Monday, April 4, 2011

Witch Candles

Witch Candles are figural candles in the form of a witch, complete with a pointed hat & cape a holding a broom. Witch Candles generally come in the colors red (for love), black (for black magic curses), green (for money), white (for protection), and are burned in the practice of Hoodoo candle work to call upon the spirit of a witch, or hag, in a way similar to the use of the Intranquil Spirit. Often only red or black Witch Candles are available in one's area. If such is the case, practitioners should use the black candles for black magic curses and the red candles for everything else. When a practitioner uses a Witch Candle they are invoking the spirit of a witch or hag to accomplish a goal or to have the witch harass or ride an individual for either the purpose of revenge or to force them to submit to a romantic relationship. For an image of a Witch Candle, click HERE.

How To Burn Witch Candles

I must admit that I have never burnt a Witch Candle, but I have been taught how to do such. The tips that I have is that one should never burn a witch candle completely as with other candles. Instead of allowing a Witch Candle to burn out naturally, only burn it for either 9 or 13 minutes. Burn the Witch Candle on foil so that you can wrap up all the remaining ingredients which you will place into a brown paper bag. Add some cornmeal and a hard boiled egg as an offering to the witch. Take the bag to the woods and place it under a bush or brush.

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