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How To Tell If You've Been Cursed (Hoodooed)

Many people may wonder how to determine if one has been cursed or hoodooed. The following is provided to help people recognize the signs that one has indeed been cursed. Please keep in mind that the majority of people who have been cursed never realize they have been cursed and if they happen to be non-believers they will normally deny they are cursed, even as well-wishers on the outside watch as their lives are destroyed.

Signs One May Be Cursed Or Hoodooed

- An out of the ordinary string of bad luck with multiple negative experiences occurring in a relatively short time frame.

- Feelings of physical exhaustion or fatigue

- Financial difficulties and the loss of one's job or income

- Difficulty sleeping, especially if experiencing odd nightmares or dreams.

- Developing a troubled mind, such as depression, mania, inability to concentrate, feelings of fear or panic, feelings of hopelessness or else periods of extreme anger, confusion, and general angst.

- Experiencing a negative presence (can be either the feeling that one's home has suddenly become haunted even though one never had any supernatural problems before or the feeling that something is pressing down on one's self or may even be "riding" one's back. In most cases the experiences is described along the lines of being smothered in a cloud of negative energy. Another often reported phenomenon is of catching a glimpse of a moving shadow where one shouldn't be and especially out of the corner of one's eye.)

- Demonic or Spirit possession (usually causing the person to act like an animal, crawl on their hands and knees and even bark like a dog, according to folklore)

- The death of pets

- The breaking up of relationships, friends who have abandoned you, a lover or spouse who leaves, etc...

- Unusual accidents (both of yourself and the people around you)

- Unnatural health complaints (especially if one was of good health prior to the onset of these negative experiences)

- The finding of strange powders, bags, bottles, dolls, charms, or fetishes in one's home or property. (These are tricks a practitioner throws or places as part of cursing the enemy. Often such items are concealed or buried)

- Someone telling you that they cursed you (especially of one is experiencing these negative things listed here)

- Divination indicating one is cursed (especially if one is experiencing these negative things listed here)

- The death of loved ones and or of the person who was cursed (This is actually rare. The level of power needed to manifest this extreme outcome is usually beyond the scope of most black magic practitioners. This said there are indeed cases where it is believed that a black magic practitioner just happened to invoke enough power to pull it off.)

Some things to keep in mind:

- Curses ebb and flow as well as come in waves. One might experience times where one thinks things are back to normal only to have another round of these unfortunate experiences.

- With regard to a curse's effect on one's health, keep in mind that a curse will act on one's dispositions and weaknesses. If one is prone to a certain condition or disorder then that is how the curse will attack or manifest itself with regard to destroying one's health. Otherwise, a good guide to understanding curses is that they will attack the extremities first, usually the feet, legs, hands, arms, head, followed by hair-loss, skin and teeth-problems. (Teeth problems are very commonly reported!) These are areas of the body that are normally effected first before serious conditions arise. Another thing that is also commonly reported is repeated sickness and an illness that doctors cannot diagnose.

- Most curses will eventually fade away with time, especially after the curse does what it was supposed to do. An example of this is a female co-worker who curses another female co-worker who is also her rival for a promotion. She wants that woman gone from the job and her curse is successful. Her rival is driven out. Now that the rival is no longer employed there, the curse has done it's job and it fades away. The poor unfortunate victim can now put her life back together.

- Most curses are not meant to kill their victims, but rather bring pain and suffering to their victims' lives. Most people tend to jump to the conclusion that somebody is trying to murder them magically but such is usually not the case at all. Real death spells take an incredibly amount of personal power and energy and most occult practitioners simply don't have the power or will to see such spells through.

- Curses cast by someone who has been truly wronged, i.e. revenge or vengeance spells, are usually more powerful than curses placed on innocent people.

- The most powerful curses of all are the generational curses or family curses, when an entire family or generation of a family is cursed. This type of curse appears in the bible. It is usually the most destructive and may be near impossible to remove. What makes it so sad is that most of these people are paying for the sins of their ancestors. It takes an extraordinary amount of power to place a generational curse.


Anonymous said...

So, if I am the unfortunate victim, who has finally realized that they are cursed-
What can I do?????

BoyintheMachine said...

@ Anonymous,

Good question! I will cover this in a future blog. Basically your 2 choices are to take matters into your own hands or your second choice is to go to a worker to remove it. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the next part on how to heal this. I have all these signs and symptoms except "demonic possession." It's been over three decades of one catatrosphe after another and I'm exhausted.

I know it sounds paranoid but I get the strong feeling the person responsible wants me to commit suicide. Sometimes I think about it because the lost relationships, friendships, jobs and having to start completely over has become too much for me. Now, I'm dealing with all kinds of mysterious physical ailments that are not relieved by modern medicine or alternative medicine.

I *know* something is being done toward me and I want to stop it, forgive the sender and heal this before it passes to another generation. Enough is enough!

BoyintheMachine said...

@ Anonymous,

Three decades is a long time.

I've posted the follow-up here:

You will need to peform a spiritual cleansing of yourself, home, and vehicle. Then you need to follow up with a protection spell.

I would also recomend reversing spells, to reverse the evil back to the sender. From my experience, it's the only way to get them to stop the evil they do. If all you do is take off the curse then that person will continue hurting other people. If they get a dose of their own medicine they have a chance at reformation. Now, the problem with reversing spells is that these people don't understand that it's there own evil coming back to them and a lot of them will make accusations that somebody is cursing them, and of course that *somebody* is themself.

If you need some more advice, feel free to email me at

Take Care

songbirdjen said...

Anonymous and BoyintheMachine,
I know how you feel Anonymous. I've been going through almost the same things for about 15 yrs now. The thing that makes mine kind of tricky is that I believe I have two separate incidences of this. I've heard throughout the years that someone cursed my great grandmother. My Great grandfather had an affair and children with another woman way back when. The Other woman was believed to have put a curse or hexe on our family. Since then all of the woman in my family have suffered greatly. Failed relationships, having to raise their children alone, illnesses, finaical hardships, abandonments... it goes on and on.

The second, my sister when he was a young girl (we lived in the same mountains as my greatgrand mother) my sister and a neighbor girl used to practice acultism. I have no idea if they were just playing around or if they actually could conguer anything... My sister still to this day plays around with spells and candles.. etc.. she calls herself a witch.

My sister recently suffered the loss of her children being taken from her.. Even though it was our mother who was responsible for this.. Our mother told her I was responsible even though I was 250 miles away and had no clue as to what was going on in their lives.

See, I realized years ago it was better for me to remove myself from my family. As long as I was around them.. my life seemed to suffer worst blows. Last year, our mother was responsible for making my son and I homeless. (this is after my sister's ordeal) I suffered tremendous financial ruin at her hands... I almost committed suicide over it all.

I had a near death accident about 3 yrs ago that has left me pain every day. I am tired and in pain every single day of my life... I continue to have unexplained pain throughout my body... it's been crazy... It's destrubbing and a little comforting in a way to know that other's are going through stuff similar. What can I do??? I need help bad?

Double Cursed

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but what I'm about to tell you will get you thinking. Since I was a boy I've been cursed. I'm now 27 years old I don't look like my age. I look like I'm 18 yeas old, From the day I could remember my dreams, I can tell you I've been having abnormal dreams and abnormal behavior. One of my latest dream was a women giving birth while I was penetrating her to let the baby out and than A Cat came out of her! followed by 3 Normal babies.

Yes many times I feel like I'm being tormented by friends and

I know I'm curse and I know it not from an average Wich. People are afraid of me and they want tell me or show me.

I'm barely invited anywhere.

Anonymous said...

i think iv been cursed. im sure of it. haw do i get rid of this befor it kills me

Anonymous said...

i really think i'm cursed. it's a long story but all i can say is i'm so close to committing suicide. help!

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous,

Read the comments in this thread. If you are suicidal you need to seek out help from a professional or in the lest call a suicide hotline.

Anonymous said...

and u really think a fucking hotline like that would help.! this isn't just about being suicidal. it won't help, tnx anyway.

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous,

Suicide will not solve your problems. As far as my other comment, I provide links in a previous comment.

Performing a spiritual cleansing will take off anything that is on you but it won't make your life perfect. You will still have to work to help put things right in your life.

If you are truly suicidal you need to reach out to someone, preferably in your life like a loved one or close friend. Hotlines are good when there is nobody around and you feel that you may be losing control. Don't be afraid to seek professional help from a doctor or mental professional.



Anonymous said...

I have a question does goofer dust smell like anything?

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous,

Most recipes include sulpher so it would smell like sulpher. It may just smell like dirt though, since graveyard dirt is the main ingredient.

Anonymous said...

no dont goto mental health teams or doctors,i went to my doctor he on purpos ruined my life,he wrongly diagnosed me mental then he sent me mental by giving me 100mls methadone,70mg of diazepam and injections i didnt need ,he was killing me ,so dont trust those sicko"s honest there is no such thing as mental health we all have slightly mental thoughts at times we all can go despair been mental is just a word doctors use to pump us with more drugs an destroy us even more,what u do is you pray for ur mental health asking jesus to heal you,askin jesus to break curses and heal ur life ,he is amazing and can do anything.personaliy disorders an mental health is simply thr tricks of the wicked one ,dont trust anyone in the system because the system is lies,the world is one big lie,the truth shall set you free,praying is the key,...

Anonymous said...

Who is Legion....? Last year, I was in a ritual that went wrong.. My Pegan friend needed help so I helped him.. Well.. tried. He got possessed I think during the ritual and called himself Legion. Then he drew in the air, an upside down cross at me and two other friends that were with me. It was very scary.. He tried attacking us too... I talked to a christian friend and he said I might have been Cursed with Torment when I told him I was getting strange dreams.. Nightmares. Over and over of the same thing. Tornado's, a strange evil looking person who didnt look human whatsoever.. And just last night, I couldnt move like I wanted to. My body was heavy like I had weights down on my back.

Anonymous said...

How do u cleanse a curse

Dawn said...

I need help i tried to use a cleansing spell candle to remove a curse and became more ill than I've been. I have all the symptoms of someone cursed and have so many physical ailments explained and unexplained that the teams of doctors working with me are surprised im not dead I've been given a year at max now and don't know hoe to lift this curse i have no experience and thought the cleansing would work not make it worse im very sick and need help and hospitals and doctors can't figure it out if you can help email me please i won't remember to check back here for help my brain gets pretty foggy

Anonymous said...

I just stopped by because I believe that a family member has put something on me. I have all the symptoms of being cursed but I refuse to let it hinder me. I am very spiritually weak right now but I know that I have the power to reverse this. However the person that did this to me knows this too. I will pray and ask for the mental and physical strength I need to cleanse myself and regain the power that I need to overcome this curse in the name of JESUS!

For those who are considering suicide - IF YOU COMMIT SUICIDE YOU WILL BE GIVING THE PERSON WHO CURSED YOU WHAT THEY WANT> REMEMBER THIS!! It is better to do all that you can to REVERSE REVERSE REVERSE!!! Do your best to make your life a good one. DO GOOD THINGS FOR OTHERS! You will be blessed and the person who tried to harm you will shrivel up in envy, hatred and fear. I'm not a church person but I do know that the almighty GOD, creator of all things, CONQUERS ALL!!

Caine said...

I also believe I've been cursed. I have tremendously bad luck, I'm completely broke (money-wise), I don't seem to be able to feel love from family/friends (I don't have any friends), things I try to do in a positive manner seem to backfire. I can't sleep at night, I'm always exhausted. I've been diagnosed with 3 different diseases within the past 3 years (two of which are incurable). I've spent more time in either the Emergency Room or Admitted in the hospital because of these diseases. I'm chronically depressed, I suffer from anxiety. I got a ticket the other day for going ONE MILE over the speed limit. I was in an accident a few weeks ago in Kentucky (a "no-fault" state, so my "liability" insurance will not cover it because it was not my fault (neither will the other people's insurance (no-fault state). (I was smashed between two trucks on the highway). Due to this accident, I got ANOTHER TICKET because my side-view mirrors were ripped off and I can't afford to replace the doors on my car (the mirrors are actually a part of the DOOR, not an add-on). I can't pay EITHER ticket because I'm unable to work due to my "diseases". I was denied for disability. I'm now driving under a suspended license because I can't pay the tickets or the reinstatement fee. I'm chronically depressed, chronic pain, I have seriously considered suicide but I would probably get that wrong and end up a vegetable (at least that way I wouldn't have to worry about driving, right?). I'm at my wit's end and I don't know what to do. Sadly, to top it all off, I'm an active member of my church and I even sit on Church Council. Regardless of my standing with God, I can't seem to get away from this negativity. Any suggestions? Somebody PLEASE HELP ME...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I was just hexed or not. I was awaken by a voice (I and my baby are the only ones in the house..besides my cats). The voice kept saying "I hex you". Guess it could be from my dream, but I kept hearing it in my head after.

Anonymous said...

I'm basically at my wits end. I've been running from something forever and I'm just too tired to fight it any longer. My entire life has been a gruesome game of torture. I can't figure out where it began but it has to have dated back before my time.

My mom was crippled up as a child. Her brother almost died of juvenile diabetes as a child. Both her sisters suffer horrible migraines. Way too much of a coincidence they'd all have those problems.

My father grew up in horrid conditions of poverty and alcoholism and as a result in order to survive it stunted him emotionally and he became a card carrying pathological lying con artist.

The life I was born into was abuse, neglect, going without, abandonment, manipulation. It's been horror from day one.

I had no childhood. I was my moms arms and legs. The degrading tasks given to me would have easily removed me from my home had a social worker been made aware but I was also taught to put on a fake face when it came to the public.

My father was so messed up he had no clue how to manage money or be a father. They should have never married and if so bringing a child into that strange environment should not have happened. These were both survivors of extreme pasts and each simply only knew how to be selfish to fulfill their own needs.

I was forced into poverty with no assistance from my parents. The gruesome side show of life I was forced to watch at a distance will always haunt me. I was put on this earth to watch others get the basic essentials and watch them live in peace while I served and went without wondering why is this happening. I've always felt dirty or tainted for some reason. I feel often something unseen is pointing and laughing at my daily challenges as internally I am in agony at what the day has offered. I have no idea what the words comfort or safety net means. Sadly both parents were so messed up I have no clue what love is either.

From childhood I've felt all alone but yet though it all protected to a small degree by something that is only allowed to help at a minimal level. My life story is way too long to go into detail but I assure you it is jaw dropping. There was so little joy it's relegated to a pathetic moment most wouldn't even observe as a big deal but because of all the neglect and abuse and strange events that would take place to me it was the only moment of joy.

Way down deep inside I've known my fair right to life was attainable to have all that comfort and peace I have never had but to get to it has been an impossible obstacle course. There has been zero forms of assistance to help and the ridicule to simply just accept my fate after exhausting myself as a child has been cruel. Again lots of details are being omitted.

Flash fwd to the last two years. I felt an even heavier cloud coming and it did. I had said should my finances be taken and my mothers health decline I'd really be in a bad spot. Suddenly, my money was taken. My father who was being forced to pay me money he owed me dropped dead. Next I lost my job. Two months later my mother became violently ill. Keep in mind I'd given up my adult life to care for this handicapped woman. Within 9 months she was dead.

Now I sit heading towards my biggest fear of all. homeless. My whole life has been a cruel joke. It's not normal. I've had to reach up to touch bottom my whole life. I'm not sure why I don't drop dead of a massive heart attack with all the anxiety from the years of being in the have not category and dealing with horrid conditions and now with all of this happening. I can't take this curse any longer. For the love of God will someone help me. I think I'm here for a reason but I need peace and relief from this hell. HELP

Anonymous said...

Do unstoppable habits count too? 'cause i can't stop myself from having bad habits no matter what i do.
please can someone tell me what to do to overcome this, it seems like I'm trapped with this sin and have no way to get out.

Anonymous said...

I think I am a victim of a generational curse.

jayjay said...

my hairs falling out Cuban cut NY hair while i was sleeping help

Anonymous said...

But what if your just a little girl? My niece has had strange things going on since of age 4. Claims to have seen things like a giant stuffed tiger turn its head, give her an evil look and goes back to normal. I know somethings could be her imagination, specially because her mother lets her watch the wrong kind of movies. She is a sweet girl but there was a couple times that I thought something was off. When she was 4 yrs old and my son was 18mths. She was swinging and he walked in front of her. My husband watched her as she got this far away look on her face with a smile and she didn't even try to stop. She ran right into him. Another time when both girls were 7, she said something to my daughter that made her real angry and she kicked at my niece, I saw it and yelled at my daughter and sent her to her room. I turned around to see my niece with the most evil huge smile, I'm talking ear to ear, on her face. Pure joy was what I saw. Now at the age of 10, she shes things and hears things. My sister told me as my niece walked by the dresser, two heavy objects on top, about in the middle, came crashing down in front of her. Then the next day they were in the kitchen when my niece heard something, they went into the livingroom and a heavy bookshelf, that hasn't been moved in a year, was tipped back. A painting next to it was completely sideways. I don't know what to believe. But I do know a few years ago I made a list of everything that seems weird, as I was reading over the list I felt something right behind me that made the hairs on my neck stand up. The top of my head started to tingle. The air around me was think with malveillance. I was so scared that I couldn't move. Lasted about a minute. So is my niece cursed or is she possessed? Or do we all just have an overacted imagination?

Anonymous said...

can a person be cursed if they sleep with someone who is cursed

Anonymous said...

After reading this i think the women of my family has been cursed. Is there anyway to put an end to the misfortune?

Anonymous said...

I want to put a curse on a guy who used me. I fell in love with him and one day he left me for no reason. I later found out he had a girlfriend. Anyway I was in college at the time. I received fs in my classes and dropped out do to becoming severely depressed. My gpa is so low now that I must start over at a different school wasting money and years of my life. He contacted me many months later for a one night stand and tben ignored me again. I want to curse him to drop out of school and become as depressed as I was. I dont feel bad about it at all.

DocConjure said...

# Anonymouas at April 18, 2013 at 11:53 PM

I'm the blog owner. If you are looking for a professional worker in your situation then feel free to email me at

Anonymous said...

Yes u can be absolutely I am a spiritual practitioner and I once knew a elder in the religion have a curse that was meant for the women he was sleeping with and it jumped onto him causing him distress and discomfort..

Kerry Hickman said...

OK, had ghost-like disturbances in home as a child. When I was in junior high I started waking up, mid-sleep time, to sulphur smells in my bedroom. I no longer live in that house, but still have off and on issues. I am awakened regularly by someone whispering my name in my ear, but no ones there. Other life issues/troubles, finance, romance, job, no sleep, etc. ??Anyone got a clue??

Anonymous said...

my mother always threatened us children with the african curse if we wont her her money. so i asked her to go f*ck herself and that i wont give it to her. i actually asked her to curse me so i can concentrate more in fighting her curse than fearing she will curse me.

later she went mentally broke and i didnt even attend her burial.
my sister owns a cult. i too was in another cult and later abandoned it after 7 years.

my brothers marry witches and my girlfriends are either withes or into other spiritual crap.

I hated and i think successfully estranged my family.

They were a despicable lot. who impregnates a woman with the whole purpose of dumping her to see her suffer from a gloating distance?

or marrying their best friend girlfriend (a goddamn witch- i think she overpowered him). This friend was the only friend not only himself, but the whole family ever had.

Now the guy has started having unusual major health breakdowns and i know it all tied in there.

and i cannot sympathy for him even a morsel of sympathy.

witchcraft was the order of the day in my previous/estranged family.

i have all the symptoms here. have crawled on floor like a snake. or hopped around like a frog. some strange people talk though my mouth challenging me on my preferred course of action.

i dont like charismatic preachers. They got me very posessed with holy ghost stuff.

but often when some preach i get demonic manifestation and sometimes some relief as some demons are expelled from me. so what to make of such?

i would be wary of spiritual exorcists and such. they also seem to be source of the same problems.

I hate witchdoctors. i can never ask for their services in this lifetime.

first noted my condition from a book called war on saints by Jessee penn lewis... supposed a christian book.... but when the things to learn to deal with spirits include "i choose light" then i just wonder if this was not just a from of mysticism that works.

Anonymous said...

soo i don't really know if i m still going to get answered but there was this women in my house and her boyfriend rented here and no body liked her! not even my daughter. my daughter always got sick every time she came to my house. after they left she planted a garlic on my plant! she was sanding next to my plant for a very long time. know that she is gone i have a lot of problems my relationship almost got ruined and i have a HUGE space on my head. there is no hair!. what can i do ?

Anonymous said...

Experienced this all except demonic possessions and finding some things that has been thrown in the house. Someone told me that our generation in mother side is cursed since if you connect the heart line of both palms my line in the pinky finger is not equal. the one on the right hand is lower. He said that on my mother's side we had been cursed because one of our ancestors has an enemy and cast a spell to us, how do I revert this?

scared said...

I have every single symptom, except demonic possession and hair loss literally everything. everything that has happened to the people that have wrote on this blog has happened to me and is still happening it just blows my mind. even little things eg like I am 26 nearly 27 and people think i look 17. i cant believe what i have just read. I Feel like everything in my life has gone wrong from the moment i was conceived. but im scared because i have trying since i was 17 to make my life better and everything that i have tried has failed and as much as i try to have a positive mindset and look at every bad thing as a learning experience, im so scared because i know that life is only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

i am an indian and suffering from lots of problems nothing come as justified or any link that i can find i have seen lots of thing that you have discribed but never been able to find and hex bag or anything need help //and help big time i am feeling depperesed day by day please help..

Anonymous said...

Well! After reading evryones coments i truly believe tht i been curse. why? Couple years back i was in a relantionship with this girl n her aunt did some kind of reading. Long story short she broke an egg into aclean glass of water n wat isaw next! shock the fuck out of me, dirt came out of the egg. fuckn DIRT iasked her wat thefuck was that n she said. son thats dirt from the grave some one put a curse on u! THAT WAS IT FOR ME

Anonymous said...

please help I need to find a REAL spell caster to free me from a destructive curse elefpag

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous at 2:41pm,

I'm the blog owner. Email me at

Anonymous said...

submit 1 of 3

well. i wrote earlier about our mother who would curse
or threaten us with curse.

I think this is the last time i will be visiting this blog or others like it.

My healing seems to have completed and may be what i write will help someone.

Its a bit long. indulge me. I wont be coming to post again.

also i will post multi post. I ask admin to indulge again.

I wasn't always the kind of person you would find reading blogs with pictures of grotesque demon pictures but you see.... when on my own i would look into the mirror and start making grotesque faces and talk back to myself and pull my ears like i am trying to turn to a demon...., a condition some religious people call demon manifestation, well seeing demon pictures and images was the lesser thing to bear compared to hearing other peoples opinions of what could be going on.

Plus... i had been doing it for an incredible 20 years since i first discovered that may be... just may be, the "anointed" powers i was having as a charismatic "man of god" that would enable me to place my hands on congregation and they fall, the famous "slaying", and the the "tongue speaking" was probably never the working of god, and in fact may be demonic.

That was 20 years ago. I mean when i started fighting for my deliverance and liberty.

As for the occult bondage it had started much earlier... all manner of hate and abuse from my sorcerer family led by my mother.

At age 10 i do recall my mother manipulating me and the other children to hand over some small money we had been given by my uncle as gifts. While in fact she had been given much more for her own use.

How could i possibly know sorcery was part and parcel of what was happening?

A little ealier at age 6 i do remember her using "muinduri", a cooking stick to "guturuma ngaai", a ritual in which she would hit the warm fireside ashes gently and use the that side of the stick to tap (guturuma)on my swollen groin lymph nodes (ngaai)as she would be mattering some words, no doubt some incantations, as a way to cure me of the swelling.

Many small boys in my village often hurt their toes during football and so they get "ngaai". Its surprising i even knew the name of this ritual... "guturuma ngaai" .... but how the hell can a 6 year old know their mother is practicing sorcery for their healing?

The exact transalation of "guturuma ngaai" is "to curse the ngaai" .... "ngaai" being the swollen lymph node blob
where it develops just above the groin on the left if its left foot or right that got hurt kicking a stone instead of the ball.

I am not exactly sure how everyone in the family knew our mother could curse us. May be she used to threaten she will do it. By age 10, when she was stealing our little money gift I too also knew she would curse anyone crossing her.

Anonymous said...

post 2/3

And i wanted to be a good boy. and gave her the money. The brother i follow refused to give his cash and was punished to eat food without beans while everyone else ate beans in their food.

With such kind of hatred from my mother, i do think demons had an exceptionally easy time possessing me. and everyone else in the family.

At age 13 i was dragged into a cult that neighbored our land.

My family was sick. and everyone into their own sorcery experiences so nobody could help me from the cult leader's sorcery assault. Meaning what?

Meaning the cult leader wants you to join his church and one way or another you cannot refuse. plus he puts demons into you to make sure you cannot have an independent view of his church or himself.

Even when you leave its like your mind is still there- and all sorcery seem to do the same thing. Try ending a relationship based on love potions and you get my point.

The high school... more occult bondage. The owner was a free mason selling children souls to make money in the name of charity to boys from disadvantaged and needy families!

And so from age 13 to age 20 I was walking all over occult world, doing things i never would have agreed to do if i was of proper sound mind.

By age 18 i gained powers from benny hinn reading his book "good morning holy spirit" as i listened to deep "worship" music tape. The cults, the christian unions and assorted local and televangelists like bonke and david cho and rebecca brown (actually real name Ruth Bailey) had prepared my mind for all these kind of mental experiences that are called occult world.

And i got very, extremely possessed. And was having the so called anointed power to demonstrate the "power of god" through slayings. Of course i thought myself very spiritual and powerful having the power to just put my hand on someone and they collapse "under the power of the holy ghost".

At age 20 i am reading a "christian book" excerpt called "war on saints" contained on another "christian book"
called "spirtual man" by watchman nee and big shock on me. The anointing i have may have nothing to do with god.just counterfeit and deceiving spirits!

And that is when demonic manifestations started. bodily distortion, voices speaking loudly confusing me and a whole lot of crap.

I dropped bible reading and prayers and intercessions (was the intercession leader)and the bible and the Friday fellowships and testimonies and "morning glory" etc. I needed to regain myself and walk a journey that i did not know the ending.

A blind man walking in the dark of the night from an unknown hostile territory.

I could not use my mind. I could not remember anything. I needed a total reconstruction. I could not judge anything. Or decide anything.

You see... i had relegated all my mental faculties to "holy spirit" to be doing for think for me and to make sure i did the perfect will of god.

Jessie's book had called this condition "passivity" and that demons were holding onto my faculties and she had all these ideas on how to solve the matter.

It worked. It was painful. The possessing demons caused all manner of raucous and confusion. But i progressed.

Initially i thought i will take a few weeks... but the tag and conflict continued. into months.....then year... then years... then 5 years. still fighting...then 10 years...15 years and by today... and finally free 20 years down the line!

The details are too many. only to say .... unknown to me... my open mind was open to more and newer sorcerers.

Anonymous said...

Post 3 of 3

Plus with the mind open the old sorcerers had capacity to keep revisiting. I was locked in a case where i was fighting the same war with the same sorcerer for more than a decade! And still unable to identify the sorcerer.

One of them being my brother.... but i did not know what was going on then.On the outside a person not understanding occult would say i was having a long-running conflict with my brother.

Don't forget the conflict had no substance. As in no one could point and say what the conflict was about. And yet the "conflict" raged. This conflict was actually occult assault in an effort to dominate and destroy. With experience i can say... if you are having a running conflict and you just do not know what it is about.... sorcery will most probably answer the name and description of what you are having in your hands.

So even as i struggled with the sorcerers who had overpowered and subjugated my mind including the cult leader of age 13, the newer sorcerers were from business forums as customers or suppliers needing compliance from me for free services, or to do better than me.

It was like my open mind was trawling for sorcerers though life and i did not know how to stop it. I did not have mind boundaries!

Sorcerers from dating websites as i tried to rebuild my capacity to relate with women, sorcerers from living apartment who had power to dissolve my car and they buy a similar one because i refused them to use my car for free.

Family sorcerers who had always been there but i never could acknowledge them because i always thought your own brothers and sisters mean you well(even if they have never invited you for a cup of tea for 10 years!).

Whatever the case. everything seem to have stopped. My mind has closed and healed. I am able to tell ALL people who have practiced sorcery towards me.

And i can remember the first person who ever sent sorcery my way, at age 13 again. He must have been 15. He wanted to do better than me at class.

I was the unquestionable class champion. I never worried about competition. So this boy looked and behaved towards me like an animal that needed to be destroyed.

But definitely my young innocent mind could not place such internal feelings into any logic.And i had let the matter be. In my recovery the boy kept showing up and i had to revisit the issue.

For the 20 years i have struggled with deliverance he would always show up in my consciousness and i could never make sense.

i hardly knew him. But you see. and i am grateful to learn... all sorcerers have a similar view of how life and other humans are.

Sorcerers see other humans as a be dealt with in only one be destroyed, to be decimated, to be dominated. And this thinking from sorcerers extends throughout the board. even to their own children, their own brothers, sisters and parents. They just need to be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

had underestimated - two more posts and a small one

The physical manifestation of sorcery is what is called personality disorder in clinical terms.Narcissism, borderline and other mental illnesses, either drive someone into occult realm or its the other way... the occult drives someone into personality disorders. Either way they are related in ways that i do not know or understand.

And the child, and by extension me and what i have learned, we are left with this mega question.... why is my mother doing this to me?

Isnt this person my friend? Why are they doing this?.

A classmate at high school used some bewitched sticks to lock us up classmates not to do as well in life as himself. With good success.

I remember visiting him at start of my recovery... and he was talking of another mutual class mate how he was failing and doing badly in life.

During those days my mind was stuck and i did not know what sorcery is or what he had done to us.

I was thinking my problems were only the "spiritual" and "saved" problems i was working on.

Only so many years down the line struggling with his sticks sorcery and repeated struggle to get rid of his consciousness and possession i was able to understand him.

And after "returning back" his evil magick, he finally stopped accessing my mind after 19 or or so years since he deployed his goddamn sticks.

How you can sorcerer your own high school buddies to do better than them in life is madness untold. He came from a particularly sorcerer stamped community called akamba where i recently learned sorcery is more or less like their religion. To deploy sorcery in that community is the more the norm than to shun it.

And the sticks?? its their special magic they call "kamuti" or small tree... or small branch.

I dealt later in business with the community and when they send me their sorcery magic... i did not know how to protect myself. I could not imagine someone stooping lower than a dog to use magic to sort conflict or get something from me. My naivete was giving them free passes to send me demons and evil spirits.

When sorcery is understood a lot of questions are answered.
a daughter wonders... why is my mother competing with me who has a more handsome man??? what is wrong with her.....

You see it is not competition. The mother, being a sorcerer, views her own daughter as this challenge that need to be destroyed.Her own daughter! The daughter she should be prepping up and helping to meet a handsome man!

That is how the sorcerer mind views life. Even their own children.

As i said everyone in my family is into sorcery and so this mind i have just said is applicable to each and everyone of the individuals.

My frustration to forming meaningful relationships can only be described as trying to shake hands with a shadow. impossible!

Now i like understand so so so so much of all the things that were happening to me. The village shopkeeper who hated me. The 3 teachers who hated me as a teenage.

The high school cultists who dragged me into more occult in high school and how they achieved it.

My neighbor who was taking my t shirt to witchdoctors. I mean how can you imagine your neighbor getting clothes from the drying line?

She wanted i be paying her some of my money like a mistress or something. Like the sorcerer she was i was her next project, because the man she was with, was already under her control.

With sorcery and pregnancy she had got a married man to be her bread winner free of any gainful existence.

This i put into context only much later after she had left. She had put a spirited effort to put demons (that is her conjured minds that i give her money)but finally she did not succeed. But you know war always has these destructive powers no matter who wins.

Plus i was fighting in the dark. Not knowing what the hell she was doing while she knew clearly what she wanted from me.

Anonymous said...

almost finished post. one small one more.

There were the women from websites too who were not interested in relationships and a mother of my child who treated me like a money making machine that does not even need oiling- as i struggled to at least have a civil relationship for our child.

I mean how do you just call your childs mother sorcerer if in the bottom of your heart you dont know what it is you are talking about? Or your mother, or your siblings.

But now i do now! With experience and understanding and fighting with creatures that have no shape that they would send to me.

A brother making a super scheme to have all family property and kick everyone out including his mother, a sister who started a cult, a brother holding a woman as a wife using love potions while kicking out her children that she came with and impregnating her to with multiple children to gain control- and his incredible drive to also place me under his control.

and a hundred more experiences that cannot all be "bad luck". I had to get a sensible answer!

And with understanding and therapy and time... it all seems to have cleared. The truth standing like a tree in the desert.

As a "saved" person i had learned to turn the other cheek and i never wanted to hear about "sending back" evil energy but i ended up doing it and got massive relieve from possessing spirits.

There was quite a bit of struggle.but i think all the spirits left my mind and consciousness.

When my mind came to clarity i was able to look at the possessing spirits in order to try and make sense of them.

Some were like animals like dogs, manufactured (conjured) by the sorcerers to just possess and torment, others were spirit entities from pagan world particularly ancient egypt. The ones that were doing miracles in the name of god.

Others were human spirits doing mind control to get me to do something they want like give them free money or buy in their shop.

Whatever the case, the building matter of posessing spirits was mind.

In other words it took a human being to use their own minds to visualize and form (i believe spiritists say conjure)the grotesque assaulting demons and evil spirits.

Most of the grotesque demons were so bad looking because they had been molded using hate. As in the sorcerer had to create a mental image of me looking as bad or as ugly as possible -dehumanisation for easier abuse- and that somehow these mental images is again what they were managing to pass on to my mind as possessing demons!

You see... i was always mentally available to people who hate me. Especially because they were "family","relative","mother","benefactor", "classmate".

Luckily not any more. And a through scrutiny is a must for a person who so eagerly want to be my friend.

And i don't think it was was hard work for sorcerers to possess me. Being hateful and a desirous to destroy another human, combined with my innocense as the target or even my help of being "loving" and "fair" and "don't judge" it was easy matter for darkness to shoot right into the territory of light.

Why have i passed through so so much evil?

Anonymous said...

final post. thank you for patience

All these things i believe were happening because i was having broken down mental/mind boundaries. So healing my mind boundaries, through therapy and rest and re exercising of my mind seem to have worked.

I got rid of the holy spirit that was thinking and running my life for me.

Also an open re-questioning matters all over again.

I was shocked Jesus may after all have lived to age 67 and may have been a practicing magician- from contemporary sources outside of the bible.

And an incredible scenario where some ancient sorcerers actually used "the name of Jesus" to summon demons!

And that apparently, yahweh, the revered god of jews and christians may after all have been one of the pagan god of medianites- later recast into one and only god.

Anyway it seems its time to really leave. I have so much work to do. and so much to build. Things i could not done earlier. When the power of sorcery raged and imprisoned me.

This written here is just a tip of the iceberg. My entire life was one way or another linked to occult. Mostly without my knowledge.

Plus even though i became afraid of gods and supernatural entities... with all the raging mental illness... i have never gone to bed hungry and i have never had enough for my sorcerer attackers to loot.

Occasionally i saw angels protecting and providing for me but i am just too wary of supernatural entities to make any sensible conclusion on what was happening.

The sorcerers are still with me. One of them is mother to my child.For many years i did not know why she was so conflictual.

But i do now. And i bet she witchcraft a hell lot of people if she could talk the truth.

The life she grew under she sure was never going to be anything else but a sorcerer.

Her guardian brother was a sorcerer and was never going to spend a shilling on her.

Extreme neglect with zero... and i mean zero schooling.

She cannot write her name with a pen.She is still held down under his controlling sorcery.

He preferred to use his own sister to get into prostitution giving him all the money she would make. I was to be part of that pimping crap and make sure there is a child lock down the man.

But the son of a bitch did not know things do not always have to go his way.What a prick.

So the sorcerers are still in my life.

What seem to have changed is that they can no longer enter my mind.

I long to get back to world of reality and do farming and use all my mind for humanistic activities for worthwhile productivity.

Using my mind for productive en devours. Not fighting sorcerers. For apparently mind is the same instrument for productivity just as it is the tool for sorcery counter attacks

Most probably this writing closes my chapter in the world of "mind science" that we call occult.

bye everyone. hope you find your light and whatever it is you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

My whole life has been almost destroyed by curses, hexes and malice...witches/warlocks exist, they are the most foul cesspool of humans, they dont deserve pity, they dont deserve any kind of tolerance or understanding. Thats why there was inquisition an good ole inquisition in these days would be fit...these days, black magic is even more powerfull because of the mindset of people, its all interlocked. For protection and defense against these foul practitioners I recommend reading Malleus Maleficarum, its nicely written on how it works...and believe me it works. Luckily not many people dont even believe in such stuff, so they cant use it...but sadly those who dont believe in it are the most easily affected.

Anonymous said...

I want to know if my husband is cursed or voodooed. He was involved with this woman and said that he wanted us to remain married and work on our problems. Now we've been into it for four years because he seems he has to please this woman and their outside child. They have caused nothing but problems in this marriage. She seems to have control and he doesn't want to piss her off. We've been to counselors and he won't listen to anyone. It's like he's lost his mine. I've never seen someone act like that when he has a wife and children at home

Anonymous said...

my name is Kimberly. I know am cursed but that's not the problem. since I was small I had the gift to see spirits, the future, and I know when something bad is going to happen to someone I love. my moms family are witches since years ago. my brother has the gift to feel them. two years ago I stopped seeing spirits and I thought it had finished for me but I was wrong. I have a son, he's six months. since my pregnancy till this day I've only had three dreams. in those three dreams there's demons trying to take my son away from me. I want to know if you can help me see what's going on?

Anonymous said...

I am at the end of my rope. The curse placed upon me includes death and complete destruction. The last 2 1/2 years have been a complete horror. I've been wiped out. It's been so gruesome I couldn't do this to another human being. I have no choice left. I found this site with one final hope someone could tell me how to get rid of this. I'm sure this came from my father. My mother was taken from me almost a year to the date of my fathers death. They had divorced 30 years earlier. He was a vile man. He was enraged she had finally gotten the courts to make him pay some back alimony. A whole whopping 250.00 dollars a month on an over due claim of near 100,000 but he despised her for it. From the day he died both mine and my mothers finances were destroyed through situations that just weren't making since. Next my mother became violently ill and almost to the day of one year of my fathers death she died in my arms of pancreatic cancer. I've never recovered financially and have lost every thing through odd situations and break downs that just don't make since. I can't take this any longer. What ever that man did. What ever he was willing to hand over to get this type of destructive curse placed on us it has worked. It's been violent, gruesome and cruel. I can't beat this without someones sincere help. It seems to be all about money. his youngest step son is posting on line photos of thousands of dollars in cash he's taking from some account while bragging his step dad left it to him. There was never any will. his step wife is driving a new auto. She claims all she's got is just my fathers ss which would be just barely 800 a month. I'm being taunted with the very things I need in order to survive and unable to create it on my own. i don't understand this. I've tried posting serveral times and it won't let me get this to you. HELP i'm in hell!!

Anonymous said...

I think you all need to reflect on the past a curse has a price and a high one at that if your cursed I wound what you have done to make some one hate and not just temporary truly hate and full of anger and revenge of course I cant say ive ever dont magic and I guess that has to do with a lack of faith reading about it tho I love to read about magic

Anonymous said...

Its been over 7 months of odd happenings bringing much curiosity to whats causing these things ive always been a happy, humorous, outspoken, and friendly to anyone and everyone but things started falling apart... i began feeling unenergized, slow, boring and lost alkali of my friends, personality, memory and what topped it off was is that crows 24/7 at some point of the day c row to my. presence, kids get scared of me and i feel as if i bring a drowsy vibe. Also little moths have been appearing and never leave my kitchen and maggotd appear at times too. I need answers quick because this is affecting me to proceed happily, what can i do to remove this curse! Pleaseee help me out

Anonymous said...

I'm two weeks away from finally just caving in and taking my life. I can't take it any longer. I don't wonder if I've been cursed I know I have. It's so severe it includes death and loss of every thing in a three year span like domino's one by one. I've now lost my job, no income, so thought of selling my truck to make ends meet. Fantastic running truck. The day I come up with this plan the trucks fuel pump goes out. No money to fix that. Truck can't be sold for a good price with that. Curse shoved me down again and has locked me out of trying to survive. I don't understand the hell I've been through but it has made it impossible to have a chance at life. My family is dead. I'm losing my home. All my money is gone. No job. No way to look for a job. I get no sleep. I can't eat. This cycle has been going on for three years. MAKE IT STOP!

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous at 10:40 PM,

Email me at

Don't kill yourself.

God Bless,


Cher Armstrong said...

Is being told that your aura is tainted the same thing as being cursed? I was at a psychic once with my two friends and was told my aura needed cleansing because of a taint to it, whatever that even means.

I confess to being a skeptic, but I definitely wouldn't completely dismiss the possibility that my family is cursed. I do know of people related by blood to me who have done unequivocally evil acts- and that's just ones I know about. One of my uncles had a fascination with whatr I call serial killer magazines- my mom found a stash of magazines depicting naked, dead, mutilated women. I didn't even know such magazines existed!

I'm also 99% positive that some of my rich relatives have paid off the court to be exonerated of crimes. also, my mom and I became homeless when I was 4 directly because of other family members. so, needless to say, I'm definitely related to pretty evil people.

Another reason I think this- I have definitely seen poltergeist activity and ghost activity, enough to make me believe in ghosts without question. There is no logical explanation, for instance, to see a clock running backwards (with my mom as a witness) and return back to normal the second someone doing construction on our house entered the room- only my mom and I were meant to see. Nor can I explain a milk cap levitating- something my mom saw also. I'd thought I was imagining it until she said it too and "do you see that?" My mom thinks the one in the house is her grandmother.

In a separate incident, one of my good friends and I were walking in a street by our school at night and we saw what looked like another person. We moved over to give him room and all of a sudden a car came out of nowhere so close we could touch its side if we wanted- right where we'd just been. We both yelled and looked where the guy was, convinced he'd been hit even though we didn't hear impact- and he'd vanished. He was nowhere in sight- he'd disappeared instantly.

So, yeah, if ghosts definitely exist, family curses very well could too..

Anonymous said...

I'm at a turning point in my life, i'm in my mid twenties and my hair is turning grey because of what i've been through. I won't list what happened to me because it would just take to long but let's just say that if i had the option to end everything right now, i would take it in a heartbeat no regrets, than continue to live like this. My question like everybody else's would be: is there a way to reverse or end/lift this curse, never ending bad luck or whatever it is ? One that doesn't involve scam artists, false psychics or people that normally take advantage of such situations.

Eric Kessler said...

I just came across this article and its 2/21/2014... I really hope u haven't done the ultimate. Anyways I am in your boat of decades and decades of every little thing is an issue. From things CONSTANTLY being knocked out of my hands or me dropping things if u want to look at things tgat way. But I am an average normal person with no inabilities at all. I constantly drop things, I have the absolute worst luck as well.... I have always said that I have the best luck with the most negative bad things. AND.....I cant seem to reverse or even stop it. I dont know what to do but I THINK I know when it originated and by whom. ....

Ernest Williams said...

I was reading the blog about "how to tell if you've been cursed", and I feel that my family has been under a curse for years...I feel I even know (as I have some natural psychic abilities) where it began...

Does anyone know how, or where (in Los Angeles) to (truly)counter a curse??? I've done candles and oils, charms & crystals, but I feel that there has been little change in the curse's power. Can anyone help is quite despairing trying to find love and success in life to have it thwarted and/or destroyed at every turn...


Britni Shameless said...
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George Indelicato said...

Never give in do Not show weakness if you have Faith in God know He Loves All Jesus Christ is the Son of God it is not his will that any should perish I don't know you but I will pray for you let me know if you are seeing any improvement

George Indelicato said...

That is fortunate for you many have no idea why or who these things originate from please My People stay strong and know you're not alone God Loves Us Please believe Jesus is the Son of God and knows how to save He shall Have Victory Eternal

George Indelicato said...

I don't advocate the pushing of religion upon others however if you are a believer in Jesus Christ and know that he is the Son of God trust and seek his face know that he wants good for all God s children He is our brother and even called us friends try prayer it has brought me relief from much all here speak of my mother drug us through 6 marriages,destroyed my own stole my children plotted had me imprisoned abused in every method emasculates me decieves all into thinking I am the worst person on earth I commensurate with all here Please do try prayer even scientists know it's effective

Anonymous said...

I bought a farm up north I moved in last may..I rented the farm out to a man who was a physic prior to moving there at my previous home soon as we started talking to this man I started having strange loud banging on my walls doors slamming. When I moved to the farm things got worse the man moved in and my luck just got horrible nothing went right for me no matter how much I tried...he conned me never payed rent just sweet talked me for six months when I finally had enough he left then things got even worse my house burnt down 2 of my horses died now I'm losing my farm cause my insurance won't pay me...everything I ever worked hard for was gone within a years time even my truck and boat was repossessed ... I'm losing my mind anyone have any advice

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous,

Email me at

Anonymous said...

I have a.question ....i did witch revenge spell..but used a black candle when was supose to use a white one..did i curse myself

Shanyn Wolfe said...

I am 33. 1995-98 i was a troubled teen. Drugs, wrong crowd, angry, runaway. My parents drank all my life, dad would often become violent at night when he was drinking...which was daily. Its not easy to raise a family and we're all weak. I hold no resentment. He became financially stable 1996-97ish. 1997 my folks bought a house. Hallelujah! 1998 i got in trouble, dad drove to CA to pick me up from juvie. I sobered up, started working full time for dad, mom took me to Ford to pick out my new truck. Met my hubby 2000. Bought a house, had a baby, family business doing well... In March 2002 my brother brings his new girlfriend to his bday dinner. .... 2/2003 mom dies... Mayb 8-12 months later bro gives his GF a job in my office as my assistant. I didn't know her. Had spent no social time with her.. I am very nice, patient, fun, generous, trusting.... I didn't see the truth as I do now. Althoough I sensed she was an instigating manipulative liar... I'd never experienced humannature like her before. it was unknown to me so I fell victim. Here we are in 2014. We've all lost everything..our houses, our company. My dads had a stroke and is plagued wi various skin csncers and unknown ailments. Iv had numerous health issues, sprained ankles, knees...stupid clumsy accidents.... My brother is completely brainwashed. They wer pregnant with triplets 2010... they lost the triplets. But they all "lived" after being born prematurely at 25 wks (boy/Shane Christopher) & 26 wks (girls/stefani & i forget the other ones name). 7/4/2012 they had a daughter. My bro doesnt get to see her. The GF has moved out. Shes got such a control over him.... She wont allow him to speak to me.... WE LIVE 3 BLOCKS FROM EACHOTHER!! She's turned my sister, aunts, & anyone else she possibly can against me. Spreading complete lies, fabrications.... Nonsense. I dont even know her. Shes ruined everything. Even my marriage. Convinced me in 2005 that my hubby had a girlfriend... Our marriage ruined...were together but were not as we were then... The negative occurances continue. So many... So mentally & physically exausting.... Im so tired. I want my life back. I miss my brother... Its like he doesnt know me anymore...hes so different too. We used to be best friends. I want my dad to feel good again. Hes all Ive got left. Shes still so active in our lives. Iv never wished her ill will or spoken badly to her. I dont understand. I hav a 12 year.old daughter.... Her child hood has been stolen from her because.of the 11 years of chaos this woman has caused... I need help please. Please.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just started to look this up (about being cursed). I don't know if I want to believe all the signs you listed because it would mean that I'm probably cursed for a while now..

The reason I'm looking in to this is because I just burried my third cat in 3 months time. My cats mean really alot to me. My first cat ran away or maybe he's dead as well but that happened about 7/8 months ago so its not in sync with the others. It did start after a stray cat took up ressidence here though. But I want to put that aside because I don't want to blame it on an innocent creature.
My kitten is the only 1 I have left (and the stray cat) and I can't loose her too, I'm at wits end here!

My question is what kind of curse could cause me the loss of my beloved pets?

But the things I read here that can be sign of curse, they make me wonder as I said above if it isn't going on for a much longer time.

- An out of the ordinary string of bad luck with multiple negative experiences occurring in a relatively short time frame.

- Feelings of physical exhaustion or fatigue

- Financial difficulties and the loss of one's job or income

- Developing a troubled mind, such as depression, mania, inability to concentrate, feelings of fear or panic, feelings of hopelessness or else periods of extreme anger, confusion, and general angst.

- The breaking up of relationships, friends who have abandoned you, a lover or spouse who leaves, etc...

- Unusual accidents (both of yourself and the people around you)

These are things where I'm tortured with since grade school or maybe since forever I can't really know ofcourse.

The only strange thing would be why something like these above could change into the death of my pets which I would call more my loved ones then just as pets. Would this not change things?

Just did a divination method with the use cards where I had to make 3 piles of cards and make the piles stop at 10 cards or when pulling out an ace.
I got 8 first then an ace, Then I got a pile of 10 cards, and the third was again an 8 and then an ace. Bit weird.

I'm listing all this because I hope someone can tell what I'm up against or even if I am up against anything like a curse.


Anonymous said...

Hi, About 5 yrs back, I began to feel like I was hexed due to damaged love life and their finances . So I relocates to Houston and go see a cpl readers and they all told me someone in the state of LA which is where I'm from hexted me........supposedly a woman. I'm thinking it was done through a man I was intimate with.....I was told to cleanse that and sleep in all white , so I did....wake in the morning& use no soap or deodorant just rinse........I followed the instructions was suppose to go back when I got off work but froze up& never showed.............I know something is raised an eyebrow because every man I'm involved with, have no history of abuse but once involved with me, they tremendously financially and then to satin............ What do Ido????? Just wanna b happy

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact I'm cursed. So is my mother. My father's side of my family were of gypsies who immigrated from Egypt to live here in Arizona about a hundred years ago. My ancestors we're into some pretty hardcore magic. I know my great, great grandmother cursed her husband who beat her a lot and he went crazy in a matter of six months and lived the rest of his life in an insane asylum. My great grandmother hated my mothers Caucasian side of the family and three brothers who we're my cousins committed Suicide out of no where in a Suicide pact on Christmas Eve in 1999. Christmas was never the same again. My mother was cursed because my ethnic side of the family hated "The Evil White People", and my mother's life has been a living hell for a long time, since I was about six or seven. She got into relationships with abusive men after divorcing my dad who I haven't seen in a decade. When she married her second husband he started beating on her after the honeymoon. She was raped and beat with a base ball bat which broke her hip, thus having to have surgery to replace it with a metal implant. which gave her permanent brain damage. She is in her late fifties now and doesn't own a car. It takes three hours to ride to work on the bus each way. She doesn't have money saved for retirement as everytime we tried to save up something terrible happened that cost money to replace or fix. Meanwhile while she was in rehab recovering I was put in a group home for months as no one wanted to be responsible for me. I lived in a house with 10 other girls who bullied me until the doctors released her. Then we we're living in homeless shelters for three years when my step dad kicked us out of a house my mother helped build. All the furniture, tv's, computers, pets, etc was bought by my mother but the house was in his name so she lost EVERYTHING! I dropped out of school when I was 13 because there was simply too much going on in my home life to focus on my school work. Also I left because I was being sexually abused by my teacher, but because I was a tomboy no one cared or believed me. As I was also known as being a troublemaker. I'm 23 and have never had a boyfriend, nonetheless a date. I got my GED eventually but when I didn't have it, it was pretty hard to try to explain to people why I didn't have a high school diploma, or proper education. Thus looking like a pathetic low life and burn out. And a redflag, as guys viewed it as a burden that made me un-datable. I have had friends turn on me like the devil himself. May I mind you I let these people live with me rent free for YEARS! And then when something better came along they spit in my face and even robbed me blind. I had one friend even call my job and told them I smoked pot to get me fired and shut me up from having them arrested for robbing me. Doing everythingpossible to make life harder and to shut me up. My so called best friend of six years sabatoged my social life and turned everyone against who now all believe I am some crazy Suicidal monster. She then even hacked my Facebook, to basically stop me from trying to reach out to anyone and tekl my side of the story. She refused to give me back my account and declared it belonged to her now. So no more Facebook for me! I could just start another one with a new email but what'the point? I just had a guy tell me he loved me after nine months of knowing him and hoping he would make it official. I trusted him like a love-sick dumbass and when I finally did sleep with him I never heard from him again. I think some of us are just destined to be miserable :(

Anonymous said...

I made up my mind. I'm killing myself, I'm fucking doing it. Note to everyone who ever reads this. Life is NOT worth living. Take it from me, im 57 years old...and no matter how hard I tried, no matter how responsible and positive and driven I tried to be, no matter how hard I tried to take control of my life and accomplish goals and dreams. It was all pointless. It doesn't get any better. This world is over populated anyways, one less human alive would be good for this planet. Don't worry though, I have no friends or family, getting evicted from my apartment soon cause I lost my job as they say I'm "too old" to work. Bastards! We'll I hope they're all happy now that I'm kicking the bucket. And yes Im serious. P. S. FUCK YOU PEOPLE!!!

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous at 12:59 PM on June 17, 2014.

The world is not overpopulated. You are suffering from depression and/or other underlying disorders that you need to get treated. Please seek help.

Apartments are horrible. You are paying for nothing and as soon as you can't pay anymore you get evicted. Move somewhere and get a house. If you have to rent, then rent to own.

The world is beautiful and life is beautiful. Get help and you will realize this is true.

eileen said...

I've dropped university like 4 times, if that is not a curse then tell me what it is!!!

Anonymous said...

I been bitten by a large dog or something and now something is happening to me I'm scared someone please help

Anonymous said...

Suicide isn't a rash/ random decision, most suicidal people are that way for a long ass time. Something may trigger the decision to finally do it. But the general feeling that life sucks and to be simply tired of living can go on for a while. As for the friends and family that everybody is supposed to consider to keep going for and not hurting? Much of the time friends and family are busy with their own lives. And have little to no understanding, compassion or patience for you, and why you feel your life is terrible. Especially when you have things that society tells us is supposed to make you happy. Friends only like you when your smiling. Then when you off yourself, they act shocked, surprised and put upon. If they cared so much. Why didn't they help? Because all people are selfish. Not just the ones who take matters into their own hands. People don't make time for other people's pain and problems in the real world- they are busy with their own. So at the end of the day, all of us are alone in it. Add depression and despair to the mix, and ya might just get a Suicide.

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