Friday, April 8, 2011

Name Papers And Petition Papers

Name Papers and Petition Papers are small pieces of paper with peoples' names, symbols, sigils, or phrases of intent written on them for use in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Name Papers and Petition Papers are primarily used by placing under candles, for inclusion in mojo bags and in bottle spells, and for inclusion in one's shoes, among other uses. The difference between Name Papers and Petition Papers is that in Name Papers the predominate feature will be peoples' names while in Petition Papers the predominate feature will be a phrase of intent, one's wish, or desire. Below one will find a good basic method of creating Name Papers and Petition Papers.

How To Create Name Papers And Petition Papers

Step 1: Writing Utensils

I like to have a writing utensil that I only use for creating Name Papers/Petition Papers. I also have a fondness for using red ink pens. Sometimes I will use black ink pens for protection spells and reversing spells. Some people go farther using colored ink pens based on magical color symbolism, such as a green ink pen for money spells and a purple ink pen for domination spells. Pencils can also be used. Some will remove the eraser before using the pencil so that their wishes can't be "erased". Some people like to go all-the-way-out and use magical inks like dragon's blood ink, bat's blood ink, and dove's blood ink, using either a feather quill or calligraphy pen to write with. That's too fancy and too time-consuming for my tastes. To each their own, though. Choose what feels right to you.

Step 2: Paper

Traditionally one uses a small square or rectangle of paper one has torn from a brown, paper grocery bag that hasn't been machine cut and that doesn't have writing on it. This is accomplished by tearing it smoothly on all four sides. I use brown grocery bags and I also use white computer paper that I have torn in this same fashion as well. Some people like to use parchment paper. Some people like to cut their papers with scissors. All that matters is what feels right to the practitioner.

Step 3: The Condition Oil

One will need a Condition Oil that is suited for the spell. For example, If I were doing a money-drawing spell then I would use money-drawing oil.

Step 4: Fixing The Paper

A) Name Papers

For the purpose of this explanation the example of a Name Paper for a love spell will be used. In this example, Joline Marsha Brown is doing a love spell on Moses Henry Miller. Take the writing utensil and the paper. Write on it the person's name at least three times, with each name written right under the name above. Example:

Moses Henry Miller
Moses Henry Miller
Moses Henry Miller

Now turn the paper ninety degrees clockwise so that the names are now vertical. Write across the names the name of the person at least three times as well. So "Moses Henry Miller" will be vertical and "Joline Marsha Brown" will be written horizontally over it to form a cross shape. This is called "crossing and covering". Doing this symbolizes Joline Marsha Brown having power, dominance, and the upper hand. Joline Marsha Brown is enforcing her will concerning a love relationship over Moses Henry Miller. Dress the four corners of the paper with the proper condition oil.

B.) Petition Papers

For the purpose of this explanation the example of a Petition Paper for a spell to get a new job will be used. In this example, Joline Marsha Brown is doing a spell to find a new job. Take the writing utensil and the paper and write one's desire in the form of a sentence or a phrase of intent. Example:

I Am Employed At A New, High-Paying Job With Excellent Benefits.

Turn the paper ninety-degrees clockwise. Cross and cover it with your name written at least three times. In this case, the desire will be vertical and Joline Marsha Brown will write her name three times, right underneath each other to form a cross. Dress the four corners of the paper with the proper condition oil.

Step 5: Folding A Name Paper/Petition Paper

To draw in favorable conditions, fold the paper toward one's self. If one is placing the paper in a mojo bag, fold it toward one's self, turn it clockwise ninety-degrees and fold it toward one's self again. Repeat this process until one can no longer fold the paper. To banish unfavorable conditions, fold the paper away from one's self and in a counter-clockwise manner if necessary.

Step 6: Use The Fixed Name Paper/Petition Paper

Place it under a candle one is burning for ritual purposes. Place it in a mojo bag. Place it in one's shoes, etc.

Step 7: Continue Learning

This information represents only the very basics of creating Name Papers and Petition Papers and doesn't necessarily reflect everything I do for example. As one grows in knowledge of the craft additional techniques will be picked up.


Anonymous said...

Hello Doc... When the spell states write your name in an x across the paper how exactly is that done? Say I want to write my name 5 times how would I do that with an x?

Janet G. Brown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Doc,

I enjoy the blog immensely and now find myself with a question I hope you can help with. I am going to be starting a honey jar to draw an old love my way. Can I use a printed photograph of us both as the petition paper and write out names and my desire on the back of that or must I use brown paper for the petition? If that is the case, and I must use the brown paper then can I add the photograph into the honey jar also? Should that be folded and placed inside the brown paper or left floating alongside? Many thanks

Anonymous said...

I can never find information on what to do with the paper afterwards. Keep it forever? Burn it? Eat it? Bury it?

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