Friday, July 23, 2010

The Battle of Los Angeles

The battle of Los Angeles or The Los Angeles Air Raid, was a remarkable UFO encounter that took place late in the night of February 24, 1942, and then into the early hours of February 25.

An unidentified object was picked up on radar and was falsely assumed to be from the Japanese. Fearing an attack, a total blackout was enforced. The object was fired upon with over a thousand anti-aircraft shells to no effect. The UFO slowly moved toward the ocean where it then disappeared.

The results of the incident were property damage, mostly to buildings, and the death of 6 individuals. Three people died of heart-attacks during the excitement and another three died from friendly fire.

Shortly after the incident the military gave a press conference calling the whole matter a false alarm.

So what happened? The short answer is we really don't know. Explanations range from the UFO being a blimp or weather balloon, to the incident being a psychological warfare test being carried out on the public. Some even suggested it was a misidentified aircraft or that it was due to 'war nerves', a.k.a mass panic. Of these so-called explanations, the blimp, weather balloon, and misidentified aircraft make the least sense, especially when one realizes that the object was never brought down despite all the anti-aircraft shells fired. The other proposed explanations portray the U.S. military in an embarrassing light. To this day many people feel that an adequate explanation for the event has never been provided.



“The Battle of Los Angeles”

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