Monday, May 31, 2010

Goat Arrested In Nigeria For Car Theft

A vigilante group is responsible for the arrest of a goat for car theft. The group claims they were chasing two car thieves when they cornered one who then shape-shifted into a goat, in an apparent failed attempt at avoiding capture.

Goat Arrested for Attempted Car Theft

Ghost Theory = Phantom Neighbor Phenomenon

Javier Ortega has written a wonderful article on the phantom neighbor phenomenon.

I'm sure many people have had experiences of this sort without realizing there was an actual name for it.

What is the phantom neighbor phenomenon? Well, it's the ghostly experiences via the hearing of noises, the seeing of lights or movement, in an otherwise unoccupied or even abandoned house or apartment.

‘Phantom Neighbors’ Phenomena

Association for Psychological Science On 'Alien Abduction'

The Association for Psychological Science recently held a panel discussion on the topic of alien abduction.

Answers as elusive as evidence on topic of alien abductions

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coast to Coast - Demons

Rosemary Ellen Guiley shares her thoughts on demons.

You can order Guiley's book, The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology, by clicking HERE.

Save The Pontianak

Syed Umar Ariff writes on the sad fact that local legends of the pontianak, a traditional Malaysian vampire, are being brushed aside in favor of the western notion of the supernatural creatures. Should the pontianak be placed on the endangered supernatural species list?

Vamping up vampires

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Long Island Witches

This recent full moon brought out the wise ones in Long Island.

Wicca, Witchcraft & Wizardry on Long Island

Tale From The Haunted Pub

A glass-pushing-over spirit gone wild and caught on camera.

'Ghost' pushes pint off

Lady Gaga Calls Ghostbusters

Reportedly, Lady Gaga had aids call a professional ghostbusting team as well as purchase ghostbusting equipment to scour backstage at O2 in London because she fears she is haunted by evil spirits and "bad energy".

Lady GaGa calls in the Ghostbusters

Does Synthetic Life = Frankenstein's Monster?

When art meets mad science....

Has our 'mad scientist' really created a Frankenstein's monster?

UFOs Over Weslaco

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Interview With A Werewolf

I have met a self-professed werewolf online and lucky for me, she has agreed to an interview with a werewolf!

1.) What name would you like to use?

muka teh wolfeh
2.) What is your age and gender?

im a female and i rather not say my age for my reson

3.) What drew you to werewolves?

always have been into werewolfs

4.) How did you become a werewolf?

your born this way or biten or u us magic or give your soul up

5.) Do you believe you have supernatural powers or abilities? If so, what?

no i dont, anyone can shape shift into a wolf its just that they chose not to belive they can

6.) Do you believe you actually transform into a wolf?

i can almust,shape shift into a wolf its called p shifting

7.) How do you feel about self-professed witches and vampires? Have you ever met any other "supernatural" creatures such as witches, vampires, or other "monsters"?

i have met many many vamps and witches. but calling us monster is offending.

8.) What do you like most about being a werewolf?

i am one,with nature.

9.) Have you ever attacked, killed or bitten a person?

i only bite who want to be biten, i have never killed or attacked a mortal its agenst the werewolf law to attack a pure mortal if we did,we would be sent to trial and must likely killed.
10.) What does the full moon mean to you?

i guess its pretty, but other then that nothing it gives us power alittle but hollywood has made us looks like demons when we turn we dont turn into humen wolf we turn into a wolf.

11.) What are your religious beliefs, if any? Does being a werewolf alter your religious views or is it at the core of your spirituality? Tell us more.

um, i dont know how to anser that. if your asking if im religouse this yeah i am.
12.) Do you have the normal problems associated with werewolves, such as excess body hair, long sharp incisor teeth, etc.?

No one some of us get more body hair,but not me but i have large sharp teeth.

13.) Are you involved in werewolf role-playing games?


14.) What do you like least about being a werewolf, as in the drawback that non-werewolves may not be aware of?

some werewolfs are danmed to hell,becouse some of then gave there souls to saten to become a werewolf,but i did it throw magic.
15.) Does your family and friends know you are a werewolf? How did they react when they found out?

they dont know,i have never shifting in front of them.
16.) Is you boyfriend/girlfriend a werewolf too?

i am single at the moment.
17.) Do you believe you will be a werewolf the rest of your life?

dunno some times things change over time.

18.) How do people treat you when they find out you are a werewolf?

they treat me like every one else.
19.) Tell us a little about your "pack". Do you get along with other werewolf packs?

depends on the pack, if a wolf is challageing the pack we well fight but other then that were okay if they stay out or tarratiory. in my pack we have around 6 werewolfs we are a famley when we hunt the pack comes first befor we eat the pack eats.
20.) Tell us a little about werewolf hunters and your expediences with them.

there no good killers! i dont even no how much wolf blood has spilt in encounters with them.

21.) What do you see yourself doing in the future?

22.) Is silver harmful to you?

No that silver stuff is only in the movies.

23.) Do you believe you are immortal?

i guess alittle, but i like to be treated with the same respact that u would treat a mortal.

24.) How do you feel about gore and blood, as traditionally werewolves are associated with killing and violence?

we only kill when we need to or its a new werewolf but we only want peace.
25.) What advice do you have for other people who may think they are werewolves?

watch out for hunters newbes.

26.) How do you feel about all these werewolf sightings like in Wisconsin and such? In "The Werewol Book" by Steiger, there are also several other documented sightings of what people refer to as "werewolves", as in part-wolf, part human monsters. Some even include sightings of werewolves wearing tattered jeans!

there fakes i real werewolf is a wolf not some humen wolf thing only hollywood dose that, hollywood makes us look scary then what we really are.
27.) Also, what magic did you use to become a werewolf?
dont remember that was a long long time ago.The only spell u can use is the one u make up.
28.) You mention that some sell their souls to become werewolves, can you tell me more about that. Are they evil and do they kill? Are they more powerful?
no it means none of that it just means that they are now werewolfs but teh devil scamed em out of there souls, some most think werewolf live forever but they dont werewolfs well one day die from old age but the ones who have gave there soul away know..
29.) You mentioned something about p shifting. What is that and can you explain how to do it?
p shifting is were u can shift into your spirt animal, and how to do it is all through medetation.Though it takes years of practice.
30.) Also, what do you feel about Lycanthropy, the so-called mental illness that some people have where they think they are turning into wolves?
um i dont know how to anser that.
31.) Also, Can you tell me more about werewolf hunters. How did they originate, what do they do. Do they actually kill werewolves? Have you ever run across one?
they do kill werewolfs last time i saw one i lost 3 of my pack mates.Thay are evil life tacken scom bags.
32.) Do you know where werewolves began? Like did your pack elders explain to you anything about the lore?
No my elders have not told me i think one of em use to tell me storys when i was just a pup but i dont remeber.
33.) Can you turn someone into a werewolf against their will? How would you go about doing it?
werewolfs vamps anything cant turn a mortal into what they are unless the mortals willing to turn.

Thanks so much Muka teh Wolfeh for the interview!

Wolf On The Loose In OKC Metro?

Just heard on t.v. that there are reports of a wolf on the prowl in the Oklahoma City Metro area. Some are claiming it's just some type of new urban legend.

Supposedly, Oklahoma has been wolf-free since the 1930s.

I will post updates as more info becomes available.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Looking Back On The FBI's Investigation Of Cattle Mutilation

About 95% of the cases involved natural explanations. However, 5% of the cases could not be explained. Over 10,000 reported mutilated animals were reported in 1979. (With video and links to FBI's Cattle Mutilation Files at site)

Old cattle mutilation stumped Feds

Retired New Hampshire State Rep., Henry W. McElroy, Jr.'s Shocking Message About Eisenhower & Aliens

Cattle Mutilation Mystery In Southern Colorado

More reports of cattle mutilation with more farmers and ranchers speaking out on their belief that the perpetrator is not from this world. (Video of Rocky Mountain Mysteries with John Romero at bottom of story at site.)

UFO Aliens Blamed for Disturbing Cattle Mutilations in Southern Colorado

Amityville Horror Home For Sale

Asking price: 1.5 million U.S. Dollars

Amityville Horror Home For Sale in New York, $1.15M

Shirtless Man With Sword Arrested For Hunting Werewolves And C.H.U.D.

The unidentified man believed these creatures could take on the form of normal humans.

Police: Shirtless man with sword 'hunting werewolves'

"I Was A High School Werewolf" -or- Real Life Teen Wolves

I say the more the merrier! LOL I mean, High Schools are already filled with self-professed witches and vampires, why not werewolves?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Statement Of Randolph Carter

Bigfoot Alive And Living In Greater Minnesota???

Heartless (2009)

A disturbed young man with a port wine stain birthmark in the shape of a heart on his face discovers that demons prowl the streets of London after dark.

Tagline: The darker it gets the more you see.

Heartless Trailer

To watch the movie, click HERE.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Results Are In....

The results of the poll question, "What Is Your Favorite Monster?" are:

In 10th Place:

Chupacabra - 1% of the vote

In 9th Place:

Bigfoot - 2% of the vote

In 8th Place:

Alien - 3% of the vote

In 7th Place:

Zombie - 5% of the vote

In 6th Place:

Ghost - 6% of the vote

In 5th Place:

Other - 7% of the vote

In 4rd Place:

Demon - 12% of the vote

In 3nd Place:

Witch - 13% of the vote

In 2nd Place:

Werewolf - 21% of the vote

In 1st Place:

Vampire - 25% of the vote

A Big 'Thank You" for all that voted!

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