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Banishing, or a Banishment, are works performed to get rid of or remove a specific person, problem, or general negativity in one's life. There are three man types of banishing works.

1.) Banishing evil/negativity and bad habits

This involves magic performed to rid a person or dwelling of evil, negativity, especially if such originates from troublesome spirits or entities. What separates these spells from spells to cleanse or purify a person or dwelling is that these spells have more power or are more forceful in nature, as in to forcible remove or evict an entity that may be causing problems. In effect these types of works can be referred to as exorcism rituals. The intended target of the eviction can often be a negative spirit or entity or may be something more abstract such as an alcohol or cigarette addiction. Such works are also often performed for weight-loss.

2.) Gentle banishing of a troublesome person

These wokrs are performed to remove a troublesome or problematic person from one's life without the use of cruel intentions or the causing of harm to the person. When such works are performed the outcome can actually be a blessing-in-disguise for the person being banished. For example, say a neighbor is causing one trouble to the point where one decides that they cannot have this person be in their life anymore. A gentle banishing work is performed with the result being the person ends up getting a better-paying job requiring them to move out of state. With the use of these gentle banishing works, both parties benefit.

3.) Harsh banishing of a troublesome person

These works are performed to remove a troublesome or problematic person from one's life with the addition of cruel intentions and the disregard for any harm the person may suffer in the process. When such works are performed the outcome tends to be destructive toward the person being banished by using force to create hardships in their life until they leave one alone. Unlike the use of gentle works for banishing, these types of works only benefit the worker to the detriment of the person being banished..

Banishing works are often deployed with the burning of black candles, for both gentle and harsh banishing work as black candles can either be used to curse or to remove evil/negativity, and the use of oils, powders, incense, herbs, and stones. Other methods and procedures may also be used. Commercial products sold for use in banishing works can have multiple names such as; Go Away, Get Away, Drive Away, Drive Away Evil, Move Away, Far And Away, Cast Off Evil, Hot Foot, Run Devil Run, or may simply be labeled 'Banishing'.

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