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Shadow Man

Shadow Man, a.k.a Shadow Men, Shadow People, Shadow Beings, is a reported distinct classification of supernatural beings that believers claim have been sighted for centuries, if not longer. Unfortunately, the Shadowman legend is just an example of modern folklore or may even be a hoax.

Appearance: Shadowmen appear as a darkened humanoid silhouette or a moving shadow unconnected to a living person. For images of shadomen, click HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Fakelore: The Shadowman phenomenon is an example of a modern legend or folklore, possibly even originating as a hoax. Despite what believers claim, reports of shadowmen, as a distinct entity, date back only to the 1990s. As such the history of the legend can easily be traced backwards to the point of it's origin. In the case of the shadowman legends, such seems to have originated in a work of fiction, more specifically, an episode of The Twilight Zone t.v. series that aired in 1985.

The episode in question is actually titled The Shadow Man, and features such a being than lives beneath the bed of a boy. The entity exits from the bed at night to roam the land and attack children. The Shadow Man appears as a darkened silhouette, or living shadow, complete with large, broad-rimmed hat. No facial features or other distinguishable characteristics can be observed. So here we have a being called the Shadow Man, a being that appears as a darkened silhouette or living shadow, and a being that attacks people. All of these characteristics are found in the modern shadowman legend. It is far more likely that the legend of the shadowman began with one person who reported the story of the fictional Shadow Man from the episode as being non-fiction. As time passed, the legend of the shadowman took on a life of it's own.

The Truth: The only true elements in shadowman legends concern tales of ghosts. Reports of seeing moving shadows are a mainstay in reported hauntings. It is likely that if it wasn't for the modern shadowman legends, such experiences would have been classified as ghosts and not believed to be a unique supernatural entity.

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Anonymous said...

I have actually been haunted my shadow people with red eyes and without red eyes since i was five. And they mainly haunt in dreams but when you wake up you start to relive that dream where i change it as soon as i realise do they dont hurt me. I have things happen in the houses i have lived in. I call them shadow people since i dont know what else it can be. The most scarest thing that has happened was one early in the morning at 6am where i heard something heavy footed come up the stairs banging something against the banister. i thought that first we were being robbed but it ran up and down the landing then stopped. moments later my nan came out of her bedroom with the dog who was shut in their room during the night. I joined them downstairs since i was too scared to be on my own.

Anonymous said...

I was stalked by the shadow man for 15 years. It never physically harmed me but would play a lot of tricks. It wasn't constantly around but when it was I would feel it before I saw it. It all started one night when I was 12. I woke up and thought I saw a black snake go under my bed. I live in Arizona so I thought a snake got into the house. As I leaned over the edge of the bed the snake came up in front of my face fanned out like a cobra then just disappeared. Of course I screamed, my parents ran in and checked all around for the snake and found nothing. Later that night my 19 year old brother woke up screaming that a man was in his closet. Every since then I would see the Shadowman. I haven't seen the man in several years now but now I see shadow animals. The animals don't freak me out as much as the man did.

Anonymous said...

Why are they protecting me?

Anonymous said...

I think I seen a shadowmen,long thin man standing in front of my huge pine tree,staring at me! I felt watched forever until I caught him head on,by tricking it,I pulled out the light from the plastic jacolanturn,turned around and looked straight outside,full moon shining on him,all u can see is super black man with no face running at me with a limp,then bsm he turned sideways and poof,gone.

Anonymous said...

If you look up sister Josef menendez's experiences of he'll she depicts 'black people' that the devil speaks with. I went searching for anyone seeing 'shadow people' with NDE's because I saw them when I had mine...they even pulled my hand. They were solid humanoid forms of the blackest black with no faces. Prior to this experience I knew nothing of them. Sister J osefa died in 1923 so your origin is inaccurate. ..just to let you know.

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous on November 25, at 6:23 AM,

It does't matter. She's not talking about shadow men. Shadow men are a modern phenomenon that originates with the episode of the show I blogged about above.

Anonymous said...

the shadow man really?
you people really believe there a humans being or a sprit out there that really does the stuff you guys mention our is that BS to!

Greg Martin said...

What do you experience during a sleep paralysis episode, this would be the moment I feel most vulnerable to the supernatural what I have heard your body is asleep and mind awake but this doesn't make sense to me since the things experience must be dreams because of the nature of them.

Gamaliel Martinez said...

I can see spirits. I would see a lot of shadow people or people that have passed away in that location. some are actually following me for some reason. i believe they think i can be a host. but thats not what i am interested right now. last week i was a baby holding on to the rain pipes. the baby was like shadow people , but you could see the details of the baby. it also had full black eyes. do any of you know what the baby was?

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