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Graveyard Dirt

Graveyard Dirt or Graveyard Dust is literally dirt, dust, or soil taken from a grave at a cemetery. Graveyard Dirt is a famous ingredient in many spells of various magical traditions. Although graveyard dirt is more commonly associated in the mind of the public with black magic and curses, in reality graveyard dirt is also an ingredient in various good works, such as for protection, luck in gambling, and even love-drawing.

In order to harvest graveyard dirt certain rituals must be performed. Rituals for the gathering of graveyard dirt vary from practitioner to practitioner but the following is a good basic guide as to how graveyard dirt is gathered.

- For legal reasons do not use any tools to dig the dirt. Also do not carry any containers into the cemetery as well. Ideally one should place any dirt they gather into their pockets directly but some people choose to use a small baggie.

- Items needed include a small baggie (optional), and a small gift to leave behind at the grave. One or more shiny new pennies or dimes, or items the deceased individual enjoyed in life such as a cigarette, a shot of whisky, etc., will usually suffice.

- For good works, dirt taken from the graves of family members, friends, lovers, or people who had a good moral reputation are best. For black magic spells dirt from the graves of "sinners", evil people, criminals and murderers are the most powerful.

- Pray and meditate before going to the graveyard.

- Ideally one should only gather dirt from the grave of one's ancestors.

- Upon reaching the grave one has been led to, knock on the headstone three times and call out to the spirit of the person buried there. Ask them permission to take the dirt from the grave and then wait for the answer. If the spirit answered positively then proceed by bending over and grabbing a fist full of dirt in one hand from the area located over the heart of the deceased. In the other hand place the gift one brought with them at the spot where the dirt was taken. Otherwise the gift can be placed on top of the headstone. Only gather one fistful of dirt per visit.

- Perform a cleansing on one's self.

- Upon returning home one might want to transfer the graveyard dirt to a respectable container, as one should show respect to the dead. A small decorated container should do.

Graveyard dirt can also be purchased in various occult shops; however let the buyer beware. Very few places seem to sell pure graveyard dirt and there is no guarantee the dirt was gathered according to the proper rituals. Usually the dirt sold in these stores has been adulterated by adding talcum powder or similar powders. In some cases powdered mullein herb is sold as a substitute for graveyard dirt. Don't be deceived.

Graveyard dirt is also sometimes referred to as 'goofer dust'. Such term most always refers to a negative or black magic use for the dirt. Traditionally graveyard dirt is but one ingredient in a powerful recipe for 'goofer dust', which is used to magically kill or harm one's enemy.

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Casey Strange1334 said...

What about dirt from the graves of murder victims? People who died in misery and agony?

Anonymous said...

Need to be careful these people will bother you and the spirit will linger

Unknown said...

That's the bed kind of dirt for harm. In fact that's the only kind you get to harm.

madame w said...

I was told to spin three times at the cemetary gate before entering and after leaving... Is it clockwise or counterclockwise I have to spin?

Anonymous said...

A woman I thought was a friend who turned out to be a vindictive jealous woman who coveted my good fortune and came to me so "concerned" said she wanted to place a protection charm on me and needed a loche of hair and fingernails. She did not place a protection on me she used a dark spell with graveyard dirt in order to ruin my life and kill me her name is Ginny Ivanoff she did not want to pay me back 3800. dollars I loaned her in good faith instead she sought to ruin me. the spell was cast in 1995 it was broken in 2011 the spell she cast took away my family business and I came close to losing my life several times I cant wait to see what the karma does to Ginny.

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