Friday, February 18, 2011


Luciferianism is a religious and a philosophical belief-system involving an alternative interpretation of the Lucifer found in the bible, in comparison to the mainstream interpretation of Lucifer in Christianity. Individuals who hold to these philosophical or religious beliefs are referred to as Luciferians or in some instances as Satanists.

There are 2 main forms of Luciferianism.

1.) Luciferianism as a philosophical belief-system centers around the idea that the Lucifer of the bible is an angel of light that stands for goodness, freedom, and truth. The Luciferians who fall into this category can be divided into three groups;

A.) The Luciferians who believe Lucifer is a completely separate entity from the biblical Satan.

B.) The Luciferians who believe Lucifer is a hermaphroditic being with the male-aspect being Satan and the female-aspect being Lucifera (feminine form of Lucifer).

C.) The Luciferians who believe Lucifer is an archytpal force of nature, found within every human being.

Additionally, both A and B groups tend to hold to views of Lucifer incarnating every astrological age as "the world teacher", by which he raises mankind to a new level of spiritual and social evolution. For these Luciferians, the serpent in the garden of Eden and the Jesus of the Christian religion, as well as most of past world religious leaders or founders are simply previous incarnations of Lucifer. These Luciferians await Lucifer's next incarnation. The C group of Luciferians represent a relatively new perception or interpretation of Lucifer and is more commonly referred to as "Gnostic Luciferianism".

2.) The second form of Luciferianism is Luciferianism as a religion. The defining of these two subgroups of Luciferianism is arbitrary and it should be noted that it may be difficult to place individuals within these categories per statements they have made concerning Lucifer. This second form of Luciferians is also divided into two categories;

A.) The Luciferians who use Luciferianism as a synonym for Satanism, though they may deny that Lucifer is evil.

B.) The Luciferians who practice 'Luciferian Witchcraft'.

What separates these Luciferians from other kinds are the active use of ritual and/or magic while the philosophical Luciferians are seemingly bound to more strictly mental pursuits.

Luciferians may be members of various occult and new-groups. fraternities and secret societies, or may be members of no groups or organizations.



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