Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bride & Groom Candles

Bride & Groom Candles are figural candles in the form of a joined, side-by-side, bride and groom, similar in appearance to wedding cake toppers, that are burned in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Bride & Groom candles are chosen based off of magical color symbolism. If a full range of colors is not available, then practitioners will use white Bride & Groom candles for blessings, protection, and white magic, red Bride & Groom candles for love, sex, & passion, and black Bride & Groom candles for black magic, break-up spells, and cursing. Bride & Groom candles are burned by one who wishes to marry, to symbolize a specific married couple or to bless or curse a marriage. For an image of a Bride & Groom Candle, click HERE.

Below one can find a good example of how Bride & Groom candles are burned. For the example below, I will be using a white Bride & Groom candle to bless a marriage.

How To Burn Bride & Groom Candles
Items Needed:
- 1 White Bride & Groom Candle - Blessing Oil - Blessing Incense - Blessing Powder - Photo Of The Married Couple, Preferably A Wedding Photo
- Incense Burner
- Coffin Nail - Aluminum Foil
- Bible
Lay out a piece of aluminum foil on the workspace. Place the couple's picture on the foil. Take the candle and pray over it and visualize blessings and good things for the couple. Take the coffin nail and carve the man's name on the groom and the woman's name on the bride. Set the candle on top of the couple's picture on the foil. Dress the candle by pouring Blessing Oil on each head of the candle while calling out that person's name and saying a short phrase of intent such as "John Joe Johnson, Bless You And Your Marriage", and "Mary Sue Johnson, Bless You And Your Marriage". Make sure to pour enough oil so that it runs down the heads and onto the bodies of the couple. Next take a small pinch of Blessing Powder and sprinkle it over the bride & groom sections of the candles while repeating the same phrases. Use more Blessing Powder to sprinkle a circle of powder in a clockwise fashion around the candle while saying a phrase similar to, "May God Bless And Sanctify This Marriage. What God Has Brought Together, Let No One Tear Asunder". Light the Blessing Incense and then light each wick of the candle. Pray the 23 Psalm. Let the candle extinguish itself. One can then fold the remains up in the aluminum foil, folding it toward one's self and in a clockwise manner. If possible, bury the foil package on the property of the couple. Otherwise, leave the foil package at the crossroads.


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