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To Curse Or Not To Curse?

Break-Up Candles

Break-Up Candles are figural candles in the form of a nude, back-to-back man and woman often standing on a heart. Break-Up candles are used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in break-up spells and generally come in the color black. As the name suggests, Break-Up Candles are burned to separate or break-up a couple. For an image of a Break-Up Candle, click HERE.

How To Burn Break-Up Candles

I must admit that I have never used this candle before, but from looking at the candle I can offer some suggestions. I would carve the name of the people on the corresponding figure and then I would load the candle with hairs or personal items from the couple. Otherwise, I would use a photograph of the couple. The candle should be dressed with a proper condition oil, such as; Break-Up Oil, Crossing Oil, Inflammatory Confusion Oil, etc. I would light the candle and then with a sharp knife I would carefully cut the heart-base the figures stand on in two so that each person is separated from the other. I would also tear the couple's picture in two so as to separate them. I would then move the separate figures a little distance from each other and then pinch out the flame. Over the next few days I would light the candle and then move them farther away from one another. When the candles grow small I would allow them to extinguish themselves naturally and then I would wrap up the remains separately per person and dispose of them at crossroads as far apart as possible. I may even throw one of the person's remains in a swift flowing river. Of course, these are just some suggestions. Remember this is black magic. If one is performing unjustified black magic then one may end up causing one's self a lot of problems.

Guardian Angel Candles

Guardian Angel Candles are figural candles in the form of a winged-angel. Guardian Angel Candles generally come in the color white, though sometimes pink, blue, and yellow Guardian Angel Candles may be available. Guardian Angel Candles are burned in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork for spiritual guidance, blessing, protection (especially of children), healing, and general spiritual work. For an image of a Guardian Angel Candle, click HERE.

Praying Hands Candles

Praying Hands Candles are figural candles in the form of hands clasped in prayer. Praying Hands Candles generally come in the color white, though sometimes yellow and pink Praying Hands Candles may be available. Praying Hands Candles are burned in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork for rituals involving blessing, protection, healing, and general spiritual work. For an image of a Praying Hands Candle, click HERE.

Understanding Satanism

An interesting article on the nature and history of Satanism throughout history.

Satanism through the ages

Ireland's Last Witch Trial

An interesting investigation into a 300 year-old case where 8 women were found guilty of using witchcraft against an 18 year-old young woman. Ireland's last witch trial investigated

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Creating Powerful "Love Potions"

Crucifix Candles

Crucifix Candles are figural candles in the form of a flaming cross and often with other accompanying symbols such as keys, the Bible, or a four-leaf clover, which are burned in Hoodoo candle work. Crucifix Candles are chosen and burned based on magical color symbolism. If a wide-range of colors is not available, practitioners will choose white Crucifix Candles for spiritual work, cleansing, blessing, healing, protection, and white magic, red Crucifix Candles for love and power, green Crucifix Candles for money and prosperity, and black Crucifix Candles for banishing evil and negativity and for divine justice. Some practitioners like to use white Crucifix Candles for altar candles, but in actual practice Crucifix Candles make poor choices for altar candles. Some practitioners who like the imagery of Crucifix Candles will keep a very good, detailed specimen as a permanent fixture to their personal altars and without ever burning the candle. For an image of a Crucifix Candle, click HERE.

How To Dress Crucifix Candles

The traditional method of dressing Crucifix Candles is to pour one's choice of condition oil on the top part of the candle, the right arm of the candle, and then the left arm of the candle. Make sure to use enough oil so that the oil flows down onto the body of the candle (or off the arms). Follow this with one's choice of condition powder by sprinkling a small pinch on the top part of the candle, the right arm of the candle, and the left arm of the candle. Pray for one's desire "in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit", while making three "x" signs with the first two-fingers on one's dominant hand.

Trivia: A white Crucifix Candle was burned in an uncrossing rite in the 2005 movie, The Skeleton Key.

Lovers Candles

Lovers Candles are figural candles in the form of a nude couple in a sexual embrace or else engaged in the act of love-making. Some Lovers Candles are copies of Rodin's The Kiss sculpture. Other Lovers Candles can be quite crude in form and symbolize more of the desire to get laid than any desire for romance or a long-term relationship. So if all one is seeking is a 'one night stand', then one may choose one of the more "blunt" version of Lovers Candles. Lovers Candles generally come in the color red and are burned in love/lust/sex spells in the practice of Hoodoo candle work to invoke sexual desire and passion in a romantic relationship. For an image of a Lovers Candle, click HERE.

Poltergeist Activity Caught On Tape?

A U.K. family claims to have caught proof of poltergeist activity on tape. Personally, I'm not convinced. Spooky! Video claims to show ghost

Ret. Col John Alexander On An Alien Invasion

An interesting article featuring retired Army Col. John Alexander and his opinions on humanity's chances for survival if faced with an alien invasion and why they might invade in the first place.

Military Expert: The World Could Never Survive a Real 'Battle: Los Angeles'

Falling Skies Trailer (2011)

Falling Skies debuts on TNT in June, 2011.

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Corpse Attends Colombian Football Game

The corpse of an unfortunate teenager who was murdered was taken to a football (soccer) game by his friends. The friends were able to storm there way in by sheer number as otherwise corpses would not be allowed entry.

Under Your Spell - Timber Timbre

Bride & Groom Candles

Bride & Groom Candles are figural candles in the form of a joined, side-by-side, bride and groom, similar in appearance to wedding cake toppers, that are burned in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Bride & Groom candles are chosen based off of magical color symbolism. If a full range of colors is not available, then practitioners will use white Bride & Groom candles for blessings, protection, and white magic, red Bride & Groom candles for love, sex, & passion, and black Bride & Groom candles for black magic, break-up spells, and cursing. Bride & Groom candles are burned by one who wishes to marry, to symbolize a specific married couple or to bless or curse a marriage. For an image of a Bride & Groom Candle, click HERE.

Below one can find a good example of how Bride & Groom candles are burned. For the example below, I will be using a white Bride & Groom candle to bless a marriage.

How To Burn Bride & Groom Candles
Items Needed:
- 1 White Bride & Groom Candle - Blessing Oil - Blessing Incense - Blessing Powder - Photo Of The Married Couple, Preferably A Wedding Photo
- Incense Burner
- Coffin Nail - Aluminum Foil
- Bible
Lay out a piece of aluminum foil on the workspace. Place the couple's picture on the foil. Take the candle and pray over it and visualize blessings and good things for the couple. Take the coffin nail and carve the man's name on the groom and the woman's name on the bride. Set the candle on top of the couple's picture on the foil. Dress the candle by pouring Blessing Oil on each head of the candle while calling out that person's name and saying a short phrase of intent such as "John Joe Johnson, Bless You And Your Marriage", and "Mary Sue Johnson, Bless You And Your Marriage". Make sure to pour enough oil so that it runs down the heads and onto the bodies of the couple. Next take a small pinch of Blessing Powder and sprinkle it over the bride & groom sections of the candles while repeating the same phrases. Use more Blessing Powder to sprinkle a circle of powder in a clockwise fashion around the candle while saying a phrase similar to, "May God Bless And Sanctify This Marriage. What God Has Brought Together, Let No One Tear Asunder". Light the Blessing Incense and then light each wick of the candle. Pray the 23 Psalm. Let the candle extinguish itself. One can then fold the remains up in the aluminum foil, folding it toward one's self and in a clockwise manner. If possible, bury the foil package on the property of the couple. Otherwise, leave the foil package at the crossroads.

Shut Up Spells

Shut Up Spells, a.k.a. Anti-Gossip, Stop Gossip, Stop Backbiting, etc., is a category of spells in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork and occult magic that act to silence a person from gossiping about one, spreading vicious lies, back-talking, and rumor-mongering. Shut Up Spells range can be either examples of white magic or black magic. White magic Shut Up Spells use ingredients to sweeten a person or make a person friendlier. Black magic Shut Up Spells can be either justified or unjustified in nature. Those that are justified involve the use of *hot*, *sour*, *bitter*, or *puckering* ingredients to magically cause pain and may even employ actual animal tongues, such as a beef tongue, in order to make someone "hold their tongue" or prevent them from speaking ill of one. Examples of unjustified black magic Shut Up Spells would be to use such against people who are testifying against one in a court of law when one is indeed guilty.

The Infamous Beef Tongue Spell To Make Someone Hold Their Tongue

Items Needed:

- 1 Beef Tongue (From The Butcher Or Supermarket/Grocery Store)
- 1 Name-Paper With The Persons' Name
- 9 Coffin Nails
- Hair From The Person (Optional)
- Red Pepper
- Black Pepper
- Salt
- Lemon
- Alum (Optional)
- Knife


Fix a name-paper with the name of the person written 9 times right under each other. Turn the paper counter-clockwise and write a phrase similar to "Hold Your Tongue" or "Shut The Fuck Up!", written 9 times as well, right over the names which you just wrote. This is called 'crossing and covering'. Fold the paper away from you. Take the knife and make a slit in the tongue. Sprinkle the red pepper, black pepper, salt, and the juice of freshly-squeezed lemon into the slit. Place the hair and name-paper into the slit as well. Use the coffin nails to close up the slit in the tongue by piercing them through each side. Now what you do next is up to you. You can do any of the following;

1.) Cook the tongue by boiling it in water. When the tongue is thoroughly cooked, eat it. (Remove the nails before eating. As far as the name-paper goes, some people say that you have to eat it too, but it's really up to you.) Note: If you are going to cook the tongue do not use alum.

2.) Place the tongue in the freezer to "freeze" the person's tongue. Keep it in the freezer until the threat has passed.

3.) If you are bold enough, take the tongue and place it on the front porch of the person.

4.) Take the tongue to the crossroads and then walk away and not look back.

Reversing Candles

Reversing Candles are candles used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in reversing spells. Reversing candles come in a variety of styles and forms but most include red candles that have an outer black wax coating. As the candles burn the black wax is burned away or the red wax flows onto the black wax which symbolizes the removing of evil or the overcoming of evil. The only reversing candle that is not a red candle with an outer coating of black wax is the Hoodoo candle or 7-day glass candle variety which are bi-color, half black and half red. For images of reversing candles, click HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Below one will find a good method of burning reversing candles. For the example below I will be using a jumbo size reversing candle.

How To Burn Reversing Candles

Items Needed:

- 1 Jumbo Size Reversing Candle
- Reversing Oil
- Reversing Incense
- Incense Burner
- Reversing Powder Or A Reversing Herb, Such As Agrimony
- Piece Of Aluminum Foil Or A Mirror That One Has Not Looked At (hasn't seen one's self in)
- Coffin Nail
- Knife
- White Emergency Candle (Optional)
- Candle Holder (Optional)
- Black Trash Bag Or Black Cloth & Black Yarn Or String (Optional)
- Bible


Take the knife and cut off the tip of the candle flat so that it can stand straight as the candle will be burned upside down. Carve a new candle tip at the bottom of the candle. Take the coffin nail and carve the name of the person(s) who has is doing the evil backwards, as in the way it would appear if one was looking into the mirror. If one does not know the name of the person(s) then carve a short phrase of intent. Next place the piece of aluminum foil down or mirror down on the workspace. If one is using a mirror then please make sure that it's a mirror one has not looked into, as in a mirror that one has not seen their reflection in. One can purchase mirrors at hobby stores, selecting one and purchasing one without looking into it. It's not difficult at all. Just remember not to look at it when performing the ritual. If one cannot get a hold of a mirror then use a piece of aluminum foil with the shiny-side up. The shiny-side up aluminum foil and mirror will 'reflect back' the evil to the sender. Pray over the candle, visualize and concentrate on one's desire. Dress the candle with reversing oil in an 'away from you' fashion. If one is using aluminum foil then one may want to burn the candle in a candle holder on top of the foil. If one is using a mirror then one can secure the candle to the mirror by dripping the wax from a lit emergency candle on it's surface then setting the candle down so that it stands straight. Light some reversing incense and sprinkle either reversing powder or Agrimony herb in a circle counter-clockwise around the candle. Light the candle, pray once more and concentrate on one's desires. Recite Psalm 64. Let the candle extinguish itself. When the candle has been extinguished, take everything and place it in the black trash bag. If one is using foil then one can fold everything up in the foil, making sure to fold it away from one's self, i.e. fold away, turn around 90 degrees counter-clockwise and fold again, etc. Another method one can use is to wrap everything in black cloth and then tie it up with black yarn or string. One can then take either the trash bag, cloth package, or the foil package out of the house and put it in a trash bin away from one's home. One can also dispose of it at the crossroads, setting it down and then walking away and not looking back. If one is bold enough, one can dispose of it by burying it on the property of the person who is causing the trouble, if that person is known.

Woman Fired From TSA For Being A Witch?

Carol A. Smith, a former Airport Security Officer, claims she lost her job with the Transportation Security Administration from what started off as an accusation that she put a curse on co-worker's car heater. The result of the accusation was Smith finding herself being investigated for "workplace violence". Smith claims she was even asked to take part in a mediation session, as if the accusation was true. From there Smith's problems got worse and eventually ended in her being fired for "subordination".

Just for the record, the religion of Wicca is recognized by the U.S. government as a valid religion protected under the First Amendment.

Woman Claims She Was Fired by TSA for Being a Wiccan

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Eve Candles

An Eve Candle is a figural candle in the form of a nude woman that is used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork to symbolize a specific woman when performing candle work. Eve candles are chosen and burned based off of magical color symbolism. Eve candles can also be used in ways that do not involve burning the candles, such as using them as doll-babies or "Voodoo Dolls". For an image of an Eve Candle, click HERE.

For a good method on how Eve Candles are burned in the practice of Hoodoo candle work, click HERE. Simply substitute an Eve Candle for the Adam Candle.

Adam Candles

An Adam Candle is a figural candle in the form of a nude man that is used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork to symbolize a specific man when performing candle work. Adam candles are chosen and burned based off of magical color symbolism. Adam candles can also be used in ways that do not involve burning the candles, such as using them as doll-babies or "Voodoo Dolls". For an image of an Adam Candle, click HERE.

Below one can find a basic method of burning Adam Candles. For this example I will be burning a blue Adam Candle for bringing peace to a man.

How To Burn Adam Candles

Items Needed:

- 1 Blue Adam Candle
- Peace Oil
- Peace Incense
- Peace Powder
- Photograph Of The Man
- Coffin Nail
- Incense Burner
- Aluminum Foil
- Bible


Place the aluminum foil down on the workspace. Place the man's picture on the foil Take the Adam Candle and carve the man's name in it with the coffin nail. Pray over the candle and visualize/concentrate on one's desire. Set the candle down on top of the photograph on the foil. Take the Peace Oil and dress the candle by pouring oil onto the head of the candle. Make sure to pour enough oil so that it runs down onto the body of the candle. While one is pouring the oil, say something similar to, "Mark David Henry, May You Receive Peace Of Mind, Body, & Soul". Take a small pinch of Peace Powder and sprinkle it on the candle while saying the same phrase of intent. Next take some Peace Powder and sprinkle it in a clockwise fashion around the candle while saying the same phrase of intent. Light the Peace Incense. Light the candle and recite the 23 Psalm. Let the candle extinguish itself and then wrap everything up in the foil by folding it toward one's self and in a clockwise fashion. If possible, bury the foil package on the property of the person. Otherwise, take the foil package and leave it at the crossroads.

South Carolina Woman Claimed Under Love Spell For 19 1/2 Years

The woman in the following clip claimed a man whom she would not normally be attracted to or become romantically involved with used a love spell on her to force her to marry him and stay with him.

Other Candles & Substitions Used In Hoodoo Candle Work

Below is a list of various candles that are also used in the practice of candle work.

Taper Candles - Used similarly to offertory candles

Votive Candles - Can be used for magic but traditionally used for devotion to the Saints

Tea Light Candles - Good to use in uncrossing spiritual baths

Pillar Candles - Good for long-term work, usually burned for a set time each day and pinched-out in between burnings.

Jar Candles - Used similarly to Hoodoo candles

Memorial Candles - Smaller versions of plain one-color 7-day glass candles, can be used in magic as well as devotion to the Saints

Coach Candles - Used similarly to offertory candles

Scented Candles - Can be used in magic as long as their scent "jives" with the spell.

Citronella Candles - Can be used for Van-Van candles.

Figural Candles - Candles in various human and animal shapes, burned for various purposes

Novelty Candles - Candles of various shapes/forms, burned for various purposes

Emergency Candles - White candles usually between 4-6 inches, can be used for any work.

Birthday Candles - Tiny candles used for Birthday cakes, used when one needs a candle that will only burn for a short period of time

White Candles - Can be substituted for any color when such is unavailable.

Kerosene Lamps - Can be substituted for candles, can be burned with colored lamp oil specific to the condition via color symbolism, can be fixed with certain non-flammable items in the oil.

Matches - Can be burnt when no candles are available and assuming the practitioner is okay with the use of matches. Simply say one's prayer, concentrate on one's desire and strike a match.

The Sun, Moon, & Stars - When one is at wits-end and has no access to candles, or even matches, one can ask the Sun, Moon, & Stars to shine their light to help one. If one is using the Sun and it's getting late in the day, then ask the Sun to shine for you the next day. If using the Moon, it's best to use a full moon. If using the stars, go outside at night and choose one star and ask it to shine for one's problem that night.

Sanctum Lamp

A Sanctum Lamp, a.k.a. Sanctuary Candle, Sacred Light, Sacred Flame, Perpetual Flame, is a special candle or lamp that is kept perpetually lit. Practitioners who use sanctum lamps will often choose a kerosene lamp or large candle, usually in a glass jar, and will light it only with a sacred flame, such as a flame created from sacred woods or a flame kindled from the sun using a magnifying glass. Practitioners who use sanctum lamps will use it's flame to light the candles they use in their practice. When the candle is close to burning out, a taper is lit from it's flame and used to light a new sanctum lamp. The type of candles used for sanctum lamps are generally large, glass-encased candles with a cross or crucifix on the outer-surface of the glass; however, theoretically any type of candle or kerosene lamp can be used. For an image of a sanctum lamp, click HERE.

Astral Candles

Astral Candles, or Zodiac Candles, are candles burned to represent people when performing candle magic or work. Astral candles should be large enough to remain lit throughout the performing of the work, thus should not extinguish prior to the other candles used for magic. Astral candles traditionally should be burnt in the colors associated with the person's astrological sign. A good color chart can be found below.

Table Of Astral Colors

Colors associated with the person's planet sign can also be used. A good color chart for zodiac colors can be found below.

Aries - Planet: Mars - Color: Red
Taurus - Planet: Venus - Color: Green/Blue
Gemini - Planet: Mercury - Color: Yellow/Gold
Cancer - Planet: Moon - Color: White/Gray/Silver
Leo - Planet: Sun - Color: Gold/Yellow/Orange Virgo - Planet: Mercury - Color: Yellow/Gold
Libra - Planet: Venus - Color: Green/Blue
Scorpio - Planet: Pluto - Color: Indigo
Sagitarius - Planet: Jupiter - Color: Purple/Blue
Capricon - Planet: Saturn - Color: Black/Dark Blue Aquarius - Planet: Uranus - Color: Light Blue
Pices - Planet: Neputune - Color: Turquoise/Aquamarine/Light Blue/Green

Colors associated with a person's elemental sign can also be used for astral candles. A good chart for elemental sign colors can be found below.

Aries - Element: Fire - Red
Taurus - Element: Earth - Green
Gemini - Element: Air - White
Cancer - Element: Water - Blue
Leo - Element: Fire - Red
Virgo - Element: Earth - Green
Libra - Element: Air - White
Scorpio - Element: Water - Blue
Sagitarius - Element: Fire - Red
Capricorn - Element: Earth - Green
Aquarius - Element: Air - White
Pisces - Element: Water - Blue

Additionally, a person's favorite color can be used for astral candles as well as a predominant color of their wardrobe.

Astral candles should have the name or initials of the person for whom it represents carved onto it's surface or else be burnt on a name-paper for the person. Astral candles should be dressed with a corresponding astrological sign oil, such as Cancer Oil for a person whose zodiac sign is Cancer. One can also use an all-purpose Zodiac Oil instead. Astral candles can be reused as long as the work is performed on that same person. An astral candle should never be reused for another person. For images of astral candles, click HERE and HERE.

Altar Candles

Altar Candles, or Invocation Candles, are candles burned on altars in acts of worship, spiritual devotion, or while performing work. Altar candles should be larger than any other candles used on the altar or should at least be set higher than the other candles. Altar candles should remain lit throughout the performing of the work and should out-last the burning of any other candles. Unlike the use of candles in magic, altar candles can and should be blown-out when the work is complete. Altar candles are traditionally white, though some practitioners prefer to use one white candle and one black candle, or one gold candle and one silver candle. Altar candles are traditionally cleansed, prayed over, and dressed with Holy Oil or Altar Oil. Wiccans and Neopagans may dress their altar candles with God & Goddess Oil. For images of altar candles, click HERE and HERE.

Vanessa Hudgens Has Reported Run-In With Ghost

Actress Vanessa Hudgens reportedly experienced haunting phenomenon while at a rented house in North Carolina.

Vanessa Hudgens meets a ghost?

I, Martian

MIT researchers have suggested that any Martian life be tested to see if it bears evidence of being ancestors to earth-life. This brings up the Panspermia hypothesis and the belief that life may have originated on Mars and then traveled to earth via asteroids.

Space Forensics Might Point to a Martian Ancestry

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Coast To Coast AM - February 8, 2011, - Satanism & Black Magic

Author and Satanist Winter Laake is interviewed by George Noory regarding his views of Satanism and Black Magic. A very interesting interview. Listeners may be surprised to learn just how similar their views are to the views of Satanists.

Curses & Bindings: How And Why They Work

Triple Action Candles

Triple Action Candles are tri-color candles usually sold in the jumbo candle-size for use in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Traditional color styles include red, white and blue and red, white, and green. One may be lucky enough to find suppliers of other colors as well. For an image of a triple action candle, click HERE.

Below one can find a basic guide for the use of triple action candles. In the following example I am using a red, white, and green triple action candle.

How To Burn Triple Action Candles

Triple action candles are usually burned in sections for three days.

Items Needed:

- 1 Red, White, And Green Triple Action Candle
- 3 Condition Oils (Love-Drawing, Protection, And Money-Drawing)
- 3 Types Of Incense (Love-Drawing, Protection, And Money-Drawing)
- Incense Burner
- Coffin Nail
- Name-Paper or Petition Paper
- Candle Holder


Take the coffin nail and carve a short phrase or symbol into each colored section of the candle. I will share with my readers my trick. I carve a heart on the red portion, an eye on the white portion, and a dollar sign ($) on the green portion. Take the Love-Drawing oil and place a few drops in one's palm. Rub one's hands together and dress the candle toward one's self. Next take the Protection oil and do the same thing. Follow this with the Money-Drawing oil. Place the name paper on the work surface, place the candle holder on top of the name-paper, and place the candle in the candle holder. Light Love-Drawing incense and then pray and concentrate/visualize one's desires. Light the candle. When the red portion has burned away put out the candle by wetting one's fingers with saliva and pinching out the flame. On the next day burn Protection incense, pray, and then relight the candle. When the white portion of the candle has burned away wet one's fingers and pinch the candle out again. On the third and final day, light Money-Drawing incense, pray, and then relight the candle. Let the candle extinguish itself naturally.

Virgin Candles And Reusing Candles

A Virgin Candle is a candle that has never been lit. In spell work, practitioners should ideally only use virgin candles. I personally recommend only using virgin candles but if one is in a bind and the only thing one has is say a previously lit taper, by all means go ahead and use it. What I would recommend is to thoroughly cleanse it with Florida Water or whisky and then to trim off the burnt wick. Carve the candle down to expose unburnt wick and the use the candle for whatever spell work one wishes to accomplish.

The same thing goes with reusing candles. Ideally one should not reuse a candle for other spell work. If in a bind and there's nothing else to use, then cleanse, trim, and carve the candle as described above.

Double Action Candles

Double Action Candles are bi-color candles usually sold in jumbo candle sizes but which can sometimes be found in offertory candle sizes as well. Double action candles are traditionally sold in three styles; white/black (for uncrossing spells), green/black (to remove money/financial jinxes/curses), and red/black (to remove love jinxes/curses). For an image of double action candles, click HERE.

Below one will find a basic guide to the use of double action candles in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. For this example I will be using a green/black double action candle for the purpose of removing money/financial jinxes.

How To Burn Double Action Candles

There are two methods to burn double action candles.

Method #1:

Items Needed:
- 1 Green/Black Double Action Candle
- Candle Holder
- Uncrossing Oil
- Money Drawing Oil or Prosperity Oil
- Uncrossing Incense
- Money Drawing Incense or Prosperity Incense
- Incense Burner
- Coffin Nail
- Knife
- Name-Paper/Petition Paper


With a knife, cut off the green tip of the candle flat so that it can stand straight when turned upside-down. At the bottom of the candle, the black portion, carve a new tip as the candle will be burned upside-down. Take the coffin nail and starting at the middle boundary between the two colors carve a short phrase such as "remove all evil & obstacles". Turn the candle around and starting at the boundary between the colors on the green portion carve a short phrase such as "$$$Financial Prosperity$$$". Pray over the candle and concentrate and visualize the fulfillment of one's desires. Take the uncrossing oil and place a few drops in one's palm. Take the candle and rub the candle from the boundary point between the two colors over the black portion of the candle but making sure to point the candle away from one's self. Rub the fingers over the tip and wick. Set the candle down and place a few drops of money-drawing oil in one's hands. Dress the green portion of the candle starting from the boundary point between the two colors but making sure to rub the candle toward one's self to draw money and financial success. Rub the bottom of the candle on one's palm to make sure it is covered in oil. The candle has now been properly dressed and sealed. Place the name paper on the work surface and place the candle holder on top of it. Place the candle in the candle holder. Light the uncrossing incense and pray for ones desire. Light the candle. When the candle has burned down to the green portion then burn the money-drawing incense and once more pray for one's desire.

Method #2:

Items Needed:

Same as in Method #1, save for the addition of a board with a nail sticking out of it and something protective over the work surface as this method is extremely messy.


Keep the original tip of the candle. At the bottom of the candle carve an additional tip so that each end of the candle has a tip. Dress and seal the candle as described in Method #1. Turn the candle on it's side and stick it into the nail sticking out of the board, making sure the candle is stuck in the nail at the boundary point between the two colors. Light uncrossing and money-drawing incense simultaneously on their respective sides of the candle. Pray for one's desire and then light both ends of the candle. This method is extremely messy and the candle may not completely burn to the middle. There is usually a lot of wax left when the candle has extinguished itself. This method is good when one doesn't have a lot of time to burn a candle.

If by chance one simply cannot get a double action candle, one can replicate a spell using a double action candle by simply burning a black offertory candle simultaneously with either a white, red, or green offertory candle.

Jumbo Candles

Jumbo Candles are larger-sized versions of offertory candles and are approximately 9 inches in length. Jumbo Candles are also considerably wider than offertory candles. Jumbo candles come in a variety of colors and are used in the same manner as offertory candles in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Jumbo candles are especially preferred for spells involving "marking candles", or marking candles into sections so that one section of the candle can be burned per day for candle work that is to be carried out over multiple days. For images of Jumbo Candles, click HERE.


1.) The word Hag is a synonym for witch.

2.) A Hag, or "The Old Hag", Night Hag, is a spirit of a dead witch which does not rest upon death, nor crosses over into the afterlife, but rather becomes a demonic and vampiric-spirit which attacks people while they sleep and feeds off their life-force.

Appearance: Hags are invisible, but are believed to be part-bird due to birds being connected to spirits and the supernatural. When attacking and feeding on their human prey they can shape-shift into a variety of forms or remain invisible.

Lore: Hags can gain entry into a victim's home through the smallest cracks or even keyholes. Once inside, and betraying their bird-like qualities, a hag may "roost" on windowsills and the tops of furniture or cabinets. Hags will also take refuge in dark corners, in closets, and under beds. Hags are normally nocturnal, resting by day and hunting by night.

In life, Hags were witches with the power to leave their bodies, i.e. "slip out of their skin". (See SLIP-SKIN HAGS). Upon death the living witch became a vampiric spirit who must consume the life-force of it's victims in order to survive. Normally, a hag will attack a person only once and then move on to other prey. For reasons unknown, some hags will latch onto a specific person, usually male, and will attack them nightly. If the hag is not stopped the victim will eventually waste away and die.

When a hag attacks a victim the victim will awaken and will realize they are paralysed. The victim may sense an evil presence in the room and will often experience the sensation of something heavy pressing down on their chest, or back if the victim is sleeping on their stomach. The victim may catch a glimpse of a horrific figure or may hear demonic voices or laughter. When the hag has finished feeding off the victim the person will be able to move once more. The next day it is very common for the victim to find strange scratches on their body, scratches made by the talons of the hag, and to experience extreme fatigue. It is also common for men to awaken to discover they have had a nocturnal emission or 'wet dream'. Such is far from pleasurable as the experience may be connected to nightmares of being raped by a monster who first appeared as an attractive woman. In cases of pro-longed attack, the victim may sink into a state of severe depression or despair and develop serious illnesses or conditions.

Powers: Hags have the power of invisibility, the power of flight, can shape-shift, and have the power to paralyse their victims.

Defense Against Hags: Much of the standard lore concerning protection from vampires, such as using garlic, salt, and crucifixes, can be used successfully against hags. Also, one can sprinkle sesame seeds on the floor or else hang a sieve, sifter, or colander over one's bed, or even under it, and the hag will be forced to count the holes in it before she can attack you. Likewise, placing a broom next to the bed will provide protection as the hag will be forced to count the broom straws. Sleeping with the bible under one's pillow or bed may also help. Sleeping with scissors under one's pillow or bed will also provide protection. For repeat attacks, I would strongly recommend a thorough physical cleansing of the home followed by a spiritual cleansing of the home and victim, afterward a strong protection spell should be performed. One of the things I was told to do was to purchase an air horn. In the process of cleaning the home I was told to use the air horn to scare away and drive-out the hags that are roosting in the home by day. If one cannot get an air horn, then one should bang on pots or pans, or make loud noises to scare off the hags. It's also wise to allow as much light into the home as possible, as hags hate sunlight. If all else fails, a victim can hire a professional rootworker to trap the hag, usually in the form of an insect, in a bottle or jar. The insect is then killed and the hag is then utterly destroyed.

Trivia: "The Old Hag" and being "hag-ridden" is, according to Science, a natural phenomenon called sleep-paralysis. Sleep paralysis occurs when something goes wrong in the brain upon transition from a sleeping state to a wakeful state. When we are in a deep sleep our bodies are paralysed to prevent us from acting out or dreams. If this process goes wrong it is possible for our minds to be awake but our bodies to remain paralysed. Sleep paralysis is believed to occur when one's normal sleeping patterns have been disturbed or if one is experiencing stress.

Odd Trivia: I was told by a older woman that hags fly like chickens, meaning they can only fly low.

The "Old Hag" Syndrome

Old Hag/Incubus/Succubus Vs. Sleep Paralysis


Christian Claims Woman Put A Root On Her

In the following clip, the Christian woman tells her story of being hag-ridden and of her belief that God communicated to her that another woman put a root on her, i.e. hoodooed her.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Altars In Hoodoo

An Altar, a.k.a. Shrine, Workspace, is an area set aside for spiritual devotion and magic in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork.

Altars may be rather simple in construction and hold only a small number of items or may be more complex and filled with many items. Traditional items found on altars include a tablecloth, usually white or red, a bible, a cross, candles, an incense burner, and statues or pictures of Saints, if the practitioner works with the Saints. Additionally, spiritual products such as oils, powders, herbs, or waters, may be stored on or near the altar as well. Altars may be temporarily set up and taken down in-between doing work or may be permanent in nature. Some practitioners, especially shop owners or professional rootworkers, will keep several altars dedicated to various conditions, such as for money, love, luck, blessing/protection/spiritual work, and revenge. Such altars will include colors and items associated with such conditions. Keep in mind that most practitioners do not have an official altar but rather uses a workspace, or a specific area of the house where work is performed, such as a specific table or the top of a dresser where candles are burned. Altars or workspaces are traditionally kept in out-of-the-way areas, such as a back bedroom or closet, so that one's work is kept secret from any visitors or guests. Some practitioners will go as far as using the garage, basement, attic, shed, or to even to rent a storage space! There is a very common belief that one should not have an altar set up in one's bedroom. Actually there is some truth to this belief. For those who may be wondering why one shouldn't have an altar in the room in which they sleep, then first let me specify that such only applies to altars used for spiritual devotion and altars where one will work with the Saints or call upon God, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit. The reason why one should not have such a "spiritual altar" in one's bedroom is simply because most sexual activity occurs in bedrooms and let's face it, do you want Jesus and the Saint watching you have sex? Now, a non-spiritual altar or workspace can be used in one's bedroom if it's only used for magic, or work that doesn't involve the Saints, or Jesus. Of course this is just my opinion and practitioners are free to do what they like.

There is a special type of altar called an Ancestral Altar/Shrine. An ancestral altar will contain items such as a white tablecloth, candles, perfumes or colognes, bowls or glasses of water, candles, incense burner, and pictures of deceased loved ones. Additional items may include religious items, food and items the deceased enjoyed in life, such as cigarettes & cigars, whisky, or even Hostess chocolate cupcakes! Please note: Only "blessed ancestors" are included on an ancestral altar. If you had a loved one who was a child molester, rapist, serial killer, etc., do not include them on your ancestral altar for they are not with the blessed ancestors. Also, do not include deceased pets and non-relatives on your ancestor altar. Your recently deceased best friend may have felt like family but they are not your ancestors. Likewise, if your "best friend", a.k.a. "spot", died, then do not include a picture of him with an accompanying milk bone biscuit on your ancestor altar because he is not your ancestor. If you like, keep a separate altar that includes friends and pets. Ancestral altars are traditionally kept in prominent places in the home, such as a fireplace mantle or shelf. Because of such they tend to be simply in nature in order not to draw attention. As with spiritual-work altars, ancestral altars should not be kept in the bedroom unless you want your deceased loved ones to see you having sex.

Hidden Satanist

The term Hidden Satanist describes nefarious people, a.k.a. snakes-in-the-grass, who wear false-faces and who pretend to be good, decent folk, and often pretend to be good Christians. Behind the scenes such individuals live the life of true Satanists, which is a life dedicated to ego, materialism, and the destruction of anyone who stands in their way or anyone they are envious of. Many of these people would not voluntarily label themselves as being Satanists and would never outright worship Satan. The term 'hidden Satanist' only refers to the equality of their lifestyles and actions when compared to true Satanists. It takes a rare individual with a discerning spirit to be able to 'see' a hidden Satanist for the person they truly are as most hidden Satanists are wealthy or better-off and are highly respected in the communities and Churches. These people have amazing abilities to deceive. Of course, victims of such people also see these people for who they truly are as well.

Novena Candles

Novena Candles, a.k.a. Religious Candles, Catholic Candles, Saint Candles, are glass enclosed candles similar to Hoodoo Candles but with accompanying labels or silkscreens portraying Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the Saints. Novena candles often have printed prayers on the back. Novena candles are burned as acts of spiritual devotion and in special petitions to the Saints for favors in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork, as well as other magical traditions. For images of Novena candles, click HERE.

In the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork, Novena candles must be "fixed" similarly to Hoodoo candles before they are burned.

Novena candles can be purchased at occult shops, online stores, and at grocery stores and shops that carry ethnic goods.

Witch War

A Witch War, a.k.a. Wizard's Duel, Occult War, Magic War, Root War, etc., is a term to describe an angry spat between practitioners that involves the casting of spells, especially black magic spells, back-and-forth between the feuding parties. A witch war can take place between two practitioners or it can involve groups or entire covens magically "battling it out" in displays of power and dominance. Hoodoo practitioners, especially professional ones, and Satanists are notorious for their wars. Other types of magic practitioners that have a long history of these wars include Wiccans and Traditional Witches who are usually caught up in a war against local Satanists. It should be stated that Wiccans, since they don't perform black magic perform reversing spells when they perceive an incoming magical attack.

Witch wars can last years, even decades, and often begin over the most trivial of reasons. For this reason I highly advise practitioners to think twice before working magic against another practitioner.

Word of Advise: Stay out of other people's wars. One is likely to be hit and become a casualty if one foolishly enters a war on one side or another. One of the most troubling things I have ever read online is of a certain person in the online Hoodoo community who attempted to recruit new practitioners to join this person's war against another practitioner. Please don't be fooled into entering a war.

To get a better understanding of witch wars, the Charmed episode "Love's A Witch", season 6, episode 5, can be viewed below. The episode deals with two feuding witch families who have had a magical feud for generations and who use magic to attempt to kill the members of the other family.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

The Burning Of Black Candles

You know that saying, "If I had a dime for every person who..."? Well, that saying holds true with regard to the burning of black candles in Hoodoo candle work. Over and over again I have heard from people who insist that one should never burn black candles. For these people black candles serve no other purpose but for use in black magic and curses. To these people, the burning of black candles, especially in the home, would be akin to cursing one's self. I for one do not subscribe to such belief. Because I know my color symbolism, I know that the color black does have positive uses, such as to remove evil and negativity. So personally, I have no problem burning black candles for such purpose. Now, I might add what I was taught by a shop owner, mainly that one should never burn a black candle alone, that one should always burn it in conjunction with or at least followed by the burning of a white candle. The woman explained it to me that when using black candles to banish evil, negativity, or even people from one's life that one is leaving a void. Unless one attracts positive energy and people to fill the void then the void will likely be filled with more negativity and bad people. Ultimately practitioners need to follow what they hold to be true. If a person believes there is no positive use for black candles then by all means don't burn them.

The Use Of Matches In Hoodoo Candle Work

For some practitioners the use of matches in candle work is a big "no-no". For these people the phosphorus in the match heads is thought to conjure up negative forces. I for one don't subscribe to such belief and am quite fond of the use of matches for lighting candles. If one does subscribe to the belief that matches should not be used then one can use cigarette lighters or fireplace/utility lighters. Another method that can be used is to light a taper candle with matches in a separate room and then bring the lit taper candle to the altar or workspace and use it to light candles. Ultimately, the "right way" to light a candle is whatever feels right to the practitioner.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Chime Candles

Chime Candles, a.k.a. Party Candles, are smaller versions of, and are used in the same manner as, offertory candles in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Altar candles are approximately 4 inches tall, come in a variety of colors, and burn approximately 2-4 hours. For images of altar candles, click HERE.

In older days, practitioners would use Chanakuh candles when needing a small candle that would burn for only a short period of time. Today the use of chime candles is much more widespread.

Offertory Candles

Offertory Candles, a.k.a. Household Candles, Stick Candles, Petition Candles, are a staple type of candle used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Other than emergency candles, offertory candles are the most often used type of candle in spell work. For images of offertory candles, click HERE.

The typical offertory candle is circa 6 inches in length and is the right size to be almost fully encompassed in one's hands in a praying fashion. Offertory candles come in a wide variety of colors and are burned based on magic color symbolism.

Below one will find a basic guide to the use of offertory candles. As an example I have chosen a white offertory candle burned for protection.

How To Burn Offertory Candles

Items Needed:

- 1 White Offertory Candle
- 1 Candle Holder
- 1 Name Paper/Petition Paper
- 1 Coffin Nail (Optional)
- Matches or Lighter
- Protection oil
- Protection Incense
- Protection Powder, Protection Herbs, or Salt
- Bible


Create a name-paper/petition paper and place it on the work surface. Place the candle holder on top of the paper. If one prefers, one can carve a name or a short phrase of intent into the candle with a coffin nail. Rub one's hands together vigorously to heat them up via friction and then take the offertory candle in one's hands and hold it in a "praying position". Pray over the candle and then bring it to one's mouth and speak to it and tell it what you wish it to do or else pray over it and allow one's breath to fall on the candle. In this instance one can visualize something that symbolizes protection, such as a "bubble", "force-field", or even a "ring of fire" around one's self. When one is convinced that one's desire and visualization has "stuck" to the candle, set the candle down. Take the protection oil and pour some oil in one's palm. Rub one's palms together to spread the oil and then take up the candle. Hold the candle so that both hands grip it, with the right hand being on top of the left hand. Move the right hand in a clockwise fashion while moving the left hand counter-clockwise. This will rub the oil onto the candle. Next, rub the bottom of the candle on one's left palm to make sure it is oiled and then draw-up one's fingers along the candle tip and wick to oil the top of the candle. The candle has now been dressed with oil and is now sealed. Place the candle in the holder and sprinkle a circle of protection powder, protection herbs, or salt in a clockwise manner around the candle. Light the protection incense. Light the candle and then pray over it the 23rd Psalm. The candle should burn between 4-6 hours. Allow the candle to extinguish itself and then look at the remaining wax for omens. If there is little-to-no remaining wax then this is the best omen and one should expect one's desires to be granted. If there is much wax left then it may be a sign of obstacles blocking the achievement of one's desire. If the flame goes out prematurely or if someone else blows out the flame then such would be the worst omen and means there is much negativity in the situation or that someone is working against one. Pay attention to shape of any remaining wax. The shape of the remaining wax can also be read as an omen. In the case of this spell, wax in the shape of a cross, dove, or hand would be a very good omen. In the case of a love or money spell, the shape of a heart or dollar sign would also be very good omens that one's desires will manifest.

For Safety & Precautions

- Never burn a candle unattended
- Never burn a candle near flammable materials
- Do not use any alcohol-based spiritual products on candles as they may explode or prove a fire hazard.
- Show caution using certain essential oils on candles as they may make the candle flame burn exceptionally hot and bright and may prove a fire hazard.
- If one needs to extinguish the candle for whatever reason, wet one's fingers with saliva and pinch out the flame. Do not blow the flame out for doing this dismisses the magic.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gator Sighting In Oklahoma

An alligator has been sighted and photographed in Watts, OK. There is a native gator population in the far south-eastern portion of the state but this sighting is out of place. Back in 2009, there were gator sightings in the Oklahoma City area.

Alligator Spotted In Eastern Oklahoma

From 2009:

Alligator sighting reported at Oklahoma City park

I can't explain it, but I have a hard time believing these gators were peoples' pets that were set loose.

Famous UFO Believers

An interesting run-down of 16 famous UFO/Alien believers and their experiences. You may be surprised who appears on the list!

16 Famous People Who Believe In Aliens

Latest "Blobsquatch" Video Surfaces

Another tale of a witness to a Bigfoot with yet another blurry, and in my opinion faked, video.

'Bigfoot' Video: Thomas Byers, North Carolina Man, Claims To Have Filmed Elusive 'Knobby' Creature

I'm A Zombie, You're A Zombie

According to Phil Barden, people spend the majority of their time in a 'zombie' mental state. Hey, they don't call it 'the boob tube' for nothing!

Are we all zombies?

Hoodoo Candles

Hoodoo Candles, a.k.a. 7 Day Glass Candles, Vigil Candles, Novena-Style Candles, are candles enclosed in glass with a specific color, or combinations of colors, of wax and often with an accompanying silk screen or paper label that signifies the candle's use for a specific condition in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Some Hoodoo candles have no labels and are distinguished as "plain color 7 day candles". For examples of Hoodoo candles, click HERE.

Hoodoo candles, though a relatively recent addition to the practice of Hoodoo, have become very noticeable and identifiable to non-practitioners.

With regard to Hoodoo candles I am reminded of certain dialogue from the 1996 movie, The Craft.

Lirio: You know how to use candles?

Sarah: Yeah, you light the wick.

In the above encounter, Lirio the occult shop owner was actually asking Sarah if she knew how to use candles in magic, not the everyday use of candles. Similarly, with Hoodoo candles, many people falsely assume that all one does is light them. In reality, Hoodoo candles need to be prepared or "fixed" as well as "worked" on a daily basis while they burn. Interestingly, in the movie the Craft, when the girls first enter the occult store, Lirio is herself fixing a plain white pillar candle, but in a way similar to how Hoodoo candles are fixed.

Below one will find the method I was taught to fix Hoodoo candles. The methods used to fix Hoodoo candles will vary from practitioner-to-practitioner, but all methods should be rather close with regards to style. For the example below I will be using a Hoodoo candle designed to attract money.

How To Fix A Hoodoo Candle

Items Needed:

- Money-Drawing Hoodoo Candle
- Money-Drawing Oil
- Money-Drawing Incense
- Money-Drawing Powder, A Money-Drawing Herb, Or Green Or Gold Glitter
- Name Paper/Petition Paper
- Eyedropper
- Screwdriver, Nail, Or Icepick


Create a name-paper or petition paper (more in a future blog). Next, take the candle and pray over it your desire. Take the screwdriver, nail, or ice pick and make three holes in the top of the candle. The holes need to be deep but do not have to go all the way to the bottom of the glass. Take the eyedropper and add enough money-drawing oil to fill each hole. Allow a little to over-flow onto the surface of the candle and then swirl this in a clockwise fashion with one's finger in order to draw the money toward one's self. Next, take a tiny pinch of Money drawing powder, powdered herbs with the magical reputation of drawing money, or glitter and sprinkle it on the top of the candle's surface in a clockwise manner. Please keep in mind that one should only use a very tiny amount as using too much may interfere with the candle burning correctly. At this time I like to rub my hands vigorously until they are hot via friction and then I visualize my desire. In this instance I may visualize a shower of coins or dollars falling on me. The point is to visualize money coming one's way. I then "stick" this image to the candle by forming a semi-triangle with my thumbs and first fingers and then running my hands down the sides of the candle glass. When I sense my desire has "stuck" I then seal the candle by picking it up and knocking the bottom of the glass on the table or workspace three times. Then I place my left hand over the top of the glass and then knock my right fist against my left hand three times as well. My desire is now "stuck and sealed" in the candle. I then pick the candle up and move it in the form of the cross. I set the candle to burn on top of my petition paper. I light some money-drawing incense and then I light the candle and pray once more, closing in the name of "the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen", while making three "x" formations with my first two fingers on my right hand. At this point the candle has now been properly fixed and has been lit. Once a day I need to "work" the candle, by "feeding" it drops of money-drawing oil into the liquid wax pool if necessary, burning money-drawing incense, and by praying and concentrating on my desire. When the candle is finally extinguished the spell is complete. I would then look at the glass for any omens. If the glass is clear and there is little-to-no remaining wax then this is the best omen and my desires will likely manifest. If the glass is sooty with a lot of wax remaining at the bottom, then such is a bad omen and may mean that there are many obstacles in my path and that my desires may not manifest, may be slow to manifest, or may not manifest to my liking.

Notes And Safety Precautions:

- Never leave a candle burning unattended.
- Hoodoo candles can sometimes explode. Some people will burn a Hoodoo candle in their bath tub, kitchen sink, or in a metal bucket or small metal trash can, just in case the glass explodes. It is extremely rare for a Hoodoo candle to explode, but if it does then this is a bad omen and may mean that someone is working against you.
- Hoodoo candles, once lit, should ideally be allowed to burn themselves out completely. If by chance one needs to extinguish a Hoodoo candle the proper way to do it would be to place a plate or book on the top of the candle to smoother the flame. Be careful not to burn the item used for this purpose. One shouldn't blow out the candle because this would be akin to dismissing the magic or breaking the spell. Use a long fireplace match to relight the wick when needed.
- When using oils, be very careful of the type of oil as it may effect the candle. Essential oils can often cause the flame to burn incredibly bright and hot which may crack or shatter the glass of the candle.
- Never use any alcohol-based spiritual products on candles as they may explode.
- Burn the Hoodoo candle away from flammable materials.

Hoodoo candles can be purchased in various occult shops or candle stores, at various supermarkets that have a wide selection of ethnic goods, or at online occult shops.

Trivia & Assorted Ramblings:

1.) The term, "7 Day Glass Candle", references the misconception that the candles are supposed to burn for 7 days. From my experience they usually burn 4-5 days.

2.) Hoodoo candles are a modern development in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork.

3.) Many practitioners today don't use them. I only use them occasionally and I also burn them from time to time for normal, non-magical use.

4.) Hoodoo candles make great emergency candles. I would advise stocking up on them.

5.) If you want to burn a Hoodoo candle but don't want people to know your business then choose a plain-color Hoodoo candle based off of color symbolism. That way, anybody who sees your candle won't know that you are burning it for magical purposes.

Oklahoma UFO Has Witnesses 'Buzzing'

Last night, March 24, 2001, many Oklahoma residents reported strange lights in the night sky that gave off a "buzzing" sound.


Benjamin Rradford Is Wrong.....Sort Of

Skeptic Benjamin Radford is making headlines with his belief that the Chupacabra legend stems from the alien in the movie Species. According to Radford, the description of the beast was first reported by one Madelyne Tolentino who first sighted the creature a few months after seeing the movie. Radford believes her description of a part-gray alien, part kangaroo having porcupine quills on it's back stems from the creature in the movie. I for one am not buying it. Let's take a look at the two "monsters".

Monster described by Madelyn Tolentino

Monster in the movie Species

I'm sorry but I'm not that impressed by the theory that Tolentino was influenced by the movie. The monster in Species is more Giger-influenced. Tolentino's creature seems more like a mutant kangaroo wearing a Halloween mask.

Now, there's something that hasn't appeared in the various articles that feature Radford's theory. That information would be that there were sightings of the Chupacabra that pre-date Tolentino's sighting and the movie Species. Now, don't get me wrong here. The creatures that were sighted before Tolentino's sighting and before the movie Species was releassed was described as being closer to a gray alien in appearance. This would put them closer to what would be Tolentino's description and not to the future Species move monster.

Chronology of a Phenomenon

So in a nutshell, Benjamin Radford your theory that Chupacabra stems from the movie Species is wrong. What I will say in your favor is that this doesn't mean the beast actually exists. Until real proof is found the creature will continue to exist only in legend, that is unless you are among the ranks of those who claim to have seen the beast with their own two-eyes. For such people, having hard proof of it's existence is unnecessary.

El Chupacabra debunked by author

The Secrets of the Chupacabra: Mystery Solved?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cross, Katherine (1899-1917)

Katherine Cross was an unfortunate woman who died at the young age of 18 years and was buried in Violet Cemetery in Konawa, Oklahoma. Cross has an entry here at The Demoniacal due to a mysterious phrase written on her headstone. The phrase, "Murdered By Human Wolves" appears at the bottom of Cross' headstone. The phrase has inspired the belief that Cross was murdered by werewolves. Additional legends are that Cross became involved with a secret society, possibly either the KKK or a group of men who engaged in nefarious sexual acts. According to this later version, Cross either died accidentally during a ritual or was the victim of human sacrifice, with her body being so horribly mutilated that it was near impossible to ascertain her identity. Such tales of werewolves and secret societies are most definitely false; however, the mutilation factor betrays a horrible truth. Katherine Cross most likely died from a botched abortion and the phrase, "Murdered By Human Wolves", most likely is a reference to the two men who performed the then illegal procedure that cost Cross her life.

Katherine Cross

Legend Of Katherine Cross

Protection Spells

Protection Spells is a category of white magic spells in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork, as well as occult magic in general. Protection spells are found in nearly every single culture, religion, or magical tradition. Even non-occult practitioners employ protection magic, even if the person fails to recognize what they do as magic. For example, a Christian who hangs a cross or crucifix in his/her home and believes it to provide protection against evil is performing a magical rite.

Protections spells can be broken down into various subcategories. Examples of such can be found below.

- For protection from witchcraft, sorcery, or black magic
- For protection from the evil eye
- For protection against ghosts, demons, or spirits
- For protection from one's enemies
- For protection from illness
- For protection from physical harm, injury, or death

Protection spells can be performed in a variety of ways from the very simple to the very complex. The variety of methods used for protection spells are so numerous that it would be rather pointless to attempt to list them all here, but some of such include; burning of candles and incense, fixing of mojo bags, sprinkling of powders or waters, use of herbs or roots with the magical reputation for being protective, wearing of protective amulets, use of religious items, the use of iron objects, salt, and spoken prayers or recitation of scripture.

Was U.S. Air Force Created Due To UFOs?

Intriguing question. I'm not sure if I believe it, but it still is an intriguing question.

U.S. Air Force Established To Monitor UFO Activity

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Discovery News Article On Identifying Chupacabras

Tips on identifying the fabled beast with a gray alien head, porcupine quills, and chicken feet for hands.

How To Identify A Chupacabra

Sammy Hagar Contacted By Aliens

Sammy Hagar recently confided to a reporter that an experience he described as a dream actually occurred. The experience was of being contacted by aliens who either downloaded or uploaded something from or to his brain. Hagar also admits to seeing a spaceship hover over a field as a child.

My readers may or may not be surprised to learn that this is the sort of tale I would expect from a genuine alien encounter, considering that I am of the opinion that if UFOs are indeed extraterrestrial then they would be a form of advanced A.I., or artificial intelligence. In a nutshell UFOs would be intelligent machines and any occupants they possess may be cyborgs created perhaps as a workforce.

Sammy Hagar Says He Was Abducted By Aliens

B.O.A.A. Radio - American Werewolf - Linda Godfrey

Linda Godfrey speaks on the mystery of modern day werewolf sightings. The first segment is a news story involving a DNR contractor's fascinating encounter with the monster.

Lost Tapes - The Story Of The Beast Of Bray Road

Please keep in mind that the name, "The Beast of Bray Road" is misleading. The creature has not been sighted on Bray Road since the early 1990s. Perhaps a better name would be "dogman", "werewolf", or even "man-wolf" as Linda Godfrey has suggested.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What If The 'Smiley Face Killers' Were Real.....As In Real Monsters?

In the clip in my previous blog on the Coast To Coast episode about Werewolves in America, which you can listen to HERE, author and werewolf/dogman researcher Linda Godfrey discusses the mysterious drowning deaths that have occurred in Lacrosse, WI, and makes a possible connection between them and monsters. Apparently, in the 1990s a reptilian lizard-man was sighted in Lacrosse with a man-bat being sighted in 2006. According to Godfrey the mysterious drowning deaths in Lacrosse date back to the 1800s.

Could the "smiley face killers" be the work of "real" monsters?

Weird Wisconsin - Man Bat

Coast To Coast AM - January 7, 2011 - Werewolves In America

Author and man-wolf/dogman researcher Linda Godfrey is interviewed by George Noory regarding the growing number of werewolf sightings in America. Godfrey was the first researcher to document the sightings of "The Beast Of Bray Road".

What To Do If You Have Been Hoodooed

Please read my previous blog, How To Tell If You've Been Cursed (Hoodooed), before proceeding.

Before I begin, let me address a phenomenon that I call "The Salem Witch Accuser Syndrome". The title of this syndrome refers to the Salem Witchcraft Trials, more specifically the accusers. It's hard to believe that a group of young girls could be responsible for the death of 20 people and the imprisonment of many, many more, but unfortunately such was the case with regard to the events in Salem.

Now, People who suffer from this disorder will accuse anybody they believe or know to be practicing magic of putting curses on them, as if practitioners have nothing better to do than to curse random people for absolutely no reason. When dealing with these types of people please keep in mind that many to most of them are drama queens, people who seek fame and attention, are highly religious, or are possibly mentally ill. Some, like the young girls in Salem, are downright evil people masquerading as "good Christian folk". Think I'm wrong? Are you aware that after the Salem Trials were stopped that only one of the young girls offered a public apology and added that it was she who had been deceived by the Devil into accusing innocent people? The rest of the girls, and their families, refused to offer an apology and went to there grave unrepentant of their sins. I think we all can guess the fate of their souls.

So please keep in mind that people who suffer from 'the Salem Witch Accuser Syndrome" will blame every single thing that goes wrong in their life on black magic and the people they treat as scapegoats to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. These people are out there and pose a great deal more risk than any black magic curse. So please keep this in mind before one jumps to the conclusion that one has been cursed, especially by a specific person.

Below you will find my advice for people who have been hoodooed, cursed, or jinxed.

1.) Do you know who did this to you?

Don't just guess. Do you actually know who did this to you? Did the person threaten to put a curse or you or did they tell you they put a curse on you? You would be surprised by how many practitioners will freely admit they did it. It's a form of psychological warfare. If you do not know who put the curse on you, don't worry.

2.) Did you wrong the person who did this to you?

Assuming you know who the person is who put the curse on you, did you do something to deserve it, such as wrong that person? Be honest. Too many people try to lie and pretend to be innocent which only serves to harshen the effects of the curse. Many people come to me for help in these matters and I can assure that nearly every single one of them pretends to be 100% innocent in the matter...until you get them talking. At that point the truth comes out and I discover that the person if far from 'lily white'. If the person who cursed you is the wife of the man you had an affair with, be honest. If the person who cursed you is the man you mugged and assaulted, be honest. If the person who cursed you is the person whom you performed a character assassination on, be honest. When one has wronged a person and has been cursed as result, then the curse is usually justified work.

3.) If you know who the person is who cursed you and if you did something to deserve it, then did you apologize to that person and ask forgiveness?

You would be surprised how many people who did somebody wrong and was cursed as a result, refuse to apologize to that person. If you are cursed and you know who did it and you know you wronged that person but you refuse to apologize to them and ask forgiveness then YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GOT!

Apologizing and asking forgiveness from the person you wronged is the number one easiest way to get a curse removed. You would be surprised how many practitioners will take off a curse when the person apologizes for their actions.

Now, please keep in mind that some situations are so severe that an apology will not suffice. If you did major damage to a person, and if that person continues to suffer for your actions, then it's likely the person will refuse to forgive you until the situation is made right and the person is no longer suffering. So please don't think that you can treat people however you want to treat them and then just feign repentance for your actions. Practitioners are not stupid people. They can tell if your apology is genuine or not.

Hint: As a practitioner I can tell you that many practitioners will perform spells with a built-in apologizing clause. Ex - "May John Brown suffer until he falls at my feet and begs my forgiveness!". So in this example, John Brown will continue to suffer unless he repents and apologizes for his actions, at which point the curse is broken. This is why I always recommend that people who know they are cursed, and know they did wrong, to apologize and ask forgiveness.

4.) Did you find any strange powders, bottles, bags, dolls or other artifacts buried on one's property or hidden in one's home or car?

If so, take them, sprinkle salt over them and burn them. The evil will be returned to the person who cast the curse. If you just threw them away, then you will still find relief as distance will weaken the curse.

5.) Perform a cleansing spell on one's self, home, and car.

Before dawn, brew up some herbs with the magical reputation of removing evil, such a hyssop, rue, mint, agrimony, angelica root, basil, etc. Strain the resulting tea and pour it in your bathwater. Take two white candles, a cup, and your bible into the bathroom with you. Light the candles and place them on the floor with enough room between them to walk through. Strip and enter the bath. Recite Psalm 23 if you are innocent. If you have done wrong then recite Psalm 51. Take the cup and pour water over your head. You can just do it an odd number of times but no more than 13 times. Let the water run down you. You will then brush yourself in a downwards fashion from your head to your feet , not forgetting the soles of your feet, in order to remove the curse. Exit the bathtub and walk backwards between the two lit candles. Do not towel off. Let yourself air-dry. When you are dry, blow out the candles, dress and fill your mop bucket with the bathwater. You can then let out any remaining water in the tub. Add your favorite soap or cleanser to the mop water and you will mop/scrub starting from the back of your home to the front. Wipe down all windowsills and doorways. Pay close attention to your front door and porch. Scrub your porch and front stairs. When finished, take the bucket and throw the contents toward the east or the rising sun. Go back inside the house and light a white candle dressed with uncrossing oil. Light uncrossing incense or else one can use a smudge stick if one prefers. Read Psalm 23 and pray to God in your own words that he remove the evil influence or curse.

For your car, save some of the bathwater and use it to wash your car. Light some uncrossing incense in the interior or else sprinkle some holy water on the upholstery. Read the 23 Psalm in the car.

6.) Perform a protection spell or wear a protective amulet of some form to back up the cleansing spell and prevent further problems.

If you are indeed completely innocent and are the victim of some jealous, malevolent person who for some reason wants to bring you pain and suffering, don't worry. The curse can be removed and because it would be an unjustified curse, it will immediately return back to the person who cast it and they will be the one to suffer. You do not need to know their name. Simply perform the cleansing rite described above and pray and ask God to remove the evil influence or curse upon you. The curse, which is energy, will return to the sender.


Cleansings, a.k.a. Uncrossing, Clearings, are works designed to take off or remove negative energy, curses, and jinxes. Cleansings are found in practically all magical traditions across all cultures.

In the practice of hoodoo/rootowork, cleansing spells often are connected to physical cleaning, such as bathing and cleaning of the home. In such rites a person will bathe with a tea made from herbs that have the magical reputation of removing evil. The tea is added to the bathwater and the bather will scrub in a downward fashion to remove the evil. The bathwater is then usually saved to use as mop water or floor scrub. Additional items used in cleansing spells include white candles, incense, salt, smudge sticks, eggs, and even black chicken feathers. Recitation of Psalms may also be used. There are so many methods of performing a cleansing that it would be impossible to list them all in this blog entry.

In hoodoo/rootwork, cleansing are more often referred to as uncrossings, which is the opposite of the term crossed which is a synonym for being cursed or jinxed.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Domination Work

Domination Work, a.k.a. Commanding, Controlling, Compelling, Influencing, Ruling, Conquering, Master, Respect, Do As I Say, Bend Over, Boss Fix, etc., are works designed to have control over another person or to have power over them. Domination works are usually justified and are morally and ethically sound to perform in their proper perspective.

Personally, I had a huge problem with domination work. For the longest time I would not perform them because they violated a person's free-will. After being burned by so many people I have since changed my mind and now realize that domination works are a necessity for practitioners. Let's face it folks, if a person is too good or too kind then people will use and abuse the person. This is why domination work is necessary. Below I will explain why one is usually justified in performing domination work.

When one applies for a job and is hired, one expects and is entitled to having a work environment where one can feel comfortable and where one can feel accepted and appreciated for their contribution to the company. Unfortunately, too many people have the opposite experience and are forced to put up with horrible work environments and bosses who for no rational reason simply do not like them and show favor to their "buddy-buddy" employees who do not follow the rules, who do not have good work ethics, etc. In these situations one can either put up with the negativity and accept the realization that one has no future at the company or one can take matters into their own hands and "fix" a problem boss or co-worker. This is where domination work come into play. This would also be an example of a justified and morally and ethically sound use of domination work.

Other examples where one can use domination work are for one's enemies, a cheating spouse or a spouse who doesn't treat you right or show you respect, unruly children, and even managers who have to deal with rebellious employees who don't follow the rules and who challenge one's authority.

When it comes to unjustified uses for domination work, such tend to be performed by egomaniacs and control freaks who want to dominate anybody and everybody in their life. As long as one avoids this type of approach then one's work is usually morally, ethically, and even socially acceptable.

Please keep in mind when one performs domination work that one can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. In a nutshell, this means that one can expect more satisfactory results if one "kills them with kindness" rather than choosing to rule over them with an iron fist. Interestingly, some people also place sweetening work into the category of domination spells.

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