Friday, April 22, 2011

Jezebel Root

Jezebel Root, a.k.a. Louisiana Iris, is the tuber of various wild Irises native to Louisiana and is used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork by unclean women and prostitutes to control men and make them give them their money as well as in a special curse called "The Curse Of Jezebel". For an image of Jezebel Root, click HERE.

The Curse Of Jezebel

(To Manifest The Death/Destruction Of An Evil, Unclean Woman, To Make Her Fall From Her "Tower" And Symbolically Be Consumed By Wild Dogs)

Caution: This spell should only be used when all else fails. If you are the victim of an evil, unclean woman, I would strongly recommend using Reversing Spells, so that her evil backfires on her. This said, there is a time and place for everything. The Curse of Jezebel can be a justified form of black magic if used correctly. Only use the curse of Jezebel on evil, unclean women who have destroyed countless people, have broken-up multiple homes, who have left paths of destruction in their wake wherever they go, etc. In all honesty, I've only met one woman who was a good candidate for this curse but she ended up dying some years back without the need of any curse.

For a simplified version of the curse, click HERE.

I've never performed this curse but I was taught about it. What I was taught was to perform the curse from midnight to midnight. If one accidentally drops the root then the spell is broken and one must start again at midnight. To make sure one doesn't drop the root, I was taught to put a sock over one's hand but I would recommend duct-taping one's fist closed around the root instead, just to be sure. Of course during the 24 hour period one can eat and got to the restroom, but one should not sleep. Also one should not entertain any guests or leave the home as well. Just make sure to continually dwell on, concentrate, and visualize the destruction of the unclean women during the 24 hour period. If one doesn't have a nearby river one can bury the bottle in the graveyard.

One more time....Only use "the Curse of Jezebel" when all else fails and when the death via magic of the unclean woman is preferable to allowing her to continue to destroy people. This is some serious and powerful stuff, not to be used for petty revenge.

Louisiana Iris


Anonymous said...

I have a question? Why is that its almost impossible to find a picture of this root? I collect roots and I bought the notorious Jezebel root and received a package of mulch.

I've gone to several spiritual stores and every last one sells this mulch knock off stuff. Why is that? If it's an Iris, I would think it would be easy to find and supply right?

What's your thoughts on that?


Anonymous said...

And one more question. I read that the root was benificial to woman that need money ect. I did hear it could curse as well, but I thought it was more of an aid to prostitutes or women who need the upper hand. Would love to know your thoughts on this.


DocConjure said...

@ BW,

Same thing happened to me. I bought some "jezebel root" and found out it was nothing but mulch. And not only that but it gave me splintes and pissed me off greatly.

Jezebel root is a wild iris that grows in the swamps of Louisiana. Some nurseries even sell it so you get it at those places too.

Jezebel root, as it's name suggests, it associated with "unclean women". However, I know Momma Starr works with it a lot in place of Orris root. They are both irises so it's understandable. I will do a blog on it shortly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doc! Loved the blog also. You got the mulch too (and a splinter lol lol). One time I went to a supplier in my town and she was selling that mulch stuff too. I called her out on it. Interestingly enough, the other herbs she sold for hoodoo were authentic (I got a john conquer for a sweet deal and it was HUGE)

I don't think some of these suppliers have a clue or don't care to get one. Anyway keep up the good work:-)

Anonymous said...

What if i cant get into the unclean womens property to bury it?

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