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Goofer Dust

Goofer Dust is the name of powder used to curse one's enemies in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Occasionally the term goofer dust is used as a synonym for graveyard dirt but usually graveyard dirt is but one ingredient in a recipe for goofer dust. The name 'goofer' stems from the Kikong word 'Kufwa', meaning "to die" while other people have translated it as "to kill". In effect, Goofer Dust is "magical killing powder". It is perhaps the strongest black magic powder found in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork.

The actual recipe for goofer dust varies from practitioner to practitioner; however a basic recipe for goofer dust will normally contain one or more of the following:

- Graveyard dirt
- Brimstone (Sulpher) Powder
- Red Pepper
- Black Pepper
- Powdered Mullein Herb
- Powdered Toxic or Poisonous Herbs
- Ash
- Salt
- Snake Skin
- Crushed Bugs, Insects, or Snails (Usually poisonous or venomous varieties such as ants, spiders, and wasps. Also may include their homes or nests.)
- Powdered Lizards
- Powdered Bones
- Magnetic Sand

Once concocted the powder is traditionally deployed by sprinkling in the path of the enemy. When the victim steps on the goofer dust it is believed to magically "poison them through their feet". More creative practitioners may find other uses for goofer dust, such as to sprinkle it on the victim's mattress, laundry, or in their shoes. Other sneaky forms of deployment include placing the goofer dust in a mojo bag or bottle which is secretly hidden in the home of the victim or buried on their property, preferably near to where the victim will walk.

Victims who have been successfully cursed with goofer dust are referred to as being "goofered", and sometimes the term goofered is used as a synonym for being cursed. People who have been goofered will begin to experience extreme bad luck, dangerous health complaints, insanity, and even death if the proper magical procedures are not performed to remove the cursed condition.

Though normally deployed in black magic spells for revenge, goofer dust is sometimes used in love spells designed to make a specific person love the spell caster. Such spells also fall under the category of black magic as they interfere with the free will of the intended person. Such spells are designed to produce pain and suffering in the object of desire in order to force them to submit to the spell caster. If by chance the victim does not submit then they may eventually die if the curse/love spell is not eradicated with the proper counter-rituals.

The rituals performed to counter-act goofering include spiritual baths, the burning of candles and incense, and cleansing or "uncrossing" rituals of the afflicted individual and of the home and property. Generally such rituals are often followed with rituals to protect from further attack or to reverse the curse back to the spell caster. (See REVERSING SPELLS)

Goofer dust, like graveyard dirt, is often offered for sale in various occult shops. As with so-called "graveyard dirt", let the buyer beware. Usually what is offered as "goofer dust" appears to be nothing more than dyed and scented talcum powder, or else powdered mullein herb used as a pseudo-substitute. Even shops who claim to sell "the real deal" often adulterate their product with talcum powder or similar powders

Goofer Dust

Goofer Dust Spell

***Note: I present this information for educational purposes only. I do not condone the making of or use of goofer dust. Don't be deceived. Goopher Dust has no positive uses.


Lollysirk said...

I heard this term on the TV series, "Supernatural" where the dust was used to prevent a demon from collecting a soul of someone who made a "deal" in exchange for that soul. Was that use correct?

Anonymous said...

Considering that "Supernatural" is a fictional T.V. program I doubt that, since the primary use of Goofer Dust is for baneful magic such as hexing or cursing. I've been following that program for its entertainment and have found that the old legends and such were distorted to fit the story line.
When watching this program take the basic informtion they give and research it for correct information.

happy_fraggle said...

Goofer dust is NOT meant for cursing, it is used for that by unscrupulous practitioners but that is all. It is MORE often used in protective work.

DocConjure said...

@ happy_fraggle,

Sorry, you are wrong. Goofer dust has not good uses. It's name means "killing powder".

Anonymous said...

What if i don't the man name can i still use goofer dust.

ZZZ333 said...

I have used it for hardcore protective work. It works. but its tricky to not cross urself at the same time. I fixate that only the target is hit and explain what im ok about it doing and where the limit is. The darker the target the more you need to effect them in terms of repeated hits. Do NOT aim to kill by magick unless you are serious about that and why must be very good why! aka they must be a murdered or child abuser of extremites and great numbers to aim for death , just my thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Why is it called "Goofer Dust" ? What is the origins behind it or even named that way. It kind of sounds silly or rather humorous.. but I rather not judge it by the name or appearance.. Please explain Doc Conjure.

- (Dan)

Dan said...

When you mean "Powdered Bones" is it animal bones or human bones???

Anonymous said...

I've used golfer dust and it killed one of my enemies does work!

Anonymous said...

It is NOT for the amateur. I make my own and the results have been extreme. Serious. Only use as a LAST resort! And make sure the karmic back lash is worth it because when you use black magick you WILL pay for it.

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous on February 18, 2016 at 4:29 PM,

There's no such thing as magical karma. That notion was only invented about 1968 or so. For thousands of years practitioners have been performing magic with no concept of magical karma.

lol4462 said...

Where did you get it & how did you use it? I am using in on a picture of a very evil person that lives very far away any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ☺

156godz said...

Doc do you remove the effects of goofer dust...I know of some ritual baths but I need to be sure...I believe that someone close to me has been goofered
and I aim to stop it and return to sender if possible...thank you

Anonymous said...

I got it at Hairypeacock voodooshop.they retired already. I sprinkled on her doorstep and around her house.

Unknown said...

Can I sprinkle it inside the car?

Deeve Guillergan said...

I think it May be just better If you just remove the spell by doing some ritual baths. And If you really insist, then just do some hexing back to that person after the ritual bath.

Deeve Guillergan said...

I've read somewhere that a combination of graveyard dirt from the grave site of a love one with combination of salt and pepper can be used as a protection like a circle or line of salt? Is it true?

Anonymous said...

Dirt from the grave of an ancestor can be used in protection work but there are easier (and cleaner, lol) methods such as meditation, dream work and tribute. Ancestral graveyard dirt wont be of much use unless you take the time to build up a rapport and relationship with your spirits. Those who you were already close to will be easier but it's important not use them as toys or instruments (or accidently bind them to do your bidding) Dead or alive, no one likes to be used. Of course, that's always a plan b but I've always found it better if your ancestors/spirits are personally invested in protecting and helping you.

If you work on your relationships and make appropriate tributes (like burning your granny's fav incense or planting her fav flowers in her honour etc) and work on inviting them into your space then your ancestors will aim to protect you with no accessories needed.

Anonymous said...

Goofer dust was named after the old term for hoodoo/voodoo which was goofering.

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous on February 22, 2017 at 11:56 PM,

No, just the opposite. The term "goofering" refers to using goofer dust and then later may have been used as a synonym for hoodooing, tricking, etc.

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