Sunday, April 10, 2011

Run Devil Run

Run Devil Run, a.k.a. Flying Devil, Flying 'D', is the name of a banishing formula of condition oil, incense, and powder that is believed to have the ability to literally drive-away the devil and other negative entities, energies, situations, or even people who mean you ill. The formula for Run Devil Run is similar to the formula for Hot Foot Powder, and as such the symbolism utilized is the "burning" of the devil to make him "hot-foot-it" out of one's home, life, etc. Run Devil Run products are primarily used for situations in which one is experiencing long-term bad luck, negative presences in the home, nightmares, depression, and when one is under psychic or spiritual attack. I've found that Run Devil Run is very good to use against psychic vampires who know what they do and when one is experiencing long-term bullying or harassment.

***Note: Run Devil Run recipes are not gentle. They do not smell nice and flowery. This is not a "banishment with blessings" but rather a "get the f*ck out"-recipe. Show caution when using it to banish people. If a person has done you no wrong but you know that they need to be out of your life, then please do not use Run Devil Run. Run Devil Run should only be used against people who do wish you harm and people who are evil. If the person one wants to banish is not evil then please use a more gentle banishing formula.

Trivia: Both Paul McCartney and Ke$sha have released songs titled "Run Devil Run". Paul McCartney was inspired by stumbling upon the product at Miller's Rexall, a Hoodoo/Conjure shop.

YouTube user CharmingPixieFlora has created a video giving a simple recipe for Flying 'D' oil.


Anonymous said...

She is hot, more than red pepper flakes!

Anonymous said...

can run devil run oil be used to chase people who destroy other peoples lives, including encouragement to take drugs.

Unknown said...

I make this oil frequently for customers and adding the citrine is an excellent idea. I usually send the oil and then a small bag of crushed quartz crystal for them to add their own energy by visualizing the negativity that they want out of their lives so they can add it to the bottle themselves. That way it's kind of putting their own print on the oil.

Doc Conjure said...


Citrine is not used in hoodoo. Visualization also has nothing to do with hoodoo. Just thought you should know. Run Devil Run is a hoodoo oil and a lot of Wiccans and the like tend to steal shit they know nothing about and then claim it as their own.

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