Thursday, November 4, 2010

Princess Ronkonkoma

Princess Ronkonkoma was believed to be daughter of a local Secatogue chief on modern Long Island, NY.

Appearance: Human female, usually rising out of the waters of Lake Ronkonkoma or else seen walking on water. To view a mural of Princess Ronkonkoma, click HERE.

Lore: According to legend, Princess Ronkonkoma fell in love with a man her father forbid her from seeing. The identity of the man varies but usually he is either described as a Native American from a neighboring tribe or as a European settler.

Princess Ronkonkoma would sneak away and watch the man until the day came when the man realized he was not alone and caught her spying on him. Instead of being angry, the man fell in love with the princess.

The pair did not communicate face-to-face out of fear of Ronkonkoma's father. Instead, the princess would write love notes on tree bark and float them across the Lake Ronkonkoma to her beloved. After 7 years of exchanging love messages in this fashion, Princess Ronkonkoma became despondent and killed herself by either stabbing herself in her heart after seeing her beloved from a distance or else by drowning herself. As she was dying she pronounced a curse on the lake. Every year her spirit will return to claim the life of a man via drowning for the injustice that she felt was inflicted upon her. According to legend, once a year Princess Ronkonkoma returns from death and rises from the waters of Lake Ronkonkoma to take the life of a young man.

Powers: As a ghost or spirit, Princess Ronkonkoma is believed to possess supernatural abilities.

Defense Against Princess Ronkonkoma: The only sure way to avoid becoming Princess Ronkonkoma's next victim is to avoid swimming in the lake. However, if you are a young man and decide to swim anyway, please flee at the first glimpse of a beautiful Native American princess rising out of the waters and/or walking on the surface of the waters. She may be beautiful and seductive, but she is lethal.

Trivia: According to legend, Lake Ronkonkoma is bottomless.

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Princess Ronkonkoma

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Man Claims Ghosts Made Him Kill His Girlfriend

The trial for a man who killed his girlfriend because of ghost peer-pressure started yesterday.

Murder Trial Begins For Man Who Claimed Ghosts Made Him Kill

Elvira's Movie Macabre: Sarah Impalin'

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Former Chief Of Fraud Investigations For NJ Claims Captured Thermal Footage Of Bigfoot

Mike Greene, a former chief of fraud investigation in New Jersey, claims he captured Bigfoot on a thermal imaging camera. Greene used a candy bar left on a tree stump to reportedly lure the beast.

N.C. Man Lures Bigfoot with Candy

Man Kills Brother For Being 'Walking Dead'

A man shot and killed his brother whom me claims had previously begged him to kill him. The deceased was depressed over the passing of his mother and was described as being a 'walking zombie'.

Shot man 'was like zombie'

Anne Rice Doesn't Like 'Twilight', Likes 'TrueBlood' Though

Anne Rice isn't a fan of the vampires portrayed in the Twilight books/films.

Anne Rice Calls 'Twilight Saga' A 'Failure Of The Imagination'

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Center For Homicide Research Debunks 'Smiley Face Killers' Theory & Startling New Info On Related Case

The Center for Homicide Research has produced a paper debunking the Smiley Face Killers theory. You can read the paper HERE.

Meanwhile, in the case of the death of Gregory Hart, a man who disappeared after a night drinking at a local bar and whose body was discovered in a river, new information has surfaced which reveals a huge discrepancy over the state of Hart's cell phone. According to the police, data was not able to be retrieved from the phone because it was submerged in water. The phone was reportedly returned to the family in 5 pieces. According to expert, the phone had not been submerged and the information contained within it was easily retrieved. The family is considering pursuing a legal case against the police dept.

Family cites new evidence in man’s death

Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident Solved?

Don't bet on it. There's been a few debunkers active recently who have focused on the famous Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest UFO incident that occurred around Christmas in 1980. Everything from the misidentification of a nearby lighthouse to planets and meteors have been invoked to provide conventional explanations for the events. The majority of these explanations fail under close scrutiny.

Rendlesham Revealed: New evidence in UFO mystery

Bullied, Bisexual Teen Witch Had Freedom Of Speech Violated, Forced To Attend Alternative School

The 16-year old was forced to attend an alternative school for writing an anti-bullying statement.

Student says school violated freedom of speech

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