Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jesus Malverde

Jesus Malverde, a.k.a. the Narcos-Saint, the Latino Robin Hood, or simply 'Chuy', is a banned Mexican folk saint who is viewed as the patron saint of thieves, drug dealers, illegal immigrants, and the poor or powerless. As such his role is similar to another popular banned folk saint, Santa Muerte. Despite the negative reputation, Jesus Malverde is well loved and respected by his followers who do not view him to be evil as many judgemental outsiders may.

Appearance: A mustached Mexican man. Images of Jesus Malverde are generally limited to busts or depictions of him from the chest upwards. For images of Jesus Malverde, click HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Lore: Jesus Malverde was believed to have been a real person and outlaw who was hanged by Mexican police circa 1909. After his death, reports were made of his spirit granting miracles. According to believers, Jesus Malverde has become a saint who can intercede on behalf of people and grant miracles.

Powers: Like more traditional saints, Jesus Malverde is believed to bless his followers and grant miracles and healings. However, Jesus Malverde has rose to infamy due to his association with thieves, drug dealers, and criminals who flock to the saint in the belief that he will protect them the from law.

Veneration: Followers of Jesus Malverde will build shrines to the saint complete with offerings. Tattoos of Jesus Malverde are also popular. Folk magic is also a part of the worship of the saint and include specific spiritual products associated with Jesus Malverde, such as Jesus Malverde oils, incense, powders, and candles. For examples of such, click HERE, and HERE.

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