Saturday, April 24, 2010


"We clung to our dolls in our chambers when we were girls. Oh, what a trembling the Mormo brought us then, when we were little ones! On its head were huge ears, and it walked on all fours, and changed from one face to another!"
-Erinna, The Distaff

Mormo, a.k.a Mormon, (Greek for 'terrible one') is a monster in Greek mythology.

Appearance: Unknown, though likely frightening

Lore: Mormo is a companion and mate of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft. With her he fathered the Empusa, monsters who devoured humans. Like Hecate, Mormo was also a night-roamer, searching the darkened streets and roads for human prey. Anton LaVey, in his infamous The Satanic Bible, writes that Mormo was "king of the ghouls".

The belief in Mormo survived well into the middle ages with a few changes. The first change was the monster's gender. With time Mormo had morphed into a female monster. The second change was from a monster who preyed on any humans to one who preyed exclusively on children. In this fashion, Mormo played the role of bogeyman, a threat in the form of a fairytale or legend designed to frighten children into behaving. The third change was the pluralization of the monster, the Mormolyceae.

Powers: Unknown, but due to their being no consistent appearance given to Mormo, shape-shifting is a possibility. Such power is consistent with many bogeymen-like monsters.


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