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Strigoi are the vampires of Romanian folklore.

Appearance: Undead corpses or else living people often having red hair and blue eyes

Lore: There are two types of strigoi, the living and the undead. The living version of strigoi are more closer to the concept of witches than vampires and possess supernatural powers. These living strigoi often have red hair and blue eyes and may have been born with a caul, or membrane over the head. An interesting difference between a normal human being a living strigoi is that living strigoi are believed to have two hearts. When a living strigoi dies he or she is more likely to become the undead variety of strigoi. The undead version of strigoi are people who were either living strigoi that died or people who led sinful lives, committed suicide, or who died untimely deaths such as through murder. Other superstitions include undead strigoi being created when animals, especially cats, jump over a corpse. When strigoi attack humans they are more likely to attack spouses and family first before moving on to strangers. (This may indicate the belief in strigoi is based on diseases or plagues being spread in the family first, and then to the outer community.) Both living and undead strigoi feed of of human victims, either by draining their victim's blood or life-force. If an undead strigoi manages to elude detection and destruction by human hunters then after seven years it will transform into a being that looks completely like a normal, living person who can walk around by day.

Powers: Strigoi have the ability to shape-shift and can transform into any number of animals. Strigoi use this ability in order to gain access to their victims as well a to escape human hunters. Strigoi possess the power of invisibility and possess incredible strength. Living strigoi are witches who possess supernatural powers which include the power to leave their bodies in spirit-form and travel in search of victims.

Protection Against Strigoi: The standard protective means against vampires work against strigoi. Garlic, salt, holy water, crucifixes, and holy relics, can be effective. Additional measures are used to keep the undead strigoi in their graves, such as piercing the corpse with needles or spikes. The most traditional way of destroying an undead strigoi include staking the heart and burning of the body. When the body is burned one must be extremely vigilant for the demonic creature will shape-shift into all manner of creatures and insects. If but one of these creatures manages to survive then the strigoi will eventually return.

Trivia: Strigoi ultimately descend from the ancient Roman strix, a vampiric and bird-like witch.


Strigoi - Vampire Of Romania

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