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Brimstone, a.k.a. Sulfur, is a yellow mineral available commercial in both rock and powder forms which has a long history and association with demonic forces. Most demonic entities, spirits, and monsters are believed to "reek of sulfur". This notion likely stems from the belief that Hell is located deep underground where natural sulfur deposits lay; thus any visiting creature from the netherworld will reek of this foul-smelling substance. For an image of brimstone or sulfur powder, click HERE.

In the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork, Brimstone is used in black magic spells against enemies as well as in spells to both banish evil and protect from evil.

The following spell is presented for folkloric purposes only. Please do not burn sulfur as doing such produces toxic gasses. The following spell was taught to me by a co-worker circa ten years ago.

Sulfur House Cleansing For New Homes

Before moving anything into a new home, go in and open up all the doors and windows. Use empty cans, such as from cat food or tuna fish, for burning sulfur. Light the sulfur and exit the home. Any evil spirits in the home will quickly exit it in the form of insects or vermin. Let the house thoroughly air-out before entering.

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Ndoki Malo said...

I Use Sulfur Powder For Malevolent Sorcery Being A Palero. I Works Great!!! Makes My Dark Rituals And Spells Work Faster!!!

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