Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Tartarus is the the Greek version of Hell, as well as being a primordial god or being.

Lore: Tartarus was among the primordial gods that sprang from the nothingness of Chaos. He is both a being as well as a place, the ancient Greek version of Hell where evil doers and the enemies of the gods are punished for all eternity. Tartarus is located below Hades, the general realm of the dead, and is the lowest and deepest point undernearth the earth. Tartarus is believed to be as deep under the earth as Heaven is high above the earth.

The most famous inhabitants of Tartarus include: the Titans (race of older gods who fought the Olympians and lost), Sisyphus (forced to roll a boulder uphill for all eternity), Tantalus (forced to stand in water with grapes above his head yet when he attempts to eat or drink they disappear. It's where we get the word, "tantalize".), and the Danaides (forced to fill a bath to purify themselves of their crimes of murdering their husbands by using jugs filled with holes to draw water from a well. Needless to say they will never take their bath.)

A primordial god, Tartarus has fathered many a dark god, with one of his mates being Nyx (Night).

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