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In the Chtulhu Mythos, Y'golonac is a Great Old One, the god of perversion and depravity. For this reason, he is referred to as, The Defiler.

Appearance: No one knows his true form. In order to manifest in this world, Y'golonac must possess a human host. When possession occurs, the host mutates into a hideous being in the form of a headless and morbidly obese naked man with a mouth in the palms of each hand.

For images of Y'golonak, click HERE and HERE.

Lore: The mere reading of Y'golonac's name is enough to summon him, so be careful. Those who harbor secret perversions, especially those who enjoy reading forbidden books of knowledge are most vulnerable to Y'golonac's influence. Such individuals are either destroyed by their evil desires, killed and eaten by Y'golonack or else made to serve him as his priests. For this reason the cult of Y'golonac is composed of very perverse and wicked individuals.

Fortunately for humanity Y'golonac is currently walled in behind a brick wall in an ancient ruined city, awaiting the time for the stars to change so that he might be freed. In his prison, Y'golonak sleeps and waits for the perverse and depraved to summon him so that he might temporarily feed before falling once more into his ancient slumber.

Powers: Y'golonak is capable of the most wicked, most perverse, and most depraved and insane powers ever dreamt possible.

Defense Against Y'golonak: Practically none, save the Elder Sign which repels him. Avoid reading his name and shy away from forbidden books, especially those pertaining to knowledge no man should be allowed to possess.

Of Y'golonac

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