Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Hat Man

The Hat Man, is a reported supernatural being that appears as a darkened humanoid silhouette or living shadow wearing a large, broad-rimmed hat and which delights in scaring people usually at night. The Hat Man is an example of modern folklore and legend and like the Shadowman legends can be traced back to an episode of the t.v. series The Twilight Zone titled The Shadow Man. Belief in the Hat Man, like belief in the Shadowman, possibly arose when individuals confused a work of fiction as being non-fiction, and subsequently spread such belief to others.

For more information, see :  Shadow Man.

The Hat Man Project


michgrbr said...

you know he is real

The Mad Hatter said...

theres no doubt about it hes real.

Meko St.clair said...

He is a native American spirit and is to be respected

DocConjure said...

@ Meko St. Clair,

No he is not. He is an urban legend that was taken from an episode of The Twilight Zone in the 80s.

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