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Brown, Rebecca (Ruth Bailey) 1948 - Present

Rebecca Brown, born Ruth Bailey, is a Christian author best known for her books concerning satanic conspiracies.

The Beginning

In 1979 Brown was a well respected registered nurse. Bosses and Co-workers have stated that over the next three years Brown's behavior and personality changed with Brown becoming more obsessed with religion and the topic of demons. Brown was eventually asked to resign after complaints that she performed exorcisms on patients. Brown would later set up her own practice.


Brown's personal problems where complicated when Brown began an unhealthy relationship with one Edna Moses, identified only as Elaine in Brown's books. Elaine claimed she was a High-Priestess in a satanic cult and had actually married and had sex with Satan. Elaine moved in with Brown and even shared a bed with her. Brown even went as far as trying to legally adopt Elaine as her daughter.

Medical License Revoked

In 1984, Brown had her medical licence revoked over accusations she purposefully misdiagnosed patients, advised patients their conditions were caused by demons, and prescribed high levels of dangerous and addictive drugs to both her her patients and herself. If these accusations weren't serious enough, Brown was also accused of telling patients that only she could properly diagnose them, failing to properly document her patients records, stating certain doctors and nurses she worked with where in fact demons in human disguise, and claiming to have the power to share her patients diseases, pain and afflictions with demons in order to cure them.

He Came To Set The Captives Free

In 1986, Brown released He Came To Set The Captives Free, a book detailing the story provided to her by Elaine, as well as her own involvement in Elaine's rescue from the satanic cult and of Elaine's subsequent transition to Christianity. Many of Brown's subsequent books have been geared toward her supposed fight against satanic cults and demons.

Rebecca Brown The Vampire Slayer

At the board hearing that ended with the revocation of Brown's medical licence, witnesses testified that Brown claimed she had fought with a demon and decapitated it, as well as made accusations she advised one person they were being attacked by a tentacled demon resembling an octopus. Brown also believes that vampires and werewolves exist, even going as far as recounting a frightful experience she claimed she had with a werewolf that threatened to kill her.

"Then he looked straight into my eyes and told me, 'You can't go anywhere - see, I have stopped your car and there's nothing you can do about it. Now I'm going to enjoy ripping your throat out and drinking your blood. You have been interfering with Satan too long; I am going to punish you. You cannot stand against my power.'"
-He Came To Set The Captives Free p. 238

Rebecca Brown's stories of battling demons and monsters are similar to the storylines in the t.v. series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Both Brown's stories as well as the t.v. series feature a lead female character who is 'chosen' to battle the forces of evil.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Opening Credits

Buffy the Vampire Slayer MySpace Video

The Truth Of Elaine

Edna Moses, a.k.a. Elaine, the woman who inspired He Came To Set The Captives Free, seemed to have been a very troubled woman. Moses' claims can easily be dismissed and records indicated that she definitely did no major traveling in her life, especially not the around-the-world-type required if her story is to be believed. Instead, it seems as if Moses was married for a couple of months before her husband filed for divorce. Moses lived the majority of her life with her parents and passed away in 2005.

Rebecca Brown Today

Despite the controversy Brown continues to have a major following of fans who believe she told the truth about her experiences and about her war against satanists, demons and monsters. Brown continues to publish and remains a successful author despite her past.

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Note: Rebecca Brown continues to use the "M.D." title because this represents her degree and not a medical licence.

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