Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Burning Of Black Candles

You know that saying, "If I had a dime for every person who..."? Well, that saying holds true with regard to the burning of black candles in Hoodoo candle work. Over and over again I have heard from people who insist that one should never burn black candles. For these people black candles serve no other purpose but for use in black magic and curses. To these people, the burning of black candles, especially in the home, would be akin to cursing one's self. I for one do not subscribe to such belief. Because I know my color symbolism, I know that the color black does have positive uses, such as to remove evil and negativity. So personally, I have no problem burning black candles for such purpose. Now, I might add what I was taught by a shop owner, mainly that one should never burn a black candle alone, that one should always burn it in conjunction with or at least followed by the burning of a white candle. The woman explained it to me that when using black candles to banish evil, negativity, or even people from one's life that one is leaving a void. Unless one attracts positive energy and people to fill the void then the void will likely be filled with more negativity and bad people. Ultimately practitioners need to follow what they hold to be true. If a person believes there is no positive use for black candles then by all means don't burn them.


I Chose To Let Go and Let God said...
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I Chose To Let Go and Let God said...

I do want to add it's like if u believe a black cat bring you bad luck, or double crossing a pole,n a broom hit your foot will bring u bad luck, if you believe it off course, it's what you feel n believe, negative have to back where it came from a place of darkness while white protects cover n shield, black remove n hide true image so yes it's remove fake appearance in pure n reveal to identity..

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