Thursday, September 16, 2010

Possessed Bathroom?

A family claims their bathroom is possessed by Satan when a demonic face appeared on the wall.

Family spooked as 'Satan' possesses new bathroom

Note: This is classic pareidolia. The mind is programmed to make sense of the world, especially to recognize shapes and patters. This is the same process that allows us to see images in clouds.

I too have seen demonic or monster faces in spackled walls and ceilings. However, I figured out long ago that there was a connection to my emotional state at the time I saw it. If I was happy I tended to see happy or neutral faces. If I was upset or angry I saw demonic or monstrous faces.

And yes, sorry to bust your bubble but Jesus and Mary do not appear on toast, candy, or even in bird droppings, as one Texas family claimed. All images of Jesus and Mary appearing on random stuff is simply pareidolia as well. People see Jesus and Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich because they want to see them. Hindus for example might see Ganesh.

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