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A Reversing, a.k.a. reversal, mirror-back or deflection, is the name of a category of spells in the practice of occult magic. Practitioners from nearly all cultures have some form of these types of spells.

Reversing spells are aimed to reflect back evil, negativity, pain, hatred, etc., to the person who sent it. They are also employed against a person who has performed a black magic curse against a victim.

Reversing spells give the appearance of being black magic, especially to the recipient of the spell as well as to uninformed people, but in reality they are examples of white magic, similar to protection spells. It's very important to realize that most of the recipients of reversing spells will claim they are victims of a curse, rather than accept ownership of their actions.

Reversing spells work much like the childhood phrase, "I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and and sticks to you!"

According to practitioners, the energy, good or evil, that people put forth wants to naturally return to the sender and it eventually will with time. By using reversing spells this time for the energy to return to the sender is greatly shortened.

Reversing spells are favored by Wiccans who adhere to their vow of the Wiccan Rede and don't practice black magic. Reversing spells are also favored by people who feel that such spells are more preferred over using black magic, especially since they perfectly embody the phrase, "Let the punishment fit the crime".
Reversing spells should not be performed lightly, as they often are more harmful and even deadlier than black magic curses. The reason being that people are their own worst enemies and evil or negative people often have strong self-destructive desires within their beings. There are even tales amongst practitioners of evil people who have actually died shortly after a reversing spell has been performed. In such cases it is assumed the person had been sending out evil energy for the death of another and paid the price for it. Ideally, one should only perform a reversing spell when actual harm has been done or when threats of harm have been made. It would not be appropriate to perform a reversing spell for something trivial as a woman shooting you an evil glance on the bus or a man spouting something offensive to you in passing, for example.

Reversing spells are more commonly placed on specific people, but in situations where the identify of the evil person is not known they can still be utilized. The evil energy directed at the victim knows the identity of the sender and wants to naturally return to him/her. Unfortunately it is possible for the evil person to deflect the reversing spell if they know magic, but usually only for a limited time. Eventually the evil person's will will falter and their own evil energy will immediately return right back to it's 'home'

Many items are utilized in the performance of reversing spells. Such items include special reversing candles, oils, incense, powders, stones, and herbs with the magical reputation of sending back evil to the sender. Because of the symbolism of "mirroring back" or deflecting, mirrors are often employed in reversing spells. Otherwise, a reversing spell may simply be cast with strong meditation and visualization techniques, with the individual visualizing the negative energy being sent to them as being deflected and returned back to the sender.

Reversing spells should not be confused with a spell to stop another spell, unless that spell is a black magic curse.

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Anonymous said...

my name is Lillianna. My grandmother has had something bad happened to her. she was at work a year ago today and she fell out in Wal-Mart and had a seizure. my step mother and her got into a huge fight and my father ended up kicking her out. I went and seen her last night she had six "stress sezures" yesterday. the only thing is Sunday she went to some type of healer and said that she had been cursed four years ago ad that's when my step mother and grandmother got into it. my nana dissent deserve this. I really need someone's help. she's in alot of pain cuz her muscles spaz. out and she can't control herself. I really do believe my step mom did something.g to her, when we moved in the house beside my grandmother we found a sacrifice circles as well as sacrifice rituals and they never got rid of it. The hospitals and docs aren't telling my nana anything and they are missing something. Please someone help!!!!! She don't deserve this, She has never done anything wrong...

Dwaun Marshall said...

I'm dealing with a spirit, who just had my music app freeze up and cut my cable channels off.

Anonymous said...

Lillianna I can't go into details but I'm familiar with this kind of thing...

My advice is this you must pray daily and nightly.
God and your Angel's will take care of you and all your loves ones too.

If your sincere in your heart,mind,spirit and body.
Your prayers will be answered one day...

Never doubt yourself and your own abilities...Be strong and hold on help is on its way...

I don't where you are right..but I do know this
The Hotter the Battle.
The Sweeter the Victory.

Don't give up keep fighting prayer is the key...Put God and your Angel's first in all you do and you'll see the results for yourself..

I'm a believer and have witnessed Countless miracles daily...

Don't let Satin win..Remain positive in mind, body and spirit...
Your circumstances are going to change...

Love & Light

Earthly Angel

Anonymous said...

i was bound from my power when i was a small child. it was done as protection and has made me 'blank'. i'm almost positive everyone involved in the binding have passed on.i'm an adult with adult children who all exhibit magick and i want to unbind myself. any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I did a return to sender candle burning. I placed a mirror behind it. When the candle burned to the last of the wax the glass plate it was placed on broke into 3-4 pieces the flame kept burning on 2 of the pieces. My question is, does this mean the spell reversed any negativity or broke negativity done towards me?

Anonymous said...

2 flames means evil, one flame means, 3 means good omen this year

Curious said...

Someone close to me placed a black magic spell on. Someone who done a lot of hurtful things to someone this person really loves.they done this spell cause they wanted this person to hurt the way this person they loved had hurt.but like all black magic this has come back on this person how can we fix this .can we reverse this spell an make it right where these bad things will stop happening to everyone

Torris said...

My ex put black magic curse on me and now evil spirits are attacking me every day non stop I can see them coming in my back door one right behind the other they are causing me physical pain and suffering I think my ex buried my picture in a graveyard they are everywhere in the shower car bed etc please help me I'm contemplating suicide

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