Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full Moon Fun

Just an odd thought I would like to share with my readers, especially since it is the full moon and time for 'witchy' things....

If there is ever a modern version of the Argonautica made, then I would suggest a song for a certain scene.

The scene in question, when Jason summons Hecate under the name of Brimo. Medea gives Jason a complicated ritual that must be perform if he is to be successful in his tasks, including ritual bathing, the digging of a pit and sacrifice of a black ewe, and the incantation to the goddess.
When I first heard the song Voodoo by Godsmack, about ten years ago, I immediately thought that this song would be perfect for this scene.

Just listen to the song below and try not to visualize the dreaded goddess rising from the abyss, wreathed with snakes, crowned with oak leaves, carrying torches, and accompanied by her pack of supernatural baying-hounds. Imagine Jason's fright has he had to walk away without looking back, lest he offend the goddess.

Then, earth began to bellow, trees to dance
And howling dogs in glimmering light advance
Ere Hecate came.

Aeneid, Book VL

One more thing....

The line in the song is, "I'm not the one is so far away...". I would change this to, "Calling up the one who is so far away...". The name Hecate translates to, "She who works from afar", "Distant", or "Remote".

Enjoy that full moon tonight!

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