Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Walpurgisnacht!

Today is Walpurgisnacht, a.k.a. "Witches' Night". Tonight is believed to be one of the two main "party nights" for witches. After sunset tonight, it is believed the witches will come out to play, and to fly the air, as well as to chase away the last remnants of winter. Hope you have a bewitching night!

In honor of the holiday, I will re-post the 1996 cult movie, "The Craft".

American Occult

Thee is a series on the Discovery I.D. Channel called American Occult that I've been wanting to see for a long time. The show is dedicated to true-life occult crimes. I believe it first aired last Halloween. Unfortunately I've missed a lot of the episodes. Luckily, on May 13 (Friday the 13th), three episodes will air. In the meantime, enjoy some clips from episodes of the show.

The Ripper Crew - Two Men Form Their Own Woman-Killing Cult

Out For Blood: A Real-Life Vampire

The Son Of Satan: Brutal Murders Lead To Satanic Cult With A Seemingly Unlikely Leader

Unholy Sacrifice: A Priest Who Is A Murdering Satanist?

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss, is an epiphytic plant that grows on trees in the warmer and more humid parts of the southern portions of the United States. In the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork, Spanish Moss is used as an ingredient in revenge spells or enemy work and is traditionally used to stuff doll-babies due to it's spooky look. Some people also claim that Spanish Moss is good for money-drawing and love-drawing spells, though such belief seems to be rare.

Richard Dolan - UFO Disclosure Will Happen Within 5 Years

"Voodoo Terrorism"

A suspicious package left at Lagos Airport turned out to contain "Voodoo" items.

Voodoo Scare At Lagos Airport

Drunk Man Claiming To Be Alien Leader Gets Tasered

A drunk man wielding a knife and claiming to be an alien leader who recieved communications from aliens from his t.v. set was tasered and arrested. Ahhh...the joys of alcohol. Good times. Good times.

Police tasered ‘alien leader from planet Sci Fi’ in Nelson

Free Hoodoo Spell

I normally don't give out my works because I hold to the belief that "power shared is power lost". Anyway, I felt moved to share this ritual I created.

One Last Tear Spell

This should only be used as a last resort. It is used to make a lover stop hurtful behavior and is done when the relationship is literally on the edge of falling apart unless the other person changes their ways. Don't expect to make the person change into a completely different person as you see fit. This will only work in one problem area, say like a lover who can't be faithful, or a spouse whose verbal abuse is just too much to bear. This spell can be used by either a man or a woman, straight or gay.

To perform this spell one must be brought to tears from the pain caused by this person's actions. This must be natural. Don't force it. When you are brought to tears by the actions of the person, take your finger and wipe a tear on your finger. Place your finger in the food or drink of the person while saying:

"This is the last tear I will ever shed for you concerning (state situation). Accept it and change or else leave me be as I will cry no more."

Shortly after they eat the food or drink the drink, they will either change or they will leave you. Regardless, you will cry no more.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Spider Webs and Cob Webs are used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork, as well as other magical traditions, in binding spells to magically tie-up or incapacitate someone and prevent them from doing harm, in domination spells, in love spells to trap a specific person, and are used as an ingredient in enemy work or revenge spells.

Most practitioners who use webbing in their work recommend the web of orb-weaver spiders, the type of spiders who create the large, beautiful webs that are most often associated with Halloween decorations. Personally, I do not use these as I have a fondness for orb-weaver spiders. Instead, I would recommend cob webs, especially cob webs that include small dead bugs that became trapped in them to symbolically reinforce the trapping of one's enemies.

How To Collect Cob Webs

The easiest method of collecting cobwebs is to use a q-tip. Swirl an end of the q-tip around in the cob webs until one collects a good portion. Next, either cut off the tip or else pull off the cotton head of the q-tip. Add this to a bottle of any binding-type condition oil, tear it up into small pieces for inclusion in incense and powders, or add it to a doll-baby.

In Search Of...The Mummy's Curse

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Arizona Cops Get Trainging In Witchcraft

Arizona cops attended an occult training session in order to help them understand practices of witchcraft among criminals who believe it can protect them from the law.

Expert in cartel violence, cults trains Valley officers

Maryland Man Who Killed 'Witch' Found Insane

A Maryland man who murdered his landlord because he believed him to be a witch has been found to be insane and has been sentenced to being institutionalized.

Md. man found insane in 'warlock' murder

Thursday, April 28, 2011

La Diablesse

La Diablesse (The Devil Woman), a.k.a. Lajobles, is a demon, succubus, or hag in the folklore of Trinidad and Tabago.

Appearance: La Diablesse will appear as a beautiful and seductive woman but will give herself away for she wears the clothes of a bygone era, such as a long dress, petticoat, and a large hat and veil. Her dress conceals the fact that she has one hoofed foot. La Diablesse's large hat is said to conceal the fact that she has the face of an elderly dead woman with glowing eyes. Additionally some claim that when she moves one can hear the faint sound of rattling chains. For images of La Diablesse, click HERE and HERE.

Lore: La Diablesse usually meets her victims in out-of-the-way places, such as by stepping out from behind a tree at night while the victim is traveling. La Diablesse may also show up to a party and seduce a man into following her. One can tell that a strange, uninvited woman is actually La Diablesse due to the fact that her presence will inspire feelings of envy and dislike in the human women in her vicinity. La Diablesse will trick a man into following her deep into the forest where she will then kill him, either by making him lost so that he cannot find his way out, by tricking him into walking off a cliff, or her seemingly preferred method, to cause him to drown in a nearby river or body of water.

Powers: La Diablesse possesses the power of shape-shifting and can make herself appear as a beautiful and seductive woman. La Diablesse's power makes her irresistible to her victims and is also used to confuse the minds of her victims. La Diablesse also possesses the strange ability to glide across the ground. She doesn't quite fly, but merely seems to hover a few inches off of the ground.

Defense Against La Diablesse: A potential victim may smell La Diablesse before he actually meets her. The smell of La Diablesse is said to alternate between fine perfume and decaying flesh. If a man believes he has met La Diablesse and that his life is in danger , he should immediately strip naked, turn his clothing inside out, and dress once more. Doing this will break any hold La Diablesse has on him. If a man can get near enough to La Diablesse, then he should look for a conjure bag hidden on her. It is this bag that gives La Diablesse her power.

I somehow think "Devil Woman" by Cliff Ricahrd is apt.

Broken Chain - La Diablesse Leads An Old Drug Addict To His Death

Caribbean Folklore

Caribbean Child - Trinidad and Tobago Folklore

Trinidad and Tobago Folklore

Wales - Police Called To Investigate UFOs, Witches, Vampires, & Zombies

The police in Wales seem to have their hands full.

Zombies, UFOs, witches ... they've seen them all in Wales

Vampire Diaries Set Reportedly Haunted

The set for the CW series, The Vampire Diaries, is reportedly haunted.

Is The Vampire Diaries Set Haunted?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Richard Kurin: History And Curse Of The Hope Diamond

Priest (2011)

Coming May 13, 2011

The Steytlerville Monster

Beginning last month and as recently as the Easter weekend, residents of Steytlerville in Karoo, South Africa, have reported encounters with a shape-shifting monster. The locals have dubbed the monster, "Bawokozi" (brother-in-law). Locals have met with police over the sightings and at least one photograph was said to have been taken of the creature. No one to date has been truly harmed or injured by the phantom.

Appearance: The monster is said to appear in a variety of forms, but usually first appears as a man, sometimes headless, who then transforms into an animal or several animals. Animals such as cows, dogs, pigs, monkeys, bats, and even unidentifiable creatures have been reported.

Lore: The monster first started to make appearances after a funeral. The common reports involve the monster being spotted in a human form, usually of a well dressed man, sometimes headless, who then transforms into an animal in front of people's eyes. The monster appears to be nocturnal.

Powers: Shape-shifting

'Monster' plagues Karoo town

Steytlerville 'monster' strikes again

Remembering Robert Johnson

The 100th birthday of the infamous music legend whom many falsely believe sold his soul to the devil, is coming up on May 8, 2011. Too bad Johnson is not with us.

Just for the record, Robert Johnson didn't sell his soul to the devil but he did believe in the power of Hoodoo.

The Mystical Musical Secrets of Robert Johnson

See Also:

Johnson, Robert Leroy (May 8, - August 16, 1938)

The Black Man At The Crossroads

"Vampire" Quartet Arrested For Attacking Teen

Four young adults were arrested and charged with first degree assault of a 17 year-old whom they allegedly tied-up, abused, burned with cigarettes, and then burned a "V" on the victim's forehead. One of the arrested claimed to be a vampire and a Satanist.

Four indicted in 'vampire' gang attack

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


D.U.M.E. (Death/Destruction Unto My Enemies), a.k.a. Black List, is the name of a particularly strong black magic condition formula used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork and which is believed to bring about the complete destruction and death of one's enemies.

I do not know of any official recipe for this line of spiritual products, but my opinion would be that recipes along the lines of Goofer Dust would be appropriate. This means that any recipe for spiritual products such as D.U.M.E. oil, powder, or incense, may include items such as graveyard dirt, brimstone powder, red pepper, black pepper, snake sheds, and crushed insects such as ants, wasps, snails, spiders, scorpions, etc. Additional toxic and malefic herbs may also be used.

With regard to working with these spiritual products, D.U.M.E. Hoodoo Candles and black Skull & Crossbones Candles are often used. For images of such, click HERE and HERE.

On a personal note, I have never used D.U.M.E. spiritual products. I once bought a D.U.M.E. Hoodoo Candle "just in case" but I ended up simply burning it as a Halloween decoration. I had previously bought some D.U.M.E. oil, again "just in case", but it gave off such a negative vibe that I ended up throwing it away. Personally, D.U.M.E. spiritual products should only be used with extreme caution. Don't rush out to purchase D.U.M.E. supplies for silly and trivial revenge purposes. D.U.M.E. spiritual supplies are for when someone needs to die, as in with regard to a child molester, serial rapist, serial killer, etc.

SETI Suspends Search For ET

Funding issues have forced SETI to suspend their Telescope array.

SETI Institute to shut down alien-seeking radio dishes

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Binding Of Charlie Sheen By Salem Witches

This is the binding ritual being performed on Charlie Sheen for his comments involving "warlocks" that made news several weeks ago. The spell was designed to help Sheen deal with his inner-demons.


Damnation is the name of a condition formula for a condition oil, incense, and powder used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork, as well as other various magical traditions, in order to destroy one's enemies, to make their lives a living hell, or to actually send them to hell. It should go without saying that this condition formula is black magic. Recipes for Damnation spiritual products will vary from practitioner to practitioner, but should all contain ash from burnt palm leaves from Catholic churches taken on Palm Sunday.

The Curse Of James Dean's Porsche

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Crossing is the name of a condition formula for oil, incense, and powder used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork to "cross", to jinx, to hex, to bring bad luck and ill fortune, and to gain magical revenge on one's enemies. Recipes for Crossing formulas will vary from practitioner to practitioner, but most recipes will contain ingredients such as graveyard dirt, brimstone powder, red pepper, black pepper, as well as other various herbs with the magical reputation for use against one's enemies. Crossing formulas are strong but are generally not as strong as to manifest actual death via magic of one's enemies, the way that Goofer Dust is believed to, for example. Just to be clear here, Crossing formulas are black magic and may or may not be justified black magic, depending on the situation.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper, either in whole peppercorn or powdered form, is used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in protection spells, banishing spells, and black magic curses or enemy work.

Note: Black, White, Green, or Red/Pink Pepper (not to be confused with Cayenne Pepper) are all the same thing; however the preferred form is Black Pepper. If the peppercorns aren't black, then it's not Black Pepper.


Red Pepper

Red Pepper, or Cayenne Pepper, is a hot spice popular for seasoning various foods and is also used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork for protection spells, in banishing rituals, for black magic curses and enemy work, in shut-up spells, and to "heat-up" spells.

See Also:

Hot Foot Powder

Goofer Dust

Run Devil Run

Four Thieves Vinegar

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Alum is a mineral with a wide-range of uses but is most known for it's use in culinary pickling. In Hoodoo/Rootwork, Alum is used in a few ways. In crystalline or rock form, Alum is used for luck in gambling and for protection from witchcraft and black magic curses. In powdered form, the kind most commonly sold in grocery stores and supermarkets, Alum is used to magically "pucker" the mouths of one's enemies and make them quit gossipping, back-biting, and talking crap about one. For images of Alum, click HERE.

Note: Do not put Alum in your mouth or dose other people with it. It's not used like that in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Instead, one can purchase a container of Alum at the grocery store, fix a Name-Paper of one's enemy, and then stick it down into the container, burying it in the Alum, while cursing one's enemy and telling them to "shut the hell up" and quit talking crap about one.



Brimstone, a.k.a. Sulfur, is a yellow mineral available commercial in both rock and powder forms which has a long history and association with demonic forces. Most demonic entities, spirits, and monsters are believed to "reek of sulfur". This notion likely stems from the belief that Hell is located deep underground where natural sulfur deposits lay; thus any visiting creature from the netherworld will reek of this foul-smelling substance. For an image of brimstone or sulfur powder, click HERE.

In the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork, Brimstone is used in black magic spells against enemies as well as in spells to both banish evil and protect from evil.

The following spell is presented for folkloric purposes only. Please do not burn sulfur as doing such produces toxic gasses. The following spell was taught to me by a co-worker circa ten years ago.

Sulfur House Cleansing For New Homes

Before moving anything into a new home, go in and open up all the doors and windows. Use empty cans, such as from cat food or tuna fish, for burning sulfur. Light the sulfur and exit the home. Any evil spirits in the home will quickly exit it in the form of insects or vermin. Let the house thoroughly air-out before entering.

See Also:

Hot Foot Powder

Goofer Dust

Run Devil Run

Five Fingers Grass

Five Finger Grass, a.k.a. Cinquefoil, are various species of plants in the genus Potentilla which are used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork due to the plants having five segmented leaves resembling a hand. Five Finger Grass has the magical reputation of being lucky in gambling spells, of drawing money, of helping one find employment, and of getting an individual to do one favors. For images of Five Finger Grass, click HERE.

Man Stabs Woman He Thought Was A Vampire

A Lockport, NY, man stabbed a 65 year-old woman in the back with a butcher knife and claimed he thought she was a vampire.

Police: man believed woman was vampire

Jesus/Satan Appears In Man's MRI

A man with a bad shoulder had an interesting image appear in his MRI. Most women seem to interpret it as Jesus. Most men seem to favor it looking like Satan.

Some See Jesus, Some See Satan In Man's MRI Image

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night (2011)

Opening April 29, 2011.

Astronomer Claims To Have Tracked UFOs

Astronomer Eamonn Ansbro, claims to have tracked UFOs.

Irish astronomer says he has successfully tracked UFO’s

My question would be if Ansbro realizes there are many artificial satellites in earth's orbit?


An interview with Oklahoma ghost-hunter, Tonya Hacker and tomorrows meeting of like-minded spook-enthusiasts.

Oklahoma ghost hunter says curiosity drives search

Jezebel Root

Jezebel Root, a.k.a. Louisiana Iris, is the tuber of various wild Irises native to Louisiana and is used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork by unclean women and prostitutes to control men and make them give them their money as well as in a special curse called "The Curse Of Jezebel". For an image of Jezebel Root, click HERE.

The Curse Of Jezebel

(To Manifest The Death/Destruction Of An Evil, Unclean Woman, To Make Her Fall From Her "Tower" And Symbolically Be Consumed By Wild Dogs)

Caution: This spell should only be used when all else fails. If you are the victim of an evil, unclean woman, I would strongly recommend using Reversing Spells, so that her evil backfires on her. This said, there is a time and place for everything. The Curse of Jezebel can be a justified form of black magic if used correctly. Only use the curse of Jezebel on evil, unclean women who have destroyed countless people, have broken-up multiple homes, who have left paths of destruction in their wake wherever they go, etc. In all honesty, I've only met one woman who was a good candidate for this curse but she ended up dying some years back without the need of any curse.

For a simplified version of the curse, click HERE.

I've never performed this curse but I was taught about it. What I was taught was to perform the curse from midnight to midnight. If one accidentally drops the root then the spell is broken and one must start again at midnight. To make sure one doesn't drop the root, I was taught to put a sock over one's hand but I would recommend duct-taping one's fist closed around the root instead, just to be sure. Of course during the 24 hour period one can eat and got to the restroom, but one should not sleep. Also one should not entertain any guests or leave the home as well. Just make sure to continually dwell on, concentrate, and visualize the destruction of the unclean women during the 24 hour period. If one doesn't have a nearby river one can bury the bottle in the graveyard.

One more time....Only use "the Curse of Jezebel" when all else fails and when the death via magic of the unclean woman is preferable to allowing her to continue to destroy people. This is some serious and powerful stuff, not to be used for petty revenge.

Louisiana Iris

Magnetic Sand

Magnetic Sand, a.k.a. Lodestone Food, Lodestone Hairs, Anvil Dust, is fine, black, sand-like grains of iron that is used to feed Lodestones and Magnets in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Additionally, magnetic sand that has been used to feed a Lodestone can also be used by itself. For example, one can carefully scrape some of the Magnetic Sand from a Lodestone that has been trained for money and then use the Magnetic Sand by adding it to a sprinkling powder, mojo bag, mop bucket, or even one's shoes. Otherwise, Magnetic Sand can be reused for use in future Lodestone spells as long as it is not rusted or is too oily from use. Sometimes Magnetic Sand is colored gold or silver, for use in money spells based of off magical color symbolism. I personally dislike such and prefer the natural color. For an image of Magnetic Sand, click HERE.



Magnets are used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in spells to draw or attract the desire of a practitioner similar to the use of Lodestones. When it comes to the use of magnets, many practitioners either love them or hate them. Many practitioners will only use magnets, simply because they are more readily accessible or because that is how they were trained. For lovers of Lodestones, such as myself, the drawing power of magnets is viewed as being to harsh. Personally, I prefer Lodestones but will use a magnet if it is all I have. Surprisingly the answer to the often asked question of whether is is okay to use a refrigerator magnet is yes. Any magnet can be used, just be sure to wash it with Whisky or Florida Water first. For ideas on how magnets are used, see Lodestones.


Image from a 1940s King Novelty Co. catalog in my collection.

Lodestones, pronounced "load-stones", are naturally-occurring magnetic forms of iron ore called magnetite and are the first magnets used by mankind. It is believed that Lodestones achieve their magnetism via nearby lightning strikes. In the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork, Lodestones are used to draw or attract anything the practitioner may desire and especially for use in money spells, luck & gambling spells, and love spells. For an image of Lodestones, click HERE.

Some Info On Lodestones

- Lodestones have sexes. Oblong or "phallic-like" stones are male, otherwise referred to as "he-stones". Triangular or rounded stones are female, otherwise referred to as "she-stones".

- Lodestones must be fed. The "food" of Lodestones is called magnetic sand.

- Magnetic sand that builds up under the magnetic field of the Lodestone is called "Lodestone hairs", as it resembles strands of hair.

- Lodestones used in love spells need to be what is called a "matched pair", meaning a male and a female lodestone (or male/male and female/female, depending on the sexual persuasion of the people) and must have a nice flattened surface or facet so that they join together nicely.

- A "matched-pair" of Lodestones used in love spells are normally worked by naming each stone for the person they are to represent and then placing the stones apart on the altar or workspace. Over the course of several days, usually seven days, the Lodestones are moved slightly toward each other until the day comes when they finally meet and "stick" to one another.

- Lodestones can "die". Lodestone death occurs when the stones no longer possess magnetism. Repeated dropping, banging of the Lodestone or heat can all lead to Lodestone death. Dead Lodestones can be brought back to life with electricity, but since this can be dangerous the best option is to bury it in the ground.

- Lodestone can be re-used as long as they have not been used for loves spells to represent specific people. To reuse a Lodestone, simply thank it for it's help and then wash it with Whisky or Florida Water. I recommending setting the stone somewhere to rest for a period of time before being reused.

- Small Lodestones, an inch or less in size, are more better suited for uses in mojo bags and oils. Larger Lodestones, two inches plus, are more ideal for use in spells to draw or attract one's desires. Extremely large sizes are best used for altar pieces or permanent workings, say to draw money for example.

- One can often find Lodestones for sell that are painted, usually in the colors white, red, green, or gold. Painting a Lodestone is done based on magical color symbolism. Personally, I find painted Lodestones to be tacky and only use natural-color varieties. To each their own though.

- Do not wash Lodestones with water and do not keep Lodestones submerged in liquids or they will rust.

- Lodestones spells are more powerful when done in conjunction with candle work and the burning of incense.

- Practitioners who work with Lodestones should keep about three "pet" stones, two inches or larger in size. These are the stones that practitioners will work with and re-use. I personally recommend at least three stones because I've found that I'm often working with more than one Lodestone, for different reasons and at the same time.

- Practitioners who work with Lodestones should keep three or more "mojo" Lodestones, an inch or less in size. These will be used to add to mojo bags and for use in oils.

- Practitioners who work with Lodestones should keep at least one "matched-pair" of Lodestones for use in love spells.

- Lodestones need to be "trained" in order to work. Training a Lodestone takes usually 7 days, though some workers only use three days. Most Lodestones that are included in mojo bags bought from occult shops, especially online occult shops, contain untrained Lodestones.

- Be kind to your Lodestones. Most practitioners are of the opinion that Lodestones are alive, which is why they are given a funeral when they "die". Talk to your Lodestones and show them affection as you would a pet. Let them know when they've done good for you.

How To Train A Lodestone: A Basic Lodestone Drawing Spell

Items Needed:

1 Lodestone
Lodestone Oil or Drawing Oil
Lodestone Incense or Drawing Incense (optional)
Whisky or Florida water
Plate, Bowl, or Box
Magnetic Sand
Petition Paper
Picture or Image of One's Desire (optional)

Wash the Lodestone with the whisky or Florida Water and allow it to dry. Fix a petition paper with one's desire. Place the fixed paper and the picture or image of one's desire on the plate, bowl, or in the box. Take the Lodestone and pray over it. Dress it with Lodestone Oil or Drawing Oil. Set it on top of the papers. Hold the plate, bowl, or box up to one's mouth and speak to the Lodestone so that one's breath falls upon it. Tell the stone what you want it to do, "Lodestone, as you draw your food to you, may you also draw unto me (your desire)". Sprinkle a pinch of magnetic sand on top of the Lodestone. Hide the plate, bowl, or box in a location where it will not be disturbed. For the next six days repeat the process of speaking to the Lodestone and telling it what one wishes it to do. Feed it and put it away. After doing this on the seventh day, hide the Lodestone and do not disturb it until it has accomplished it's goal and one's desire has been met. Once the desire has been met, take the plate, bowl, or box out and thank the Lodestone for it's help. Carefully remove the magnetic sand and save it for future use, assuming it is not rusted or too oily. The papers can be buried in one's front yard or taken to the crossroads to dispose of. Wash the Lodestone with whisky or Florida Water and set the Lodestone aside for a period of time to rest until it is needed again.

Psychologist/Professor Wants Congressional Hearings On UFOs

Adjunct professor of peace studies at Colombia, Bill Wickersham, claims it's time for official hearings on the topic of UFOs and sites the COMETA Report, a French study that concluded that there is a genuine reality to UFOs.

University Prof Calls for Congressional UFO Hearing


An interesting FOX article on the document indicating JFK asked for UFO information a short ten days before he was assassinated.

CIA Cover-Up Alleged in JFK's 'Secret UFO Inquiry'

Troll Hunter (2011)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Black Martha"



Filomena Lubana, a.k.a. Lubana or Loubana for short, is a Lwa found in Domincan Voodou or "21 Divisions" and often synchronized or confused with St. Martha the Dominator. Because of her association with St. Martha, Lubana is often referred to as "Black Martha".

Appearance: Lubana is portrayed as a dark-skinned woman holding a snake and often accompanied by a small, dark-skinned child. According to some, Lubana is actually the snake that is being held while the woman represents a separate entity. Because Lubana is said to be mute it is possible she may very well be the serpent and not the woman in her images. For an image of Lubana, click HERE.

Powers: Lubana has strong powers connecting to love and fertility, cleansing, occult power, domination and control of others, and has strong connections to the graveyard.

Filomena Lubana - 21 Divisions

Santa Marta

"White Martha"


St. Martha The Dominator

St. Martha The Dominator is a much beloved saint that is worked with in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. I am especially fond of her.

Traditionally, St. Martha is the patron of hospitality, service workers, and housewives. Due to her portrayal in images, that of a woman holding a torch, and carrying holy water and a bible with a dragon or serpent under her feet, St. Martha has taken on the magical reputation of "dominator", with the ability to dominate and control people and situations in practitioner's lives just as she dominates and controls the dragon under her feet. For an image of St. Martha The Dominator, click HERE.

According to folklore, St. Martha is pretty much the only female dragon-slayer. After the events in the Gospels, St. Martha is said to have moved to what is now Southern France where she helped a community by defeating a man-eating dragon by sprinkling holy water on it and using the cross. The dragon was paralysed and St. Martha tied it up with her mere girdle before it was slain. It is this legend that has made St. Martha popular in Hoodoo for the domination and control of problems, situations, and people in the lives of practitioners.

Some Info On St. Martha
- It is often claimed that St. Martha only works for women. This is incorrect. St. Martha favors women, but she also works with men as well and especially if they have been victimized or abused. All that matters is that men, and women as well, approach her with an open heart.

- It is often claimed that St. Martha can't be used against women. This is also incorrect. St. Martha will happily dominate a woman, especially if she is abusive or is not living a clean life and performing her natural duties, especially with regard to motherhood.

- St. Martha is excellent to use to dominate or control one's boss, especially if they don't treat their employees right.

- St. Martha can be used for
break-up spells, especially if an unholy union is involved.

- St. Martha is excellent to use to tie-up and defeat one's enemies, just as she tied-up and defeated the dragon.

- St. Martha can be used for money problems but she won't make one rich. She will only provide what one needs to get buy.

- St. Martha's colors are green and white.

- St. Martha's day of the week is Tuesday.

- St. Martha's favorite offerings are water, white wine, white flowers,
Florida Water/Perfume/Cologne, and "sweet" breads (desert breads) and/or pound cake. I've found she especially enjoys cinnamon raisin bread.

- There are two different entities called St. Martha. They are also referred to as "White Martha" and "Black Martha". "White Martha" is St. Martha. "Black Martha" is a Voodou Lwa whose real name is Lubana. Lubana has nothing to do with Hoodoo.

A YouTube user's video on St. Martha:

Working With Saint Martha

St. Rita

St. Rita is officially the patron of impossible cases but in Hoodoo has a negative reputation for being a man-hater and for killing men.

According to Church cannon, St. Rita longed to be a nun but was forced into marriage by her parents when she was only twelve years-old. St. Rita's husband turned out to be an evil man who physically abused her. She had two sons who grew to be just as evil as their father. After the murder of her husband and the death of her sons, St. Rita finally achieved her goal of becoming a nun. She prayed to suffer as Christ suffered and one of the thorns from Christ's crown of thorns fell on her forehead leaving a perpetual wound.

With regard to Hoodoo, Harry Middleton Hyatt recorded at least one informant (#840) who told him that St. Rita was basically a "man-hater" who will work for practitioners to kill men. The informant went on to explain that St. Rita is tricky because she will also kill family members, even women. This particular informant described St. Rita as an "evil force" and claimed that she killed his uncle and grandmother. For an image of St. Rita, click HERE.

St. Rita

Working With The Saints In Hoodoo

Below one will find good information on working with the saints in the Hoodoo tradition.

Working With The Saints In The Hoodoo Tradition

1.) Practitioners do not have to work with the saints. In fact, the overwhelming majority of practitioners of Hoodoo do not work with the saints. Why? Because the overwhelming majority of Hoodoo practitioners are Protestants. Repeat: The overwhelming majority of practitioners do not work with the saints. If you want to work with them, fine. If you were taught that you have to or that it's a "must" in Hoodoo then you have been taught wrong.

2.) The saints are not genies-in-bottles to be used to grant our every wish and demand. Practitioners must honor and respect the saints and develop a good, working relationship with them.

3.) Not every saint is worked with. The whole notion of huge laundry lists of saints who are good for this or that condition is just nonsense. The overwhelming majority of saints do not do work for people. There is much misinformation regarding the working with saints. I will do my best to help clear some of this misinformation up.

4.) Not every saint will work for practitioners. Never assume that a saint will work for you. They have minds and wills of their own and can choose not to work with you. If you are working with the saint and it just doesn't work then it's a good sign the saint said "no, thank you".

5.) In Hoodoo, the saints are who they are. This means that when one is working with a saint they are working with the saint, not an orisha or loa or any other pagan spirit. If someone tells you that this or that saint is really an orisha/loa/pagan spirit, then please know that that person is not practicing Hoodoo, but is likely practicing Voodou, Santeria, or even New Orleans Voodoo.

6.) Be very careful of the information on working with saints one finds online. For example, there is a Hoodoo website that is normally very good when it comes to the presentation of information. When it comes to the saints the author is not only often wrong, but actually teaches highly offensive things. The reason why the author teaches incorrect and offensive things is because; 1.) the author is rumored to be a witch [evil-doer, performer of black magic on innocents] (if it quacks like a duck...if this person does what what witches do...) (See Witches In Hoodoo), and 2.) The author is stating what they do as if it is tradition, when it is most definitely not. Please don't take my criticisms lightly. This particular author has been notified by more knowledgeable people of the errors and has chosen not to correct them.

7.) Only work with a handful of saints. Again, if you were taught a huge laundry list of saints that are good for this or that condition you were likely taught wrong. If you have a list of hundreds of saints then how in the world are you going to develop a good working relationship with them, keeping them satisfied and working for you and without falling into the trap of treating them like genies-in-bottles? I don't want to give an exact number, but you only work with as many saints that you can actually devote time and energy to developing a good relationship with.

8.) When working with saints one will need an altar or workspace, an image or statue of the saint, candles in the saint's color(s), and spiritual products such as oils, incense, and powders for the saint. If one is using a Novena Candle, then there will usually be an image and prayer to the saint on the candle. Otherwise, one will need to purchase at least a picture of the saint. Other items one will need is cologne or toilette waters such as Florida Water, a glass of water, and/or flowers. When the saint has granted one's desire then they need to be paid with an offering. Each saint likes different things, usually food, flowers, water, or even an ad taken out in the classified section of the local paper exalting and spreading the fame of the saint.

9.) Most saints should only be worked with for good work and justified enemy work. Jesus and especially the Virgin Mary should only be used for good work. (Note: Jesus can be called upon for domination work, but this is different from working with him in the fashion I am describing for the saints.) Other saints have reputations for helping in bad work but they can be tricky. One needs to use extreme caution in petitioning the saints for any bad work.

10.) Know the difference between the saints and folk saints. Folk saints are popular spirits who are worked with in the same general manner as traditional saints, save for the fact that they are not recognized by the Church. Also, many folk saints have negative reputations or are worked with by "sinners". One still needs to be aware of misinformation about folk saints. For example, Santa Muerte is a folk saint, the personification of the angel of death. She is portrayed as a grim reaper and because of her appearance many people have spread false information about her and especially how one works with her. So be careful concerning certain online information with regard to working with the saints.

Granddaughter Of 'Roswell Sheriff" Speaks Out

Christine Tulk, granddaughter of Roswell Sheriff George Wilcox, speaks out on her grandfather's experience with and knowledge of the Roswell Crash.

UFO Reports In The Days Before The Roswell Crash

An article on some very fascinating UFO sightings a few days before the alleged Roswell Crash.

UFOs reported in Inland Valley day before Roswell

"Save The Chupacabra" Practical Joke

A jokester in San Antonio, TX, has placed a "Save The Chupacabra" banner at a local parking garage.

Who wants to 'Save the Chupacabra'?

Alien Body Found In Russia?

Looks fake to me.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More On JFK & UFOs

Another article on UFO-related documents concerning JFK, with additional bonus documentary titled "The Secret".

The JFK-UFO Connection: Bogus Documents or Unanswered Questions?


A short ten days before his assassination, JFK asked for secret UFO files. Is there connection between UFOs & the assassination of JFK? Is the rumors that JFK was going to release to the public the secrets being kept true?

Was JFK killed because of his interest in aliens? Secret memo shows president demanded UFO files 10 days before death


Do As I Say

Do As I Say, a.k.a Commanding, is the name of a condition formula in the form of a condition oil, incense, and powder used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in domination spells to force another to obey a command, just as the name implies. Do As I Say spiritual products differ from Compelling spiritual products in the sense that they are more aggressive in nature (Compelling spiritual products are more subtle or more "passive-aggressive" in nature).

Monday, April 18, 2011

Inflammatory Confusion

Inflammatory Confusion, a.k.a., War, Break-Up, is the name of a condition formula in the form of a condition oil, incense, and powder, used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork to confuse one's enemies, make them fight among themselves, and to break them up. Inflammatory Confusion spiritual products would be recommended in cases where one faces two or more enemies who wish do do evil to one and in cases where one wants to break-up a partnership, be it a romantic relationship, business relationship, or merely a friendship. Inflammatory Confusion is similar to Confusion spiritual products in the sense that they work to confuse the minds of one's enemies with the addition of causing heated arguments, misunderstandings, and may even provoke physical violence between the enemies or people for whom the work is being done on. It is not uncommon for the people being worked on to "come to blows" when under the effects of Inflammatory Confusion spiritual products, and especially so if the people are men.



Confusion is the name of a condition formula in the form of a condition oil, incense, and powder, used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in enemy work done to confuse one's enemies. Practitioners would use Confusion spiritual products when situations arise when one needs to fog the minds of their enemies, to disrupt their thought-patterns, to evoke lethargy, and to otherwise mentally incapacitate their enemies so that they no longer pose a threat.

Old Style Conjure - Conjurin With Candles

An excellent program on Hoodoo candle work.

Old Style Conjure - Conjurin With Candles

Note: Pay close attention to what Dr. Lovebug says about the candle feeling heavy or the electrical feeling. That's exactly how it is. When I do candle work, I "get the spirit", I get "in the zone" and I don't have any other way of describing it except that it's a deep meditative-type trance in which I have strong visualizations of the fulfillment of my desire complete with the feelings of electricity flowing down my body, down my arms, and into the candle. Like Mama Starr says, I ALWAYS pray knowing that my desire is fulfilled and that my desire will manifest but in the spirit that it has already manifested. So for example if I were to do some work to get a job, I end with the belief that I've already been hired and keep that mental state going.

See Also:

How To Dress Candles With Oil In Hoodoo Candle Work

Offertory Candles

Hoodoo Candles

Candle Magic

How To Dress One's Hands With Hoodoo Powders Before Gambling

This past weekend I went to a local casino and thought I would share some pointers on using Hoodoo powders. For images of Hoodoo powders for gambling, click HERE. If using this particular brand, I would recommend adding a pinch of luck-drawing or money-drawing herbs, such as five finger grass, cinnamon, or allspice to the bottle and mix it in good.

How To Dress One's Hands With Hoodoo Powder Before Gambling.

1.) Cleanse one's hands. Use either Florida Water, Whisky, Rubbing Alcohol, or if nothing else, wash them with soap and water. Allow your hands to air dry or if using soap and water, dry one's hands off.

2.) Rub one's hands together until they are heated-up via friction.

3.) Place a pinch of powder in one's hands and then rub one's hands together until the powder is distributed evenly on one's hands.

4.) With the first two fingers of one's right hand, make the sign of an "x" on one's left palm while reciting the first part of Psalm 23, "The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want".

5.) Do the same thing for the right palm, making the sign of an "x" with the first two fingers of one's left hand. Recite the first part of Psalm 23 as well.

6.) Spit on one's hands and then rub them together.

7.) Your hands are now dressed and fixed for gambling. If by chance you must wash your hands then you must repeat the process. Because of this, many people will simply not wash their hands until after they are done gambling. Other people, especially women, will keep the powder in their purses so that they can re-dress their hands after washing them.

Another gambling tip I would share is to gamble alone. If one goes to the casino with a group of people, make sure to split up. Trust me, people hanging around one will suck the luck away and may even jinx one's luck. This weekend, I had a brother and a sister follow me around at the casino. I was on a winning streak and they simply would not leave my side. On top of this, they began to jinx my luck telling me to hurry and to cash-out. My brother even had the nerve to try to tell me I was playing the game wrong. Now, how could I be playing wrong if I'm winning? Anyway, the point is that having people hang-on you while gambling can ruin your luck and jinx you. This is especially true if the people are jealous of your win. So make sure to gamble alone.

The Demoniacal Mentioned In "Mineral Point Vampire" Article

Heckler Spray makes mention of and quotes from my blog entry on the Mineral Point Vampire.

Awesome or Off-Putting: The Mineral Point Vampire

Sunday, April 17, 2011

White House & Deptmart Of Justice Informed Of Cattle Mutilations

An interesting article on the documents released on the F.B.I.'s "The Vault" regarding the subject of cattle mutilations. It appears the White House and the Department of Justice were informed of the phenomenon. Theories ranged from UFOs, cult activity, and secret government experimentation.

The Ox-Files: 'Mass cow sacrifices by aliens' sent White House into panic, FBI records reveal

Friday, April 15, 2011

Witches In Hoodoo

In Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure, a witch is a person, usually female, who performs unjustified black magic or black magic against innocents, and is believed to possess supernatural powers, chief of which is shape-shifting and the ability to slip out of her skin at night and fly invisibly in search of human prey. When a witch finds a victim she will paralyse the poor person and "ride" the individual by pressing hard on the person's chest. The victim will often think they are being suffocated as the witch proceeds to feed off of the person's soul, life-force, or "breath".

When a witch dies her soul does not rest in peace but rather joins the ranks of the intranquil spirits or else becomes a hag, a vampiric and demonic entity that must continue to feed off of the life-force of it's human prey in order to maintain it's existence.

See Also:

Slip-Skin Hag
Witch Candles
Intranquil Spirit
Menstrual Blood
Ghost Visions - Sleep Paralysis

Ghost Visions - Sleep Paralysis

A good documentary on the "old hag" phenomenon or being "hag-ridden".

See Also: Hag, Slip-Skin Hag

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Compelling, a.k.a. Influencing, is the name of a condition formula in the form of a condition oil, incense, and powder used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in domination spells geared toward influencing that thoughts and actions of another. Compelling spiritual products would be used in situations where one wishes to have another tell the truth, to keep their promises or stay true to their word, to pay back money that is owed, to sway them to do the "right thing", or to influence them to do whatever one wishes.

Goodyear Man Captures Video Of 'Chupacabra'

A man taking his children to school captured images of the alleged beast. Looks more like a mangy coyote to me.

Chupacabra sighting in Goodyear?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

BBC - Nick Pope On F.B.I.'s "Real X-Files"

Nick Pope was recently interviewed regarding the F.B.I.'s release of "The Vault", more specifically the UFO-related information.

UFO sightings have been made public by the FBI

Lady Gaga Turns 'Medium'

Gaga claims her song 'Born This Way' was channelled from the spirit of Alexander McQueen.

Lady Gaga - Lady Gaga Channeling Ghost Of Alexander Mcqueen

Quarters & Other Money Given To One

Quarters & Other Money Given To One is used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in money-drawing spells designed to have the person continuously give money to the practitioner or else be more free with their spending. There are two schools of thought with regard to money that is given to one. The first being the belief that one has to wait until the person freely gives the money to the practitioner. The second being the belief that one asks the person for a quarter or other coin and then uses it in spells to make the person give more money in the future.

Lucky Pennies & Other Coins

Lucky Pennies & Other Coins, are coins that one finds or chances upon. Lucky Pennies & Other Coins are used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in money-drawing and prosperity spells and in luck and gambling spells, usually by inclusion in a mojo bag. The most common superstition or belief held among practitioners, and one I subscribe to, is that the coin must be "heads-up". If the coin is found "tails-up", then pass it by as it is believed to be bad luck to pick it up. Other practitioners subscribe to the belief that finding a coin is good luck regardless of the position it is found. To each their own.

'Shiny New Pennies & Dimes'

Shiny New Pennies & Dimes, are coins new enough to still retain a flashy sheen and are not corroded or tarnished as older coins often are. Shiny New Pennies & Dimes are used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in prosperity and money-drawing spells, luck and gambling spells, and are used to pay off the spirits of plants when harvesting roots/herbs from the wild and to pay of spirits when gathering graveyard dirt.

Indian Head Pennies

Indian Head Pennies are pennies that seemingly bear the figure of an "Indian head", but in reality merely show Lady Liberty wearing a feathered-headdress. Indian Head Pennies were minted from 1859-1909. Indian Head Pennies are used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork for use in Protection and Law Stay Away spells. The coins achieved their magical reputation for their equation with the notion of an "Indian scout" or "Indian look-out" (watchtower), a person who stands guard and warns of coming danger, police, or other authorities.

Canton, TX, Couple Claims Backyard Crop-Circles & ET Visitations

Don and Rosa Lee Bulissa claim that four mysterious circles appeared on their property last week and left some remarkable changes to local vegetation.

E.T. in East Texas? Locals say yes

Normally, these "rings" in grass, sometimes referred to as "fairy rings", are caused by fungi. A fungal infection combined with drought could explain the decline in vegetation. I would be more open-minded if the couple reported seeing actual UFOs in the sky.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mercury Dimes

Mercury Dimes are used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork for protection, prosperity, money-drawing, and gambling spells. The coins are deemed magical due to the misconception that the image on the dime is of Mercury, the Roman god of communication, commerce, and trickery. Instead, the image is female and is a representation of Lady Liberty. Mercury Dimes are deemed protective due to their silver content. Silver has a long reputation for the repelling of evil. With regards to their magical use, some practitioners claim that the dime must have a 'leap-year' date. Other practitioners, such as myself, don't subscribe to such beliefs and employ any good specimen regardless of what year it was minted. Unfortunately, Mercury dimes were only minted between 1916-1945, so the number of coins available will decrease with time.

A common practice of older times was to drill a hole in a Mercury Dime and then string it and wear it as an amulet around one's ankle. If the coin turned black it meant that one's enemies had been "throwin' for" them, as in sprinkling or throwing black magic powders such as graveyard dirt, hot foot powder, or even goofer dust for them to step in.

Mercury dimes can be purchased at coin shops and occasionally, though rarely, one may find one still in circulation. Because of the rarity of the coins, some practitioners will substitute a 'shiny new dime' for use in prosperity, money-drawing, and gambling spells. Modern dimes shouldn't be used in protection spells as they don't have the silver content as the older Mercury Dimes did.

For more information on the use of Mercury Dimes in Hoodoo, click the link below.

Silver Dimes

YouTube user Krazy45Cat recieved a Mercury Dime from a store in his change. Rule of thumb, be observant! If you happen to get back a Mercury Dime, keep it! It's good luck!

Two Dollar Bills

Two Dollar Bills are used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork for prosperity, money-drawing, and gambling spells due to their rarity in circulation. Some practitioners specify the two dollar bill must be brand new or must have a 'leap-year' date. Other practitioners, such as myself, use any two dollar bill they either naturally come across or one they may exchange for at a bank. Two dollar bills are generally employed by wrapping and sometimes tying them around lucky items such as John The Conqueror Roots, lodestones, buckeyes, or raccoon penis bones. Two dollar bills can also be used as the paper to create a Name-Paper/Petition Paper for inclusion in a mojo bag for gambling or money-drawing purposes.

Jesus' Crucifixion Nails Found?

Simcha Jacobovici is up to more controversy suggesting that a pair of ancient nails found in a tomb of a High Priest may very well be the nails used to crucify Jesus. I for one am not convinced.

Nails used to crucify Jesus found?

Note the belief that the nails possessed magical powers. This falls in line regarding nails associated with death having magical powers, for good or evil. See also, Coffin Nails.

Discovery News Finally Jumps On 'Hottel Memo'

Finally Discovery News decides to get in on the 'Hottel Memo'. The article was written by Benjamin Radford, the same person who falsely claimed Chupacabra is based off of the movie Species. At least he is correct in his round-about manner of communicating that the memo is not hard proof of anything.

Secret FBI File Exposes Roswell UFO -- Or Not?

See Also: Benjamin Radford Is Wrong....Sort Of

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol, a.k.a. Isopropyl, is a topical disinfectant that is used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork for the cleansing of things, such as altars or work-spaces, candles, and the hands of practitioners before the performance of any work. Some practitioners also use Rubbing Alcohol for use in purification rites involving fire, but such use can be dangerous and is not recommended. Despite having 'alcohol' in it's name, Rubbing Alcohol should never be ingested as serious injury or death could result.

Haunted Fairground

Paranormal investigators in Del Mar, CA, say the local fairgrounds grandstand is haunted. Other people aren't so sure.

Investigators claim ghosts at fairground


Whisky is used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork to cleanse things, such as altars and work-spaces, candles, stones, and one's hands before performing any work, as well as to feed mojo bags, lodestones, and other objects. Any brand of whisky will do, though most practitioners tend to use their favorite brands.

Blood Perfume?

An Italian perfume company called Blood Concept has created a line of perfumes that bear the reported scent of human blood. The perfume comes in A, B, AB, and O scents. Is this for real or simply a promo for next season of TrueBlood?

Blood-scented perfumes launched... for vampires?

F.B.I. Destroyed UFO Files

As part of the release of the F.B.I.'s "The Vault", it has been revealed that thousands of UFO reports were destroyed back in the 1940s to save filing space.

FBI destroyed thousands of UFO reports, 1949 memo reveals

Monday, April 11, 2011

AzureGreen Commercial & PBS Segment

This is AzureGreen's debut commercial and a PBS segment with the owner. By the way, in case anyone is interested, AzureGreen is, at the time of me writing, having a sale on their herbs. All of their herbs are currently 25% off.

Where To Purchase Hoodoo Supplies

Below one will find locations for practitioners, especially new practitioners, to purchase their Hoodoo/Conjure supplies. As far as occult shops go, if you don't see the name listed below then it's either a store I've never shopped from before or it is a store that I've had multiple (yes multiple) negative experiences with and would never recommend anyone shopping there, and of course would never shop there again. I will also list some links to online occult shops that I plan on purchasing from in the near future.

- Wal Mart, KMart, Etc. - Don't underestimate the power of these monsters. I just visited my local Wal Mart last weekend and discovered some very beautiful Novena and 7 Day Plain Color Candles. I plan on going back to stock up. Of course you can purchase herbs, other candles, and various other supplies a conjure worker needs. I even bought dragon's blood incense from Wal Mart once.

- Grocery Stores - Very good source for herbs, Novena and Hoodoo Candles, Florida Water, and the like. Better to choose one that sells ethnic foods.

- Thrift Stores - Very good source of candles and candle holders. Many of them will sell bags of old candles. Just make sure to use Virgin Candles. Also be on the look out for other items one may be interested in, such as brass cauldrons, bells, and even figurines. Check out the books as well.

- Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, & Other Dollar Stores - Very good source for herbs, candles, candle holders, and sometimes incense. Occasionally one can find Florida Water, but I live in the Bible Belt and they pulled Florida Water from the stores here after learning they were used for "Voodoo" or "Satanism" (What ignorant people call hoodoo/rootwork). One can even purchase bibles at Dollar Stores, and the Bible is the most powerful conjure book of all time.

- Local Occult/New-Age Shops - Can be an excellent source for candles, incense, herbs, stones, and other conjure goods. Just be careful and read my blog on tips for shopping at these stores by clicking HERE.

- Herb Shops - Shops that cater only to the alternative medicine crowd, not necessarily anything relating to "magic", but still good places to buy herbs.

- Religious Gifts - Excellent source for religious goods, bibles, holy water bottles, saint statues, etc. Now, these are not "magic" stores, so don't get them confused with Occult shops.

- Catholic Churches - Holy Water

- Liquor Stores - Whiskey! (Those airplane bottles are good sizes to use for condition oils as well, by the way.)

- Flea Markets - You might check out your local Flea Markets. Many of them have booths or locations where spiritual products are sold. One may even find a reader or two there as well.

- Hobby Lobby/Michael's, & Other Hobby/Craft Supplies - Excellent source for supplies. Candles, candle holders, various mosses & dried plants, pendants & charms, just all kinds of stuff. Check them out.

- Hancock Fabrics (or other Fabric Shops) - Excellent sources for cloth, especially red flannel!

- Ace , Lowes & Other Hardware Stores - Every now and then I find something interesting.

- Coin Shops - Good place to find Indian Head Pennies & Mercury Dimes

- Banks - Ask the teller for 2 Dollar Bills. Also good to get some bank dirt for use in prosperity work.

- Online Stores- Here is a list of the online occult shops I purchase from. If you don't see the name of one listed here, then it's either because I've never purchased anything from them or I've had too many negative experiences and refuse to shop there again, and of course refuse to recommend them to anyone else.

Wisdom Products (Was Indio) - I've never had a negative experience with them.

13 Moons - Another great place, Again, never had a negative experience.

Azuregreen - I only had one slight problem with the way they handle out-of-stock items. If something is out-of-stock they keep your order on back-order and automatically ship it out, sometimes months later, with additional s/h charges. Sorry, but I prefer for the item to be canceled rather than having to pay extra s/h charges. Other than this problem, I haven't had any other problems with them and will still continue to do business with them and recommend them to other people. It takes a lot for me to get to the point where I would never do business with a shop/company ever again, but amazingly it has happened!

Lady Hawk's Treasures - Very nice site to purchase from. I haven't ordered a lot from them but I've never had a negative experience with them.

Sacred Vescha Conjure - Recently made my first purchase from them. I love the look of her oil bottles.

Lucky Hoodoo - (Was Augustines's) I haven't actually purchased anything from them but did get a gift of an old catalog and some "Sweet Green Money-Drawing Oil" which I love. I will definitely do business with them in the future. I love the graphics on their new website. Check them out!

- Ebay - Enough said.

- - Excellent source for occult books. Hint: Save your money and purchase used books rather than new ones.

And below are the online occult shops that I will be placing orders with in the near future.

- Old Style Conjure
- Papa Jim's (I wanted to purchase from him years ago, but he went out of business. Now I guess he's back!)
- Original Products
- Miller's Rexall
- Old Grandpa
- Grandma's Candle Shop
- Lucky Hoodoo

ABC News Finally Covers The Hottel Memo & "The Real X-Files"

It's about time.

FBI Vault Reveals UFO, Roswell Files

Neve Campbell Believes In Ghosts

The 'Scream' star not only believes in ghosts, but has reportedly seen apparitions while living in a haunted house.

Neve Campbell says she`s seen a ghost

On a related note, Scream 4 premieres April 15. I can't wait! (Though I will always have a soft spot for Campbell due to her role in The Craft.)

Another Article On The Hottel Memo

The Washington Post Blog jumps on the under-reported story of the release of the Hottel Memo.

FBI releases Roswell memo about ‘three bodies of human shape’

How To Make Herbal Infused Oils - Mountain Rose Herbs

The following clip refers to the cold infusion method of making oils. This method can be used to create many condition oils used in Hoodoo/Rootwork.

Of course, you can always create oils by adding essential oils to carrier oils and possibly adding herbs/roots/stones to the bottles.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hoodoo And Voodoo Artifacts

Warning: The following video was made by a Christian woman who claims to be an exorcist and who is opposed to the practice of Hoodoo. The following clip involves a woman who went to a rootworker and goes over the items she was given to use to help her with her problems.

Interestingly, I do agree somewhat with the message at the end of the clip. There are 'witches' (people who perform unjustified black magic) out there and these people often will cross people up or put curses on people at the drop of a hat. Many of them masquerade as good, spiritual folk and they fool a lot of people. Just be warned.

Run Devil Run

Run Devil Run, a.k.a. Flying Devil, Flying 'D', is the name of a banishing formula of condition oil, incense, and powder that is believed to have the ability to literally drive-away the devil and other negative entities, energies, situations, or even people who mean you ill. The formula for Run Devil Run is similar to the formula for Hot Foot Powder, and as such the symbolism utilized is the "burning" of the devil to make him "hot-foot-it" out of one's home, life, etc. Run Devil Run products are primarily used for situations in which one is experiencing long-term bad luck, negative presences in the home, nightmares, depression, and when one is under psychic or spiritual attack. I've found that Run Devil Run is very good to use against psychic vampires who know what they do and when one is experiencing long-term bullying or harassment.

***Note: Run Devil Run recipes are not gentle. They do not smell nice and flowery. This is not a "banishment with blessings" but rather a "get the f*ck out"-recipe. Show caution when using it to banish people. If a person has done you no wrong but you know that they need to be out of your life, then please do not use Run Devil Run. Run Devil Run should only be used against people who do wish you harm and people who are evil. If the person one wants to banish is not evil then please use a more gentle banishing formula.

Trivia: Both Paul McCartney and Ke$sha have released songs titled "Run Devil Run". Paul McCartney was inspired by stumbling upon the product at Miller's Rexall, a Hoodoo/Conjure shop.

YouTube user CharmingPixieFlora has created a video giving a simple recipe for Flying 'D' oil.

Devil's Shoestrings Root

Devil's Shoestrings Root, is the root of various wild species of Viburnum which are used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork for the belief that the root can "trip the devil" (like tying some one's shoe strings together), so that he cannot cause you to have bad luck. Thus, Devil's Shoestrings Root is viewed as being both protective and lucky, especially in gambling spells. Wearing nine roots around the ankle will protect one from any black magic powders one's enemies may have sprinkled or thrown. Carried in a pocket or in a mojo bag, Devil's Shoestrings Root also has the reputation for helping one to find employment. For images of Devil's Shoestrings Root, click HERE.

For more in-depth information on Devil's Shoestrings Roots, click below.

Devil's Shoestring

More On The Hottel Memo...

The Daily Mail gets in on the action covering the release of the FBI memo mentioning the crash and recovery of UFOs and alien bodies.

The memo that 'proves aliens landed at Roswell'... released online by the FBI

Alien Baby Found In 2007?

I call hoax. It looks like a monkey to me. The man who reportedly discovered it supposedly killed it by drowning it. That man has now supposedly died in a mysterious car fire.

Katy Perry On Aliens & E.T.

Who knew pop-singer Katy Perry had a fascination with aliens and E.T.?

Katy Perry Believes In Aliens, Is Headed To Space: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

FBI's "The Vault" On Utah UFOs

Another article on the F.B.I.'s release of 'The Vault', this time focusing on UFOs over Utah.

New FBI ‘vault’ discusses Utah UFOs, other secrets

'Confessions Of An Urban Bohemian' On 'The Hoodoo That She Do"

An interesting blog article by a conjure worker who briefly covers what conjure work is and why she practices it. A recipe for 4 Thieves Vinegar is given at the end, though I disagree with the author's stance that lavender plays no part in recipes for 4 Thieves Vinegar. There is no set recipe for this. Some of the oldest surviving recipes do include lavender. To each their own though.

The Hoodoo (Southern Conjure) That I Do

'Satanic' Couple Arrested...Had Murdered Man's Head In Fridge, Ears In Bottles In Kitchen

Perhaps the sickest story of 2011 so far, a couple from Welkom, South Africa, have been arrested for murder. The victim's head was found in the fridge and his ears in bottles in the kitchen. Authorities believe the murder has ties to Satanism. Authorities suspect that the female of the duo, one Chane van Heerden, lured the victim online and talked him into going to the cemetery where the brutal murder took place.

Couple kept head in their fridge

Saturday, April 9, 2011

More On 'The Real X-Files' In Philadelphia

The F.B.I.'s recent release of 'the vault' has invoked curiosity in many Philadelphians.

Files Show FBI Snooping In Philadelphia

Triangle UFOs

An interesting article from Lee Speigel concerning the rash of triangle UFO sightings.

Triangular UFOs: Close Encounters With Unidentified Dorito-Shaped Objects

Wiccan Inmate Sues Over Violation Of His Religious Rights

Stephen Hodgson, a Wiccan inmate in Stillwater, Minnesota, sued the state over his claim of his religious rights being violated since he was denied access to oils, incense, and herbs for use in worship. The Minnesota Department of Human Rights has sided with Hodgson.

Wiccan prisoner sues state, claiming religious rights violated

Tennessee Teen Speaks Out On Wicca

Kyra Ledbetter speaks on her conversion to Wicca at the young age of thirteen years-old.

Student shares Wiccan views

Voodou Exhibit Turning Heads

A new exhibit at the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, which will feature the dreaded Bocio, a precursor to the modern "Voodoo Dolls".


Friday, April 8, 2011

Spencer, Dorothy (1923-2005)


Petition Papers


Name Papers And Petition Papers

Name Papers and Petition Papers are small pieces of paper with peoples' names, symbols, sigils, or phrases of intent written on them for use in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Name Papers and Petition Papers are primarily used by placing under candles, for inclusion in mojo bags and in bottle spells, and for inclusion in one's shoes, among other uses. The difference between Name Papers and Petition Papers is that in Name Papers the predominate feature will be peoples' names while in Petition Papers the predominate feature will be a phrase of intent, one's wish, or desire. Below one will find a good basic method of creating Name Papers and Petition Papers.

How To Create Name Papers And Petition Papers

Step 1: Writing Utensils

I like to have a writing utensil that I only use for creating Name Papers/Petition Papers. I also have a fondness for using red ink pens. Sometimes I will use black ink pens for protection spells and reversing spells. Some people go farther using colored ink pens based on magical color symbolism, such as a green ink pen for money spells and a purple ink pen for domination spells. Pencils can also be used. Some will remove the eraser before using the pencil so that their wishes can't be "erased". Some people like to go all-the-way-out and use magical inks like dragon's blood ink, bat's blood ink, and dove's blood ink, using either a feather quill or calligraphy pen to write with. That's too fancy and too time-consuming for my tastes. To each their own, though. Choose what feels right to you.

Step 2: Paper

Traditionally one uses a small square or rectangle of paper one has torn from a brown, paper grocery bag that hasn't been machine cut and that doesn't have writing on it. This is accomplished by tearing it smoothly on all four sides. I use brown grocery bags and I also use white computer paper that I have torn in this same fashion as well. Some people like to use parchment paper. Some people like to cut their papers with scissors. All that matters is what feels right to the practitioner.

Step 3: The Condition Oil

One will need a Condition Oil that is suited for the spell. For example, If I were doing a money-drawing spell then I would use money-drawing oil.

Step 4: Fixing The Paper

A) Name Papers

For the purpose of this explanation the example of a Name Paper for a love spell will be used. In this example, Joline Marsha Brown is doing a love spell on Moses Henry Miller. Take the writing utensil and the paper. Write on it the person's name at least three times, with each name written right under the name above. Example:

Moses Henry Miller
Moses Henry Miller
Moses Henry Miller

Now turn the paper ninety degrees clockwise so that the names are now vertical. Write across the names the name of the person at least three times as well. So "Moses Henry Miller" will be vertical and "Joline Marsha Brown" will be written horizontally over it to form a cross shape. This is called "crossing and covering". Doing this symbolizes Joline Marsha Brown having power, dominance, and the upper hand. Joline Marsha Brown is enforcing her will concerning a love relationship over Moses Henry Miller. Dress the four corners of the paper with the proper condition oil.

B.) Petition Papers

For the purpose of this explanation the example of a Petition Paper for a spell to get a new job will be used. In this example, Joline Marsha Brown is doing a spell to find a new job. Take the writing utensil and the paper and write one's desire in the form of a sentence or a phrase of intent. Example:

I Am Employed At A New, High-Paying Job With Excellent Benefits.

Turn the paper ninety-degrees clockwise. Cross and cover it with your name written at least three times. In this case, the desire will be vertical and Joline Marsha Brown will write her name three times, right underneath each other to form a cross. Dress the four corners of the paper with the proper condition oil.

Step 5: Folding A Name Paper/Petition Paper

To draw in favorable conditions, fold the paper toward one's self. If one is placing the paper in a mojo bag, fold it toward one's self, turn it clockwise ninety-degrees and fold it toward one's self again. Repeat this process until one can no longer fold the paper. To banish unfavorable conditions, fold the paper away from one's self and in a counter-clockwise manner if necessary.

Step 6: Use The Fixed Name Paper/Petition Paper

Place it under a candle one is burning for ritual purposes. Place it in a mojo bag. Place it in one's shoes, etc.

Step 7: Continue Learning

This information represents only the very basics of creating Name Papers and Petition Papers and doesn't necessarily reflect everything I do for example. As one grows in knowledge of the craft additional techniques will be picked up.

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