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Mysterious Cat Mutilator On The Loose

Just who or what is killing cats in South Florida?

There have been 17 reports of mutilated cats in Lauderhill, Florida, and 19 cat mutilations reported in South Miami-Dade, in recent months.

Most of the household cats have been found disemboweled, with some having been decapitated. Other cats show no sign of trauma but which could have died from suffocation or internal injuries.

Authorities blame the deaths on animals such as stray dogs, but dog behaviorists are skeptical of that explanation, suggesting that such activity is not in line with dog behavior.

"A pack of dogs doing that to a cat would be extremely odd and very out of character," said Amber Wampler, an animal behaviorist for the past 14 years. "Typically, there is not a lot of aggression in there…Now, coming up to cats and eating at them is a definite possibility if they are very hungry."

Anyone with information on who or what is responsible for the cat mutilations are asked to contact Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS or www.browardcrimestoppers.org. You can remain anonymous if you so choose.

Lauderhill Police Say There's Proof Stray Dogs Killed Cats

Texas Man Shoots And Kills Chupacabra

On May 26, Jim Jackson shot and killed a strange creature on his property, a creature he believed to be the legendary Chupacabra.

Officials believe the animal to be a mangy coyote.

Mythical Creature Or Sick Animal?

Bigfoot Nurse

Cathy Betz, a 45-year old nurse in Land O'Lakes, Florida, has an interesting hobby, that of Bigfoot Research.

Land O'Lakes Nurse Investigates Bigfoot Sightings

Vampires Are Hot

James Verniere, of the Boston Herald, examines the current "trendiness" of Vampires.

Sink Your Teeth Into Resurgence Of Vampire Lore

Poll Results: Which Of The Following Monsters Do You Believe Might Truly Exist?

The results are in, and my you, my blog reader, have voiced your opinions.

The results of the poll question, Which Of The Following Monsters Do You Believe Might Truly Exist?, are;

Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp - 8% of votes
Zombies - 11% of votes
Mothman - 20% of votes
Werewolves - 22% of votes
El Chupacabra - 24% of votes
Vampires - 31% of votes
Bigfoot - 37%

The top three monsters that people believe might truly exist are;

3rd Place: Witches - 46% of votes

2nd Place: Demons - 54% of votes

1st Place: Ghosts - 65% of votes

I wish to take the time to thank everyone who voted!

The Paracast: Budd Hopkins & Dr. David Jacobs (June 14, 2009)

Budd Hopkins and Dr. David Jacobs discuss new developments in their investigation into the Alien Abduction phenomena.

Budd Hopkins speaks candidly when stating his fears concerning the future with regards to the creation of Alien-Hybrid beings. Dr. David Jacobs is even more blunt with his belief that we are dealing with an integration program, a program by which superior beings will begin to filter into our society. Jacobs shares Hopkins' fear and adds that he is frightened for his children and grandchildren, with regard to the type of world they might inherit, a world dominated by Hybrids.

To listen to the interview, click HERE.

Majestic 12

Majestic 12 (Majic/MJ12), revolves around a series of documents that surfaced starting in 1984 which state that the reported crash at Roswell actually occurred and that the response of the military was to create a super-secret cabal, known as MJ12, to handle the subject. The term MJ12 means Majestic 12, with the number 12 being the number of men composing the cabal. The term Majestic 12 is sometimes abbreviated as Majic.

The MJ12 documents first appeared in the form of a roll of film which mysteriously appeared in the mailbox of one Jamie Shandera, a producer and amateur Ufologist, in 1984.

The documents detail the recovery of the wreckage and alien bodies and of a government program of keeping the reality of the UFO phenomena secret from the public.

The general consensus among Ufologists is that the documents are false or are disinformation.

List of Alleged, Original MJ12 Members

1.) Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
2.) Dr. Vannevar Bush
3.) James Forrestal
4.) Gen. Nathan Twining
5.) Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg
6.) Gen. Robert M. Montague
7.) Dr. Jerome Hunsaker
8.) Sidney Souers
9.) Gordon Gray
10.) Dr. Donald Menzel
11.) Dr. Detlev Bronk
12.) Dr. Lloyd Berkner

The Majestic 12 Documents: Evience We Are Not Alone

Operation Bird Droppings by Robert Hastings

Monday, June 29, 2009

Intruders (1992)


The made for television movie, based on Budd Hopkins book of the same name, concerning the Alien Abduction Phenomena.

To watch the movie, Intruders, click HERE.

Budd Hopkins book, Intruders: The Incredibly Visitations At Copley Woods

Black Mass

1.) A Black Mass is the traditional ceremony performed by Satanists in both folklore and reality. The ritual revolves around both a reversal of Christian symbolism and imagery as well as a parody of such. Typical elements believed to be incorporated into a Black Mass include, but are not limited too;

-Upside-down crucifixes or crosses
-A pentagram
-A goat's head and/or goat horns
-Black candles
-Nude female serving as the altar
-Chalice of wine and/or blood
-A bell
-Ritual knife or sword
-Worshippers in black-hooded robes
-Delivering of the Mass backwards in Latin
-Playing of music backwards
-Desecration of the host
-Renunciation of Christ
-Satanic Baptism
-Sexual Orgies
-Magic spells and rituals
-Animal and/or Human sacrifice

Most of the beliefs and "goings on" surrounding the Black Mass exist only in the imagination. However, self-professed Satanists and members of Satanic organizations such as The Church of Satan, do practice a Black Mass, though devoid of any illegal activity.

Stories surrounding the Black Mass arose prior to the 16th century.

2.) A Black Mass is one of the physical manifestations of Ghosts, Demons, Vampires, and other supernatural creatures.

Appearance: In such form, the paranormal entity literally appears as a dark cloud or mist composed of a variety of substances including but not limited to smoke, dirt, dust, sand, ash, debris, water vapour, as well as unidentified substances.

Lore: A Black Mass displays intelligence and can freely move about against the wind, suggesting an unknown ability to locomote.

Black Mass In Culture: In Bram Stoker's Dracula, the count can assume the form of mist as well as a cloud of dust. Black Masses appear in Lost, Supernatural, and Stargate Atlantis television shows. A Black Mass appears near the end of the movie, House On Haunted Hill (1999), as well as mother other horror movies.

Screen Memory

A Screen Memory, is a false memory that masks a true true memory of an experience. In Psychoanalysis, a Screen Memory serves to protect a fragile psyche from a traumatic experience by offering a false memory in it's place. The true memory is not lost, but is buried deep "behind" the Screen Memory. Individuals who have suffered traumatic experiences such as physical and sexual abuse, are most likely to create Screen Memories as a way of sheltering their conscious mind from painful memories.

With regards to the Alien Abduction phenomena, researcher Budd Hopkins was the first to recognize that abductees were routinely describing Screen Memories with regards to their reported experience. At first, Alien Abduction researchers assumed the abductee created the Screen Memory in order to protect their psyche from the traumatic experience of the abduction. However, with time it became clear that this was not the case. Screen Memories were being planted by the aliens themselves.

Case in point: In a interview, Budd Hopkins relates a story about a car-load of people who report a strange experience while driving home one evening. The individuals claimed they drove upon a car pile-up, involving 6-8 red cars with their headlights on and with no one around. When the individuals arrived home they discovered the drive took far longer than it should have. Later, upon investigation and under hypnosis, a classic alien abduction even took place. Had the memory of the car-pile up been a Screen Memory created by the individuals to protect their fragile minds, then each individual would have created a unique Screen Memory. It would be rather impossible for each individual to have a shared Screen Memory unless such false memory is forced upon them from some outside force.

Most Common Screen Memories With Regard To The Alien Abduction Phenomena:

-Animals: The most commonly reported Screen Memories are of strange interactions with animals. Four of the most commonly reported animal Screen Memories are Deer, Cows, Owls, and Wolves. Usually the abductee will relate an unusual experience of driving down the highway to discover a weird animal standing in the road, or if the abduction takes place at home, of an animal standing at the window staring at them. In most of the cases, the sighting of the animal invokes an extreme level of fear in the individual. This may lead the investigator to believe that the memory was a Screen Memory. After all, who would be terrified out of their wits to discover a deer looking into their window? One of the most humorous cases of a Screen Memory was related by Budd Hopkins of an abductee who came home to her family late one night and was extremely excited about a cow she had seen. The abductee claimed the creature was the most beautiful cow she had ever seen and that the animal was able to run at the same speed in which she drove, staring at her through her driver window with large, beautiful black eyes that radiated love and peace to her. She had no explanation on why the drive home took her an hour later than normal.

-Car Wrecks or Vehicles Blocking The Road (If the abductee is on the road at the time of abduction.)

-Emergency or Utility Vehicles (Can be when the abduction is on the road or at home. In the book/movie, Intruders, a Screen Memory is presented with an abductee thinking that there is a utility company vehicle, complete with flashing lights, outside of her house in the middle of the night. She calls to complain only to discover the utility company is closed.)

-Religious Figures (Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Angels are the most popular.)

-Deceased Relatives (Very common, with the Screen Memory being that a deceased relative came into the bedroom and talked with the abductee or asked them to go with them somewhere.)

-Miscellaneous or Unique (Clowns, Beautiful people, Fairies and other beings of folklore/myth, Ghosts, Burglars, or a Screen Memory that is completely unique to the individual abductee and not reported by other abductees)

What is important to remember is that all Screen Memories fall apart under investigation/hypnosis. If the abductee seeks help from a qualified investigator, the investigator will most likely be well aware of Screen Memories and can quite easily pick them out. The investigator will look for signs of illogical or irrational aspects of the Screen Memory and confront the abductee regarding them, such as a cow that can run alongside a moving car, for example. The abductee then will usually begin to question their memories and the false memory quickly evaporates. It should be stressed that Abduction researchers believe these Screen Memories are being implanted by the aliens as a means of covering up the abduction experience. It should also be stressed that with regards to Screen Memories, researchers do not believe the aliens are actually shape-shifting. Instead, researchers believe the aliens use their telepathic and mind control abilities to alter the perceptions of abductees.

Screen Memories In Film: In Steven Spielberg's Taken, Screen Memories in the form of a carnie worker (?), military men, and a character from a children's book are used on abductees. The upcoming movie, The Fourth Kind, includes screen memories in the form of owls.

Observation: I've often pondered if reports of Phantom Clowns and the like, are actually Screen Memories associated with Alien Abduction.

*According to some skeptical mental health professionals, Alien Abduction is itself a Screen Memory to mask childhood sexual abuse.

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CBS Reports with Walter Cronkite: UFO - Friend, Foe Or Fantasy? (1966)

Goldwater, Senator Barry (January 1, 1909 - May 29, 1998)

Barry Goldwater was a 5 term Senator from Arizona, as well as the Republican Nominee for the 1964 presidential election, loosing to Lyndon B. Johnson.

Goldwater was a believer in UFOs as being extraterrestrial in origin and believed the United States government was engaging in a cover-up.

According to a F.O.I.A. (Freedom of Information Act) document dated 1975, Goldwater wrote the following to one Shlomo Arnon:

"The subject of UFOs is one that has interested me for some time. About ten or twelve years ago I made an effort to find out what was in the building at Wright Patterson Air Force Base where the information is stored that has been collected by the Air Force, and I was understandably denied this request."

What Goldwater was referring to was an incident regarding his approach of his friend, General Curtis Lemay, regarding rumors suggesting that the Air Force had wreckage of a UFO and bodies of aliens in a special room referred to as The Blue Room at Wright Patterson A.F.B. Goldwater specifically wished to view the room and such collection of material, if it existed. Goldwater claims Lemay became irate, cussed him out, and told him never to ask him of that again.

In a 1988 interview with Larry King, Goldwater made the following statement concerning his belief in a UFO cover-up:

"I certainly believe in aliens in space. They may not look like us, but I have very strong feelings that they have advanced beyond our mental capabilities....I think some highly secret government UFO investigations are going on that we don't know about — and probably never will unless the Air Force discloses them."

Senator Barry Goldwater On UFOs, ETs And Roswell


A Meme is a hypothetical unit of cultural information or an idea which can mutate with time and which can be viewed as being a mental virus. Memes are spread through the population, and like viruses, they exist only to replicate and infect new hosts.

Memes can be either beneficial, detrimental, or neutral to their hosts. Beneficial memes allow the development and furthering of society, detrimental Memes tend to stifle development and/or lead to destructive behavior. Neutral Memes are neither beneficial or detrimental to their hosts.

All Memes shape or influence how their hosts perceive reality, and this is how they control their hosts, in a fashion that can be described similar to mind control.

For example, the Meme of religion is an extremely strong and powerful Meme that has been with humanity since the very beginning of our species. Religion has united people and furthered the development of society, though it does have it's dark sides. Negative religious Memes can inspire their hosts to abuse, kill, and destroy perceived threats to the Meme. Examples of negative religious Memes include; cults, the Satanic Panic craze of the 70s-90s, and the witch hunts and Spanish inquisition of the middle ages.

A good example of a neutral Meme would be the Memes surrounding the paranormal. For instance, the Meme of Chupacabra, exploded onto the scene in 1995, with the Meme spreading across the Americas and mutating from the original monstrous descriptions of the creatures into canine versions. To provide another example, when the term Bigfoot was coined in the 1950s, it mutated into the belief that all large hairy humanoid creatures were the same creature, Bigfoot. Prior to this time, such creatures were given unique local names. In fact, such local names still exist but there is a parallel belief that such creature is also a Bigfoot who merely goes by the local name.

Memes, as a concept, were first introduced by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book, The Selfish Gene. Dawkins views Memes as an indicator of the correctness of evolution, as Memes mutate and are transmitted, following laws similar to those found in evolution.

It would be incorrect to think that Memes actually exist. The correct way to perceive Memes is that they appear to exist.

Ironically, the concept of Memes is itself a Meme, spreading from person to person since it's conception in 1976.

An Internet Meme is a Meme that spread via the internet. Two good examples of Internet Memes are viral videos and pranks such as Rickrolling. A main compenant of Internet Memes seems to be the concept of "inside jokes".

A Teme, or Techno-Meme, is a Meme that uses technology to replicate itself. The phrase was coinded by Susan Blackmore.

The science and study of Memes is referred to as Memetics.

Every single individual is infected with beneficial, detrimental, and neutral Memes.

Defense Against Memes: Detrimental Memes should be viewed as monsters. People infected with Detrimental Memes should be viewed as contagious, and dealt with compassionately. Education is a weapon individuals can use to defend themselves against becoming infected with detrimental Memes. However, unless individuals begin to question their beliefs and actions they cannot free themselves from the mind control of detrimental Memes. Unfortunately, ridding one's self of beneficial Memes can pose problems. Beneficial Memes often inspire people to better their lives and the lives of others. The loss of a beneficial Meme can often be viewed as becoming disillusioned. Ironically, the word disillusioned is viewed as being negative, when in fact it's actual meaning is quite positive. To be free of illusion is ultimately positive, though there may be a prolonged and necessary period of adjustment in order for the individual to adapt to the his/her new reality.

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The Phoenix Lights (2008)


A multi-award winning documentary concerning the Phoenix Lights UFO incident which occurred on March 13, 1997.

Mother Burns Daughter In "Voodoo" Ritual

A 6-year old girl in Queens, NY, received horrible burns to 25 percent of her body after her mother attempted to perform a "Voodoo" ritual on her by dousing her with rum, pouring a circle of rum around her, and then setting it ablaze. After the barbaric rite, the girl was placed to bed, only being taken to the hospital the next day. Doctors immediately put her into a drug-induced coma in order to give her a chance to heal.

The BBC incorrectly reported that the ritual was called "Loa", when in fact the word Loa is the name for the spirits/deities of the Vodou religion.

There's no official word if the mother was an actual Voodou practitioner or if the ritual was misguided, make-shift exorcism intended to rid the girl of evil forces.

Both the Mother and Grandmother of the victim have been charged by Police in the burning.

Mom Burns Queens Girl In Voodoo Rite

History's Mysteries: Bigfoot & Other Monsters


Soppy, or the Illinois River Monster, is a large, hairy, Bigfoot-like creature that is said to haunt the areas adjacent to the Illinois River in Oklahoma. Sightings of Soppy have been reported since the 70s, going through the 90s and into the 00s. In October of 2005, at approximately 6:00 AM, a Tahlequah man called 911 claiming to have witnessed a 7ft tall hairy female near the area of Welling bridge.

Appearance: An 7ft-10ft tall, up to 400 pounds in weight, dark coloured, hairy creature with a foul odor.

Lore: According to reports, Soppy seems to be extremely curious of human children.

UFOs Reported Over Louisville, KY International Airport

Sightings of a UFO over the Louisville, KY, International Airport have been filed with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

On June 24, witnesses claimed seeing a cylindrical shaped object hover over a runway.

It is claimed that employees were among the witnesses of the UFO.

Cylinder-Shaped UFO Buzzes Louisville International Airport

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gay Exorcisms Drawing Controversy

Manifested Glory Ministries of Bridgeport, Connecticut, has drawn controversy over the practice of performing exorcisms on suspected homosexual youth.

Believers insist that homosexuality is caused by demonic possession and that an exorcism can "cure" homosexual teens, making them heterosexual.

Kamora Herrington, who runs a mentoring program called True Colors, claims that this sort of thing happens all the time.

Church Creates Stir With Gay Exorcism Video

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UFO Hunters: Alien Harvest (2009)

Silent helicopters, UFOs, and Mutilated Cattle

I'm skeptical of the first case, but if you can get past that then this episode is rather interesting. Pay attention the guy describing the finding of geometric indentations near a mutilated cow. Also of note is the case where it is believed that a cow was dropped from a great height. This matches other reported cases where cattle are found with broken bones, suggesting they too were dropped from above.

UFO's in Indiana - WKJG-TV (1988)

A series of UFO new stories broadcast in May of 1988.

Festivals Of Oshun

Here we have the celebrations of the Orisha Oshun, the spirit of the river and fresh water, love, sex, beauty, and money. The first clip is from her actual shrine in Oshogbo. The second clip is from Awo Oshun, a group of Oshun worshippers in New York City, who celebrate the Orisha at the Hudson river each summer. Please note that this isn't Santeria, this is IFA, the traditional religion of the Yoruba people, and mother religion of Santeria, Lukumi, Candomble, Umbandi, and the like.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7 African Powers

The 7 African Powers are seven powerful Orishas who play a vital role in the life of humans. Such Orishas are:

Eshu/Elegua - (esh-oo/el-egg-wa) Most powerful Orisha, Messenger of the Gods, Spirit of the crossroads, Divine trickster, Spirit of chance & chaos, Tester of mankind.
Sacred colors: red & black, or white & black
Sacred number: 3
Saint: St. Michael, St. Anthony, Nino de Atocha
For an images of Eshu, click HERE and HERE

Obatala - (O-ba-ta-la) "King of the white cloth", Father figure, Spirit of Mountains and high places, Peacekeeper, Enforcer of morality and social order, Wise judge
Obatala created mankind and shapes the fetus in the womb.
Sacred color: white
Sacred number: 8
Saint: Our Lady of Mercedes (Why is Obatala's Saint female? It's because in some stories Obatala is either androgynous or is a hermaphrodite. In some legends Obatala is female, though in most he is an androgynous male.)
For an image of Obatala, click HERE

Yemoja/Yemaya - (Yem-o-jaw/Yem-a-yaw)"The Mother Whose Children Are The Fish", Mother figure, Spirit of the ocean, Guardian of women and children.
Sacred colors: blue & white
Sacred number: 7
Saint: Virgin de la Regula
For images of Yemoja, click HERE and HERE.

Oshun/Ochun - (O-shoon/O-choon) Spirit of the river & freshwater, love, sex, beauty, and money
"She who makes life worth living"
Sacred colors: yellow & white
Sacred number: 5
Saint: Our Lady Of Charity, La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre
For an image of Oshun, click HERE.

Shango/Chango - (Shawn-go/Chawn-go) King of the Gods, Warrior, Spirit of thunder and fire
Sacred colors: red & white
Sacred number: 6
Saint: St. Barbara (Why a female Saint? Well, because Shango was dressed up as a woman in order to escape his enemies on numerous occasions!)
For an image of Shango, click HERE.

Oya - (O-yaw) Female warrior, Spirit of the wind & lightning, cemeteries, and the marketplace (business)
Sacred colors: 9 dark colors such as black, brown, burgundy, and burnt orange, plus white
Sacred number: 9
Saint: St. Theresa
For an image of Oya, click HERE.

Ogun/Ogum - (O-goon/O-goom) Warrior, Spirit of iron and all that iron becomes, i.e. technology
Sacred colors: green & black
Sacred number: 3
Saint: St. John the Baptist
For an image of Ogun, click HERE.

The Famous Image: The famous image of the 7 African Powers or Siete Potencias Africanus, in Spanish, is misleading. For one, the Orisha Oya has been swapped out with Orula. You can view the famous image HERE. In the center of the image is "Justo Juez" (Just Judge), a representative of Oludamare (God). Starting with bottom left, Our Lady Of Mercedes (Mercy) is Obatala, next is the Virgin de la Regula (Yemoja), followed by Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre (Oshun), and St. Barbara (Shango) in the top center. Next is Orula, which is supposed to be St. Theresa (Oya), followed by St. John the Baptist (Ogun), and ending with St. Anthony (Eshu). At the bottom center and circling the image of Justo Juez are seven tools which symbolize the seven Orishas. This is the famous image that many practitioners have framed and hanging in their rooms. The image is also reprinted on various magical items bearing the same "7 African Powers" name.

The Seven African Powers In Magic: Usage of candles, oils, incense, and bath crystals, with packaging or labels bearing the standard 7 African Powers image are used for a variety of purposes, but generally used to request blessing in the aspects of life each Orisha governs. Such work may be accompanied by offerings of water or perfumes to the "saints". One need not be a practioner of the religion in order to use such items. In Hoodoo, such candles, oils, and other items bearing the 7 African Powers name and image are used to draw blessings in all spheres of life.

Note: It's come to my attention that 7 African Powers may not be orishas at all. Instead they are allegedly 7 Africa spirits, each one coming from a different tribe. Supposedly with time people confused this with the 7 most powerful orishas. I'm not a Santero and would not know whether or not this is correct.

The Orishas

The Orishas, meaning "Owners of the Head", are the spirits or deities of the Yoruba people. Through the diaspora, the worship of the Orishas has been spread to various locations, often mixing with Roman Catholicism and native beliefs, producing off-shoot religions such as Santeria, Lukumi, Umbanda, Candomble, and Shango Baptist.

Technically, in the native religion of the Yoruba People called IFA (The Way), there is only one God, called Olorun or Olodumare. The Orishas are the emissaries of this one God as well as being aspects of nature. The role of the Orisha is similar to that of the Christian concept of Angels, and just as with beliefs in Guardian Angels, all people have a Guardian Orisha. This Guardian Orisha is referred to either as "Iya" (Mother) or "Baba" (Father), depending on the gender of the Orisha. Practitioners of the Orisha faiths are referred to as being "Children Of" their respected Guardian Orisha. The determination of the identity of one's Guardian Orisha is made through a specific form of Divination and is not based on personal preference. The children of a particular Orisha are believed to share the same demeanor, personality, and other traits, as their Guardian Orisha. There is no stigma on gender of the Guardian Orisha. For example, a seemingly 'macho' man may have Oshun/Ochun, the Orisha of the river & freshwater, love, beauty, sex, and money, as his Guardian Orisha with no fear or threat to his manhood. Likewise, a woman may have a very masculine Guardian Orisha, such as Ogun, the Orisha of iron and war. All of the Orisha, despite their gender, have both masculine and feminine aspects. To complicate things even more, the Orisha also have more than one "road". These aspects are referred to as roads because they are various paths that practitioners walk in their life. The sum roads of an Orisha compose the completeness that is the Orisha. The road of an Orisha is likewise determined by a special form of divination.

During initiation, the individual is 'crowned' with their Guardian Orisha, or similar Orisha as some of the rituals have been lost or never made it through the diaspora.

The main Orishas all have their own sacred colors, numbers, symbols, and favorite offerings. The Orishas have their own myths or sacred stories referred to as Apatakis. Just as with the Gods of Greek Mythology, the Orishas are extremely human-like. In fact, many Orishas were once people who transformed into Orishas upon their deaths.

Santeria Practioner Jailed For Animal Sacrifice

From 2006

FYI: Most of the animals sacrifice in Santeria are eaten. Only the blood and feathers, in the case of a chickens or other birds, is offered to the deity. The only exception is sacrifices made to banish evil or take off an unnatural illness. In these cases, the sacrifice is contaminated with the evil and/or disease and must not be consumed. It's hard for outsiders to believe, but the animals killed during rites of Santeria are treated far more mercifully than animals killed in slaughter houses. I personally feel that most people are simply disgusted by the "gross factor".

Note: Please keep in mind that I do not support animal sacrifice and would never engage in the practice myself. However, I understand it better than a lot of people. It doesn't bother me. It shouldn't' bother anyone. I mean, if you are getting offended by the few animals that may be sacrificed each year, then please pay a visit to the slaughter house. You will find more violence, suffering, gore, and blood at your local slaughter house than in any Santeria ritual.

Explanation For Why The Santeria Practitioner Rented An Office: In the clip above, the Santeria Practitioner rented an office space to perform the sacrifices. In most places zoning laws forbid animal sacrifice at residential locations. Animal sacrifice itself is perfectly legal, it's just that the zoning laws must be followed.

Coast to Coast AM February 2009 UFOs and Nukes

Robert Hastings, author of UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters At Nuclear Weapons Sites, is the guest of the program.

Robert Hastings will be appearing on the Larry King Live show on July 3, 2009, to speak more on this topic.

The Book, UFOs and Nukes, is only available at Hastings website at:


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Monsters Of The UFO: Incident At Kelly (2005)

A documentary detailing the events of The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins case in 1955.

To watch the documentary, click HERE or HERE.

Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins

On the night of August 21, 1955, the Sutton Family of Kelly-Hopkinsville, Kentucky, would have a horrifying encounter with the strange. A total of 7 adult witnesses (the children hid under the bed and didn't observe anything firsthand) would live to tell the following bizarre story.

It began when Billy Ray Taylor left to get water from the well. During his chore, Billy looked up to see a bright light in the sky descend about a mile away. He quickly ran into the house and told the family of what he had just seen. Unfortunately, Billy was not believed. About an hour later, the strangeness began.

Hearing the dogs barking, two of the men went out to check on them. The two claimed they saw a 3ft tall, green glowing, "goblin" casually walking towards them with it's arms held straight up in the air. The two described the creature as having large eyes and ears, a thin mouth, thin short legs, and clawed hands. The skin color was silvery or metallic and the creature gave off an eerie greenish-glow. The men raced into the house and grabbed their guns.

Billy Ray Taylor proceeded to shoot the being, but to no effect. The creature seemed to fall backwards and then gently float to the ground unscathed. To make matters worse, the pair of frightened men quickly realized that more than one goblin was advancing. The two men quickly raced back into the home and barricaded the front door. They attempted to yell to the family about the threat that would soon arrive, but were too late. A shrill female scream pierced the air, as a family member claimed she saw a monster peeking in the window at her. The pair raced to her location and were able to ascertain that the creatures were circling the home in an apparent attempt to find an entrance.

Another family member claimed something was trying to come through the front door. No questions were asked as a gun was quickly raised and blasted at the closed screen door. A few eerie seconds of silence descended on the home. The two men decided to take their guns out to the porch to investigate. Not seeing anything, yet sensing that something was watching them, the two then decided to go back inside.

Unfortunately, the men were not quick enough in their action, as a clawed hand reached down from the roof and playfully grabbed a chunk of hair off one of the men. When the creature was shot it floated to the ground and ran off into the woods. The men were hysterical at the notion that their guns had no effect on these creatures. They raced inside, screaming at the top of their lungs.

Covering all windows and locking all doors, the Sutton family huddled together for hours in fear, listening to strange "pitter-patter" of tiny feet walking across the porch and ground around their house.

When the noises ended the family decided to make a run for it. Taking two cars, the entire family piled in and raced to the nearest police station to report their encounter.

Over 20 police officers arrived at the home to investigate. No signs of aliens were found, though evidence of gunshot was apparent. Neighboring residents, who where interviewed, claimed seeing strange lights in the sky followed a few hours later by hearing the Sutton's gun-shots. At 2:15 a.m., the police decide there was nothing more that could be done and left the scene. Approximately 20-30 minutes later, the Sutton's "friends" returned.

A scream announced the visitors were back, as another family member reported seeing a glowing-green goblin at the window. More gun shots were fired at closed doors and windows to no avail. The family once again huddled together, this time until almost dawn. No sleep was achieved as the family cowered together hearing the strange "pitter-patter" of tiny feet circle the house, as well as the occasional "tap-tap" of a clawed hand at windows. Just prior to dawn, the noises diminished, as if one by one the goblins were leaving. By sunrise the noises had stopped completely.

The Air Force, as part of Project Blue Book, was called in to investigate this encounter. No explanation has ever been given and the incident is considered by many to be a genuine true encounter with the unknown.

The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

1955 - The Kelly, Kentucky Alien Invasion

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tall Green Man

On October 11, 1966, in Elizabeth, NJ, two boys, James Yanchitis and Marvin Munoz, were walking home one evening when they claimed to have encountered a strange man behind a fence near the freeway. The man grinned and stared at them, scaring the boys and causing the boys to flee and report their encounter. It was later learned that a nearby resident had also reported being chased by a tall green man.

Appearance: A 6ft tall, or taller, man wearing a sparkling green jacket and wide black belt. The man had a dark complexion with round, beady eyes set far apart on the his face. According to the boys, they could not remember the man having any hair, ears, or nose.

UFOs: Shortly before the boys had their experience, a UFO was witnessed by Police officers, Sergeant Benjamin Thompson and Patrolman Edward Wester, and other people. The UFO was described a brilliant white light which almost hit a television tower and which was sighted hovering over a nearby reservoir around 9:45 PM.

Investigation: Author/journalist John A. Keel (The Mothman Prophecies), as well as Ufologists James Moseley and Chuck McCann, investigated the sighting, interviewing the boys within days of their reported encounter.

The Complete Guide To Mysterious Beings by John A. Keel

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Cattle Files (1999)

The Cattle Files is one of the best documentaries on Cattle Mutilations, a documentary focusing on the theory of government experimentation being behind the phenomena. .

To watch the documentary, The Cattle Files, click HERE.

Cattle Mutilation

Cattle Mutilation is a phenomena involving the finding of carcasses of mainly horses and cattle which show signs of mutilation seemingly unnatural for predator or scavenger activity. The types of mutilations are specific to the phenomena, though not every form of mutilation may be found in every case. In most cases, the animal was sighted in good health just days prior to the discovery of the carcass. Cattle Mutilations first came to public light via the media coverage of the mutilation of Snippy the horse in 1967.

Types of Mutilations: The types of mutilations reportedly done to the animals include, but are not limited to; removal of eyes, tongues, lips, teats, uterus and/or fetus, penis, testicles, and the coring out of the rectum. In addition, cattle are reported to have been drained of blood, to have incisions made by a surgical instrument and/or a incisions made by a laser. Many of the carcasses also have broken bones which lead some to speculate that the animal was dropped from a great height.

Puzzling Finds: In at least one case an anticoagulant was discovered on the hide of a mutilated cow. In other cases a strange phosphorescent powder was found. The finding of the phosphorescent powder on the hide of a cow suggests to some that this is the means by which the perpetrators of the mutilations identify and locate an animal in the dark. The belief is that the perpetrators mark an animal and then return on a subsequent night to carry out the mutilation. In one case in Dulce, NM, a pair of military goggles (or possibly a gas mask, I can't recall offhand) was discovered near the scene of the discovery of a mutilated cow. This incident was document on an episode of the History Channel's, UFO Hunters show.

Theories: There have been three main theories suggested for the explanation of the phenomena of Cattle Mutilation, proposed almost from the beginning of the phenomena. Such theories are; Military/Government, UFOs/Aliens, and Satanists.

The Satanist Theory: The Satanist theory is the weakest of the three main theories, having literally no real basis in reality. No one has reported seeing people in the fields, nor has any evidence of people, such as footprints, been discovered. It's likely this theory surfaced due to the fact that 'Satanic Panic' was a then blossoming hysteria of the time.

The UFO Theory: The UFO theory remains a popular theory to many believers. Linda Moulton Howe, who achieved fame in the UFO community with her documentaries, A Strange Harvest and Strange Harvest 1993, helped to solidify the belief that the perpetrators responsible are extraterrestrial in origin. The UFO/Alien connection to the phenomena of Cattle Mutilation occurred from genuine sightings of unexplained lights hovering over fields in the night or days before the finding of a mutilated carcass.

The Military/Government Theory: The most likely theory is that of secret military/government experimentation. According to believers, the military is performing secret experiments using cattle in a possible attempt to monitor the food chain. Speculation has been offered ranging from the monitoring of Mad Cow Disease, to the effects of radiation from nuclear testing during the 40s and 50s. Probably the best documentary exploring the phenomena of Cattle Mutilation, The Cattle Files (1999), focuses primarily on the theory of secret military experimentation, delving into the development of covert technology such as portable laser beams and silent helicopters that are being withheld from public knowledge. Just as with sightings of unexplained lights, ranchers have reported sightings of black helicopters scoping their fields prior to the discovery of a mutilated animal.

The Skeptical View: According to skeptics and disbelievers, the animals died from natural means and/or predations and the mutilations are a result of a natural scavenger activity.

The FBI Investigation: The FBI Investigated Cattle Mutilation and generally agreed with the skeptical view of the phenomena. You can view the FBI Animal Mutilations Project files by clicking HERE. It should be noted that the FBI investigation did not include any autopsies of reported mutilations.

My Take: Cattle Mutilation is a phenomena that I truly believe to be taking place. As far as who or what is behind the phenomena, I lean toward that of secret military experimentation. I find it extremely offensive for 'city folk' to claim that a rancher doesn't know the work of predators/scavengers when he sees it, especially since most people in big cities haven't even seen any predators/scavengers themselves, other than in Zoos. I don't believe every single dead animal is connected to the phenomena, but I do believe there is a legitimate phenomena occurring.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Roswell (1994)


The Devil Baby Of New Orleans

According to local New Orleans legend, a wealthy couple wished to have a male child, being blessed with only females prior. They prayed to God, but to no avail. In desperation, the couple turned to a local "Voodoo Woman" in order to conceive a male child. The Voodoo woman hated the man, so she secretly cursed the unborn child, making him the spawn of Lucifer himself. According to legend, the mother gave birth to the Devil Baby during Mardi Gras in St. Anthony's Garden, a location said to have been one of the "7 Gates Of Hell" on earth. After birth, the Devil Baby was said to have been wet nursed by Madame Delphine LaLaurie, an upper-class white woman who had as her hair-dresser Marie Laveau. The two became close friends. Rumors flew that Laveau was secretly teaching LaLaurie the black arts, a practice that would have made LaLaurie a fine choice for the wet nurse of the spawn of Satan. To this day, the Devil Baby is blamed for all manner of disappearances and murders.

Appearance: typical 'red devil' image of a demon, a baby with red-colored skin, horns, cloven hoofs, and a tail.

Lore: The Devil Baby was said to have been castrated by none other than Marie Laveau, who feared that if he reproduced his offspring would destroy the world. According to lore, when the Devil Baby's testicles hit the floor they were transformed into Grunches. The monsters then attacked Laveau and she barely escaped with her life.

Dreams: According to lore, dreaming of the Devil Baby is an omen of bad fortune and can be interpreted based on the actions occurring in the dream. For example, to dream of giving birth to the Devil Baby means that one will shortly have a hysterectomy. To dream of holding a Devil Baby means that bad luck is fast approaching. The strangest superstition concerns that of dreaming of kissing the Devil Baby, as it means that one's lover is having a homosexual affair. Finally, the scariest lore is about dreams of having one of your children being a Devil Baby. This is said to be an omen of the dreamer's approaching death.

Death: According to some stories, the Devil Baby is dead, supposedly either struck by a bolt of lightning and buried next to Marie Laveau's tomb, or else captured, tortured, and subsequently dying in a Church on Easter Sunday in 1881. Other people insist that these legends are not true, that the Devil Baby is alive and well, prowling the streets of New Orleans at night for victims.

The Devil Baby Is Alive And Well And Lives In New Orleans

The Devil Baby Of Bourbon Street

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coast to Coast AM Roswell Revelations June 2, 2009

Authors Thomas J. Carrey and Donald R. Schmitt discuss new information concerning their updated book, Witness To Roswell: Unmasking The 60 Year Cover-Up

Roswell Central (Official Website of the Authors)


Angels are monstrous beings, the messengers of God, and agents of his divine will and wrath. There is more than one race or type of Angel. These various types of Angels are referred to as Orders. The number of Orders vary, but usually 9 or 10 Orders of Angels are said to exist by believers. Angels play significant roles in the religions of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Appearance: The appearance of Angels varies based on Order as well as distinction. What is very clear in scripture is that the true form of Angels is monstrous and dangerous for humans to behold. Appearances range from multi-headed, multi-winged, humanoid beings to winged-heads, or even "living flames". Probably the strangest appearance of Angels is the Ophanim, or The Order of the Thrones, a type of Angel whose true form is a glowing, 'flying wheel' with eyes all-around, similar to reports of flying saucers!

Lore: There is far too much lore surrounding Angels to go into any great detail here. Most of the lore of Angels have no basis in scripture, or at least Christian scripture, but are instead examples of "Judeo-Christian Mythology", concepts and beliefs that believers hold dear but which are not based in scripture. Examples of Judeo-Christian Mythology with regards to Angels include the notion of Angels as beautiful people with wings, female Angels, Guardian Angels (Guardian Angels are found in the Zoroastrian religion), and Angels healing people.

Angels and Aliens: There are many similarities between Angels and Aliens, such as the Ophanim, or Order of the Thrones, for example, which appear similar to classic 'flying saucers'. Other similarities include the fact that both Aliens and Angels are not said to have genitalia (gender), live in "Heaven" (Outer-Space), bring messages and warnings of destruction (Contactees), are interested in human reproduction and having sex with mortal men and women (Hybrids, Nephilim).

In his book, Angels: God's Secret Agents, Rev. Billy Graham speculates that UFOs and Aliens may be Angels, either good or evil.

Bush, Miriam

Miriam Bush was an Executive Secretary, working under Hospital Administrator and Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Col. Harold Warne, at the Roswell AFB Hospital in 1947. Bush was employed at the base during the time of the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial craft near Roswell, NM, in July of the same year.

According to Pat Bush, Miriam's sister-in-law, Miriam came home from work one day extremely excited about something that had occurred. Relating the events over diner, Bush claimed that her boss took her aside and told her there was something she needed to see. Bush claimed she was taken to a room in which bodies of what she thought were children were displayed on tables. When Bush noticed the heads of the beings, she realized they were not children at all. Bush noticed that at least one of the beings was alive at the time, as it moved it's hand.

According to Pat Bush, when Miriam arrived home from work the next day her demeanor had completely changed. Bush appeared frightened and informed the family never to discuss what she told them the day before.

Effect Of The Sighting On Her Life: The sightings negatively effected Miriam Bush, possibly being a factor for her turning to alcohol and her eventual death. According to Pat Bush, Miriam was never the same. She lived the rest of her life in a state of fear.

Death: According to Pat Bush, Miriam Bush's death was mysterious. In 1989, Bush had checked in to a hotel under an assumed name (her sister's name) and was subsequently found deceased with bruises on her arms and with a plastic bag over her head. The door had been locked from the inside. According to Pat Bush there was no investigation and the Police simply ruled it a suicide, though her family had their doubts. Bush died at the time that Roswell investigators were trying to track her down to be able to interview her. Was it suicide or was she murdered to prevent her from talking?

Witness To Roswell: Unmasking The 60 Year Cover-Up by Thomas J. Carrey and Donald R. Schmitt

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Southern Fried Bigfoot = A Must Watch

I finished watching Southern Fried Bigfoot, and let me tell you, it is the Bigfoot documentary of the decade (Bigfootville being a close second).

A few Bigfoot "flaps" or lore featured in the documentary, I have blogged here, such as The Lake Worth Monster and The Loup Garou. There's only a couple of points I took issue with in the film, mainly that the photographer who snapped the famous Lake Worth Monster photo, doesn't believe it is Bigfoot. The other being that the Loup Garou is definitely not Bigfoot, but is instead French Werewolf lore come to us via the Cajuns. I do admit that if a believers in Loup Garou might confuse a Bigfoot with such legendary creature. Despite these two points of conflict, the documentary is exceptional and is definitely a "must see" for Bigfoot enthusiasts.

Southern Fried Bigfoot airs again tonight on the Documentary Channel, June 16, 2009 at 11:00 PM CST and on June 26, 2009 at 2:00 PM CST. Be sure to check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Unfortunately I won't be posting the documentary to my blog, because Bigfoot will kill me (per the warning at the end of the documentary)!

Southern Fried Bigfoot Official Website


A Grunch is a Chupacabra-like monster in the folklore of Louisiana, especially around the New Orleans area. The creature is blamed for mutilated animal deaths and enjoys frightening people. Tales of the creatures date back to the founding years of the city of New Orleans. There have been actual sightings of the creatures and to this day many residents are said not to allow their pets outside after dark for fear of them falling prey to the beast.

Appearance: A 3-4ft tall, bipedal, black goat-like being, with horns, spines, or quills covering it's back, and glowing eyes.

Lore: Grunches are said to kill their victims by one puncture hole to the neck and then to subsequently drain the victim's blood. According to legend, anyone bit by a Devil Baby (more in a future blog), will transform into a Grunch at the full moon, similar to tales of Werewolves.

Powers: Grunches are believed to be intelligent, able to open doors and use tools. Grunches can also speak in a low growl, though they are best known for their screams which some claim resembles the cry of either a wolf, ape, or Banshee. In and around Metairie, LA, Grunches are believed to be able to walk through walls.

The American Chupacabra

Grunch Road The Secret Revealed (With Reported Pictures Of Grunches)

Interview With A Witch

The Experience with Steve Fox: Wicca


To the best of my knowledge, the term Ultraterrestrial was coined by author John A. Keel (The Mothman Prophecies) as a catch-all explanation for all paranormal phenomena. Computer Scientists and Ufologist Jacque Vallee also proposed a similar concept.

A quick google of the term will reveal that most people have no true understanding of the concept Keel was trying to communicate. For example, most references to Ultraterrestrials online are to Extraterrestrials, which is incorrect.

So what did Keel have in mind with regards to Ultraterrestrials? Let me do a quick breakdown:

-They may be composed of energy, inhabiting the spectrum (wavelength) of energy in which we cannot see.

-They me have evolved on this planet, though they are far older than the human race.

-They feed off of humans, though the implication is via the draining of energy and not the consumption of flesh. Keel uses the apt phrase, 'cattle of the gods' when referencing humans as a food source for Ultratterestrials.

-They are telepathic.

-They can temporarily take form or substance which they use to interact with humans.

-They are not extraterrestrials. Instead, Extraterrestrials are merely a 'mask' they wear.

-They are not Demons, as most religious people would interpret them as. The reason why is because 'Demon' is just another mask they wear, just as 'Angel' is.

-They are responsible for all paranormal phenomena. Everything from Bigfoot sightings, Ghosts, UFOs & Aliens, Marian Apparitions, Poltergeists, Fairies, Angels & Demons, Loch Ness Monster & sightings of mysterious creatures, among others, are just the machinations of Ultraterrestrials. The implication is that Ultraterrestrials will appear in such guises as a prelude to feeding off of humans. For example, an Ultraterrestrial may stage a Marian apparition to draw in the hordes of believers who subsequently lift their hands to heaven and out pour their hearts and energy to hungry Ultraterrestrials.

John Keel brought up some good questions that all readers should ponder with regard to paranormal phenomena. There's a lot of 'problems' with paranormal phenomena that the Ultraterrestrial Hypothesis addresses, though such hypothesis can never be proven one way or another.

Here's a list of things to ponder:

-Why no naked ghosts? (Do clothes have souls too?)

-Why does the Virgin Mary always appear beautiful and just like her statues? (The Real Mary lived in a time where there was practically no hygiene, no sunscreen, and let's face it, no dental care.)

-Why is a sulphur smell associated with demon encounters? This belief dates back to the time when people thought Hell was located deep underground, where sulphur is located. We know that Hell is not underground, yet people continue to report the smell of sulphur associated with demonic activity. Why?

-If Bigfoot is merely an unknown creature, then why are there reports of him having glowing eyes and of leaving behind a sulphur smell?

-Angelic encounters are a much beloved and cherished aspect of modern Christianity, yet how come no modern Christian ever realized that the 'beings' they are reporting do not meet the Biblical criteria for Angels?

-The same thing goes with Jesus. There are so many reports of visions or apparitions of Jesus, and they all tend to represent the Jesus we know through art. The problem is that nobody alive today, or even the artists themselves, has seen Jesus. Are Christians again being deceived?

-Why is it that Aliens are reported to be able to walk through walls like ghosts?

These are all fascinating questions which lend some credence to the Ultraterrestrial Hypothesis. But like all paranormal subjects, unless such an hypothesis can be tested and proved, it is ultimately pointless.

Monday, June 15, 2009

In Search Of...UFOs (1977)


This is one of my personal favorite documentaries on UFOs. The witnesses come across as extremely sincere. I also like the fact that the cases in this episode are not sightings of distant objects, but rather up-close sightings of true UFOs, unidentified flying objects. The first family's story is truly remarkable, an up-close encounter with a 12ft long, 6ft high object that looked like a 'turtle' blocking the road. Scary stuff.

Phantom Clowns

According to Psychologists, the fear of clowns is indicative of childhood abuse or of a disturbed personality. I say, "To Hell with that!"

Many people have an innate fear in clowns. I do. Actor, Johnny Depp does. I think the fear of clowns is quite justified.

Cases in point:

-Pennywise the clown from Stephen King's IT
-The clown-doll from Poltergeist
-The serial-killer, John Wayne Gayce

To top it off, during the late 1970's through the mid 1980's, there was a rash of "Phantom Clowns" reported across the nation. They are referred to as Phantom Clowns as no evidence of their existence was ever recovered, nor were there technically any victims, though many people reported strange and frightening encounters.

Here are a few reported encounters;

"May, 1981, Daniel O'Connell, the Investigative Counselor of the Boston Public School Board, alerted the district's principals that "it has been brought to the attention of the police department and the district office that adults dressed as clowns have been bothering children to and from school."

"May 5, [1981] two clowns using candy as lures tried to entice children into their black van parked near Lawrence Elementary School."

" The following day [May 6, 1981] the Boston police, "responding to persistent complaints, warned that men in clown suits were harassing elementary children." One, driving a black van, was seen to be dressed as a clown only from the waist up; from the waist down he was naked."

"Pittsburgh children began reporting being pestered by two men dressed as clowns driving a van."

"May 22, in Kansas City, Missouri, [Police] chased a "knife-wielding clown in a yellow van that had been reported at six different elementary schools"

"8:30, [May 22, 1981] a mother had watched a yellow van approach her children as they walked to a school bus stop. The van stopped and someone inside spoke to her two girls who then screamed and fled; the vehicle sped away. The children told their mother that a man dressed as a clown and carrying a knife had ordered them inside. By noon the police had received dozens of similar reports - of a clown in a yellow van. The calls did not taper off until five o'clock that afternoon."

Loren Coleman, famous author and cryptozoologist, investigated the phenomena and was struck by the lack of knowledge of the fact that these events were being reported across the nation. His conclusion was that some form of "demonic trickster" is/was playing games with witnesses. It may change it's form from time to time, but the games it plays are always the same, mainly to intimidate and invoke fear in the witnesses.

And guess what? -The Phantom Clowns are not a thing of the past. Phantom Clowns were reported in Chicago as recently as 2008! Let's look at a case in Fitchburg, Wisconsin in year 2000 first.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal of Madison, dated June 20, 2000:

"A man dressed in a complete clown costume and holding three helium balloons tried to lure children into woods near the King James Court apartments, at about 12:30 PM Monday, Fitchburg Police said."

A couple of days later, the Wisconsin State Journal of Madison printed this story:

"Suspicious Clown Had Unique Face Paint

Fitchburg Police, investigating a man in a clown costume who tried to lure children into the woods on Monday, have concluded he's not a "legitimate" clown. Detective Todd Stetzer, who said he's learned a lot about clowning since the man appeared near the King James Court apartments, said the man's black face paint set him apart from any of the three mainstream styles of clown costumery. "That's extremely, extremely unique", he said. "It isn't in the legitimate style of clowning, which kind of leads us to believe the person was using it as a costume only for this purpose (enticement)."

The most recent sightings occurred in Chicago, IL, in October of 2008. A man wearing either a clown mask or clown make-up, a painted tear-drop on his cheek and a wig, was said to have attempted to use balloons to lure children into his vehicle. The children fled and called 911. The suspect was reportedly driving either a brown or white van with the windows broken-out. Police put out an alert. According to a Harrison area Special Victim's Unit Detective, multiple clown sightings were reported in the area, with some of the clowns being seen on foot near Gardner Park and near a Beidler Elementary School. Yes folks, the terror isn't over.

If you should hear the sounds of a circus-theme song, or even the song, "Send in the Clowns", -RUN!

Note: Despite the fear of Phantom Clowns, no child was ever hurt or abducted. It's as if the goal was to only scare people and not actually physically harm anyone. I'm sure many would simply dismiss the events as mass hysteria, but something strange does appear to be going on. Also, despite what many believe, Stephen King's book, IT, is not an inspiration behind the attacks, nor did children get their fear of clowns from such book and later movie. The book was released in 1986 and the t.v. movie aired in 1990. The Phantom Clowns were reported starting many years before King released the book.

Phantoms, Demons, Finders

When The Clowns Roamed The Street Looking For Your Children

Phantom Clowns Are Back!

Mysterious America by Loren Coleman

Weird U.S.: Your Travel Guide To America's Local Legends And Best Kept Secrets

Symington III, John Fife

John fife Symington III, was the Republican Governor of Arizona, serving from 1991 until his resignation in 1997.

Relationship With President Clinton: Symington was said to have been a good friend of President Bill Clinton, even saving his life on one occasion, by rescuing him from drowning.

Phoenix Lights: Symington was the Governor of Arizona during the famous Phoenix Lights UFO incident and attracted criticism at the time from many people who believed him to be making lite of the sighting and to be poking fun at witnesses. Symington held a press conference during which a man in an alien costume was "taken into custody". Symington chimed in by saying, "This goes to show that you guys are entirely too serious."

Legal Battles: Symington was indicted in 1997 on charges of extortion and bank fraud. He was convicted and was forced to resign as Governor. Symington's conviction was overturned on appeal in 1999. Unfortunately this did not stop the Federal Government from pursuing Symington. It took a presidential pardon from President Bill Clinton in 2001 to finally end Symington's legal battles.

UFO Revelations: In 2007, Symington "came out of the closet", so to speak, and publicly admitted to being a witness of one of the UFOs during the Phoenix Lights UFO incident. Symington has publicly stated that he believes the craft was of extraterrestrial origin and does not buy into the Military explanation of the UFO sightings being nothing more than flares. On November 9, 2007, Symington appeared as a guest on the Larry King Live! show to discuss his sighting. On November 12, 2007, Symington functioned as moderator at the UFO Press Conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

Govenor Fife Symington

Symington: I Saw A UFO In The Arizona Sky

Monsters! Mysteries Or Myths? (1974)


BBC News Takes On Roswell Crash

The BBC's Kevin Connolly travels to Roswell to investigate the enduring mystery. Did a UFO crash there in 1947? Were alien bodies recovered? Is the U.S. government covering it up?

The Truth About Roswell?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

God Hates Fangs - TrueBlood Season 2 Premiere, Tonight!

I've been waiting forever for more TrueBlood episodes, and tonight's the night!

If you haven't yet seen TrueBlood, then you are surely missing out. If you like Vampires you definitely have to watch. Sure, the show can be described as 'Backwoods Buffy', but it sure is entertaining, and addictive!

TrueBlood Season 2 Premiere Episode, Nothing But The Blood, airs tonight at 8:00 PM CST and 10:00 PM CST on HBO.

El Chupacabra

El Chupacabra, Spanish for "goat sucker", is a monster in Hispanic folklore said to be responsible for the deaths of goats, livestock, chickens, rabbits, and other animals. As the name suggests, the monster is believed to kill it's victims by draining their blood in a manner similar to reported Vampires. The name, 'Chupacabra' is said to have been invented by Puerto Rican celebrity, Silverio PĂ©rez, who jokingly called the beast such and the name 'stuck'. Tales of the Chupacabra started in Puerto Rico in the later 1980s and exploded in 1995, though there were legends of vampiric beasts dating far further back in folklore, myth, and legend, of the localities in which the beast has been said to be active. The beast has since been reported in nearly all of the Americas, going as far north as the state of Maine.

Appearance: Initially no one knew what the the beast looked like. People would only find the carcasses of dead animals, seemingly drained of blood after the reported attack by the creature. One early witness, Angela Laje of Puerto Rico, described the monster as looking similar to a monkey. Further sightings included such details as the creature having large, porcupine-like quills on it's back, large almong-shaped, red eyes, fangs, and claws. The beast is said to locomote via hopping, similar to a kangaroo. Some people even drew similarities between the sightings of both Chupacabra and reported aliens, such as The Greys. To see a sketch of this reported Chupacabra, click HERE. To confuse matters even worse, a second 'type' of Chupacabra began to be reported in the U.S., a creature resembling a canine. For a time, a dog-like description of the beast seemed to dominate. Unfortunately, all of the dog-like sightings have turned out to be either misidentifications or even hoaxes, as tests on the carcasses have determined them to be examples of diseased coyotes or dogs. Some of the sightings were of a rare breed of Mexican dog.

Lore: According to folklore the creature was created in, and subsequently escaped from, a secret U.S. facility in Puerto Rico. There are indeed several secretive U.S. facilities in Puerto Rico.

Powers: According to some witnesses, the Chupacabra has the ability to hypnotize it's prey with it's enormous red, glowing eyes.

Prey: Victims of the Chupacabra appear to have died in an unusual manner, many with one or two puncture wounds to the neck region. The carcasses are reportedly found drained of blood. No human victims have ever been reported.



UFOs Down To Earth: Reason To Believe? (1997)


Laveau, Marie (c.1801-1881)

Marie Laveau (circa 1801-1881) was a New Orleans, LA, creole hairdresser who later become famous for being a 'Voodoo Queen'. There are so many legends and stories about Marie Laveau that it is difficult to get to the truth of who she was. In fact, her stories are so beloved by believers and followers that the truth is most likely not even desired.

Rise To Fame: As a hairdresser, Marie Laveau was most likely trusted with the secretes of her "gossipy" clients. Some believe she used these secrets to make people in town think she had special powers. The most famous legend concerning the rise of her power as a 'Voodoo Queen' involves her being given a gift of a home, referred to as 'Maison Blanche' (White House) due to the color. Legend states that a wealthy white client gave the home to Marie Laveau in exchange for using her powers to help his son, who was facing trial, imprisonment or possibly the death sentence depending on the story. Other stories claim that Marie Laveau had the Maison Blanche built from the wealth she had acquired from her clients.

The Controversy: Was Marie Laveau a practitioner of Voodoo? I believe she was not. Marie Laveau was skilled in Hoodoo, knowing the roots, herbs, and like for various conditions. This would imply that she was a Hoodoo Woman or Rootworker. The problem is that Marie Laveau did hold dances in Congo Square where men drummed and women danced with snakes, but is this Voodoo? I personally think not. The key thing to understand about Marie Laveau is that she was a great performer. Marie Laveau also preferred white clients, as she believed they payed more. It is my personal belief that the whole 'Voodoo Queen' aspect was an act, performed by Marie Laveau, in order to draw paying white clients. At that time, as well as today, most white people could not tell the difference between Hoodoo and Voodoo. Other evidence leaning toward the fact that Leveau practiced Hoodoo and not Voodoo was the fact that she was reportedly taught her skill by one 'Doctor John'. It is a well established tradition amongst Hoodoo Men to label themselves as 'Doctor', per the synonym for Hoodoo, Root Doctor. Even further proof that Marie Laveau was not an actual Voodoo practitioner is the fact that she is said to have worshipped an African God named Zombie, in the form of a pet snake. There is no African God named Zombie. The word Zombie can mean ghost, spirit, or the reanimated dead, but it is never a term for a God. There is a name, Nzambi, for the Congo creator God; however such is not associated with Voodou. In fact, there is no evidence Marie Laveau was ever initiated into any African religion.

Shady Business Practices: Most believers and followers fail to realize that Marie Laveau used 'mob tactics' against competitors in order to run them out of town. Laveau had a large number of followers to do her 'dirty work' when needed. This is truly how Marie Laveau came to rule New Orleans.

The Rumors: There are so many rumors surrounding Mare Laveau that it would be nearly impossible to list here. Some of the more spicy rumors are that Marie Laveau was a Madame on the side, running a brothel out of the Maison Blanche. There were rumors of wild parties with naked black women, all for the enjoyment of her white male clients. Other rumors suggest that Marie Laveau may have used her knowledge of herbs to sicken people so that they would come to her and pay money for the cure. Probably the most famous rumor of all surrounding Marie Laveau is that she lived to be over 200 years old. This rumor more than likely stems from the fact that Marie Laveau's daughter, of the same name, took up her mother's work when she retired.

The Painting: When most people visualize Marie Laveau, they usually think of this painting which you can view HERE. Unfortunately this painting is not of Marie Laveau, but is instead a painting of an unknown creole slave woman. Even to this day many people incorrectly believe that the painting is of Marie Laveau. There are other paintings that are said to be of Marie Laveau, though it is likely that none of them are truly of the original Marie Laveau, but are instead either of her daugher or of an imposter Hoodoo Woman or 'Voodoo Queen' using Laveau's name to draw fame to her own practice.

The Ritual: According to legend, there is a ritual by which one can have a wish granted by the spirit of Marie Laveau. The ritual involves traveling to Marie Laveau's mausoleum, marking three 'x's in red brick (Though people use markers these days), knocking three times on the mausoleum, and then making one's wish. When the wish is granted it is custom to travel back to the mausoleum and leave an offering of thanks to Laveau's spirit. Offerings of beads, flowers, liquor, cigars, and cigarettes are common. Interestingly, there are two mausoleums for Marie Laveau, possibly being that of the original Marie Laveau and that of her daughter of the same name.

Note: The woman in the above clip who claims that "it doesn't matter what ingredients go into a gris-gris, that only the intention counts", is wrong. The ingredients placed in a gris-gris, otherwise called 'mojo', are symbolic representations specific to the condition the gris-gris is being made for. For example, a gris-gri or mojo made for gambling, would contain roots, herbs, stones, and even animal parts considered to have a "lucky" reputation. More on gris-gris/mojo in a future blog.

Marie Laveau

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