Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Valentich, Frederick

Frederick Valentich was a young, 20 year-old pilot who disappeared under mysterious circumstances while flying from Melbourne to King Island in the Bass Straight, Australia, on October 21, 1978. His disappearance has never been adequately resolved.

Shortly after reaching Cape Otway, Valentich radioed Melbourne and requested information on traffic in the area. When he was told there was none, Valentich responded that he witnessed a craft with four lights fly over him at such great speeds that he was unable to provide much information on the size or other features of the craft. Valentich then added that he was under the suspicion that this unknown object was playing some sort of game with him. There was a period of delay for about half of a minute and then Valentich responded that the object was now hovering over his Cessna and that it was metallic and had a green glowing light. There were two more periods of delay and Valentich commented that the object seemed to have disappeared. This was followed by Valentich stating that the object had reappeared and was headed toward him. In addition, Valentich reported engine problems. There was a final brief delay and Valentich reported the object was right on top of him and that it was not an aircraft. Almost immediately after this transmission came a series of eerie sounds which were reported similar to the sound of metal scraping metal, which lasted for approximately 17 seconds. Valentich was never heard from or seen again. The next day a massive search effort failed to produce any sign of Valentich or his Cessna.

Speculation as to what may have happened to Valentich naturally included an alien abduction, however skeptics insist on a natural explanation for Valentich's disappearance.

One such explanation may have been that the incident was a complex suicide. Interestingly enough, Valentich's father admitted that Frederick had a fascination with UFOs. Even I admit that the suicide hypothesis may be a reality. However, further information seems to suggest that Valentich may have been speaking the truth. There were mass reports of UFOs on the night Valentich went missing, even reports of a green light chasing a small airplane which just might have been Valentich's Cessna.

What happened to Frederick Valentich? We probably may never know. However, it's worthwhile mentioning that many reports of UFOs include engines shutting down as the unexplained craft neared. Perhaps the engine problems Valentich reported were actually caused by the UFO? Perhaps Valentich did crash and drown and was simply not recovered? Perhaps Valentich's father is right in his belief that his son was abducted by aliens?

The Frederick Valentich Disappearance by Paul Norman

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