Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sightings - UFO Contact

Monkey Shot At, Set On Fire For Being A 'Witch'

In a small settlement near Johannesburg, residents attacked, shot at, and eventually burnt to death a monkey they believed was evil. One resident reportedly screamed that the monkey was a witch.

Monkey 'witch' burnt by mob

More On Educating Cops On Santa Muerte...

Another news article with video pertaining to the education of cops regarding the popularity of Santa Muerte and other folk saints with drug dealers.

Crimetrackers: Drug Saint

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sightings - Mysteries Of The Earth

Strange 'Boom' Heard In Philly

Residents of Philadelphia reported a strange explosion sound last night. An earthquake has been ruled out but the noise may have been caused by a meteorite.

Mystery Boom in Philadelphia Frightens NE Philly Residents: Was a Meteor The Cause?

Teenage Girl Decapitates 'Witch'

A 17 year-old girl who suspected a certain family member of using black magic against her and her father decapitated the woman, put her head in a pot and then brought it to the police.

Murder by superstition

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mother Allegedly Kills Son In Exorcism Ritual, Keept Mumified Corpse In Home

Latisha Lawson allegedly killed her son in an exorcism ritual after becoming convinced that the boy was possessed by a demon named 'Marzon'. Lawson is alleged to have kept the boy's mummified corpse in the home for some time.

Slain boy ‘adopted’ by Lord, mom said

Drowning Linked To Failed May 21 Rapture Prediction

A man with reportedly no prior mental health issues allegedly went over the edge due to the predictions of the Rapture that was said would occur on May 21 and ended up drowning. The victim, Victor Frasno, came to believe that God was on the other side of a lake and that he must swim across so that he could speak to God. The problem is that Frasno couldn't swim.

Florida man's drowning in Antioch lake related to Rapture prediction, detective says

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Woman Claims To Have Shared Bed With Jim Morrison's Ghost

Rhonda Baron, who lives in the former childhood home of Jim Morrison, claims Morrison's spirit haunts the home and that he regular gets into bed with her.

'Jim Morrison’s ghost climbed into my bed', North Virginia woman claims

Pastor Accused Of Having "Magic Penis" Burnt To Death

A mob of a dozen people have been charged with the murder of a pastor whom they allegedly claim possessed a magic penis. The alleged killers also claimed the pastor's wife could transform into a snail and somehow "terrorized" the community in such form.

'Magic penis' killing set for trial date

'The Secret Circle' Extended Promo

Is This Bigfoot?

YouTube user samantha13950 has posted a video of the alleged cryptid.

Personally, I think it's CGI, but I like it no less.

Colorado Man Claims Caught Picture Of Bigfoot

Daniel Masias became obsessed with the alleged hairy creatures after finding large "barefoot" foot prints in the snow and sighting what he believes were two of the mysterious creatures. Now Masias believes he has snapped a picture of the elusive beast.

Caught On Cam: Bigfoot In Colorado?Several Claim To Have Seen Bigfoot Roaming Around

Are You Psychologically Prepared For A Zombie Apocalypse?

Do you have what it takes, psychologically speaking, to survive the onslaught of a zombie apocalypse?

When Zombies Attack, Will You Be Ready Psychologically?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More On "Voodoo Death"

An interesting article that touches on the concept of "Voodoo Death".

Can Belief in Black Magic Make You Sick?

See also my blog on Voodoo Death by clicking HERE.

Doomsday Changed To October 21, 2011

Harold Camping, leader of the cult-esque group that claimd the world would end on May 21, is now claiming the world will end on October 21.
Harold Camping Calls May 21 An 'Invisible Judgment Day,' Says October 21 Is Real End-Of-World Date


Salem witches have teamed up to create "W.E.L."(Witches Education League).

Salem witches start Witches Education League

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Secret Circle (2011)

I'm actually interested in this. I hope it's good.

Woman Captures Images Of Ghost In Gold Mine?

Sandy Harrington was visiting the Reed Gold Mine in Midland, NC, when she began filming and caught what she believes may be the spirit of a person murdered back in 1895.

Woman videotapes apparent ghost at old gold mine in NC

Accused 'Vampire Attacker" Denies Being A Vampire

A NZ man who admits to attacking and biting a teen denies rumors of him being a vampire. He then admits that he drank his own blood after biting his victim. Oh, and he has a friend who likes for other people to drink his blood too.

Attacker insists he's 'not a vampire'

Saturday, May 21, 2011


In  honor of the end of days, I present my blog readers with the doomsday official anthem. See you in hell. :)

May 21 Rapture: Apocalypse WOW!

For all my blog readers, just in case the doomsayers are right, I just would like to take the time to thank you for your continued support and interest in my blog. Feel free to drop on by my corner of the lake of fire to chat and shoot the breeze.

Also, check out this clip HERE.

Principal Hypnotizes Student...Student Kills Himself

One day after being hypnotized by his school principal, a 16 year-old teenager killed himself. The principal, George Kenney, had parental permission to hypnotize the young man.

Dr. George Kenney under investigation after student commits suicide a day after being hypnotized

Psychic Rapist & Penis Shrinking

Two Zimbabwe men make the latest weird news. One was arrested for using magic to shrink the penises of men and prevent erections. Another man was arrested for "psychci rape", or the ability to have sex with a woman without her knowing it.

Psychic Rapist Faces Charges in Zimbabwe

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bigfoot In Ketchikan, AL?

"Headlights" UFO Filmed In Wichitaw, KS

'Ghostbusters' Firehouse May Soon Close

The NYC firehouse where the movie Ghostbusters was filmed may soon close to due to budget difficulties.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters' New York firehouse faces closure

Demon Possessed High School?

Students at a Mdzimba High are reportedly possessed, running amok, and seeing visions. Exorcists have been sought.

Demons take over Mdzimba High

New Area 51 Documentary On National Geographic Channel

A new documentary based on the book, Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base by Annie Jacobsen, will air this Sunday on the National Geographic Channel.

What Really Goes On At Area 51?

Cord Cutting To Be Rid Of Emotional Vampires

Cord-cutting is a magical ritual performed to put an end to falling prey to an emotion vampire (psychic vampire) and to prevent future attacks.

How to Leave Behind Emotional Vampires

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Werewolves In Renaissance Times

An interesting article on the prevailing belief in the existence of werewolves in the middle ages.

When werewolves roamed the Renaissance

Another Chupacabra Carcass Found

The finding of a strange carcass of a hairless animal with "weird toes" has some wondering if it's the infamous "chupacabra".

Carcass found: Could it be the dreaded chupacabra?

CDC: Get Ready For Zombies!

In an attempt to get people ready for emergencies, officials at the CDC have the used the idea of a "zombie apocalypse" in order to attract attention to the importance of being prepared.

CDC Warns Public to Prepare for 'Zombie Apocalypse'

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thirsty?....How About A Nice Tall Glass Of 'Corpse Water'?

When residents in an Indonesian apartment building complained of discolored and 'foamy' tap-water, little did they know that they would receive some rather disgusting news. Turns out that residents had been unknowingly consuming 'corpse water'. A maid was murdered and had her body stuffed into the water tank.

Indonesian Maid Found Dead In Singapore Water Tank

Reminder....This Saturday Is Doomsday

You may have heard about it already but in case you haven't, an obscure Christian cult predicts the date of the Rapture for this Saturday, May 21, 2011.

Construction Worker At Castle Claims Ghost Tapped Him

The man was working on renovations when he claimed he felt a tap on his shoulder. When he turned around no one was there. Other mysterious phenomenon have also been reported.

Castle Ghost Shocks Worker

Couple Blames Ghost For Physical Abuse Of Son

A Houston, TX, couple has allegedly blamed a ghost for the physical abuse of their two year-old son. The father reportedly later confessed.

Ghost Story: Couple Claimed Evil Spirits Abused Their 2 Year-Old Son. Really?

Police Across The Country Attend Santa Muerte Seminar

Police officers around the country attended a seminar to learn of Santa Muerte and other saints that some criminals venerate in order to obtain spiritual protection from the law.

Officers nationwide arrive to LA to learn about 'Saint Death'

Drug traffickers devoted to 'Saint Death'

Mother Who Burned Daughter In "Voodoo Ritual" Sentenced

A mother who caused second and third degree burns over 25% of her daughters body in a "voodoo ritual" has been sentenced for her crime.

'Voodoo Mom' sentenced to 17 years in prison after guilty plea

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Unexplained Hole In New Jersey Baffles Folks

A crater that mysteriously appeared in Bernards, NJ, and sent debris flying up to 100 ft away, has left people baffled as to what caused it.

NJ town puzzles over mystery hole in ground

The Mysterious Unidentified Fog Horn

Residents of Napier reported a mysterious roaming-fog horn sound that at least one witness described as lasting about ten seconds every minute for about an hour. The strange thing is that the sound appeared to move about with regard to direction.

Shroud of mystery behind Napier fog

Monday, May 16, 2011

Group Plans Massive UFO Hoax For May 22

A mysterious group is urging it's members to participate in a massive UFO hoax on May 22, 2011.


My New Blog

I recently created my new blog, MY SECRET HOODOO. Of course it will cover the practice of Hoodoo and I will include various blog entries I have posted here as well as additional ones. Check it out.

Coast To Coast - Black Herman - George Patton 5/15/11

An interview with George Patton Jr., great nephew of the famous Black Herman and author of the book Black Jack.

Herman, Black (1892-1934)

Black Herman, a.k.a. Benjamin Rucker, was a famous African-American stage magician and Hoodoo/Conjure worker during the early half of the 20th century.

Rucker originally mentored/partnered with one Prince Herman from whom he learned many of the secrets of his craft. When Prince Herman passed away in 1909, Rucker continued the act and adopted the name Black Herman. Black Herman went on to become perhaps the most famous African-American stage magician of his time, if not also in present times. Black Herman's popularity was so great that he skirted the Jim Crow segregation laws of his day and performed for mix-race crowds.

In addition to performing stage magic, Black Herman also practice Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure and dabbled in mentalism, spiritualism, horroscopes, and the giving of lucky numbers for gambling. It seems that this aspect of Black Herman's life blurred the boundaries between stage magic and occult magic practices.

The act for which Black Herman achieved much fame from was his work he dubbed, "Black Herman's Private Graveyard", an act where he was buried alive and then exhumed three days later to astonished crowds. Interestingly, many stage magicians to this day seek Herman's secrets to this trick.

Naturally, this trick evoked in the public a belief that Black Herman was somehow "death proof", but unfortunately such was not the case. In 1934 in Louisville, KY, Black Herman collapsed on stage in the middle of one of his routines from what was probably a heart-attack but which was described at the time as "acute indigestion". Unfortunately the crowd did not realize what had occurred and did not believe Black Herman to be dead, thinking it to be part of his act. Most attendees reportedly did not leave until Black Herman's body was removed. A public viewing of the body was held for which fans were charged admission. The viewing is claimed to have drawn in as many attendees as for Black Herman's shows.

Due to Black Herman's interests in Hoodoo/Conjure, various spiritual products have received his name, such as the oil pictured HERE. I'm assuming such products would be used by Hoodoo practitioners when working with the spirit of Black Herman or when they wish to tap into his powers of mentalism, illusion, and for his knack of "escaping death".

Black Herman

Find A Grave: Benjamin "Black Herman" Rucker

Black Herman's African American Magical Synthesis

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thousands Of Pounds Of Marijuana & Santa Muerte Found In Drug Raid

A drug raid in San Juan, TX, led to the discovery of thousands of pounds of marijuana and an altar to Santa Muerte.

Drugs, Santa Muerte Shrine Found in Stash House

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Man Captures Photo Of Ghost In Cave?

A Moncton man claims to have captured a photo of a ghost in a St. Martin cave. It should be stated that the man really doesn't believe in ghosts and claims to have no idea what it is he captured on film.

Who is haunting St. Martins cave?

New Book: Roswell Conspiracy True...Just Not Aliens Nor Project Mogul But Mutants

A new book on Area 51 by author Annie Jacobsen contains information from an alleged former Area 51 employee who claims that the Roswell crash happened but that it wasn't aliens nor a Project Mogul balloon, but was instead "mutant men" horribly disfigured in human experiments.

It wasn't aliens, it was Nazis, Communists and mutants: New book reveals the 'real' story behind the Roswell landing

Fringe-ology By Steve Volk

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday The Thirteenth!

Grab that four leaf clover or rabbit's foot, because today is Friday the 13th!

What does Friday the 13, Bigfoot, and "True Love" have in common? Read the article below to find out.

It's Friday the 13th. Are you about to get lucky?

Also, tonight on the Investigation Discovery Channel, three episodes of American Occult will air. (See my blog on this by clicking HERE.)

Good Luck!

The McCalla Hum

Residents in McCalla, AL, are reporting a mysterious and unidentified hum.

Strange humming noise in McCalla mystifies residents

Teen Claims Sighting Of "Secret Stealth Craft"

A 17 year-old UK teen claims to have seen a "secret stealth craft" over nearby homes. The craft was described as being black, spherical, and covered with some form of "scales" that reminded the witness of stealth technology.

Widnes teen claims UFO over Millington Close must be secret stealth project

UFO Group Investigating Chupacabra In Belarus

The monster, described as looking similar to an ostrich minus feathers, having hoofed feet, a dog head, and tufts of grey hair over it's body, has reportedly killed over 250 rabbits.

"Goat Vampire" is Searched for in Belarus

Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Police UFO Stories

Police in the Tayside region of Scotland have had their share of strange reports. Among them are two UFO sightings they've deemed "unexplained".

UFOs and ghosts among 'paranormal activity' investigated by police force

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Couple Arrested Over Money Laundering Charges Had Santa Muerte Shrines

A San Benito couple arrested over money laundering charges had a Santa Muerte shrine in their home and business.
Money laundering case leads to cash, Santa Muerte shrines

Mysterious Shaking

At around 7:15 PM last night, people in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and the Eastern Shore reported a mysterious boom and then earthquake-like shaking. The problem was that it wasn't due to an earthquake, sonic boom, or anything else that experts know of.

Mysterious boom, shaking reported from Eastern Shore to Chesapeake

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Disney's Alien Encounters (1995)

If I remember correctly, this video aired once and only once late one night in 1995.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Suspicious Package May Have Been "Voodoo"-Related

A couple brought a suspicious package they received containing various powders to the Springfield, MA, police department. A haz-mat team investigated it and it turned out to be nothing dangerous, but perhaps related to "Voodoo".

Springfield Police Station All Clear From Suspicious Package

Personal Concerns

A Personal Concern, a.k.a. Personal Item, is an item from the body of a person, an item that portrays the likeness of a person, an item that represents a person, an item that belongs to a person, or an item that a person touched. Personal Concerns are used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork, and magic in general, to provide a link to the person on whom the spell is being cast or whom the work is being done on, as well as to make the spell or work stronger and more effective.

Examples Of Personal Concerns

- Head Hair
- Pubic Hair
- Armpit Hair and/or Body Hair
- Fingernail Clippings
- Toenail Clippings
- Skin Scrappings
- Teeth (Usually Baby Teeth That Have Been Shed Or Adult Teeth That Have Broken Off)
- Blood
- Menstrual Blood (Usually Via Tampons, Pads, Etc...)
- Urine
- Feces (Disgusting, I Know)
- Sweat
- Saliva
- Tears
- Semen (Use Your Imagination On How To Get It.)
- Vaginal Fluid (Use Your Imagination On How To Get It.)
- Dirty Bathwater
- Photograph
- Drawing Of The Person (It Should Look Like Them)
- Soiled Or Dirty Clothing (Especially Underwear And Socks)
- Shoes
- Footprint (Dirt Gathered From The Footprint)
- Item Owned By The Person
- Item A Person Handled Or Touched
- Sample Of Handwriting
- A Person's Full Name

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Haunted - Coven Of The Cat

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Law Stay Away

Law Stay Away is the name of a condition formula in the form of a condition oil, incense, and powder used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork to repel local, state, and federal authorities and to prevent intrusion into one's life by government agencies & agents, to prevent harassment from authority figures, to prevent minor set-backs such as speeding tickets, and is used by criminals in order to escape the law and get away with their crimes. Although certain high profile cases make it seem as if these spiritual products and the spells they are used in are only used by criminals to prevent capture, the truth of the matter is a bit more complex. Unfortunately not every police officer is a good, upstanding citizen. There are indeed corrupt officers out there. There are also officers who are less interested in truth and justice than in finding a scapegoat, and often one with a different skin color to their own. For practitioners, Law Stay Away spiritual products are used to protect against these badge-bearing evil-doers.

Note: Law Stay Away spiritual products can be used against any government agency, agent, or employee. Examples: Police, DHS, FBI, IRS, DEA, CIA, etc...

Law Stay Away Spells

Law Stay Away Spells are magic spells performed in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork, as well as other magical traditions, in order repel or prevent local, state, and federal authorities from intruding in the lives of practitioners. Law Stay Away Spells generally fit into the categories of either white magic spells to prevent harassment from police and other authority figures, false arrest/imprisonment, etc., and black magic spells used by criminals to prevent being caught for their crimes. A third form of Law Stay Away Spells involves the use of magic spells in order to prevent minor set-backs such as speeding tickets or to avoid being pulled over when a driver knows the tags are expired but has to wait until they acquire the money for the renewal of the tags. This last category of Law Stay Away Spells may be more adequately described as "gray magic". Law Stay Away spells tend to include elements of protections spells, banishing spells, and may also include elements of invisibility spells.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

West Memphis Three On True Crime With Aphrodite Jones (5/5/2011)

Tonight's new episode of True Crime With Aphrodite Jones, will feature the West Memphis Three case. The murder of three young boys in 1993 was quickly tied to wild accusations of Satanism and devil worship and three local teens would stand trial and be convicted. All would be found guilty with one being sentenced to death. The problem is many people believe the teens are innocent, victims of a rush to judgement and of the implication that the boys' murders were a part of a satanic sacrifice. An HBO documentary, Paradise Lost: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills, led many to question what actually happened to those poor boys and whether or not the three teens had anything to do with it.

The True Crime With Aphrodite Jones episode on the West Memphis Three airs tonight, at 9:00 PM CST on the I.D. (Investigation Discovery) Channel.

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: Arresting the West Memphis

Just for the record, I believe the three teens (now in their 30s) are innocent. My hope is that the wrongs done to them will be reversed and that the case be reopened so that the truly guilty can be apprehended and held responsible for their crimes.

One Day In Port-au-Prince: The Voodoo Priest

Does Bigfoot Exist Or Do We Just Want Him To Exist?

An interesting article pondering if "seeing is believing". So does Bigfoot really exist or do we just want him to?

ROB WOUTAT | Is seeing believing — and vice versa?

Weird Goings-On At Olmos Basin

A clip on the spirits and UFOs reported in the area of the Olmos Basin, with the help of a paranormal investigative team.

Paranormal Activity Reported At Olmos Basin

'Ghost Hunters' Lawsuit?

It seems a man pitched an idea to Syfy for a show based on a team of paranormal investigators. The pitch was turned down...and then SyFy turned around and unveiled 'Ghost Hunters'.

9th Circuit Resurrects 'Ghost Hunters' Lawsuit

Boss Fix

Boss Fix is the name of a condition formula in the form of a condition oil, powder, and incense used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork to 'fix' a problem boss, to make a boss like one, to show favor to one, to respect one, and to be fair and even generous with promotions and/or raises. Does your boss treat you bad, disrespect you and overlook you for promotions? Is he/she stingy with raises? Does your boss, for some unknown reason, simply not like you? If so, then your boss is 'broken' and is in need of repair or needs to be 'fixed'. Boss Fix spiritual products may be just what you need to get your boss to work for you for a change. Formulas for Bos Fix spiritual products represent a mixture of ingredients associated with domination spells, sweetening spells, money spells, and spells designed to promote respect or mastery, such as associated with John the Conqueror spiritual products.

Alien Abduction Caught On Tape?

A woman claims to have been abducted by aliens and claims to have filmed it. The video is crappy and I call fake, but check it out for yourself below. Oh, and the woman throws in reports of 'ghost wolves', you know, just to cover the basics. LOL


Osama Bin Laden Death Conspiracies

Do you believe Osama is dead, or should I clarify, 'died recently'?

Osama bin Laden death: The conspiracy theories

I must admit that I am skeptical of the news. I was formerly of the opinion that Osama died circa December 2001 or as late as 2002.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Texas Woman Fired For Alleged "Voodoo" Sues

A Texas woman who was previously employed with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission was allegedly fired due to her freedom of religion, and more importantly, fear that she would place a curse on fellow workers. I hope she wins and bankrupts them. That will teach them. Hell, maybe her "curse" worked after all!

Woman files religious discrimination lawsuit over alleged voodoo curse

Santa Muerte Cult Spreads Across U.S. Heartland

The popularity of Santa Muerte continues to grow and spread in the Midwest and heart-land of the U.S.

Saint of Death casts pall

Just for the record, it's not just criminals that venerate Santa Muerte. Often the media likes to trump up one aspect in order to attract readers. Sant Muerte is much beloved by those who serve her.

Devil's Dung

Devil's Dung, a.k.a. Asafoetida (pronounced 'ass-a-fet-i-da', but commonly mispronounced as 'ass-a-foe-tee-da'), is a pungent powder obtained from the sap of various species of Ferula common to India and the Middle East. In the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork, Devil's Dung is used in protection spells, in spells to prevent illness, in banishing spells, in black magic curses and enemy work, and in rituals designed to invoke or summon destructive or demonic spirits or entities. My first experience with Devil's Dung was hearing the unfortunate story of a woman who told the sad tale of how as a child her mother made her wear a bag of Devil's Dung around her neck to prevent getting sick. The result of this was being labelled "stinky" by other children, and rightfully so I may add. It's the pungent and foul odor of the powder that is believed to render unto it it's magical reputation. When working with Devil's Dung I would advise practitioners to wear gloves as the odor will cling to one's hands even after several washings. Some practitioners advice to rinse one's hands with perfume, cologne, or Florida Water after working with Devil's Dung. I've found that doing so only temporarily masks the unpleasant smell, hence it's best to wear gloves. Devil's Dung powder should likewise be preferably stored in an air-tight glass container to prevent the smell from contaminating nearby items and/or one's home.

Roswell Crash Alien Video Leaked On YouTube?

I call fake but it's a good fake.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bend Over

Bend Over, a.k.a. Domination, is the name of a condition formula in the form of a condition oil, incense, and powder used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in domination spells to dominate, to have power over a person, and to subjugate a person. Due to the name "Bend Over", many people falsely assume the formula has associations with a certain sex act or is used primary by homosexuals. This belief is of course wrong, but does serve the purpose of revealing how most people, including myself, have dirty minds! In fact, even some of the labels for these spiritual products show a woman and a man bending over, in order to reinforce this false assumption. The truth is the name "Bend Over" refers to having a person bend over, as in to bow as an act of worship to a deity, to "bend over backwards" as to cause them to go to extravagant lengths to please someone, or to bend someone to one's will. Bend Over spiritual products are the strongest condition formula used in domination spells. Bend Over spiritual products, in my experience, start off slow but then build to the point where the practitioner has much power over an individual. Bend over products should ideally not be used by those who truly do not want power and control over another person, as in people who don't want to actually take charge should perhaps try another formula, such as Compelling, which one can use to subtly influence someone while they still retain the notion of being in charge. For an image of Bend Over oil, with a humorous image of a woman and man "bending over" at the waist, click HERE.

Stake Land (2010)

Billy Graham: Don't Joke About Worshipping The Devil

Rev. Billy Graham doesn't have a sense of humor with regard to joking about worshipping the devil. In my opinion, the only danger involved with joking about worshipping the devil is the fanatical Christians who can't take a joke. You say the wrong thing in front of one of these people and they will spread all kinds of lies and rumors about you, or do even worse!

Billy Graham Even joking about worshiping the devil is dangerous

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Abandoned House Calls 911

Fresno police responded to a 911 call coming from a house after a return call produced only static. Police arrived at the scene to discover an abandoned and flooded house that was falling apart. The "explanation" given was that water short-circuited the phone line, somehow triggering a call to 911. Right.

House calls 911 on its own

Happy Beltane!

Wishing my Wiccan friends a very special Beltane.

For more on Beltane see my blog entry by clicking HERE.

Follow Me Boy/Girl

Follow Me Boy and Follow Me Girl, are the names of condition formulas in the form of condition oils, powders, and incense used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork to control a would-be lover. Follow Me Boy/Girl spiritual products include a mixture of dominating and love-drawing ingredients and are used by people who wish to take the lead and have their partner follow them around like a good, trained puppy.

Man Claims To Have Captured Film Of UFOs Over Lake Erie

Michael Lee Hill claims to have captured good evidence of UFO activity. In fact, he even suggests that in time "they" will openly reveal themselves.

Eastlake Resident Claims to Have Captured Video of UFO

Sirhan Sirhan's Lawyers: "He Was Mind Controlled By Woman In Polka-Dot Dress"

Lawyers for Sirhan Sirhan, the man convicted in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, have come forward claiming that Sirhan was a victim of mind control and that a strange woman in a polka-dot dress was his handler who made him fire the gun. It should be stated that Sirhan's team of experts do not believe that Sirhan's shot killed Kennedy, but rather that there was a second shooter who actually fired the fatal shot.

RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan tells expert he saw a girl when he shot Senator

Note: This is not new news. The belief that a mysterious woman in a polka-dot dress who made Sirhan fire his gun is well known to those who have kept up with the case.

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