Monday, April 26, 2010


Empusa, pl. Empusae, is a shape-shifting demon or monster in Greek myth and folklore

Appearance: A hideous woman, described as having blotches and blemishes on her skin, with red hair, a red colored face, and having one leg of a donkey while the other leg is a prosthetic usually made of brass.

Lore: Originally conceived as one being, Empusa was said to have been the daughter of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft, and Mormo, the Greek bogeyman and monster. With time, it was believed that a whole race of these monsters existed, the Empusae.

The Empusae were believed sent from Hecate in order to plague mankind. The monsters would prowl the darkened roads at night, seeking their prey. Shape-shifting themselves into various animals or beautiful women, they would lure their human prey closer until which time they would pounce on and devour them, draining their bodies of blood and feasting on their flesh.

The Empusae were often confused with Lamia, or else the Lamia were said to be among their numbers.

Belief in the Empusae persists into modern times.

Powers: The Empusae can shape-shift into a variety of forms and mainly appear as beautiful women in order to entice their prey.

Defence Against Empusae: Empusae can be dispatched by shouting insults at them or by verbally abusing them. Upon hearing the insults, the Empusae will scream and flee.



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