Monday, April 4, 2011

Devil Candles

Devil Candles are figural candles in the form of a horned devil carrying a pitchfork and with the flames of hell at his feet. Devil Candles generally come in the colors black (for black magic curses and to remove evil & negativity), red (for love & sex), and green (for money luck in gambling, i.e. "Lucky Devil"). Often only red or black Devil Candles are available in one's area. If such is the case, practitioners should use the black candles for black magic curse and the red candles for everything else. Devil Candles should not be confused with Baphomet Candles as their uses differ. In the practice of Hoodoo candle work, Devil Candles are primarily used for protection and to banish evil & negativity, or to invoke the devil as a trickster spirit in order to accomplish a task, such as to drive a person away, to harass a person until they submit to you, to win money, or to force a person who owes one money to pay up. Devil Candles should not be confused with representing the biblical Satan. The devil, as in horned-man, is a trickster figure from folklore who is mischievous and who can be either kind or cruel and who can either help or harm. For an image of Devil Candles, click HERE.

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