Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monclova Monster

The Monclova Monster is a reported monster recently sighted in Monclova, Mexico.

Appearance: A gray, smoothed-skin humanoid with eyes like a dog. The creature was reported to walk both on all fours as well as upright like a human.

Lore: Sightings of the creature occurred on the fourth, fifth, and ninth of April of this year (2010). The monster frightened several children when it appeared in a street as well as scared off bathers in the local Monclova river and teenagers who were fishing there. The creature is blamed for the death of at least ten goats. The local media have referred to the monster as being either an alien or a chupacabra. Authorities suspect it might be a psychosis (mass hallucination or hysteria).

Powers: Witnesses claim the monster can make incredibly high leaps.

Possible Identity: Due to the description the creature might be a dog with severe mange.

Monclova Monster: 2010

Mexico: The Chinameca Alien - A Sociological Interpretation

Mexico: Chupacabras in Monclova, Coahuila?


Anonymous said...

if its has been seen bipedal its definitely not a dog!

Doc Conjure said...

# Anonymous

Perhaps. However this is chupacabra territory and most of those turn out to be dogs or animals with severe mange. But who knows, right?

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