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Jumlin is a vampiric demon, the father of all vampires, from the legends of the Black Foot, Lakota, and Cherokee nations.

Appearance: Human-like, but possibly monstrous when feeding

Lore: According to legend, there once was a medicine man who was married to a woman named Laughing Sky, who was unfortunately barren. The medicine man prayed to the Great Spirit to send him children but to no avail. In desperation the medicine man turned to the dark arts and summoned a demon who promised him many healthy offspring. The demon was named Jumlin and it took over the medicine man's body, possessing him and transforming him into a monster that fed off of the blood of humans. The medicine man became Jumlin incarnate.

The demon Jumlin kept his word. Laughing sky bore many children, however, the now-possessed medicine man did not stop with merely impregnating his wife but took great delight in raping the women of the village who also bore his children. Many of Jumlin's offspring were just as demonic and evil as their father. One stood out from the rest with regard to cruelty. His name was Laughing Bear and he was the last child that Laughing Sky gave birth too. After Laughing Bear was born, Jumlin drained Laughing Sky's blood and killed her. Jumlin then gathered up his demonic children and fled. Jumlin and his brood needed to escape in a hurry, for a band of hunters had formed and swore they would not rest until Jumlin had been destroyed.

Jumlin and his brood went from tribe to tribe, raping, pillaging, and murdering. Before leaving, Jumlin would abandon one of his offspring with the tribe so that survivors would unknowingly adopt it and raise it. In this way Jumlin's offspring secretly live among us.

One day Jumlin saw the daughter of a neighboring chief and attacked her. The chief heard her cries for help and raced to the scene. There he was met by the band of hunters. Together, they managed to slay Jumlin and most of his demonic seed, however Laughing Bear and a few others made their escape.

It is said that these children of Jumlin live to this day. They walk amongst us, even breed with us. Though they appear human, they are creatures of darkness.

Powers: Virtual immortality, super-strength, and possibly supernatural powers.

Defense Against the seed of Jumlin: According to legend, the seed of Jumlin can be killed with normal weapons, especially those that have been enchanted with powerful magic.

The Tale of Jumlin

A Native American Vampire


Vampire Libby Hodges said...

Jumlin is a Great Vampire Spirit/God not a demon. He seed according to legend is spread through all the great tribes. It is common for none Native American People to label Jumlin a demon; but Jumlin is not a demon. He is more like a God or Great Spirit and the first God to realize men can be infertile instead of blaming infertility on women.

Erik Eugene Edwards said...

Do you have proof Libby?

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