Thursday, June 17, 2010


Asrai are water nymphs or fairies in English folklore.

Appearance: Asrai appear as either beautiful pale maidens or else as children or child-like beings a couple of feet in height. They reportedly possess webbed hands and feet.

Lore: Asrai are known for their beauty. In fact, their beauty is so intoxicating to humans that any human who sights one immediately attempts to capture it. Asrai live in watery depths and only surface on nights of the full moon to sing and play at surface waters. According to some legends, Asrai only surface once in a hundred years.

Powers: Asrai possess intoxicating beauty and as fairies possess fairy glamour and likely possess supernatural powers over the element in which they live. Asrai are cold-natured creatures, so much so that it is said that if an Asrai touches a person then that spot on the person's body will always feel cold.

Defense Against Asrai: Asrai are no danger to humans, but are in fact in danger by humans who attempt to capture them. Capture almost always brings the death of the Asrai for they cannot live on land. Also, sunlight is fatal to Asrai. If they cannot return to their home in the depths they will dissolve into a puddle of water when exposed to sunlight.


Anonymous said...

do you know where abouts you would find these ,asrai, in england ?

A World of Magic Myth and Legend said...

there are many traditional tales of Asrai around Cheshire and NW Midlands

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