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The Life Cybernetic: Why The Aliens Must Be Cyborgs

In this blog I will put for the reasons why the Greys, the aliens most commonly associated with the alien abduction phenomenon, must be cyborgs.

Before I begin, I must stress the following:

1.) My reasoning is based on the assumption that what abductees are reporting is correct and is actually occurring. If this is not the case then my reasoning is inane.

2.) There are too many people in this field who are operating with a bias, that bias being that the aliens are "just like us but in different bodies". When I state that the aliens are cyborgs, I am doing so because that is what the evidence is pointing to, not because I want them to be cyborgs. I must stress this because I have received messages from people, some of them claiming to be abductees, who do not agree with me and who usually do not attempt to argue the logic behind my reasoning. This is a shame because clearly these people are biased. They want the aliens to be the version they have created in their heads, or the version they have bought into by other researchers. Some even mistakenly believe that because they are abductees they are in a position to know more of the nature of the aliens, even though it is common knowledge the aliens don't tell abductees who they are, where they are from, and what their agenda is in any specific detail.

3.) The word cyborg was coined in 1960 by Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline to refer to theoretical beings, part human and part machine, specifically designed for space travel.

Using intelligent speculation, a term I have coined, I suggest that aliens are cyborgs. I back up this claim by observations of the aliens mental abilities, as described by abductees, and logical inference regarding the perceived correlation between the actions of the aliens when they carry out such mental abilities. I also conclude such by the knowledge and understanding that the technology, though in it's infant stage, is now being developed that will allow some of these same abilities. The technology in question is a form of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and can provide the means of constructing synthetic or technological telepathy.

So in a nutshell, it's like this: The alien's use of telepathy and other mental powers is a result of technology. This technology is incorporated into their bodies, hence they are cyborgs.

I think it would be better to relate the rest of the information in the form of a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Why Aliens Are Cyborgs - FAQ*

Q: How do you conclude that the telepathic abilities of the aliens are a result of technology?

A: Because we are currently developing synthetic or technological telepathy. Such technology is based on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). It is my opinion that the aliens are using an extremely advanced and wireless form of this technology, one that is incorporated into their very beings.

Brain-Computer Interface

Brain-Computer Interface Allows Person-To-Person Communication Through Power Of Thought

Scientists To Study Synthetic Telepathy

Q: But couldn't the alien's telepathy and other mental abilities be the result of evolution?

A: The probability for such isn't zero, but it's extremely close to it. We do not know how any organism could evolve any natural ability for telepathy and the other assorted mental powers of the aliens. We also don't have any examples of organisms that use telepathy as a form of communication. Accepting telepathy and other mental powers as being naturally evolved does not further our understanding.

So, in simpler terms, it's possible that an organism might have evolved these mental powers, it's just not likely. In my opinion, choosing naturally evolved telepathy and other mental abilities over technology is not the better choice.

Q: What about those people who claim that natural human telepathy is real? Haven't some researcher proven that telepathy exists? Haven't researchers proven that humans possess a wide-range of mental powers?

A: The answer to this question is a term called 'Voodoo Science', or more specifically, 'Pathological Science'.

Voodoo Science

Pathological Science

Q: Could not an advanced race biologically engineer telepathy and other mental powers through genetics?

A: Such a scenario suffers from the same problems of proposing naturally evolved telepathy and other mental powers. If we don't know how these powers could evolve and don't know how they could operate, then we definitely don't know how we could go about biologically engineering such abilities. This explanation does not further our understanding.

In simple terms, it's not appropriate to invoke a mystery in order to explain a mystery.

Q: Couldn't telepathy and the other mental abilities of the aliens be a result of supernatural powers?

A: Clarke's 3rd Law = It's Tech Not Magic

Clarke's Three Laws

Q: So how can you be sure they are cyborgs?

A: I can logically infer based on the assumptions that;

1.) The alien's use of telepathy and other mental powers is a result of technology.

2.) The technology is incorporated into their beings based on a logical inference of the correlation between the actions of the aliens as they perform their abilities.

According to abductees, aliens will stare into the eyes of abductees while performing these abilities. The aliens will often get as close as just a few inches away from their face. This activity points us to the understanding that these beings are cyborgs.

If we accept that the abilities of the aliens are a result of technology then we must conclude that such technology is incorporated into their beings. Why? Because otherwise there would be no reason for the aliens to engage in the actions they do when performing such abilities.

In simpler terms, if the technology was not incorporated into their bodies then there would be no need for them to stare into the eyes of the abductees and no need for them to get right up into the faces of the abductees.

If the technology was external to the aliens, not incorporated into their bodies, such as with a helmet or electrodes connected to the head of the abductee, then there would be no need for the aliens to act in the ways they do. If the technology was based in the craft itself, the aliens also would not need to carry out the actions associated with these abilities.

For this reason I can logically infer that the aliens, assuming they exist, are cyborgs by definition.

Q: Are there any more observations by abductees that might back up your views of the aliens being cyborgs?

A: Yes!

To list just a few:

1.) Some abductees report seeing something 'wiggle' or move in the eye of the alien when it stares at them. Some abductees even report seeing a light on the end of this 'something'. This observation might mean that what is being witnessed is a technological device or implant that is necessary for the aliens to perform their abilities.

2.) Some abductees report seeing 'suction cups' on the aliens fingers. Such observation might be of an engineered means by which the alien manually interfaces with the advanced technology of their craft. Some abductees even state the control panel used by aliens literally consists of a panel in which they place their hands on. This reeks of an advanced Brain-Computer Interface (BCI).

3.) Some abductees are of the opinion that alien crafts operate on 'thought'. We know that thought itself cannot fuel a spaceship, so instead it is logical to infer that what is being described is an advanced Brain-Computer Interface (BCI).

4.) Abductees report being made to play with strange alien 'toys', possibly as some sort of test. The key thing to know is that these toys must be moved by thought alone. This aspect points directly toward Brain-Computer Interface (BCI).

In simpler terms, the technology of Brain-Computer Interface has the capacity for a wide-range of expression. If we can infer that other alien technology might involve Brain-Computer Interface, which we can, then such indirectly hints that these beings are cyborgs.

Q: What about the abduction researchers like Budd Hopkins and Dr. David Jacobs who claim these beings are transgenic beings and not cyborgs like you claim?

A: I have respect for Hopkins, Jacobs, and other abduction researchers. I am not disregarding their work. However, we are all human and make mistakes. Quite frankly I don't think these individuals even pursued this line of questioning.

I can't rule out that the science of transgenics is not utilized in the creation of these beings. Instead, I merely point out an aspect of the nature of the aliens that has for now been mostly overlooked.

Q: What about the hybrids?

A: The hybrids are also cyborgs. The same logic that we can use to infer that the aliens are cyborgs can be used on the hybrids as well.

Q: What about the scenario proposed by Dr. David Jacobs in his book, The Threat? Does this mean that Dr. Jacobs is wrong?

A: It means that Jacobs was at least partially incorrect with regards to the nature of the aliens and hybrids as well as how they are created. The overall agenda would still remain the same. Budd Hopkins, and other researchers, would also share in a partially incorrect understanding of the nature of the aliens.

Q: Are you the first to conclude that the aliens are cyborgs?

A: No. To the best of my knowledge several people have claimed just such. People like John Lear, Phil Corso, Whitley Strieber, and Richard Dolan have made similar claims. What separates me is that these individual either just claimed the aliens were cyborgs or they merely speculated such. To the best of my knowledge I am the first person to use logical inference, current technological developments, and observations from abductees to conclude that the aliens are cyborgs, assuming the aliens exist.

Q: What do abductees think about your views on the aliens being cyborgs?

A: From the messages I have received from self-professed abductees, most do not agree with me. These people want their aliens to be of an organic race similar to the human beings of the present time period. This is clearly the response of thought processes blinded by bias. If the abduction phenomenon is real then abductees are describing aliens that are cyborgs, despite whether or not the abductees want to believe such.

Q: What do people in the UFO field think of your views?

A: So far many have been opposed to my ideas. This is actually expected. New ideas take time to be accepted. Just like the abductees, many in the UFO field are set in their ways and are operating under old paradigms and an underlying bias or desire to make the aliens be like us. Some people have been supportive. In time I expect this number to grow as it becomes obvious that the logical explanation involves a technological explanation and not naturally evolved or biologically engineered explanations that don't actually explain anything.

Q: What does Budd Hopkins and Dr. David Jacobs think of your views?

A: I don't know. I think they will resist it at first, but in time they will come to accept it. Hopkins and Jacobs have altered their theories in the past, as when confronted with the science of transgenics. If by chance they refuse to accept that the aliens and hybrids are cybernetic beings then they will still be respected by people in the field but such choice will ultimately signal the end of their Ufological careers. A new generation will take over and advance new ideas into the field or else the field will go extinct.

Q: So do you think you have proven the aliens to be cyborgs?

A: No. The only way to prove the aliens, assuming they exist, to be cyborgs is to actually dissect a body and discover scientifically that these beings contain both organic and technological bodily systems.

Q: Why should I believe you?

A: You should be swayed by the logic. I don't want someone to blindly believe me. Instead, I want people to look at my logic and decide for themselves if they agree. I require people to understand both the information that I am presenting as well as the fact that I am not seeking an audience of blind followers.

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Police Officer Kennith Storch - 30 Seconds From WWIII

Police officer Kennith Storch recounts his UFO experience while in the military. Storch's experience is not unique. It's just that the public is rarely told of these encounters and agencies such as NORAD do not release their information. In fact, NORAD is not even bound by the F.O.I.A. (Freedom of Information Act), meaning they can keep secret anything they wish.

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My Critique On The Threat By Dr. David Jacobs

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The Results Are In

For the poll question, "As the winter solstice draws near (Dec. 21), fairies are believed to become more active. Do you believe in fairies? Have you ever seen or encountered a fairy?", the results are as follows;

Tied at 7% of the vote:

Yes I believe in fairies. Fairies are pretty little women with wings.


Yes I believe in fairies. It's bad luck to tell anyone of a fairy sighting, so my lips are sealed.

At 11% of the vote:

Yes I believe in fairies. Yes I have seen and encountered fairies.

In 3rd Place at 13% of the vote:

Yes I believe in fairies. Fairies can be dangerous and should best be avoided.

In 2nd Place at 23% of the vote:

No I don't believe in fairies and have never seen one.

In 1st Place at 35% of the vote:

Anything is possible.

Thanks everyone for voting!

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