Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Filomena Lubana, a.k.a. Lubana or Loubana for short, is a Lwa found in Domincan Voodou or "21 Divisions" and often synchronized or confused with St. Martha the Dominator. Because of her association with St. Martha, Lubana is often referred to as "Black Martha".

Appearance: Lubana is portrayed as a dark-skinned woman holding a snake and often accompanied by a small, dark-skinned child. According to some, Lubana is actually the snake that is being held while the woman represents a separate entity. Because Lubana is said to be mute it is possible she may very well be the serpent and not the woman in her images. For an image of Lubana, click HERE.

Powers: Lubana has strong powers connecting to love and fertility, cleansing, occult power, domination and control of others, and has strong connections to the graveyard.

Filomena Lubana - 21 Divisions

Santa Marta

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