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How To Dress Candles With Oil In Hoodoo Candle Work

Below one will find a basic guide to the dressing of candles in Hoodoo candle work. Before I begin, let me distinguish between two terms. The word 'dressing' is slang for rubbing or applying oil to an object. The word 'anointing' refers to the rubbing or applying of oil to a living being. One 'dresses' a candle with oil. One 'anoints' a man, woman, child, pet, etc. Many people, including professionals, confuse these terms. In case you aren't confused already, when an item has been dressed it is also 'fixed'. So for example, a candle that has had oil rubbed on it is "dressed and fixed".

Now, for the following information one needs to be knowledgeable about condition oils, their names, purposes, etc. I will blog about condition oils in the near future. If by chance one does not have condition oils and doesn't have the money or means to purchase them then one can do a few things. Look in your kitchen. Do you have a bottle of olive oil or even vegetable oil? If so, use it. Look in your bathroom. Do you have a bottle of mineral oil? If so, use it. I would recommend praying over these items before using them. If by chance one has no money for condition oils or has no means to purchasing them, as well as has no olive oil, vegetable oil, or mineral oil in their homes then let me let you in on a little secret. I was originally taught to use my spit to "seal" the candle instead of using condition oils. This method works as long as the candle will be burned for one's self. One can also use other body fluids. For example, one may want to piss on a candle that will be burned in a domination spell. Doing so would be akin to asserting dominance over such person. Blood can also be used for power. If one is not squeamish one can prick their finger with a needle and squeeze a few drops of blood on a candle. As with spit, only use blood when one is burning a candle for one's self. Finally there is those naughty fluids and I'm sure my readers can figure out what types of candle spells such would be good to use for. As for myself, if I don't have any condition oils or oils of any kind, I'm quite happy using my saliva to "seal" the candle as I was taught.

How To Dress Offertory Candles, Jumbo Candles, Chime Candles, Taper Candles, Coach Candles, Pillar Candles, And Other Similar Candles

These candles can be dressed in at least four ways. Choose the way that you "jive" with or that you find best works for you.

1.) "Pointing The Candle To Or From One's Self" - Dress the candle with oil by rubbing toward one's self to draw in favorable conditions. Dress the candle with oil rubbing away from one's self to banish unfavorable conditions.

2.) "The Crop/Vegetation Method" - Dress the candle with oil by rubbing oil from the bottom of the candle toward the top to draw favorable conditions. This symbolizes the growing of crops. Dress the candle with oil by rubbing from the top of the candle down to the bottom of the candle to banish or remove unfavorable conditions. This symbolizes the dying back of the crops. I'm not quite sure where I picked this method up from. Not to many people seem to use it anymore. 3.) "The Henri Gamache Method" (From the Master Book of Candle Burning) - Rub the oil from the middle of the candle going up and then from the middle of the candle going down.

4.) "My Method" - Pour some oil into one's hand. Rub one's hands together to spread the oil. Grip the candle with both hands, dominate hand over the passive hand. Dress the candle by turning one's dominant hand clockwise and one's passive hand counter-clockwise at the same time for a total of three turns. This is for drawing in favorable conditions. Rub the bottom of the candle on one's palm so that it receives oil and then draw one's fingers up the tip and over the wick to make sure it receives oil. To banish unfavorable conditions one will turn their dominant hand counter-clockwise and their passive hand clockwise when dressing it with oil. For a similar explanation, see my blog on Offertory Candles.

How To Dress Hoodoo Candles, 7 Day Plain Color Glass Candles, Jar Candles, Etc.

These candles are dressed by poking holes into the top of the candle and then filling the holes with oil. For more information, refer to my blog on Hoodoo Candles.

How To Dress Figural & Novelty Candles

These candles are dressed by pouring enough oil over them so that it begins to run down onto the body of the candle. If the candle has multiple "heads" or prominent "points", then oil is poured over each "head" or "point". For example, an Adam Candle is dressed by pouring oil on it's head. A Bride & Groom Candle is dressed by pouring oil over both the Groom's and the Bride's head. A Crucifix Candle is dressed by pouring oil over the top of the cross, the right arm of the cross, and then the left arm of the cross. One of the few exceptions to this would be the 7 Knob 'Wishing' Candle which is dressed the same as Offertory Candles as described above. This is probably due to the candle's shape which is better suited for being dressed with oil in such manner. Another exception would be Phallus and Vulva Candles which are dressed with oil by being manipulated in the same fashion as their real-life counterparts. Yet another example of a figural candle that is dressed differently would be the 'Laughing Buddha' Candles. After having oiled poured over them one can then rub the belly in a clockwise fashion to draw luck.

How To Dress Tea Light Candles

Rub oil on the top of the candle either in a clockwise fashion to draw favorable conditions or in a counter-clockwise fashion to banish unfavorable conditions.

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Anonymous said...

Here I leave another method, not one of the forms as is done in the hoodoo, but what the hell is very effective! I learned from a brazilian ceremonial magician.

It is on one of the symbols that can have a candle, and is the divine spirit and its manifestation from the light (the burning wick) to the manifest world, (the bottom of the candle) that is, the creation from unmanifested God who is revealed (it hides and shows at the same time) through creation.
It's exactly the other way around to the method of vegetation.
When I want something, all that I desire begins to take shape in the spiritual worl, and then manifests corporeally, ie born of God and appears in our world, so should I dress the candle from the top to botton, but if I want to banish something, I must return to its original source (as both good and bad comes from God), then I will dress the candle from the bottom to top.

Here we are talking in terms of possibility, as Plato said, "the Logos is the place of the possibilities." If I want something positive, try to generate this favorable opportunity but when I turn away to someone or something, what I do is to cut off that possibility, cut with the possibility that something could still affect. It's that simple.I hope this helps!

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