Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Walpurgisnacht!

Tonight is Walpurgisnacht, the night where witches soar the skies and goblins, and ghouls of all sorts roam the land.

Remember, no drinking and flying!

I think I'll celebrate the night by rewatching a favorite witch movie, The Craft.


Candles, Incense
I'm visiting the good witch.
The darkness is falling,
-it's time for magic.

Old One, Enchantress
Make me an amulet
with dragon's blood and henbane
to ensure the darkest art.

Black Hat, Black Cat
I'm riding your broom to the Sabbat.
Rub the ointment in, I want to fly.

I want to soar,
to hover,
take to me a demon lover and
dance with faeries the night away.

We'll sing our spells and incantations
and mortals will follow with lamentations
for this is the way of our kind.

Should they catch me,
I shall tell them,
"I'm visiting the good witch",
and I shall never disclose our secrets
even when burning.

-Jason Gammon


Beltane/Beltane (pronounced "bell-tane"), celebrated on May 1, is one of the two high holidays or sabbats celebrating by modern Wiccans and other Neopagan religions. (The other high holiday being Samhain.) The name Beltane, means "bright or lucky fire".

The holiday stems from the pagan Celtic fire festival celebrating the return of summer. On Beltane, sacred bonfires would be lit which were believed to possess the power to drive away illness from both animal and man. The fires of the community would be extinguished and then relit from the Beltane blaze. The lighting of bonfires also plays an important role in modern Beltane celebrations.

Beltane Festival In NY, 2009

On Beltane, Wiccans believe the Goddess rules the land and in the form of the maiden, falls in love with the Horned God in his form of young man. From their union all nature springs forth.

Wiccans may celebrate Beltane with flowers, feasting, singing, dancing. laughing, and ritual. One of the important rituals Wiccans perform on Beltane is called The Great Rite. This is the act of lovemaking between the Goddess and the Horned God and is carried out either symbolically by the high priest of the coven inserting the blade of his athame, or magical dagger, into the Wiccan chalice held by the high priestess. Otherwise, consenting adult couples perform the great rite in a more literal fashion in the privacy of their own homes.

According to Wiccan belief, the Horned God rules the time from Samhain (Nov 1) to Beltane (May 1), with the Goddess ruling from Beltane (May 1) to Samhain (Nov 1). Such division reflects that lifestyle of our ancestors who feasted on the fruits of agriculture during the growing season but who depended on meat for their survival in winter.

The night before Beltane, April 30, is referred to as Walpurgisnacht (Witches Night), a night similar to Halloween, when many European peoples believed witches, goblins, and ghosts roamed the land celebrating the last stand of the cold and darkness before the arrival of summer.

The celebration of Beltane has become secularized as the holiday known as May Day. On May Day, children dance the May Pole and a May King (or Jack-in-the-Green) and May Queen would be elected. (Wiccans would say these would be the stand-ins for the Goddess and the Horned God!) May Day is also celebrated with picniks and friendly community get-togethers.

A major Beltain fire festival is held each Beltane in Edinburgh, Scotland. People from all around the world come to Edinburgh to witness the rites. If you enjoy drama and performance art, be sure to catch one.

Beltane Fire Society

BELTANE: Its History and Modern Celebration in Wicca in America

Beltane, Pagan Spring Celebration: Druid and Wiccan Fire Festival and Solar Sabbat

Beltane History - Celebrating May Day

Coast to Coast AM - Shadow Beings

Although the legends of the Shadowman or Shadow Beings are examples of modern folklore, it is interesting to see how these legends originate and evolve with time. With the Shadowman/Hatman legends, it likely started from an episode from the fictional t.v. series, The Twilight Zone and now has grown to be associated with aliens and Satan. Listen to paranormal researcher Heidi Hollis speak of her beliefs in the Shadowman/Hatman as well as the stories she relates about people who have confided in her their own encounters. Hollis was the first person to author a book on the subject of the Shadowman/Hatman, titled The Secret War: The Heavens Speak Of The Battle in 2001.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Russian Man Claims To Have Rescued Drowning Bigfoot

The Russian Hunter claims the creature was big, covered in hair, and was unidentifiable to him.

Bigfoot saved from drowning in icy Siberian river

It's Not A UFO But We Don't Know What It Is

Schuylkill County Police do not know the definition of U.F.O.

Officials: Object not UFO; but what was it?

Woman Calls Police Over Ghost

Her shed door was open and she blamed it on a ghost named Geroge.

Suspected "ghost" prompts call to sheriff

Monclova Monster

The Monclova Monster is a reported monster recently sighted in Monclova, Mexico.

Appearance: A gray, smoothed-skin humanoid with eyes like a dog. The creature was reported to walk both on all fours as well as upright like a human.

Lore: Sightings of the creature occurred on the fourth, fifth, and ninth of April of this year (2010). The monster frightened several children when it appeared in a street as well as scared off bathers in the local Monclova river and teenagers who were fishing there. The creature is blamed for the death of at least ten goats. The local media have referred to the monster as being either an alien or a chupacabra. Authorities suspect it might be a psychosis (mass hallucination or hysteria).

Powers: Witnesses claim the monster can make incredibly high leaps.

Possible Identity: Due to the description the creature might be a dog with severe mange.

Monclova Monster: 2010

Mexico: The Chinameca Alien - A Sociological Interpretation

Mexico: Chupacabras in Monclova, Coahuila?

Cotard Syndrome

Cotard Syndrome, sometimes referred to as Walking Corpse Syndrome, is a serious delusion associated with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, as well as can be brought on by brain injury. Cotard Syndrome can also manifest in drug addicted people, more predominately associated with addicts who abuse cocaine, methamphetamine, or speed. Cotard Syndrome involves a strong delusion that one is dead (either physically dead or metaphorically dead), has no soul, is missing various internal organs, is rotting or decaying, is infested with maggots or worms, or simply does not exist. Many sufferers report attempting to kill or harm themselves to prove they are dead. A very small minority of sufferers may hold to further delusions of a demonic spirit or entity which has taken over their 'corpse' and which forces them to commit acts of violence or harm to other people. Even rarer are cases in which sufferers possess the added delusion of being immortal. Certain people diagnosed with this condition, and cases where the delusions are connected to deep depression, have responded well to electroconvulsive therapy. If the condition arises from drug abuse, the delusion may disappear when the individual comes down off their high or seeks treatment for their addiction. For cases which involve brain injury, there is little to be done at this time, other than behavioral therapy.

The video below was made by a person diagnosed with Cotard Syndrom.

Health Talk: Walking Corpse Syndrome

Cotard's syndrome and delayed diagnosis in Kashmir, India

Cotard's Syndrome in a Homeless Man

Hounslow West Residents Report UFOs

Witnesses report seeing a UFO with five lights followed by military aircraft which reportedly flew in the area for some thirty minutes after the sighting. Where they searching for the UFO?

UFOs spotted over Hounslow West

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full Moon Fun

Just an odd thought I would like to share with my readers, especially since it is the full moon and time for 'witchy' things....

If there is ever a modern version of the Argonautica made, then I would suggest a song for a certain scene.

The scene in question, when Jason summons Hecate under the name of Brimo. Medea gives Jason a complicated ritual that must be perform if he is to be successful in his tasks, including ritual bathing, the digging of a pit and sacrifice of a black ewe, and the incantation to the goddess.
When I first heard the song Voodoo by Godsmack, about ten years ago, I immediately thought that this song would be perfect for this scene.

Just listen to the song below and try not to visualize the dreaded goddess rising from the abyss, wreathed with snakes, crowned with oak leaves, carrying torches, and accompanied by her pack of supernatural baying-hounds. Imagine Jason's fright has he had to walk away without looking back, lest he offend the goddess.

Then, earth began to bellow, trees to dance
And howling dogs in glimmering light advance
Ere Hecate came.

Aeneid, Book VL

One more thing....

The line in the song is, "I'm not the one is so far away...". I would change this to, "Calling up the one who is so far away...". The name Hecate translates to, "She who works from afar", "Distant", or "Remote".

Enjoy that full moon tonight!


My patron goddess, last and lowest form
Of Hecate through whom the shades and I
Hold silent converse; warder of the gate
Who castest human offal to the dog:
Ye sisters who shall spin the threads again;

Pharsalia (aka "The Civil War") BOOK VI

A shade (shadow) is an archaic synonym for ghost. In ancient times it was believed that a person's shadow was the soul. At death the shadow/soul would seperate from the body and cross over into the underworld or afterlife. This belief explains why certain demonic creatures like vampires do not cast shadows, as they possess no souls.

Spirits in the form of moving shadows are a staple in ghost lore.

The Hat Man

The Hat Man, is a reported supernatural being that appears as a darkened humanoid silhouette or living shadow wearing a large, broad-rimmed hat and which delights in scaring people usually at night. The Hat Man is an example of modern folklore and legend and like the Shadowman legends can be traced back to an episode of the t.v. series The Twilight Zone titled The Shadow Man. Belief in the Hat Man, like belief in the Shadowman, possibly arose when individuals confused a work of fiction as being non-fiction, and subsequently spread such belief to others.

For more information, see :  Shadow Man.

The Hat Man Project

Shadow Man

Shadow Man, a.k.a Shadow Men, Shadow People, Shadow Beings, is a reported distinct classification of supernatural beings that believers claim have been sighted for centuries, if not longer. Unfortunately, the Shadowman legend is just an example of modern folklore or may even be a hoax.

Appearance: Shadowmen appear as a darkened humanoid silhouette or a moving shadow unconnected to a living person. For images of shadomen, click HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Fakelore: The Shadowman phenomenon is an example of a modern legend or folklore, possibly even originating as a hoax. Despite what believers claim, reports of shadowmen, as a distinct entity, date back only to the 1990s. As such the history of the legend can easily be traced backwards to the point of it's origin. In the case of the shadowman legends, such seems to have originated in a work of fiction, more specifically, an episode of The Twilight Zone t.v. series that aired in 1985.

The episode in question is actually titled The Shadow Man, and features such a being than lives beneath the bed of a boy. The entity exits from the bed at night to roam the land and attack children. The Shadow Man appears as a darkened silhouette, or living shadow, complete with large, broad-rimmed hat. No facial features or other distinguishable characteristics can be observed. So here we have a being called the Shadow Man, a being that appears as a darkened silhouette or living shadow, and a being that attacks people. All of these characteristics are found in the modern shadowman legend. It is far more likely that the legend of the shadowman began with one person who reported the story of the fictional Shadow Man from the episode as being non-fiction. As time passed, the legend of the shadowman took on a life of it's own.

The Truth: The only true elements in shadowman legends concern tales of ghosts. Reports of seeing moving shadows are a mainstay in reported hauntings. It is likely that if it wasn't for the modern shadowman legends, such experiences would have been classified as ghosts and not believed to be a unique supernatural entity.

Shadow People

The Official Shadow People Archive

La Santa Muerte - Saint Death

Los Angeles Man Claims Aliens Send Him Messages

Andy Reiss claims aliens communicate with him through strange lights and symbols he can see out of the corner of his eyes. Reiss also claims he is shown alien-inspired visions.

Man Gets Written Messages From Aliens

Ghost Hunters To Investigate Sincil Bank Stadium

Shadow Seekers Paranormal Investigation Team will be investigating the site on May 21, to hopefully capture evidence of spooky activity. During an investigation last year, disembodied voices were reportedly recorded.

Ghost hunters to investigate supernatural sightings at Sincil Bank

UFO Spotted Over Lake Superior

Two witnesses claim to have seen a silver colored UFO, shaped like a miniature stealth bomber over Lake Superior on Sunday.

Possible UFO spotted in Marquette

Filey Man Captures UFO Image

Mark Riggs doubts it was a plane or helicopter. The object was described as an orange glow, however Riggs claims a triangular shape can be seen in the photo.

Sighting of 'UFO' over Filey provokes interest

Rhode Island Engineer Spots UFO

A civil engineer in Warwick, RI, claims to have spotted a UFO on April 24.

Engineer spots disc-shaped UFO over Warwick, Rhode Island skies

Nacogdoches Man Sees UFO

A resident of Nacogdoches, TX, claims to have seen a UFO Sunday night.

Bright light was UFO says East Texan

Man Claims 'Head Alien' Made Him Crash His Car

A 32 year-old Australian man has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity after he wrecked his car because a "head alien" told him to do it. The crash killed a 58 year-old man. Coincidentally, the name of the accused is Damian, a name which is remarkably similar to the Greek word Daimon, meaning demon or spirit.

Accused man Damian Amos says 'head alien' made him crash his car

Witches: Your Help Is Needed

A strange article by Botswana native Olopeng Rabasimane concerning witches.

To all witches

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Old Joe Meek Discovers Santa Muerte

Is Religion To Blame For Belief In 'Witches'?

Uganda, like many places in Africa, has a witchcraft problem. Could religion be the blame for the belief in witches and witchcraft? Belief in witches has existed for millennia and can be found in just about every culture. The real question is, how does a religion that has as it's core tenet a being of pure evil who with his demonic helpers attempt to destroy the lives of good Christians, effect such beliefs? Could Christianity itself be an enabling factor for the belief in witches? I think so and I believe that the belief in and fear of witches, let alone witch hunts or episodes of 'satanic panic' will continue to occur as long as religion exists.

Religious teachings reinforce belief in witchcraft

Study: Supernatural Beings In Britain On The Rise

Britain is experiencing a surge in reports of encounters with supernatural beings, from hell hounds, to sea monsters, from ghosts to demons, it's all there. Reported encounters are claimed to be greater now than in the past 25 years.

Ghost sightings highest in 25 years

1930s Police Believed Nessie Existed

Documents prove that police in the 1930s believed the Loch Ness Monster to be real and were afraid for it's safety.

Even police believed Loch Ness monster existed in the 1930s

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mexican Saint Death: VC2


Empusa, pl. Empusae, is a shape-shifting demon or monster in Greek myth and folklore

Appearance: A hideous woman, described as having blotches and blemishes on her skin, with red hair, a red colored face, and having one leg of a donkey while the other leg is a prosthetic usually made of brass.

Lore: Originally conceived as one being, Empusa was said to have been the daughter of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft, and Mormo, the Greek bogeyman and monster. With time, it was believed that a whole race of these monsters existed, the Empusae.

The Empusae were believed sent from Hecate in order to plague mankind. The monsters would prowl the darkened roads at night, seeking their prey. Shape-shifting themselves into various animals or beautiful women, they would lure their human prey closer until which time they would pounce on and devour them, draining their bodies of blood and feasting on their flesh.

The Empusae were often confused with Lamia, or else the Lamia were said to be among their numbers.

Belief in the Empusae persists into modern times.

Powers: The Empusae can shape-shift into a variety of forms and mainly appear as beautiful women in order to entice their prey.

Defence Against Empusae: Empusae can be dispatched by shouting insults at them or by verbally abusing them. Upon hearing the insults, the Empusae will scream and flee.



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Santa Muerte

Australian Family Terrified By UFO Sighting

The UFO reportedly hovered over the house before disappearing and was described as a spherical object that shone with red, orange, and gold lights.

UFO visit terrifies Top End family

Debby Griffen: The Witch Of Simsbury

Catherine Guarnieri writes concerning one Debby Griffen, a woman believed to have been a witch in 1680, Connecticut. Was the story about her squeezing through keyholes, being shot at with no effect, and disappearing into a local lake just an elaborate ruse to cover up her murder?

CATHERINE GUARNIERI: Debby Griffen, the Witch of Simsbury

La Santa Muerte

Edward Cullin Is Female?

It seems there are some problems with the Malaysian translation of the Twilight series, mainly that Edward Cullin, a male vampire, is translated as being a Pontianak, a female Malaysian monster.

Edward is no pontianak

Stephen Hawking: Don't Talk To Aliens

Stephen Hawkings discusses why he believes humans should not attempt to make contact with extraterrestrials. And for what it's worth, I completely agree.

Don’t talk to aliens, warns Stephen Hawking

Saturday, April 24, 2010

La Santa Muerte - Action4News

News segment on Santa Muerte.

Jesus Malverde

Jesus Malverde, a.k.a. the Narcos-Saint, the Latino Robin Hood, or simply 'Chuy', is a banned Mexican folk saint who is viewed as the patron saint of thieves, drug dealers, illegal immigrants, and the poor or powerless. As such his role is similar to another popular banned folk saint, Santa Muerte. Despite the negative reputation, Jesus Malverde is well loved and respected by his followers who do not view him to be evil as many judgemental outsiders may.

Appearance: A mustached Mexican man. Images of Jesus Malverde are generally limited to busts or depictions of him from the chest upwards. For images of Jesus Malverde, click HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Lore: Jesus Malverde was believed to have been a real person and outlaw who was hanged by Mexican police circa 1909. After his death, reports were made of his spirit granting miracles. According to believers, Jesus Malverde has become a saint who can intercede on behalf of people and grant miracles.

Powers: Like more traditional saints, Jesus Malverde is believed to bless his followers and grant miracles and healings. However, Jesus Malverde has rose to infamy due to his association with thieves, drug dealers, and criminals who flock to the saint in the belief that he will protect them the from law.

Veneration: Followers of Jesus Malverde will build shrines to the saint complete with offerings. Tattoos of Jesus Malverde are also popular. Folk magic is also a part of the worship of the saint and include specific spiritual products associated with Jesus Malverde, such as Jesus Malverde oils, incense, powders, and candles. For examples of such, click HERE, and HERE.

Jesus Malverde: The "Narco Saint"

'Narco-saint' Jesus Malverde gets shrine in Mexico City

Our Blessed Saint of Narcotics?

Jesus Malverde-- Saint of Mexico's Drug Traffickers May Have Been Bandit Hung in 1909

In the Eerie Twilight, Frenetic Homage To a Potent Symbol

Mexican Robin Hood figure gains a kind of notoriety abroad

Mexican Robin Hood Figure Gains a Kind of Notoriety in U.S.

Narcotrafficantes, Jesus Malverde, and the Anima de Leyva

'Jesus Malverde'

Patron Saints Of The Mexican Drug Underworld

I definitely want to see this documentary or training film. I bet I can already list the folk saints that many Mexican drug dealers petition in order to prevent being busted by the police.


"We clung to our dolls in our chambers when we were girls. Oh, what a trembling the Mormo brought us then, when we were little ones! On its head were huge ears, and it walked on all fours, and changed from one face to another!"
-Erinna, The Distaff

Mormo, a.k.a Mormon, (Greek for 'terrible one') is a monster in Greek mythology.

Appearance: Unknown, though likely frightening

Lore: Mormo is a companion and mate of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft. With her he fathered the Empusa, monsters who devoured humans. Like Hecate, Mormo was also a night-roamer, searching the darkened streets and roads for human prey. Anton LaVey, in his infamous The Satanic Bible, writes that Mormo was "king of the ghouls".

The belief in Mormo survived well into the middle ages with a few changes. The first change was the monster's gender. With time Mormo had morphed into a female monster. The second change was from a monster who preyed on any humans to one who preyed exclusively on children. In this fashion, Mormo played the role of bogeyman, a threat in the form of a fairytale or legend designed to frighten children into behaving. The third change was the pluralization of the monster, the Mormolyceae.

Powers: Unknown, but due to their being no consistent appearance given to Mormo, shape-shifting is a possibility. Such power is consistent with many bogeymen-like monsters.


Airline Passenger Freaks Out

On a recent Delta airlines flight, a passenger freaked out, threatened to blow up the plane, and screamed the famous Christian phrase, "Satan get behind Me", as he attempted to open the cabin door.

Man 'called on Satan' during aircraft rampage

Friday, April 23, 2010

Naked 'Witch' Caught?

Batswana residents called the authorities after finding a naked, middle-aged woman whom they believe to be witch. Authorities insist the woman is in need of psychiatric treatment however many are not convinced.


UFO Skeptic Reports Strange Lights, Aliens Giggling

A man who claimed to be a UFO skeptic claims to have witnessed strange lights that disappeared as he approached as well as what sounded like aliens giggling. Did I mention this happened while he was walking home from a pub?

Budleigh Salterton UFO sceptic baffled by strange lights and laughter

Phantom Police Radio Prankster

An unknown prankster in Cookeville, TN, has struck six times, resulting in the false arrest of one man who strangely died the next day.

Police Radio Prankster Endangering Lives

Stolen Chupacabra Mummy Returned

The mummified corpse of a reported Chupacabra has been returned safe and sound to it's rightful owner. I guess we can all sleep soundly now.

Mummified chupacabra found, back on display downtown

Ghosthunters Questioned By Officer And A Self-Professed "Street Devil"

A story for the weird section, a couple in Strongsville, Oh were questioned by cops who believed they were acting suspicious behind a shopping plaza. Also a run in with a self-professed "street devil".

Self-proclaimed ghost hunters and a street devil receive police attention: Strongsville Police Blotter

Thursday, April 22, 2010


My patron goddess, last and lowest form
Of Hecate through whom the shades and I
Hold silent converse; warder of the gate
Who castest human offal to the dog:
Ye sisters who shall spin the threads again;

Pharsalia (aka "The Civil War") BOOK VI

Then, earth began to bellow, trees to dance
And howling dogs in glimmering light advance
Ere Hecate came.

Aeneid, Book VL

"Witchcraft celebrates pale Hecate's offerings"
-Lady Macbeth

Hecate/Hekate (She who works from afar) is a goddess with power over several spheres of influence but has become most famous for her aspect of Cthonia ("of the earth/underworld"), the goddess of the moon, witchcraft, ghosts, and the crossroads. The Romans knew her as Trivia (three ways), a reference to the crossroads. Like the Egyptian goddess Isis, Hecate has a large number of alternative names and titles and is identified and equated with multiple goddesses, such as Selene (goddess of the moon), Artemis (goddess of the hunt), Demeter (goddess of agriculture), Persephone (goddess of the dead), Eleiythia (goddess of childbirth), Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty), and Ereshkigal (The Sumerian goddess of the dead).

Appearance: Hecate in her role of Cthonia is portrayed as having three bodies standing back-to-back and carrying in her arms torches, whips, daggers, keys and serpents. Hecate has also been portrayed as having a single body with three animal heads, that of a dog, a snake, and a mare, however such representations appears to be rare. In her original form, Hecate was portrayed as a maiden carrying torches. In the myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece, the witch Medea gives Jason the ritual to summon Hecate under the name of Brimo. The goddess is described as wearing a crown of oak leaves and having serpents in her hair and encircling her neck and arms. For images of Hecate in her Chtonia aspect, click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Lore: Daughter of either the Titans Perses and Asteria or else of Nyx (Night) and Tartarus (Hell), Hecate held sway over portions of heaven, earth, and the sea. Hecate was one of the few Titans to have fought on the side of the Olympians during their war against the Titans. Because of such, Zeus did did not take away her powers but instead granted her one wish in exchange for her loyalty. Hecate wisely chose the power to grant unto any mortal anything they desired, if it be her will.

Hecate's main story in myth involves the abduction of Persephone. When Persephone disappeared, Demeter travelled to Hecate's cave in the underworld to inquire if she knew anything about her daughter's disappearance. Hecate responded that she heard Persephone being abducted but did not actually see who took her. Hecate then helped in the search for the missing goddess. Later Hecate would become Persephone's attendant and guide in the underworld.

Some of Hecate's original roles were the warding off of evil spirits, the protection of those who travel by night, as well as a deity that was invoked in ritual incantations in magic spells. However, the power to protect from evil spirits can also be warped into the power to send evil spirits, which is how Hecate came to be viewed.

Sacred Objects And Animals:

Torches - Her oldest symbol and sacred object, possibly a lunar symbolism but more closely connected to Hecate's role as divine guide.
Whips/Scourge - To punish wrongdoers and to control phantoms and a symbol of Hecate's role as mistress.
Keys - Represent the keys to the underworld and of her power over phantoms.
Daggers - Represents protection from evil, her healing powers of midwifery, and also her magical abilities
Cord - Represents her magical powers of witchcraft as well as her power to bind evil spirits
Golden Sandals - Symbols of protection and deity
Serpents - Identifies her as a chonian deity.
Dogs - Hecate's sacred animal are dogs, especially black female dogs.
Plants - Hecate's sacred plants include yew, oak, garlic, willow, cypress, black poplar, dittany, as well as the poisonous plants and herbs used in magical rituals, such as mandrake, belladonna, henbane, hemlock, and monkshood.

Some Names and Titles

Angelos - Messenger (It was claimed this was Hecate's true name.)
Lampadophoros - Torch bearer
Erodia - Gate keeper
Bombo - ?
Gorgo - Gorgon
Argiope - Savage face
Brimo - The angry or terrifying one
Adamantaea - Unconquerable
Cthonia - 'Of the earth/underworld'
Prytania - Queen of the dead
Eileithyia - Goddess of childbirth
Enodia - Goddess of the paths
Aphratoss - Unspeakable one
Eukoline - Good natured
Propolos - The leading attendant
Soteira - Savior
Antaia - She who encounters you
Kerket - Power of the night
Anassan - Mistress
Trivia - Three ways
Krokopeplos - She who wears the saffron robe
Empylios - Of the gate
Philermonia - Lover of solitude
Triformus - Three formed
Tricephalus - Three headed
Einalian - Of the sea
Antania - Enemy of mankind
Crataeis - Powerful one
Epipyrgidia - From the tower
Kurotrophus - Nurse and protector of the young
Phosphoros - Light bringer
Epaine - Awe inspiring
Apotropaia - She who turns away or protects
Propylaia - She before the gate
Kleidouchos - Key holder
*Artemis of the crossroads
*The Bitch goddess

Goddess of the Moon

Hecate originally wasn't associated with the moon. However, during Roman times Hecate was identified as being a lunar deity, likely due to her identification and equation with the goddesses Selene and Artemis.

The Hounds of Hecate

On the dark of the moon, the time each mother during the new moon where there is no visible moon in the sky, Hecate was believed to roam the land with her pack of supernatural hounds. The barking of hounds at night was believed to have been an omen of the approaching goddess. At least one myth leads one to believe that these hounds may have been humans at one time. In the tale of Hecuba, the poor Queen was either stoned to death or killed herself and was then transformed into a black dog by Hecate.

Hecate's Suppers

On nights of the dark moon, worshippers would leave offerings of food at the crossroads. These meals came to be called Hecate's Suppers and it has been suggested that the poor and needy consumed the goods. Food such as eggs, fish, bread, olives, lamb, honey cakes, and honey were given to the goddess.

Hecate's Offspring

Hecate is the mother of some interesting characters. Among them include the witches Circe and Medea, as well as the monsters Scylla and the Empusa, which devour human beings.

Invocations or Hymns to Hecate

"Come infernal, terrestrial, and heavenly Bombo (Hecate), goddess of the broad roadways, of the crossroad, thou who goest to and fro at night, torch in hand, enemy of the day. Friend and lover of darkness, thou who doest rejoice when the bitches are howling and warm blood is spilled, thou who art walking amid the phantom and in the place of the tombs, thou whose thirst is blood, thou who doest strike chill and fear in mortal hearts, Gorgo, Mormo, Moon of a thousand forms, cast a propitious eye on our sacrifice."
Hippolytus in Philosphumena

A beautiful invocation or hymn to the goddess can be read HERE.

Hecate's Worship Today

Hecate is a popular goddess with people of the Wiccan faith, as well as other Neopagan groups. Wiccans tend to portray the goddess as a crone or elderly woman, though this was definitely not how the ancient Greeks viewed her. You can view examples of these Wiccan interpretations of Hecate HERE and HERE. It should be stated that Wiccans and other Neopagans tend to focus on only the positive aspects of the goddess.

Powers: In her aspect of Cthonia, Hecate is the mistress of witchcraft and has the power to both protect from evil spirits as well as to send them. Hecate has both the ability to inflict madness or insanity upon people, as well as cure it. Hecate has the power to grant unto mortal any desire, if it be her will. Hecate was also believed to bring nightmares and nocturnal storms.

Hecate In Culture: In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Hecate is the goddeess whom the Weird Sisters worship and obey as mistrees. In fact, Hecate has a presence in several of the bard's plays, including A Midnight Summer's Dream, King Lear and Hamlet. In 1795, poet, painter and mystic William Blake created a popular painting of the goddess, which you can view HERE. In the t.v. series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hecate is invoked in several spells by the witches Willow and Amy. In one notable scene in the episode Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, the character of Amy attempts to put a curse on a teacher. Amy speaks outloud the incantation that begins with, "Goddess Hecate, to you I pray, with this...", but is stopped when the character of Xander places his hands on her mouth and says, "Would you quit with the Hecate".

Trivia: The words trivia and trivial, both come from the Roman name for Hecate, the goddess of the crossroads.







*Hekate in Early Greek Religion

*Hekate in Ancient Greek Religion by Robert Von Rudloff

(*Note: These are must-reads for people who are interested in the goddess. The only criticism I would have is that the author is heavily biased against the cthonic associations of the goddess. The book is now rather expensive. I was lucky to get mine inexpensive when it first came out about ten years ago.)

Chupacabra Mummy Kidnapped

A reportedly dead Chupacabra on display in San Antonio, TX, has been stolen by thieves.

The chupacabra is missing from Fiesta

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teens Claim Car Picked Up By UFO

On March 20, 2010, two New Hampshire teens claim a circular black-colored UFO picked up their car and dropped it 180 feet away, causing severe damage to the undercarriage and apparently damage to the street curb.

The UFO was described as having the ability to change shape and moved in a zig-zag fashion, a feature quite consistent with reported sightings of UFOs.

UFO picks up Laconia, NH car with teens and drops 180 feet away

A similar case of a reported UFO picking up a vehicle was reported in Australia.

UFOs Spotted In Volcanic Ash No-Fly Zone

For those who are interested, there have been many UFO sightings in the areas where no aircraft are supposed to be flying due to fears of volcanic ash from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

UFO seen in Ware’s aircraft-free skies

UFOs in sky in London during volcanic ash no fly zone April 2010

Endless repetition repetition from CBS

Drunk 'Vampire' Arrested

An intoxicated Lorain County, OH man who was arrested for trying to break into a local drug store reportedly told the deputy that he was a 100 year-old vampire and that he could smell his blood. Later the professed vampire also threatened to eat a woman's kidney.

R U Serious?: Unruly, Drunk 'Vampire' Threatens to Suck Deputy's Blood, Eat Jailer's Kidney

Boy Attacked By Invisible 'Goblin'

A 13 year-old boy in Zimbabwe, a former student of the Makumbi Visitation High School, is reportedly suffering from the repeated attacks of an invisible monster that school officials have described as a 'goblin'.

The problem began when the boy complained of stomach pain. Shortly thereafter, the boy was witnessed to be screaming and lashing out against an invisible attacker that only he could see. According to the boy the entity appeared as a small, bearded old man wearing a cloak.

Monster attacks schoolboy

Ghost Hunters To Investigate Haunted Library

Since 2004, the strange going-ons at the Deep River Public Library has attracted paranormal investigators. Now, Full Spectrum Ghost Hunters of Plainville will give it a try on May 8. In previous investigations the presence of ghosts were said to have been sensed, even producing a picture of a ghost. One psychic claimed he sensed the presence of two female spirits, one in her fifties and the other in her teens. This would seem to back up the claims of employees who claim they feel and hear a feminine presence from time-to-time. The 129 year-old library was built on the former home of a man named Richard Spencer.

I'm sure that reports of ghosts in a library would bring to mind the famous clip from the 1984 movie, Ghostbusters.

Ghost Hunt Begins in Deep River Library

Reports Persist Of Ghosts At Deep River Public Library

Ghostbusting At Portland High School

Students at the Portland Arts and Technology High School have been granted permission to hunt for ghosts in their school, a school which has a reputation for being haunted.

Students to hunt for ghosts at Portland High

Mysterious Creatures

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

666 Revealed


A binding is perhaps one of the oldest forms of magic, dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks, and possibly even the ancient Egyptians.

Binding spells in antiquity were used for the following three general areas;

1.) The binding of a person to make them love the spell caster, or the person who is employing the spell caster. See Thrall.

2.) The binding of a person as a means of cursing them.

3.) The binding of a god or spirit as a means of temporarily restraining their influence or to prevent a beneficial god or spirit from leaving or withdrawing it's power or influence.

These binding spells were performed with either images or effigies of the person, god, or spirit, similar to modern notions of a voodoo doll, or else took the form of spoken and written incantations, spells, or curses, written on tablets or votive offerings. Bindings done in order to curse an enemy were usually inscribed upon sheets of lead which were either deposited in wells or buried deep underground to be closer to the cthonic deities of the underworld who would be invoked to help grant the request of the spell caster.

In the types of spells involving effigies or poppets, such were usually bound with string, sinew, or leather.

All three examples above could be described as black magic, but it should be noted that such practices were considered normal for their time period.

In more modern times, a binding has come to take on a different interpretation as put forth by practitioners of the Wiccan faith.

Bindings have increased in popularity, mostly due to the 1996 movie, The Craft, in which the character of Sarah performs a binding spell on the character of Nancy. Unlike binding spells of the past, this modern version is done not as a curse but to rather restrain Nancy from doing harm to other people, as well as herself. However, it should be noted that some in the Wiccan community frown upon using such binding spells as they do interfere with the person's free will. Instead, such Wiccans would usually advise the use of a reversal spell, a spell designed to send evil and negativity back to the person who sent it.

Binding spells of all sorts continue to be used today. They range from the traditional method of making a specific person love the spell caster to the binding of bad habits such as spell casters who wish to quit smoking or lose weight. There are even practitioners who still use binding as a form of cursing an enemy, though the Wiccan crowd vehemently opposes such use.

For more information on bindings and examples of bindings, click the links below. Perform any spells at your own risk.

Ancient Greek Love Magic – Spells for Attraction

Curse tablet

Construction and Use of Ancient Greek Poppets

Binding Magic

Binding spell

Knotweed (Ladies Thumb) (Also can be used to bind bad habits, like smoking and for weight loss.)


Walpurgisnacht, a.k.a. Witches' Night or Drudennacht (Druids' Night), is the survival of a pagan spring festival celebrated on April 30. On this night, it was believed witches flew through the air and assembled on the Brocken in Germany in order to celebrate the return of Spring. In folklore, the nocturnal dancing of the witches is actually said to melt the snow on the mountain.

Like Halloween, Walpurgisnacht was a night in which people believed witches, spirits, and all manner of supernatural beings roamed the land.

The night is celebrated almost all across Europe, under many names, and celebrations include the building of bonfires to drive away evil spirits, dressing up in costumes, the playing of practical jokes, feasting, drunkenness, and general fun and good times.

The name Walpurgisnacht stems from St. Walpurga, who has as her saint day May 1. Such use of a Christian saint for a pagan holiday reflects a trend of Christianizing pagan holidays in order to make them more acceptable.

Walpurgisnacht precedes the celebration of Beltane or May Day on May 1.

Monday, April 19, 2010

UFOs - My FOX Memphis

The Return Of The Mineral Point Vampire?

I was googling Mineral Point Vampire and located the following:

If Derek is to be believed, on March 14, 2008, police responded to complaints of a person in a tree who leapt out at unsuspecting people. When the police arrived, the unknown individual had fled, presumably leaping over a ten-foot tall wall. Then on July 11, 2008, a young couple reported to police that a pale-faced man wearing a cape climbed out from under the jetty they were fishing from and chased them.

If the info in these comments is correct then the Mineral Point Vampire may have recently resurfaced. The sightings in 2008 reads suspiciously like Spring Heeled Jack. The latter sighting in is perhaps the most frightening to date.

If you have any further info on the Mineral Point Vampire, including info on the reported new sightings, feel free to leave a comment.

'Witches' Abound In Africa, Claim Believers

Another report on the growing belief in witches in Africa. The situation in Africa might prove to be a window on how much of Europe was during the middle ages and beyond.

Witchcraft holds out against modern age

Zombie Panic: Source Survival Guide

The Modern Zombie

Stephen Rainey expounds on the role of the zombie in the modern age in, The zombie and other modern dilemmas.

Rainey claims not to be a zombie but I say it's debatable. :)


A Thrall is a love spell placed on a specific person in order to make that individual love the spell caster, or whom the spell caster is working for.

The term thrall comes from the word enthrall, which means to enslave, to ensnare, to captivate, or to bewitch.

Though referred to as love spells, thralls actually are believed to work by creating an overwhelming obsession in the target or else produce a zombie-like state in the target. Thralls do not produce true love, as the magic invoked violates the targeted person's free will. Because of such, thralls are considered a form of black magic. For this reason members of the Wiccan faith do not perform love spells on specific people due to the karmic consequences, but rather only cast love spells to meet someone new, someone who is also seeking new love.

A good example of a thrall can be found in the 1996 movie, The Craft. The character of Sarah places a thrall on the character of Chris, a boy she has a crush on. The spell evokes in Chris a dangerous obsession for Sarah, an obsession that ultimately backfires on Sarah, resulting in an attempted rape.

It is possible this scenario in the movie was taken from real-life stories told of people who suffered consequences from performing thralls. Even I have heard a story of a New Orleans witch who performed a thrall on a man only to find herself become a genuine rape victim. These stories of consequences in performing thralls are usually told as a means of communicating morality and ethics in the use of magic. They are the witches' version of morality plays and serve to express the ultimate warning for dabblers of the magical arts, "Be careful of what you wish for, because you just might get it."

Perhaps my most favorite portrayal of the consequences of performing a thrall can be seen in the episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Series, titled Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered. In the episode, the character of Xander gets a witch to perform a love spell on a specific girl. Hilarious consequences ensue.

Note: Though Wiccans do not perform thralls, it should be clarified that other types of practitioners do perform these types of spells.

For further examples of thralls, click on the links below. Perform these spells at your own risk.

Love Me Spiritual Supplies In Hoodoo/Rootwork


Specific Love Spells




The following non-thrall spell can be used on a specific person to find out how much they love you. It was recorded by Cat Yronwode, owner of the LuckyMojo Curio Co. The spell is called, "All My Love Come To Me".

All My Love Come To Me

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Possible Case Of Human Sacrifice In India

The nude and beheaded body of a man was found in a temple to Kali in Donaipur, India. The man was reportedly ritually painted and had marigold petals and incense scattered near the body. Locals believe it to be a true case of human sacrifice but authorities believe it to have been a case of murder with the killers trying to disguise it as being human sacrifice.

Kali, to whom the temple where the body was found was dedicated, is the goddess of death, destruction, time, and transformation in the Hindu faith. In many artistic renderings the goddess is portrayed as fanged, wearing a necklace of skulls or human heads, brandishing weapons, and drinking human blood.

Decapitated man found at temple may be human sacrifice, police say

Spring Heeled Jack (2009)

A very short documentary, circa 6 minutes, concerning the sightings of the phantom called Spring Heeled Jack.

To view the short documentary, click HERE.

The Phantom of O'Donnell Heights

The Phantom of O'Donnell Heights is a reported phantom or monster that for roughly three weeks in 1951 plagued the east Baltimore community of O'Donnell Heights. The reported phantom was remarkably similar to sightings of Spring Heeled Jack.

Appearance: The phantom appeared as a tall man clad completely in black and wearing a black hat and black cape.

Lore: For roughly a three-week period starting in July, 1951, reports of the phantom were made by frightened residents. Residents claimed they saw the phantom leap out at them late at night and swore they heard him running on their rooftops. Some girls even complained the phantom hid under cars and beckoned them, saying "Come closer, my dear.". The phantom was even blamed for the break-in of an elderly woman's home. Consistent in most of the sightings were the leaping abilities of the phantom and the fact that the phantom seemed to disappear into local cemeteries. One older resident claimed she heard organ music coming from the cemetery chapel at around 1:00 AM one morning. Residents began arming themselves and began to patrol the streets at night. Several more sightings of the phantom were made by the patrollers, unfortunately the phantom always eluded them. The police investigated several sightings and found that witnesses had mistaken a pipe on the roof of a building as well as an angry German shepherd dog for the phantom. The police also did not locate the phantom, but did manage to locate several teenagers who were up to usual mischief. In the very last sighting of the phantom in August, the patrollers swore they chased the creature to the cemetery and witnessed it jump into a sarcophagus and disappear. The phantom was sighted no more.

Powers: The phantom of O'Donnell Heights displayed supernatural strength and the ability to make inhumanly large leaps and bounds, large enough to leap over six-foot tall fences and similar barriers, as well as be able to jump from rooftop to rooftop.

Classic American Ghost Stories by Deborah Downer

The President's Vampire: Strange-but-True Tales of the United States of America by Robert Damon Schneck

Charmed Afterlife: Baltimore's Ghost Stories to Tingle Your Spine

The Phantom of O'Donnell Heights

Spring Heeled Jack

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Black Flash Of Provincetown

The Black Flash of Provincetown, a.k.a the Phantom Fiend or the Black Phantom, is a reported phantom or monster that plagued Provincetown, MA, in the years of 1938-1945. The reported phantom was remarkably similar to sightings of Spring Heeled Jack.

Appearance: An eight-foot tall humanoid with a deformed face, pointed ears, glowing eyes, clad in black and complete with black hooded cape which resembled bat wings. According to some witnesses, the tips of the creatures ears as well as it's eyes were silver or metallic and the creature was described as making noises similar to that of an insect.

Lore: The initial sightings were made by children who reported a black clothed-figured staring at them from behind trees and rocks around Halloween 1938. A couple of weeks later, further sightings by adults were reported, sightings that were far more personal and up-close in nature. One of these sightings involved witness Maria Costa who claimed the phantom leapt out at her from the darkness as she walked late one night near the Town Hall. As would be the case in future sightings, the phantom disappeared into the night with huge leaps and bounds. The sightings would soon escalate, with one Charles Farley who claimed to have shot the creature. Farley claimed the phantom merely laughed and leapt over the eight-foot tall fence and disappeared.

Reported Injuries: There were at least two reported cases of injuries, though none seemingly severe in nature. The first one involved one George Loboas who claimed to have had his fist crushed when he attempted to throw a punch at the phantom. The monster caught his throw and squeezed his hand with so much force that it brought him to the ground. In the second case a man identified only as Charley claimed the phantom struck him so hard that it knocked him to the ground.

Police Encounters: One November night in 1945, police received several complaints of the phantom spotted in the local schoolyard. Four to five officers responded and reported seeing the phantom. When the officers attempted to corner the monster it laughed and leapt over the ten-foot tall fence in one bound and disappeared into the night. According to one source, it was the opinion of the officers that the suspect may have been a pole-vaulter due to his reported athletic abilities!

The Black Flash Defeated?: In December 1945, four children claimed they were attacked by the phantom. The children sought safety in their house. When the phantom approached the house and began jiggling the doorknob, one Louis Janard decided to take matters into his own hands. Grabbing a pan of hot water from the stove, Janard climbed the roof and dumped the contents on the monster which Janard claimed let out a howl and disappeared. The phantom was never seen again. To read the obituary of a Louis Janard who may be the hero of this story, click HERE. (This Janard was born and raised in Provincetown and would have been around 14 years-old in 1945.)

Powers: The Black Flash was reported to have super-strength, the ability to make inhumanly large leaps and bounds, as well as to shoot a blue-colored fire from it's mouth.

The Black Flash as "Cabin Fever": To view a reprinted copy of a 1939 article from the Provincetown Advocate attributing "cabin fever" to reported sightings of the Black Flash, click HERE.

The Black Flash of Cape Cod by Theo Paijmans

Passing Strange: True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors By Joseph A. Citro

The Black Flash of Provincetown

The President's Vampire: Strange-but-True Tales of the United States of America

Friday, April 16, 2010

Masters Of Horror - Deer Woman (2005)

A Native American creature of folklore may be responsible for a string of gruesome murders.

To view the trailer, click HERE.

The view the movie, click HERE.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Deer Woman

The Deer Woman is a dangerous spirit being, similar to a fairy in the legends of many Native American tribes in the U.S. and is especially popular in and around Oklahoma.

Appearance: The Deer Woman usually appears as a beautiful and seductive woman, or a combination creature with the upper portion of a woman and the lower portion of a doe.

Lore: The Deer Woman is a dangerous spirit who entices men closer to her with her otherworldly beauty only to transform into a doe at the last moment and stomp her victim and would-be-lover to death with her hooves. In some versions of the legend, the Deer Woman acts like a succubus or vampire that feeds off the victims life force, with her victims slowly waisting away and dying with time. Such tales are very similar to legends of fairies. It is believed that if a mortal should have sexual intercourse with an otherworldly being then no human mate will ever satisfy them again. As far as her origins go, in one Oklahoma tale, the Deer Woman is the ghost of a woman who was raped and left for dead. Upon her death she was transformed into a vengeful spirit, seeking retribution on human men and women.

Deer women love to dance and are extremely curious of human society, often infiltrating Native American ceremonies. However, the presence of a Deer Woman is not generally viewed as being a good sign, in fact her presence is viewed as a bad omen, and the men of the tribe will drive her off if she is recognized for what she truly is.

Powers: Deer Women are shape-shifters and possess supernatural beauty and strength.

Defense Against Deer Women: Deer Women can be repelled via tobacco smoke and prayers however the best means of not becoming a victim is to always check the feet of strange women one may encounter. Deer Women have the hooves of a doe and will attempt to hide them from their victims. If her would-be-victim can expose her hoofed feet then the gig is up and the Deer Woman will quickly flee. Seeing the Deer Woman's hoofed feet will also break the enchantment she places on her victims. Other than checking for hoofed feet, another method of protecting oneself is to quickly glance away and not look at a person you may suspect to be a Deer Woman. If you don't look at her she can't bewitch you.

Deer Women In Culture: The Deer Woman features on an episode of the Masters of Horror series, titled Deer Woman in 2005.

To view a VERRY GOOD trailer of a documentary about the Deer Woman, click HERE.

Oklahoma's Deer Woman

Deer Woman And the Living Myth of the Dreamtime

Taxti Wau, Deer Woman

*On a personal note: Several years back I had some strange experiences with a group of three does I would see in the city and on the drive to work. The does did not act like normal does. They did not exhibit any fear of humans and were not 'frozen with fright'. I encountered them on three consecutive mornings. The second morning I stopped my car and began to walk near them. The does did nothing and just slowly moved their heads around looking at things. After getting halfway to them I decided to go back and continue on to work. The next day and last time I saw them, a man in a pick-up had pulled over and was literally just a few feet away from them. I did not stop my car but my fear was that he was going to shoot them. I never saw them again. I just thought it was weird that 1.) does in the city, and 2.) they weren't timid or scared like does normally are. Of course I'm not saying they were Deer Women, just thought I would share this weird encounter.

Dr. Raquel DIgati On Mercy Brown

For more info on Mercy Brown, click HERE.


Invidia is the Roman goddess of envy and jealousy whom the Romans identified with Nemesis.

Appearance: As identified with Nemesis, Invidia was portrayed as a winged woman brandishing a sword and carrying scales. However, Invidia as envy and jealousy was also portrayed as a hideously thin hag, with serpents in her hair and with large fangs for teeth. Later in the middle ages, the goddess of envy was portrayed as having green eyes and a serpent for a tongue. For images of Invidia, click HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Lore: As goddess of envy, Invidia was used by the gods to punish mortals for their offences. The explanation for why envy is so heartless is because Invidia ripped out her own heart and devoured it. Invidia takes delight in the suffering and pain of others and suffers when others prosper or are successful. As for her home, Invidia is believed to dwell in a foul, disgusting cave where the sun never shines and where the wind never blows. There she passes her time, until needed, by feeding upon serpents.

Powers: Invidia poisons her victims by her mere touch as well as her breathing her noxious breath upon them. Once infected, the victim becomes obsessed with envy, metaphorically consuming their own hearts just as the goddess was believed to have done. Invidia's main power is that of the evil eye, which is the envious stare. Such is believed by most cultures to bring misfortune.

Invidia In Christianity: Invidia has survived in Christianity as one of the seven deadly sins. Envy was personified by early Christian authors and much in the same fashion as the pagan view of her as being a hideous hag.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Is Wicca? FOX 4 News Preview

People always jump to orgies! LOL

Impaler (2007)

The tale of Johnathon Sharkey, a Satanic Vampire, and his run for governor of Minnesota in 2007.

To view the trailer, click HERE.

To watch the documentary, click HERE.

I can't wait to see the filmmakers next documentary, Impaled: Painfully Blunt!

20/20 - Real Exorcisms (1991)

What Happened To Susan Walsh?

A new article focuses on the strange disappearance of exotic dancer and freelance journalist, Susan Walsh in 1996.

Was her disappearance related to her investigation of vampires?

A Forbidden World of Vampires, Russian Mobsters and Sex Slaves!

Susan Walsh would be around 50 years old today. If you have any information concerning her disappearance, please contact the Nutly Police Department at 973-284-4940 or the New Jersey State Police at 800-709-7090. You can remain anonymous.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Are You Demon Possessed? -Take The Quiz To Find Out!

Yep. Bob Larson has created a handy 20 question quiz to determine whether or not a person may be at risk for demon possession. Good thing he's also hawking his wares. Demon-busting DVDs galore!

Do YOU Have A Demon?

20/20 - Exorcism


Tartarus is the the Greek version of Hell, as well as being a primordial god or being.

Lore: Tartarus was among the primordial gods that sprang from the nothingness of Chaos. He is both a being as well as a place, the ancient Greek version of Hell where evil doers and the enemies of the gods are punished for all eternity. Tartarus is located below Hades, the general realm of the dead, and is the lowest and deepest point undernearth the earth. Tartarus is believed to be as deep under the earth as Heaven is high above the earth.

The most famous inhabitants of Tartarus include: the Titans (race of older gods who fought the Olympians and lost), Sisyphus (forced to roll a boulder uphill for all eternity), Tantalus (forced to stand in water with grapes above his head yet when he attempts to eat or drink they disappear. It's where we get the word, "tantalize".), and the Danaides (forced to fill a bath to purify themselves of their crimes of murdering their husbands by using jugs filled with holes to draw water from a well. Needless to say they will never take their bath.)

A primordial god, Tartarus has fathered many a dark god, with one of his mates being Nyx (Night).

Sarah Palin vs. Vampire in 2012

Self professed vampire Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharky, has announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for presidency. This mean that Sarah Palin may be forced to compete with 'The Impaler" for the nomination. Can you believe it? The first time in recorded history that a witch and a vampire duke it out in politics! (joke!)

Your Hatred Will Make Me Famous: Making Sense of a Republican Vampire

I can't say I'm surprised. I kinda always suspected many members of the Republican party were undead.

In case you want to see "The Impaler" in action, check out the clips below.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Exorcist Bob Larson Exposed

Bob Larson, who appeared in the documentary In Satan's Name, has been exposed by FOX 6 News. Like Rebecca Brown, Larson also subscribes to the belief that victims of sexual abuse or molestation are in danger of becoming possessed by demons.

In Satan's Name

A documentary concerning the hysteria of the Satanic-Panic craze and of the lives it destroyed.

Pay attention to the part about the 12 year-old girl who was taken to therapy for fear that the girl was abused by her "satanist" father. The girl had no memories of being abused and surprisingly the mother's fears only surfaced during the divorce and before custody hearings.

Also of importance is the case in Tulsa, OK.

Tales From The Haunted Firehall

Laetitai Clayton reports on the ghost stories concerning the haunted Toms Brook Fire Hall. Apparently, the structure is haunted by a ghost dubbed 'George' who has been seen on several occasions. Spooky activity, such as doors opening and closing by themselves, toilets flushing on their own, objects flying through the air, sodas that come out of machines by themselves, and strange sightings of ghostly animals have been reported. The reported supernatural activity has frightened off several volunteers.

Crews Report Ghostly Happenings At VA. Firehouse


Erebus is the god of darkness in Greek mythology.

Lore: A primordial god, Erebus was among the first beings to emerge from the nothingness of chaos in the Greek creation myths. A personification of darkness, Erebus literally is the dark, the shadow, and he is especially associated with the darkness that is found in caves and in the underworld. Erebus is the mate of Nyx (night) and with her fathered a majority of the 'dark gods'.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lo (2009)

In this twist of the Orpheus & Eurydice myth, a heart-broken young man summons a demon to return his lost love.

Genre: Horror/Comedy/Romance
Tagline: "Love Is Hell"

To view the trailer, click HERE.

To view the movie poster, click HERE.

(I got a few chills and some misting-of-the-eyes at the end. Very good movie. I will definitely buy this for my movie collection.)

To watch the movie, click HERE.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Global Poll: Do Aliens Walk Amongst Us?

According to a recent global poll, 20% of the world's population believes that aliens walk amongst us disguised as humans. Also, male believers outnumber female believers.

Survey: One in five believes in aliens

Brown, Rebecca (Ruth Bailey) 1948 - Present

Rebecca Brown, born Ruth Bailey, is a Christian author best known for her books concerning satanic conspiracies.

The Beginning

In 1979 Brown was a well respected registered nurse. Bosses and Co-workers have stated that over the next three years Brown's behavior and personality changed with Brown becoming more obsessed with religion and the topic of demons. Brown was eventually asked to resign after complaints that she performed exorcisms on patients. Brown would later set up her own practice.


Brown's personal problems where complicated when Brown began an unhealthy relationship with one Edna Moses, identified only as Elaine in Brown's books. Elaine claimed she was a High-Priestess in a satanic cult and had actually married and had sex with Satan. Elaine moved in with Brown and even shared a bed with her. Brown even went as far as trying to legally adopt Elaine as her daughter.

Medical License Revoked

In 1984, Brown had her medical licence revoked over accusations she purposefully misdiagnosed patients, advised patients their conditions were caused by demons, and prescribed high levels of dangerous and addictive drugs to both her her patients and herself. If these accusations weren't serious enough, Brown was also accused of telling patients that only she could properly diagnose them, failing to properly document her patients records, stating certain doctors and nurses she worked with where in fact demons in human disguise, and claiming to have the power to share her patients diseases, pain and afflictions with demons in order to cure them.

He Came To Set The Captives Free

In 1986, Brown released He Came To Set The Captives Free, a book detailing the story provided to her by Elaine, as well as her own involvement in Elaine's rescue from the satanic cult and of Elaine's subsequent transition to Christianity. Many of Brown's subsequent books have been geared toward her supposed fight against satanic cults and demons.

Rebecca Brown The Vampire Slayer

At the board hearing that ended with the revocation of Brown's medical licence, witnesses testified that Brown claimed she had fought with a demon and decapitated it, as well as made accusations she advised one person they were being attacked by a tentacled demon resembling an octopus. Brown also believes that vampires and werewolves exist, even going as far as recounting a frightful experience she claimed she had with a werewolf that threatened to kill her.

"Then he looked straight into my eyes and told me, 'You can't go anywhere - see, I have stopped your car and there's nothing you can do about it. Now I'm going to enjoy ripping your throat out and drinking your blood. You have been interfering with Satan too long; I am going to punish you. You cannot stand against my power.'"
-He Came To Set The Captives Free p. 238

Rebecca Brown's stories of battling demons and monsters are similar to the storylines in the t.v. series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Both Brown's stories as well as the t.v. series feature a lead female character who is 'chosen' to battle the forces of evil.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Opening Credits

Buffy the Vampire Slayer MySpace Video

The Truth Of Elaine

Edna Moses, a.k.a. Elaine, the woman who inspired He Came To Set The Captives Free, seemed to have been a very troubled woman. Moses' claims can easily be dismissed and records indicated that she definitely did no major traveling in her life, especially not the around-the-world-type required if her story is to be believed. Instead, it seems as if Moses was married for a couple of months before her husband filed for divorce. Moses lived the majority of her life with her parents and passed away in 2005.

Rebecca Brown Today

Despite the controversy Brown continues to have a major following of fans who believe she told the truth about her experiences and about her war against satanists, demons and monsters. Brown continues to publish and remains a successful author despite her past.

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Rebecca Brown On 'Unclean Objects'

Note: Rebecca Brown continues to use the "M.D." title because this represents her degree and not a medical licence.

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