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Britain's Closest Encounters

Jacobs, Prof. Robert

Robert Jacobs is a professor at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. In 1964, Jacobs was in the Air Force and was the officer in charge of optical instrumentation at Vandenberg AFB, a position in which he basically was responsible for filming ballistic missile test launches.

After recording a launch at Big Sur, CA, on September 15, 1964, Jacobs was ordered to appear at an emergency meeting with Maj. Mansmann, his commanding officer. When Jacobs arrived he discovered that two unidentified men in suits were also present.

During the meeting the film of the launch and was shown on a projector. To Jacobs' shock the footage revealed an unidentified object described as appearing like two pie-plates stuck together and having a ping-pong ball on top, fly into the screen and circle the missile while shooting four beams of light at it. The missile then faltered and tumbled out of the sky while the UFO sped out of view. Maj. Mansmann then asked Jacobs point blank if he was 'screwing around' at the time of filming, as if asking if the film was some type of joke. When Jacobs replied that was not, Maj. Mansmann ordered him never to speak of the incident again.

When Jacobs finally came forward with his story in 1982, he claims he experienced harassment both at work and at home and also received death threats. The Air Force even denied his employment. Luckily Jacobs was able to produce documentation proving his employment.

Researcher Lee Graham was able to track down Florence J. Mansman, Jr. (Maj. Mansmann) who then corroborated Jacobs' story and added that at that time the speculation was that the unknown craft was extraterrestrial. Mansmann claimed that after the meeting the two men in suits confiscated the portion of the film containing the UFO. Mansmann had no idea who the men where or what agency they were with though he speculated they may have been CIA agents. Mansmann never saw or heard anything about the film ever again. Mansmann's letter stating such can be viewed in it's entirety HERE.

UFO Filmed Circling Atlas Rocket

Subject: The "UFO" Filming, Big Sur, California

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The Brookings Report

The Brookings Report, or Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs , was a study carried out by the The Brookings Institute on behalf of NASA in 1960. The study focused on mankind's exploration of space and of the implications of the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

Of particular importance in the report was the conclusion that the discovery of extraterrestrial life could lead to the destruction of human society. Other people have labeled this process of destruction as 'the conquistador effect', whereby a primitive race who comes in contact with a technologically superior race is either destroyed or assimilated, as the Spanish did to the natives of the new world or as the whites did to the natives of North America. In a nutshell, the conclusion in the report was that a cover-up of the discovery of extraterrestrial life might be needed in order to forestall the destruction of human society.

My personal favorite part of the study is the section on the speculation that an advanced or superior race may want very little to do with us. If this were the case it would limit the knowledge we could obtain concerning them. Taking it further, if by chance certain factions of the U.S. government do know that UFOs are extraterrestrial, they may not know much else.

The Brookings Report

A Reinforcement Of My Belief

I had an experience today that reinforces my belief that people simply cannot handle the truth of any possible extraterrestrial visitations.

Now, I know there are individuals who can handle the truth. I'm not speaking of these relative few. I'm speaking of the average person, the mass. The masses simply cannot handle the truth because they don't live in the truth nor do they strive to live in the truth. Instead, they exist in a bubble of their own creation, one in which they play the role of a god in the sense that they and they alone 'know' what is real.

Again I bring up that roughly 50 million Americans fully believe that any day now Jesus is going to come back and whisk people into the air, leaving behind clothes, pets, and driver-less vehicles. These people especially cannot handle the truth. These are the people who will be rampaging down the streets, jumping off buildings or storming the White House if the truth was ever revealed. (Think of Dawn of the Dead, except swap the zombies out for Christian Fundamentalists.)

If you think I'm joking then please know that as an atheist I have had conversations with believers who have flat out told me that if there was no God then life would not be worth living or that if Jesus wasn't real then nothing would prevent them from raping and murdering people. It's serious, folks.

People simply cannot handle the truth, but that's the problem. We can't continue to play pretend just because we got a bunch of idiots in the human family who live in la-la land. We simply cannot cater to ignorance forever. These people eventually will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into reality. Sure, it's better to ease them into the situation, but we all know there will be people who drag their heels all the way.

So what are we supposed to do? Most scientists admit that life, and probably intelligent life, does indeed exist in the universe yet much of the human species remains in denial? Sure we may not have actual proof in the public realm that such life is indeed visiting. However we do have an unexplained phenomenon and then we have the masses of people who reject both the phenomenon and the existance of any extraterrestrial life because it dares violates the fantasy version of reality they have created for themselves. LOL

Sarbacher Segment from, UFOs Best Evidence Government Cover-Up

Dr. Robert Sarbacher

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thieves Steal The Green Lady's Headstone

Police are looking for the thieves who stole the headstone of the local Burlington, Connecticut, ghost dubbed, The Green Lady.

Why do certain people always have to ruin it?

Conn. headstone linked to haunting stories stolen

Nick, The Ghost

The Purple Masque Theatre at Kansas State is reportedly haunted by a football player from the 50s who interestingly loves to make his presence known to disbelievers. Will his spirit move when the theatre moves?

Legendary ghost still spooks Theater

Sarbacher, Dr. Robert (1907-1986)

Dr. Robert Sarbacher was an American physicist and consultant to the DOD (Dept. of Defense). Sarbacher would later go on to create the Washington Institute of Technology.

In 1950, Sarbacher reportedly told a group of Canadian scientists that the U.S. had recovered a crashed extraterrestrial craft, including bodies, and was attempting to reverse-engineer the technology but to no avail.

In a letter dated November 29, 1983, Dr. Sarbacher confirmed that he had indeed made such statement. In the actual letter at the link below, Dr. Sarbacher goes into detail about the material and alien bodies recovered.

To see an actual copy of the letter, click HERE.

Dr. Robert Sarbacher - A Key U.S. Contact

Of Roswell & Rockets: The Secret V-2 Flying Saucer Film

Payne, Judge Budd

Budd Payne was a Roswell rancher in 1947 during the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial craft. Later in life Payne became a county judge.

Payne claims that he was chasing a steer that had wandered onto the Foster ranch during the Army's recovery of whatever had crashed.

Payne claims he was then confronted by a jeep of MPs who then man-handled him and threw him off the ranch.

Payne claimed that later Mac Brazel showed him the exact site where the material came down.

If Payne's story is true, then the behavior of the MP's would indicate that whatever had crashed was not a weather balloon, nor a project mogul balloon, as the material itself was not classified.

Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government's Biggest Cover-up (Revised and Expanded Edition) by Thomas J. Carey and Donlad R. Schmitt


Effie is the name of the reported ghost that haunts the Skirvin Hotel, the oldest and perhaps the most beautiful hotel in Oklahoma, located in downtown Oklahoma City.

In actuality, no one remembers her real name. The security guard who first told my friends and I the legends of the haunting always referred to her as Effie. It is my opinion the her name is Julia, but that would be speculation on my part.

According to the legends as told by the security guard "John" (not his real name), Effie was a maid who worked at the hotel back in the 1920s. In appearance Effie was said to be very beautiful, thin in build, and being a 'dirty-blonde'. Her appearance would be similar to the women in the pictures HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE. In addition, Effie was a flapper and was said to fond of wearing short red skirts. Red was said to be her favorite color.

The story goes that Effie began an affair with the owner of the hotel, Bill Skirvin. She quickly found herself pregnant. This situation may be common today, but at the time it would be considered a scandal. A plan was formed, one in which Effie would be kept in a room, formerly room 832, where all of her needs would be provided for. After the baby was born, Effie would be given money and would be allowed to go her own way. Unfortunately, that's not how things went.

After the baby was born, Effie was told she needed to stay until the infant was weaned. It was at this time that Effie's mental health rapidly disintegrated. It wasn't long until the fateful day arrived when Effie took her baby in her arms and escaped the only way her troubled mind knew how, by jumping out of the window.

Since her death all manner of ghostly phenomenon have supposedly been reported, including but not limited to:

-female guests on the 8th floor being unable to sleep due to hearing the cries of an infant

-men claiming they were sexually propositioned by an invisible woman or else heard a woman giggling while they showered/bathed

-men reporting a nude, female ghostly figure as they showered/bathed

-construction men/repair men claiming their tools or other items have been mysteriously moved in the night

-the sudden unexplained smell of lavender perfume, said to be Effie's favorite

-a maid's cart moving down a hall by itself, filmed by a parapsychology team from either OU (Oklahoma University) or OSU (Oklahoma State University).
In addition, other people claim that Effie reenacts her suicide, disappearing as she leaps out the window, though such story was never related to me by "John" the security guard.

The room where Effie is said to have jumped to her death from

The room in which Effie was reportedly kept was formerly room 832. However, during renovation it is believed that rooms where combined to make a bigger room. Currently, the closest room to the location Effie stayed is room 822.

If you are in town and are attracted to the lore, or merely want to stay in a classy, up-scale hotel with a bit of history, try the Skirvin Hilton Hotel. You won't be disappointed. If you are feeling adventurous, reserve room 822.

Effie, Falling From The Skirvin Hotel

I saw Effie fall way back in 1923.
She took her baby in her arms and jumped.
I saw her fall.

I blamed Bill.
I told him not to mess with maids
but he said he liked the 'hanky-panky'.
He said Effie's short, red-skirt sure was appealin'.

Did he think he could keep her
imprisoned in that room with only one window?
I knew Effie would not be his

I know sometimes one should hush
and not speak ill of the dead
even still, I saw Effie fall
and I can hear her baby crying.

-A little poem I wrote back in the 90s.

Anne Rice Quits Being A Christian

As my readers may know, I wrote a negative blog about Anne Rice's decision to return to Christianity and stop writing vampire, witch, and paranormal-themed books. I titled the blog entry, "R.I.P. Anne Rice", due to my feelings that she was already dead.

Well, I forgot that we can always expect the unexpected with Anne Rice. Reportedly, Rice has stated on her Facebook pages that she is quitting Christianity, though still retaining her loyalty to Christ.

Vampire author Anne Rice quits Christianity

Now, I am crossing her fingers that she returns to what she does best.

"There's life in these old hands still..." -Lestat

The Haunted Skirvin

I'm sorry but I'm giggling my arse off right now. I can't believe just how far my telling of Haunted Skirvin Hotel legend has spread. But what really bothers me is that people keep incorrectly reporting Effie's room as being on the 10th floor. It's not. Directly from "John" the security guard, it was always on the 8th floor, room 832. Room 832 no longer exists due to renovation but the closest area to it is now room 822. I think Perle Mesta, Bill Skirvin's daughter, lived on the 10th floor and this might be where people are becoming confused.

The Haunted Skirvin

And what really sucks is that I always planned on writing a book on the legend one day, but I guess I let the cat out of the bag and ruined it. LOL

Skirvin Hilton Renovation

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Haunted Skirvin Hotel

In 1994, my friends Michelle, Beth, Jeremy, Kevin, myself and a few others use to hang-out at the then abandoned Skirvin Hotel and the adjacent parking garage referred to as the 'colored elevators', due to the fact that the elevator doors of each floor were once painted a different color. (If you take the stairs you can still see the colors of each floor, however the elevator doors have been painted black.)

We were attracted to the hotel due to it's spooky atmosphere and we liked to explore the area. It wasn't long before we befriended a security guard at the hotel named John (not his real name, though he would probably be in his 80s if he is still alive today).

When John's shift was over we would all go to a nearby Kettle's restaurant and drink coffee and talk. John soon told us some remarkable tales, mainly about the haunted Skirvin hotel.

According to John, the hotel is haunted by the spirit of a former maid named Effie, as well as her infant.

John claimed that back in the 1920s, the owner of the hotel had an affair with a maid named Effie and that Effie had become pregnant. At the time this was considered a scandal that could destroy the owner's reputation so a deal was struck. The owner would keep Effie in a room on the eighth floor (formerly room 832) and would have food and items brought to her as she needed. When the baby was born, the owner would give Effie some money and she would be off on her way, presumably never to make any further contact.

When the baby was born, Effie naturally assumed her stay was over. Unfortunately the owner had decided that he wanted Effie to remain until the child was weaned. It was at this point that Effie's mental health began to decline. It wasn't long before she took her baby in her arms and jumped out the window.

According to John, female guests on the eighth floor would complain of not getting any sleep due to hearing the cries of an infant. However checks revealed that no family with an infant was staying on the floor.

Effie made her presence known by the smell of lavender perfume. Said to be rather of loose morals in life, Effie was also claimed to solicit sex by whispering in the ears of men as they showered. Other men reported seeing the phantom of a naked women. Such erotic displays usually ended with her disembodied giggling.

Despite the seemingly playful erotic undertones, Effie could be dangerous. John claimed that on several occasions her spirit followed him home and entered his body, in his words, "producing those feelings inside you", or as I interpreted it, making him orgasm. Such would put Effie in the succubus category. It didn't stop there.

John claimed that Effie wanted to possess him and wanted him to join her in the afterlife. John claims that one day she manifested in his truck, pressing down hard on the gas pedal. John described it as if he leg was paralysed and that he couldn't lift it up. He claimed he heard Effie laughing. I actually can't recall if John said he got into an accident or if he was able to escape her influence. I will have to ask my friends to see what they remember.

Also of note was John's mentioning that construction men doing repair or renovations would come in to find that their tools and items had been moved or rearranged. They also noticed the smell of lavender perfume.

One of the most fascinating things John stated was that either OSU or OU had sent a parapsychology team to investigate the hauntings. The team set up video cameras and reportedly caught a maid's cart moving down a hall all by itself. Reportedly the then owners of the hotel paid the team off fearing that negative publicity would scare off guests. The footage is still said to exist in a secret vault, somewhere.

Other things to consider about the Skirvin Hotel was that back during the prohibition era there was a rumored speak-easy in the basement. Seances were also said to be regularly carried out on the roof of the building. When the hotel closed in the 80s, it became the reported site of devil worshippers who supposedly spray-painted satanic graffiti inside the location. A couple of dead homeless people were reportedly discovered in the abandoned building and in the 90s a couple committed suicide by jumping off of the top of the colored elevators which is almost joined to the hotel. The male was still a teenager and the female was older, in her later 20s or even 30s. His parent's reportedly demanded they break off the relationship due to the age difference. The pair decided if they couldn't be together in life, they they shall be united in death. One of them died instantly. The other one lingered for a couple of days before succumbing. For those who may be interested, it is on the top of the colored elevators that one is supposedly able to see the warehouse where a vampire coven dwells, supposedly ruled by a 2,000 year-old female vampire.

The Skirvin Hotel reopened as the Skirvin Hilton in 2007. In January of 2010, the haunting attracted media attention when members of the New York Knicks blamed the haunted hotel for their loss and reported problems sleeping due to fear of Effie.

My Confession: I was the first to publicise the hauntings. In the late 90s I noticed that Skirvin Hotel did not appear on the lists of reported haunted sites in Oklahoma. I submitted the stories told to me by John to a ghost website who then published it, retracting my name and having it submitted by "anonymous". When I contacted the website to have them include my name they ignored me. Since then the story has appeared on countless websites and has even appeared in books.

If you are in the downtown Oklahoma City area, do check out the Skirvin Hilton Hotel. You won't be disappointed. Why not reserve a room on the eighth floor? -My friends and I still plan on doing so someday!

The Skirvin Hilton Hotel is located on the corner of Broadway and 1st street in downtown, Oklahoma City.

Pan Head, atop columns inside the Skirvin (see below)

Interior, with columns topped with Pan heads

My friend Michelle, posing on a "Jean Harlowe-esque" or Art Deco chair

Atop the colored elevators, Skirvin in background

The room where Effie reportedly leapt to her death

Note: Somewhere along the way people started saying it was the tenth floor where Effie stayed. Nope. It's the eighth floor. More precisely, it was room 832. However, since the hotel has been remodeled there is no more room 832. I believe they combined rooms during the renovation to make a bigger room.

Effie, Falling From The Skirvin Hotel

I saw Effie fall way back in 1923.
She took her baby in her arms and jumped.
I saw her fall.

I blamed Bill.
I told him not to mess with maids
but he said he liked the 'hanky-panky'.
He said Effie's short, red-skirt
sure was appealin'.

Did he think he could keep her
imprisoned in that room with only one window?
I knew Effie would not be his

I know sometimes one should hush
and not speak ill of the dead
even still, I saw Effie fall
and I can hear her baby crying.

-A little poem I wrote back in the 90s.

*Addendum: I got the feeling that her name really isn't Effie but rather "Julia", but hey, John told me her name was Effie, so go figure. Also, like many hotels, the Skirvin skips the thirteenth floor. It goes from the twelfth floor to the fourteenth floor. It's because of the superstition surrounding the number 13.

I don't know why I'm so fascinated with the building. Perhaps it's because I love haunted places. Perhaps it's because the hotel originally opened on my birthday back in 1911. I'm not quite sure. However, What I do know is that the Skirvin Hilton Hotel is perhaps one of the most beautiful hotels in Oklahoma, if not the southwest, and is a must see for visitors. If you are adventurous, reserve room 822. I believe this is the room that is closest to the area "Effie" supposedly took her life.

*Is it real? Well, approach it from the stance of a folklorist. I can't say that the Skirvin is really haunted. Instead, I would respond that the tales of the haunting make for one good ghost story!

200 Witches A Year Killed In India

Over the past 15 years 2,500+ women in India have been murdered for being labeled 'witches'.

India kills 200 'witches' a year, study says

La Horde (2009) Trailer

I watched this last night and I was pretty impressed. The trailer does not do it justice. It's one of the better zombie movies produced to date. The choreography of zombie fight scenes are superb.

The basic story-line is that a team of cops are in the process of taking down a drug gang when the zombie apocalypse strikes. I only have one small complaint with the movie, mainly that everyone knows that zombies can only be taken out with shots to the head. Well, the characters seem to shoot them nearly everywhere but the head. LOL

Seriously though, check out the movie. You won't be disappointed.

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Currently Reading...The Werewolf's Guide To Life

I'm currently reading, The Werewolf's Guide To Life: A Manual For The Newly Bitten by Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers. I'm only about a quarter way through the book and I'm quite delighted.

Per the back of the book;

"*Werewolves are real.

*The majority of lycanthropes who do not have access to this book die during or shortly after their first transformations, generally due to heart failure, gunshot wounds, exposure, drowning, or suicide.

*Hollywood horror movies are NOT to be used as guides to living as a werewolf. Their goal is not to educate but to entertain. As a result, they are largely ignorant of the realities of the condition.

*Ignorance creates monsters; Lycanthropy does not.

*You are not a monster."

The book is filled with cute and funny drawings. I especially liked the 4 different werewolf body types. If I was a werewolf I would definitely be a pug! LOL

Also noteworthy of humor is their "famous lycanthropes" inserted in the pages like 'factoids'. Did you know that Louisa May Alcott was a werewolf and awoke in a "puddle of limbs" before penning the famous, Little Women? LOL

The book is also great for giving tips and pointers for werewolf noobs to help them better adjust to wolf life. Who do you think would have enough forethought to tell you to remove your wedding ring before transforming? -Man that would be one painful lesson to learn the hard way! So not only is the book entertaining, it's also a must-have for shifters who walk amongst us.

Werewolf Guide To Life: The Talk

The 'Werewolf Guide To Life' Authors Don't Think Lycanthropy Is Sexy

The Werewolf's Guide to Life: A Manual for the Newly Bitten by Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers

Australian Witch or 'Pagan Priestess' Pleads Guilty To Dragging Cop

She was pulled over for speaking on her cell phone and told the cop she was a 'being from another world' and then informed the cop that the law didn't apply to her while she drove away with his arm trapped in the door.

Woman 'who dragged cop' shuns witch tag

Let Me In (2010) Trailer

Well, I'm afraid my fears seem justified. The trailer for Let Me In doesn't seem that good to me.

For those who don't know the back story, the new movie Let Me In, to premiere in October, is a remake of a 2008 work of genius that really didn't need to be remade, especially when the original is only 2 years old.

Many fans of the original movie fear that the U.S. remake will suck and not in the good vampiric way. It seems as if the fears were justified.

If you haven't seen the original movie, Let The Right One In, then please do. You won't be disappointed. :)

Let The Right One In (original movie)

Kate Moss Hires Shaman To Cleanse Home

After the theft of a priceless painting and damage caused by flooding, Kate Moss and boyfriend Jamie Hince have reportedly hired a shaman to cleanse the home of negativity.

Kate Moss hires help for haunted house

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A Shtriga in Albanian folklore is a vampiric witch who sucks the blood of children.

Appearance: By day shtriga appear as humans, often old women. At night the shtriga transforms into a flying creature like a bug, fly, or moth.

Lore: Legends of the shtriga likely stem from the Roman strix. The only difference would be the belief that the shtriga transforms into flying creatures other than owls or other birds. Shtriga primarily prey on infants and children. The victims of the shtriga will sicken and die with time unless they are 'cured' by the shtriga spitting in their mouths.

Powers: Shape-shifting

Defense Against Shtriga: Shtriga can only be killed in human form. According to lore, Shtriga can be trapped in a building if a cross made from pig bones is placed on the door. The shtriga can then be killed with relative ease. There is an amulet that can be made to protect one from Shtrigas. The amulet is made from a silver coin and a handkerchief. To make the amulet one must follow a suspected shtriga into the woods. Shtriga often drink too much blood and will routinely retire to the woods so that they can vomit up excess. The silver coin must be dipped in the blood and then wrapped in the handkerchief and carried on the person.


Another One On Shtriga

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"Night Crawler" Video on Fact Or Faked Show

This is the video clip that was shown on the recent episode of Syfy's Fact or Faked show. I hadn't heard of this clip before the show and was quite intrigued.

Now, here's what's odd. It took countless re-watches for me to be able to actually understand what I was looking at. For a good dozen times all I saw was 'moving stick figure'. Probably on the 20th or so so time I watched it it dawned on me that it was a gray alien, or made to look like one. Watch it again and then focus on the creature as it nears the time stamp. You can make out a head and black eyes.

Now, does that mean I believe the clip is 'real'. No it doesn't. I lean toward the video being a hoax, however I will admit that what the clip has going for it is that the gray alien isn't apparent. If someone was going to hoax something like this you would think they would make it so that it would be easily identified as a gray alien and not a 'moving stick figure'.

When watching the clip, make sure to hit the full screen button and then get as close to the screen as possible. Watch it a good number of times and leave me a comment on what you think it is.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Battle of Los Angeles

The battle of Los Angeles or The Los Angeles Air Raid, was a remarkable UFO encounter that took place late in the night of February 24, 1942, and then into the early hours of February 25.

An unidentified object was picked up on radar and was falsely assumed to be from the Japanese. Fearing an attack, a total blackout was enforced. The object was fired upon with over a thousand anti-aircraft shells to no effect. The UFO slowly moved toward the ocean where it then disappeared.

The results of the incident were property damage, mostly to buildings, and the death of 6 individuals. Three people died of heart-attacks during the excitement and another three died from friendly fire.

Shortly after the incident the military gave a press conference calling the whole matter a false alarm.

So what happened? The short answer is we really don't know. Explanations range from the UFO being a blimp or weather balloon, to the incident being a psychological warfare test being carried out on the public. Some even suggested it was a misidentified aircraft or that it was due to 'war nerves', a.k.a mass panic. Of these so-called explanations, the blimp, weather balloon, and misidentified aircraft make the least sense, especially when one realizes that the object was never brought down despite all the anti-aircraft shells fired. The other proposed explanations portray the U.S. military in an embarrassing light. To this day many people feel that an adequate explanation for the event has never been provided.



“The Battle of Los Angeles”

Chupacabra Sighting In Oklahoma

Teenagers in Tecumseh, Oklahoma, say they captured the mysterious beast in a photograph.

Chupacabra spotted near Tecumseh? (With Video)

White Ladies

There are two basic varieties of white ladies.


White Ladies are a type of fairy or ghost primarily found in the folklore of the French, Dutch, and German peoples.

Appearance: A beautiful woman wearing a white dress.

Lore: White Ladies are tricky beings. Generally, if a person is respectful toward them then they will normally escape the encounter unscathed. However, anyone who is rude or treats them with disrespect is in for trouble.

White Ladies seem fond of asking assistance from people. Those who agree and help them are left unharmed and may even be blessed for their efforts. Those who refuse helping them can find themselves being physically abused by invisible spirits or even attacked by animals.


White Ladies are also a type of ghost found in folklore almost world-wide.

Appearance: A woman dressed in a white dress

Lore: White ladies are the ghosts of women who committed horrible crimes or who died tragically and cannot rest in peace. Their appearance is often an omen that something bad is about to happen or that someone is going to die.

Probably the best example of this type of white lady is La Llorona.


Utlunta, a.k.a. "Spearfinger" is a monster in Cherokee folklore.

Appearance: An old woman whose skin is made from stone and who possess a long sharp finger, claw or fingernail on her right forefinger.

Lore: Utlunta is a shape-shifter and normally appears as an old woman. In this form she likes to trick children into following her to a secluded place where she will stab them with her long finger and use it to remove their livers which she then devours. Utlunta is also known to enter the homes of people disguised as one of the family members. In this form she will wait for everyone to go to sleep after which she will attack the family one by one and gorge herself on their livers. What is so amazing about Utlunta's attack is that her injuries are painless. Her victims don't became ill or die until days after their livers have been removed and eaten.

Powers: Utlunta is a shape-shifter. Utlunta's skin is hard as stone and is impenetrable by most weapons.

Defense Against Utlunta: According to Cherokee folklore, Utlunta can only be killed by piercing her palm, the location of her heart.



Project SUNSHINE was one of the human radiation experiment programs carried out by the government upon it's citizens. In the case of Sunshine, the project was founded by the Atomic Energy Commission and the Project Rand think tank. One of the goals of Project Sunshine was to measure the level of Sr-90 in the environment.

Of interest to the project was the level of Sr-90 in the tissue of deceased individuals. In order to obtain experimental samples, the project members resorted to stealing the remains of the dead without asking permission from family members or even notifying them of what had occurred.

World Wide Effects Of Atomic Weapons - Project SUNSHINE

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Strixes are vampiric shape-shifting monsters in Roman folklore.

Appearance: By day strixes appear as people, usually old women. By night strixes transform into bird-like monsters.

Lore: Strixes are either witches who transform themselves at night or else people under a curse. Strixes hunt by night, seeking human victims in order to eat their flesh and drink their blood. They have a fondness for blood and organs of children.

Powers: Strixes have the power to shape-shift into bird-like monsters. Strixes have the power to enter house despite locks or how good they may be secured.

Defense Against Strixes: Strixes can only be killed while in human form.

Trivia: The word 'strix' means owl and the word is also the name for a genus of owls. Belief in the Roman strix has spread to many countries and peoples where the monster is known by names showing slight variations of the Roman stix.

Modern Greek Folklore and Ancient Greek Religion: A Study in Survivals By John Cuthbert Lawson

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The Washington D.C. UFO Flap

The Washington D.C. UFO Flap was a rash of UFO sightings that occurred in and around the Washington D.C. area in 1952. The most famous incidents occurred on 2 consecutive weekends, July 19-20 and July 26-27.

During the flap, UFOs appeared on multiple radar systems and were sighted by witnesses who mostly described the objects as orange, blue and white balls of light or disks which made strange maneuvers. Jets were scrambled but when they neared the location the unknown objects disappeared, only to reappear when the jets left.

The sightings made major headlines in newspapers and the Air Force was quick to conclude that the events were caused by temperature inversions. Radar personnel disagreed and insisted the objects picked up on radar were indeed structured craft.

Alien Armada! (1952 Washington, DC UFO sightings)

July 1952 - Washington, D.C., Area Radar-Visual Sightings and Related Events.

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The Robertson Panel

The Robertson Panel was a 1952 CIA sponsored study of the UFO phenomenon, created in part due to the backlash from a rash of UFO incidents in Washington D.C. (more information in a future blog).

The Robertson met on four occasions and only studied a total of 23 UFO reports. Nonetheless, the conclusion reached by the panel was that UFO sightings had conventional explanations. More controversial was their belief that public fascination with the phenomenon posed a threat to the United States by possibly jamming phone lines and other means of communication, preventing warnings of any future enemy attack. Because of this belief, the panel recommended that steps be taken to debunk the UFO phenomenon. The panel recommended a public relations campaign be created in order to debunk, demystify, and destroy the public fascination with UFOs.

It's safe to say that the group consisted of biased men who opposed the notion that UFOs might be extraterrestrial in origin. One panel member called UFOs 'nonsense', while another one was so reportedly unprofessional with his prejudiced remarks that his statements actually caused heated arguments from panel members who wished to at least create the illusion of professionalism. The man in question was Samuel Goudsmit, a nuclear physicist, who even went as far as comparing UFO witnesses to drug addicts. At least one panel member later grew to become more open-minded of the phenomenon and admitted that it deserved proper study, however the damage had already been done.

According to the CIA, the recommendations of the Robertson panel were never formally acted on, however evidence does suggest that this is simply not true.

The Robertson Panel

The Robertson Panel: UFO Study Group

The Robertson Panel Report

Valentich, Frederick

Frederick Valentich was a young, 20 year-old pilot who disappeared under mysterious circumstances while flying from Melbourne to King Island in the Bass Straight, Australia, on October 21, 1978. His disappearance has never been adequately resolved.

Shortly after reaching Cape Otway, Valentich radioed Melbourne and requested information on traffic in the area. When he was told there was none, Valentich responded that he witnessed a craft with four lights fly over him at such great speeds that he was unable to provide much information on the size or other features of the craft. Valentich then added that he was under the suspicion that this unknown object was playing some sort of game with him. There was a period of delay for about half of a minute and then Valentich responded that the object was now hovering over his Cessna and that it was metallic and had a green glowing light. There were two more periods of delay and Valentich commented that the object seemed to have disappeared. This was followed by Valentich stating that the object had reappeared and was headed toward him. In addition, Valentich reported engine problems. There was a final brief delay and Valentich reported the object was right on top of him and that it was not an aircraft. Almost immediately after this transmission came a series of eerie sounds which were reported similar to the sound of metal scraping metal, which lasted for approximately 17 seconds. Valentich was never heard from or seen again. The next day a massive search effort failed to produce any sign of Valentich or his Cessna.

Speculation as to what may have happened to Valentich naturally included an alien abduction, however skeptics insist on a natural explanation for Valentich's disappearance.

One such explanation may have been that the incident was a complex suicide. Interestingly enough, Valentich's father admitted that Frederick had a fascination with UFOs. Even I admit that the suicide hypothesis may be a reality. However, further information seems to suggest that Valentich may have been speaking the truth. There were mass reports of UFOs on the night Valentich went missing, even reports of a green light chasing a small airplane which just might have been Valentich's Cessna.

What happened to Frederick Valentich? We probably may never know. However, it's worthwhile mentioning that many reports of UFOs include engines shutting down as the unexplained craft neared. Perhaps the engine problems Valentich reported were actually caused by the UFO? Perhaps Valentich did crash and drown and was simply not recovered? Perhaps Valentich's father is right in his belief that his son was abducted by aliens?

The Frederick Valentich Disappearance by Paul Norman

Australian Pilot Frederick Valentich Disappears

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Torres, Milton

Milton Torres was a U.S. Air Force figher pilot who on May 20, 1957 was awakened and ordered to scramble his jet after a UFO the size of an aircraft carrier was picked upon radar in the skies above East Anglia, UK. Torres was given orders to fire upon the unknown object.

As Torres approached the unknown object and was preparing to launch his rockets the UFO disappeared at a speed estimated at Mach 10, circa 7, 000 miles per hour.

The next day, Torres claims he was visited by an NSA agent who advised him that if he spoke of the incident that he would never fly again.

Certain critics suggest that the incident was caused by a radar malfunction, though since the UFO was picked up on three different radar systems this explanation seems doubtful. Another proposed explanation put fort by critics is that Torres was an unknowing 'guinea pig' in a CIA sponsored program designed to produce false radar returns in order to fool the soviets. This explanation also seems unlikely.

Torres has gone on record as stating that he is convinced that the UFO was extraterrestrial and even added that he is glad that he wasn't able to fire on it as he now believes that he might himself been destroyed.

Project Bluebook (1952-1969)

Project Bluebook was the third and last official investigation of the UFO phenomenon carried out by the United States Air Force.

Bluebook was created due to the dissatisfaction from high-ranking people in the military over how the Air Force was handling it's UFO investigation. (See Project Grudge).

Bluebook did not attempt to answer the question of whether or not UFOs were extraterrestrial, but instead focused on if UFOs posed a threat to the security of the United States as well as the collection and analysis of scientific data collected in it's investigation of UFO reports.

At first the project seemed to be handled in a scientific way. The first leader of Project Bluebook, Capt. Edward Ruppelt demanded professionalism and the true definition of an open-minded skepticism from his staff. Ruppelt made it clear that he did not want true believers nor debunkers on his team and did in fact remove individuals from the project. Though the project was seemingly off to a good start, things woud quickly change.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek was an astronomer and scientific consultant for Project Bluebook. Originally Hynek was skeptical of the UFO phenomenon, believing that the phenomenon had more conventional explanations other than a possible extraterrestrial origin. With time, Hynek's opinion of the UFO subject would change as he began to accumulate cases in which he simply could not provide a rational explanation.

According to Hynek, Bluebook devolved into a public relations campaign intent on debunking the phenomenon. Hynek reported that cases that were easily explainable or could be readily attributed to weather balloons, meteors, and natural phenomenon were paraded for the media while those cases for which no answer could be provided were kept in the dark. In addition Hynek reported that Bluebook was denied access to cases in which a military witness reported a UFO sighting. Such reports were secretly routed to an unknown location. Hynek also claimed that he was pressured to produce a conventional explanation for UFO sightings, even if the explanation did not fit the facts of the case.

The demise of any true scientific investigation of UFOs was pretty much unavoidable. The Robertson Panel, a secret CIA-funded panel convened in 1952, concluded that the subject of UFOs needed to be debunked. Not surprising, this was the direction Bluebook went when Ruppelt left Bluebook in 1953. Hynek reported that from 1953 to 1969, true investigation of UFOs via the scientific method simply did not exist in Bluebook.

Toward the end, the Air Force desperately wanted to be rid of any public investigation of UFOs, however they lacked a reason or excuse that could get them off the hook. That excuse was created by the formation of the Condon Committee in 1966. The controversial Condon Committee basically concluded that there was no justification in studying UFOs and that nothing of benefit has been obtained from the study of UFOs. The recommendation of the Condon Committee was heavily embraced by the scientific community, even though the head of the committee, Edward Condon, had been exposed by the media as having already reached a conclusion that there was nothing to UFOs far before the committee was to arrive at a conclusion. In addition, Condon had made public statements to the effect that people who claimed to have seen UFOs were mentally ill.

The problems with Condon, as well as other internal conflicts on how the committee was carried out led to individuals resigning their positions and to two people being fired for criticising the way Condon managed the committee. Despite the Fiasco, the Air Force jumped on the conclusion and used it as evidence to terminate their public UFO investigation. As a result, Project Bluebook was officially decommissioned in 1969.

To date, the stance of the U.S. Air Force is that UFOs pose no threat to national security and that the Air Force no longer investigates UFOs. Such statement is, depending on how you interpret it, either misleading or is untruthful as evidence suggest that secret military studies of the UFO phenomenon occurred during Project Bluebook and it's predecessor projects, and likely continue to exist today.

Project Bluebook

Project Bluebook Archive

Project Blue Book: The U.S. Air Force Verses the Flying Saucers


Psychic Vampires

Inside Secret Government Warehouses (2010)

Coast to Coast AM - Interview With A Vampire

Guest: JM Dixon, Author & Psychic Vampire

U.S. Air Force Aircraft Identification Chart

Project Grudge (1949 - 1951)

Project Grudge was the U.S. military's second official investigation of the UFO phenomenon, having been created when it's predeccesor, Project Sign, was decommisioned.

Unlike the staff of Project Sign, the staff of Project Grudge was for the most part against the notion that UFOs could be of an extraterrestrial origin and basically operated from a debunking perspective.

Project Grudge became a topic of controversy when journalists and the public came to realize that members of the project were simply ignoring the phenomenon and treating the subject of UFOs as if it was a huge joke. Such stance would backfire and help foster the belief in conspiracies or at the very least give credence to the belief in government incompetency.

One critic of Grudge was Gen. Charles P. Cabell. Cabell reportedly told the staff of Grudge that he needed people with 'open minds', presumably not people who have already concluded what the answer is before the investigation was carried out. Cabell was also said to have complained about people of Project Grudge who continued to lie to him. Cabel rejected Project Grudge's official conclusion that there was basically nothing to the UFO phenomenon.

In the end, Project Grudge was riddled with so many problems and controversies that it ended up paving the way for it's replacement, or morph into, Project Bluebook.

Project Grudge

Project Grudge

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Project Sign (1947-1949)

Project Sign was the U.S. government's first 'official' investigation of the UFO phenomenon. The project began as a result of Gen. Nathan Twining's recommendation that the military investigate UFOs.

Behind the scenes, most people involved in the project favored the belief that UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin, the ETH (Extraterrestrial Hypothesis). A top-secret document titled "An Estimate Of The Situation" was drafted which reportedly stated that the although there was no proof, the belief that UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin may be the best or correct answer. All copies of the document were reportedly ordered to be destroyed and the project was officially ended without any official conclusion released.

Project Sign was then replaced with Project Grudge, a similar study of the UFO Phenomenon, this time staffed by people who openly opposed the notion that UFOs could be extraterrestrial craft. Not surprising, the conclusion reached by Project Grudge was that there was basically nothing to the UFO phenomenon.

Project Sign: UFO Study Group

Project Sign


Shunamism, also referred to as Shunamatism, is an ancient "psychic vampiric"-type practice that dates back to biblical times and is especially associated with King David. The practice was used to heal sick individuals and to prolong the life of the elderly.

1 Kings 1: 1-3
1 Now king David was old and stricken in years; and they covered him with clothes, but he gat no heat.

2 Wherefore his servants said unto him, Let there be sought for my lord the king a young virgin: and let her stand before the king, and let her cherish him, and let her lie in thy bosom, that my lord the king may get heat.

3 So they sought for a fair damsel throughout all the coasts of Israel, and found Abishag a Shunammite, and brought her to the king.

The practice of Shunamism involves an elderly person, usually a man, sharing a bed with children and youth of either sex. The belief was that body heat was the life force and that the body heat/life force of the young could be transmitted to the elderly via sharing a bed, thus prolonging the health and life-span.

The practice of Shunammism endured through the 1800s, though at such time it was not considered appropriate for men to share their beds with children or youth of the opposite sex.

Interestingly, the practice of Shunamism survives somewhat today in the belief that men can maintain their vitality by having sex with virgins or younger women. Such belief stems from an misunderstanding of Shunamism involving sexual activity. (Any man who believes they can maintain their vitality by sleeping with younger women or virgins is also a psychic vampire!)

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Psychic Vampire Guidelines

Below are some examples where it's appropriate and inappropriate for psychic vampires to feed.


1.) At a crowded event, such as a baseball game or other sport. During such, the individuals present are energetic and release a good amount of energy. Since this energy is freely admitted by people, meaning it's not taken or stolen from them, then it's perfectly okay for a psychic vampire to feed off of it.

2.) Anything associated with nature is perfectly acceptable for a psychic vampire to feed from. Ex- sun, moon, stars, wind, storms, trees, volcanoes, etc...However animals are a no-no.

3.) Anything associated with sexual acts that are between two consenting adults and which do not violate the law are perfectly fine for a psychic vampire to take advantage of. During sex, the partner will release a good deal of energy voluntarily. This means that no energy needs to be taken or stolen from the partner. Instead, the psychic vampire needs to just 'soak it up'.

4.) Energy taken from a willing donor of legal age is perfectly acceptable.


1.) Taking energy from a person against their will.

2.) Manipulating the emotions of a person in order to feed. (Same goes with abusing people, using people, sucking money and possessions from them, etc.)

3.) Feeding off of the energy of children, youth, or the under aged. Believe it or not, this was for a long time considered an acceptable practice. This form of psychic vampirism, the feeding off of the energy of youth, was practiced by King David in the bible and was a practice that regularly occurred up into the 1800s (more info in another blog entry). Today, only negative or evil psychic vampires prey on the energy of children or the under aged.

4.) Taking energy from animals, unless it's the love energy that a pet normally and voluntarily gives out to it's owner.

5.) Feeding off of the elderly or sick. Just as it's wrong to feed off of the young, it's also wrong to feed off of the elderly and sick, two groups of people who desperately need what energy they can produce.

6.) If all else fails, listen to your conscious. There's a catch. You must have a conscious to begin with. Most negative or evil psychic vampires do not, though they may lie to themselves and believe they do. If you have a conscious and it is telling you not to feed off a person then it's best to follow the advice.

Consequences Of Not Following These Guidelines

Any negative or evil psychic vampire who refuses to adhere to the most basic of moral codes and freely takes or steals energy from it's victims not only stores up a huge karmic debt but also faces the prospect of becoming an earthbound spirit when they die. In a sense they could become a 'real vampire', a.k.a. astral vampire.

Once a person has become an astral vampire the kid gloves come off, meaning that they are not be treated as human beings as they are no longer human. Fortunately, as earthbound spirits such entities can be properly dealt with and I'm not talking about helping them cross over to the other side, but rather imprisoning them or if need be, completely obliterating them. Believe it or not, there are energy workers, or psions, and occult practitioners who are believed powerful enough to be able to completely destroy, as in second death, astral vampires.

One of my favorite methods of neutralizing astral vampires that I have come across in my reading and research is using magic to bind an astral vampire into an object like a stone or to trap it in a bottle. However, if you want to completely kill it there are magic spells that trap an astral vampire in an insect, force it to become incarnate, after which the insect is killed. When the insect dies the astral vampire is completely obliterated.

This type of spell is actually quite common and a form of it appears in the show, Trueblood, where a Hoodoo woman traps a demon in the body of an opossum which is then quickly drowned. As the opossum dies, so does the demon. The demon doesn't go to hell, it simply is no more. Unfortunately, as an animal lover I could never harm an animal just to completely destroy a perceived evil spirit. However, I'm not opposed to people performing spells to trap these negative entities in stones or bottles. If done properly such spell could last for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Psychic Vampire

A Psychic Vampire, a.k.a psi-vampire, energy vampire, emotional vampire, pranic vampire, astral vampire, elemental vampire, tantric vampire, etc., is a human being who feeds on the life force of other human beings.

Despite the name, psychic vampires are not vampires who can read your future. Instead, the term psychic in this case refers to the soul or life force of a person. Many would suggest the term be replaced with 'pranic vampires', as prana is the Sanskrit word for 'life'.

Do you know an individual that just seems to drain you of your energy when you are around them? Do you literally feel tired or fatigued when forced to interact with such person? Do you come down with a sickness after a prolonged exposure to such a person? If so, then you may have encountered a psychic vampire.

First it should be stressed that psychic vampires are rarely evil people. Instead, the majority of psychic vampires have no clue what they are or what they do to people. The majority of psychic vampires feed unconsciously, meaning they don't actually make a decision to drain some one's life force. However, this doesn't mean that a victim should just sit there and allow a psychic vampire to suck them dry either. Nor does it mean that one should immediately cut off all contact with such person and treat them like a leper. Instead, it merely means that precautions need to be taken so that such person will not be able to feed off one's life force.

What causes one to become a psychic vampire? Believe it or not, most psychic vampires tend to have many things in common. Below is a list of traits that might indicate one is a psychic vampire.

1.) Very ill or sick as a child - Many psychic vampire report an extended illness as children that robbed them of much of their childhood. During this time the individual learned to feed off of the life force of others in order to survive.
2.) Abuse - Many psychic vampires were abused as children.
3.) Depressed - Many psychic vampires suffer from chronic depression. It is believed that draining the life force of others may temporarily restore them to a better mental state.
4.) High Maintenance People - Psychic vampires tend to be very needy and 'clingy'.

Though the above list mainly reflects individuals who don't realize they are psychic vampires, there are those who know fully well what they are. In fact, some even have consciously chosen to become psychic vampires. Luckily, these people are the minority but they do exist. Let's take a look at the qualities of the evil variety of psychic vampires.

1.) Alluring - Have the 'it' factor that draws people to them.
2.) Manipulative - Experts on getting their way
3.) Money - They suck money from a victim just as much as they do their life force.
4.) Use People - People are merely a means to an end, especially the opposite sex.
5.) Female - Unfortunately most of these bad vamps are female. Probably because men are too stupid to figure it out.

If you are involved with a psychic vampire who fits the description above, it's best to break off all contact, otherwise it's not going to end so nicely for you.

There is another type of psychic vampire who is conscious of what they are but only takes energy from willing donors. Such individuals cannot be classified as 'evil' simply because you can't seduce the willing. The 'victims' of these people aren't true victims at all.

Many psychic vampires are more specialized and deserve mention simply since the term 'psychic vampire' is so broad. Below are specialized forms of psychic vampires.

1.) Emotional Vampire - Emotional vampires tend to be of the evil variety and manipulate people's emotions in order to feed. For example, an emotional vampire is keen on riling a person up with anger, simply to feast on the person's energy. Emotional vampires are very manipulative and dangerous. Unfortunately, the majority of emotional vampires are female. I suppose it might be because so many men are stunted or repressed when it comes to their emotions, which puts them at greater risk of becoming a victim of these vampy women. Those emotional vampires who are not evil tend to be the people with the motto, "Oh, Poor Me...". They always have a sob story and desperately need people to feel sorry for them.

2.) Tantric Vampire - Tantric vampires are generally not evil, unless they cannot control themselves and break the law or throw out all traces of morality. Tantric vampires feed off of the energy released during sex. Their 'victims' are willing donors though they may not realize they are being fed on. It doesn't really matter that they don't know they are being fed on as all that energy is being dumped into the environment during lovemaking anyway. Tantric vampires simply don't let it go to waste.

3.) Astral Vampire - Astral vampires are 100% evil. They are parasites. An astral vampire is either a human being who can astral travel and then feed on victims in a distant place or else a psychic vampire who has died and has for some unknown reason failed to cross over and is now an earthbound spirit. Since the spirit regularly fed on the life force of others while it was alive, it now continues such activity in spirit form.

4.) Elemental Vampire - Elemental vampires are generally good. Elemental vampires do not drain the life force of people, but instead absorb the life force of nature. Most Witches are in fact elemental vampires who, according to legend, gain their powers from the moon. Many elemental vampires try to help other more dangerous psychic vampires realize they need not suck the life force of human beings as mother nature provides all the energy one may need. Instead of feasting on a person like a monster, why not go outside and absorb the energy of a thunderstorm or take a walk in the woods and bask in the life force of the trees?

To recap:

1.) Most psychic vampires are not evil though they do harm. They do not consciously realize what they do.
2.) Some psychic vampires are aware of what they are and consciously choose to feed off of the life force of other people. Some of these psychic vampires are evil, some are not.

Appearance: A psychic vampire will appear as a normal human being. Only a psychic or a person who can see auras are sensitive enough to see what happens when a psychic vampire feeds off the life force of other human beings. According to such people, when a psychic vampire is feeding, tentacles of energy extend out of the spine of the psychic vampire, like an electric octopus, and attach themselves to the victim's aura and begin to drain the life force.

How to protect yourself from a psychic vampire:

1.) Shielding - Visualize a powerful white light surrounding you, enveloping you in a bubble of protection. You should do this everyday, but especially when interacting with a person you suspect is a psychic vampire. The more you do it, the easier it is for you to do. The good thing about it is that it is 100% unoffensive. You won't hurt the psychic vampire's feelings, unless that person is of the evil variety and realizes they won't be getting dinner!

2.) Carry a protection amulet on your person. You might try a chlorite-in-quartz stone. A woman who worked at a nearby new-age shop recommended this to me and told me it would prevent psychic vampires from feeding on one. If you have never seen one of these stones, they look like a quartz crystal with moss growing inside of them. You can view an image of a chlorite-in-quartz stone by clicking HERE.

3.) Regularly clean your aura.

How To Clean Your Aura

Energy Vampires And How To Protect Yourself


Psychic Vampires And How To Deal With Them

Psychic Vampires

Roswell UFO

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Zamora, Lonnie (1933-2009)

Lonnie Zamora was a police officer in New Mexico who in April of 1965 had one of the most incredible reported sightings of a UFO and occupants.

At about 5:45pm on April 24, 1965, Zamora had been pursuing a speeder when his attention was grabbed by a flash of light, bluish flames and a roaring sound. Zamora would then make out what he thought was a car. The 'car' was a whitish-metallic color and was egg-shaped. A strange red insignia appeared on the craft, which you can view HERE. Standing next to the craft were two small, child-sized beings in white clothing similar to overalls. When the beings saw Zamora they became startled and quickly disappeared. Zamora reported a sound of 'metal hitting metal', suggesting some type of door closing, and the craft then took off. Zamora was so frightened by the encounter that he asked to speak to a priest.

Both the military and the FBI appeared to have investigated the incident, though the FBI appeared to want to keep their interest in the case quiet. In a secret Project Blue Book report, the Zamora sighting was described as "...the best documented case on record...".

Though Zamora was the only individual to have witnessed a landed craft and occupants, other witnesses reported seeing an egg-shaped object in the sky, as well as strange lights.

Lonnie Zamora shied away from publicly speaking of his encounter in the later years of his life. Zamora passed away on November 2, 2009.

Socorro Close Encounter Part 1

Socorro Close Encounter Part 2

Note: It appears as if Lonnie Zamora lied about the insignia on the craft in order to separate any copy-cat cases that may have arisen. A red insignia was sighted on the craft, however it wasn't as Zamora described. For more info see the links below.

LONNIE ZAMORA (1933 - 2009)

Socorro, New Mexico Landing (Lonnie Zamora) 1964

1964-UFO Landing at Socorro, New Mexico


Jumlin is a vampiric demon, the father of all vampires, from the legends of the Black Foot, Lakota, and Cherokee nations.

Appearance: Human-like, but possibly monstrous when feeding

Lore: According to legend, there once was a medicine man who was married to a woman named Laughing Sky, who was unfortunately barren. The medicine man prayed to the Great Spirit to send him children but to no avail. In desperation the medicine man turned to the dark arts and summoned a demon who promised him many healthy offspring. The demon was named Jumlin and it took over the medicine man's body, possessing him and transforming him into a monster that fed off of the blood of humans. The medicine man became Jumlin incarnate.

The demon Jumlin kept his word. Laughing sky bore many children, however, the now-possessed medicine man did not stop with merely impregnating his wife but took great delight in raping the women of the village who also bore his children. Many of Jumlin's offspring were just as demonic and evil as their father. One stood out from the rest with regard to cruelty. His name was Laughing Bear and he was the last child that Laughing Sky gave birth too. After Laughing Bear was born, Jumlin drained Laughing Sky's blood and killed her. Jumlin then gathered up his demonic children and fled. Jumlin and his brood needed to escape in a hurry, for a band of hunters had formed and swore they would not rest until Jumlin had been destroyed.

Jumlin and his brood went from tribe to tribe, raping, pillaging, and murdering. Before leaving, Jumlin would abandon one of his offspring with the tribe so that survivors would unknowingly adopt it and raise it. In this way Jumlin's offspring secretly live among us.

One day Jumlin saw the daughter of a neighboring chief and attacked her. The chief heard her cries for help and raced to the scene. There he was met by the band of hunters. Together, they managed to slay Jumlin and most of his demonic seed, however Laughing Bear and a few others made their escape.

It is said that these children of Jumlin live to this day. They walk amongst us, even breed with us. Though they appear human, they are creatures of darkness.

Powers: Virtual immortality, super-strength, and possibly supernatural powers.

Defense Against the seed of Jumlin: According to legend, the seed of Jumlin can be killed with normal weapons, especially those that have been enchanted with powerful magic.

The Tale of Jumlin

A Native American Vampire

On T.V. Tonight...

A couple of seemingly interesting shows debut tonight on SyFy. The first is Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. The pilot episode will cover a reported Georgia ghost car and a UFO sighting. Think of the show as a paranormal 'Mythbusters'. Immediately following is Mary Knows Best, a new reality series based on the life of a psychic.

I think the shows may do good. However, if Fact or Faked turns into 'Debunker's Fest 2010', then the show won't survive.

Another series showing promise is Haven which airs on Friday nights on SyFy. You can tell that SyFy has invested quite a bit in Haven as the pilot has been airing on several different channels! For example, tonight at 6pm CST the pilot will air on the Sleuth channel. The series is based on Stephen King's, The Colorado Kid and involves a female FBI agent investigating seemingly supernatural occurrences in the small quaint town of Haven, Maine.


The word theriomorph, originally referred to a being, usually a god, having the appearance of an animal. A good example would be the ancient Egyptian deities.

In time the term has become a synonym for shape-shifters, more specifically people who can transform into animals such as werewolves.

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Robert Salas On Malmstrom UFO Incident & Press Conference

Some info on the very important Malmstrom AFB UFO incident, where UFOs reportedly interfered with nuclear missiles. Salas will be involved with a press conference concerning this and other sightings in September.

UFOs Shut Down Nuclear Weapons Sites Says Former Air Force Officer

Charisma Carpenter's Ordeal With Pyromaniac Ghost

Charisma Carpenter, "Cordelia" from the series Buffy and Angel, attributes a fire on the set of her new movie to the work of ghosts.

Charisma Carpenter believes a fire on the set of her new movie Psychosis was started by a ghost.

Interview With A Bigfoot Hunter

Michelle Boudin, from NewsChannel 36, interviews Bigfoot hunter, Mike Greene.

Hunting for Bigfoot: N.C. expert stakes out the forest

Henderson, Capt. Oliver W. "Pappy"

Capt. Oliver Henderson, a.k.a. "Pappy", was a senior pilot at Roswell AFB durring the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial craft in 1947.

When the fascination with Roswell was renewed in the 1980s, Henderson decided to tell his wife, daughter, and friends about his involvement. Henderson claimed that he was told never to speak about the incident but he decided that since the subject was now appearing in the papers that it would be okay to talk about it.

According to Henderson, he was one of the pilots that flew the wreckage and bodies to Wright-Patterson. Henderson described the bodies as being small, pale, with large eyes and heads, and dressed in a strange material. Henderson also claimed that it appeared as if scavengers had gotten to the bodies. The bodies were temporarily preserved in dry-ice for shipment.

Investigator Karl Pflock concluded that Henderson had told his family and friends a joke. Pflock, though a good researcher, was a proponent of the Project Mogul explanation for Roswell and as such tended to dismiss anything that didn't fit his preconceived views. Henderson's family and friends insisted that the story was related to them in all seriousness and that it was not a practical joke.

Henderson passed away in March of 1986.

Capt. Oliver W. "Pappy" Henderson

Oliver Wendelle "Pappy" Henderson

Unsolved Mysteries - The UFO Files

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