandoned at a campsite only to retrieve a couple of days later. Upon arriving the Bigfoot hunters claimed they found strange hair, a footprint, and an indication that at least two of the bests may have pressed their faces and hands on the window glass.

Bigfoot Investigators Hope DNA Test Will Confirm Existence Of Two Man-Beasts

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Know What I Saw - Witnesses Of The Roswell UFO

Just a reminder, this July marks the 64 year anniversary of the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial craft near Roswell, NM.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tonight Is The First Night Of The Full Moon

As you may know, there are three nights of a full moon each month. If you have a calendar that lists the night of the full moon, then the night before and after that date will also be a night of the full moon.

On nights of the full moon, witches were believed to be at their most powerful and met with their covens to perform magick, werewolves howl and stalk their prey, and the creatures of the night roam the earth. Not to mention that the full moon is said to drive mortals bonkers! This month's full moon appears, to me at least, to be especially powerful. I feel very energized.

So to all my fellow denizens of the night, wishing you all a wonderful June full moon! Creatures of the night, unite! Happy Hauntings....


An esbat is a non-sabbat related meeting of a coven of witches. The most common time for an esbat is on a night of a full moon. Another common time for an esbat is on a night of a new moon. The activities associated with esbats include official coven business, the worship of the goddess and the horned god, and the performing of ritual magick.

Max, The Crystal Skull

The fascinating adventures of a crystal skull named 'Max'.

Texas Woman JoAnn Parks Talks To Crystal Skull (And Sometimes, She Says, It Talks Back)

Woman Who Cut Man Claimed He Was Satanic

A homeless woman who attacked a man, cutting him and leaving him in critical condition, claims he transformed into a "satanic person".

Woman accused of cutting man says she was stalked by Satan

Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly Journal Promo

This is a promo for a new journal dedicated to the practice of Hoodoo, a.k.a. Rootwork or Conjure.

I'm tempted to order it but I have one slight complaint. I appears as if Louisiana Voodoo, a.k.a. "New Orleans Voodoo", is thrown in the mix. Louisiana Voodoo is far removed from it's Hoodoo roots and is quite frankly, more of a separate practice at this point in time.

For more info on Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly magazine, visit the link below.


Monday, June 13, 2011

The Sad Tale Of Condie The Ghost

The University of Montevallo is reportedly home to many a ghost, including the spirit of Condie Cunningham who was burned in an accident while making fudge in 1908 and is rumored to haunt the halls.

The ghosts that haunt Montevallo

Brother Hermes, The Exorcist

A Colombian spiritual healer is quite popular for his alleged power to rid people of evil spirits.

Real-Life Exorcist 'Brother Hermes' Promises To Drive Out The Devil (PHOTOS)

Mysterious Hum Keeps English Town Residents From Sleeping

Residents of Woodland in County Durham have had nearly two months of restless nights due to a strange hum that begins around midnight and ends around four in the morning.

Tiny village is latest victim of the 'The hum'

Miami Heat Fans Resort To Voodoo

Miami Heat fans have reportedly bought up a large number of voodoo dolls to use either for their favorite players or against their rivals.

Heat Fans -- Dropping VOODOO Curse on the Mavs

Heat fans get creative with their curses

Is The Chaplin House In Virginia City, NV, Haunted?

Some think it just might be.

Full Moon Paranormal Ghost Hunting

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today Is The Anniversary Of The First Victim In Salem Witch Trials

Bridget Bishop was hanged today in 1692 after being the first person convicted of the crime of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials.

It is believed Bishop became a target of witchcraft accusations due to the fact that she married several times, had the reputation of being a gossip, and dressed in bright colors and wore lace.

Witch Accused Of Killing Baby, Possibly Second Baby, & Drugging Husband

The grandmother of the victim claims she discovered candles and "black magic" books and magazines along with a large supply of pills in the home.

Baby murderer was a ‘practising witch who was drugging her husband’ to conceal her pregnancy

Tale Of A 1954 UFO

An Ohio man shares the fascinating tale of the time he witnessed a silver disk hover over a lake back in 1954.

Geauga County man shares story of UFO sighting

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Drug Raid Reveals Hoodoo

During a drug raid police discovered red pepper placed at the doorways in a home, which they incorrectly labelled as "Voodoo". The reality is that such would be an example of Hoodoo or conjure.

Drug arrests lead to voodoo

The NSA, UFOs, & A Possible Alien Radio Signal

The National Security Agency has declassified thousands of documents, some of which pertains to UFOs and a strange radio message that may have been extraterrestrial in origin.

NSA Declassifies Report on 'Extraterrestrial Communications'

A Poltergeist & A Bisexual Cheating Husband

One woman's strange tale of living with a poltergeist and uncovering information about her husband's multiple affairs with both women and men.

My Poltergeist

2011 Haunted America Midwest Conference, June 10-11

Link for more info:

Sightings - Reincarnation, Cursed Highway, Ghosts

Phantom Mooing

Residents of Stevenage and Walkern in the UK have complained of mooing of cows which kept them up last night. The origin of the mysterious cows has not been made known.

Phantom cow mystery after midnight moo fest

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Psychic Tip On Mass Graves A Hoax

A "psychic" who called in a tip claiming a property was the site of a mass grave containing the bodies of children and adults has been proven wrong. Police took the tip seriously after discovering blood on the porch of the property and after smelling the smell of decomposition. The blood turned out to be the result of a drunken accident and the decomposition smell was attributed to rotten meat in a broken freezer. The woman psychic who called in the tip may face a misdemeanor for her giving a false tip.

Sightings - Psychic Murder Mystery, Men In Black, Awakening

Drunk Man Claims To Be Werewolf

A 20 year-old drunk Ohio man told police he was scratched by a wolf in Germany and that he attacks people "when the moon is out".

Drunk man cried werewolf Memorial Day weekend

Sunday, June 5, 2011

TrueBlood Sneak Previews...Fairy Trouble

Are you shocked? You shouldn't be. Everything revealed in those clips is standard to fairy lore. Fairies are not the beautiful little women with wings we've been told about in children's books. Instead, they are skinny, wizened, alien-like creatures who use their power of glamor to make themselves appear young and beautiful. According to lore, time is different in fairy land. A mortal visitor may think that only a few hours have gone by only to discover that decades, if not centuries have passed. Also, it is said that if a mortal eats fairy food then they can never return to home. They will remain prisoners of the fairies forever.

For more information on fairies, check out my blog entry by clicking HERE. Also, check out my posts under the tag 'fairy' by clicking HERE.

Sightings - Heartland Ghost, Gulfbreeze UFOs, & Faces Of Death

Satanisms & Exorcism

Interesting articles on Satanism and the rise of Exorcisms.

Satanism isn’t for devil worshippers, says Canadian researcher

Demand for exorcisms up thanks to 'web Satanism'

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Man Dies After Being Buried Alive For Good Luck

A man who had a friend help bury him was found dead. The victim believed that by spending a night underground it would invoke good luck. Instead it just ended up costing the man his life.

Russian man buries himself alive to bring good luck, instead, he dies

For those who may be wondering, let me give you some extra information that will help clear things up for many. The man was doing a magical ritual. There have been other reports of this ritual taking place in Russia. The whole point of the ritual is to "kill the bad luck" by imitating a death and burial. The problem is that it's not safe. There are other far more safer methods of this ritual that do not involve being buried alive. For instance, one can take a broom with them to a local cemetery. One can then take 9 steps into the cemetery and then walk backwards out of the gate while using the broom to sweep away one's footprints. This will kill the bad luck.

New Study: The Church Of Satan Is Misunderstood

A new study in the Journal of Religion and Culture suggests that the Church of Satan is highly misunderstood by the false association with the popular folk notion of what devil worship entails. Confusion with Theistic Satanism is also a problem.

Church of Satan is victim of misconceptions, says study

Canadian Student Off To Oxford & Cambridge To Study Witchcraft

Karim Baccouche is researching the role of the clergy during the witch trials and witch hunt craze in France and England in the middle ages.

Congress | Doctoral student travels spooky road while researching witchcraft and heresy

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