Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Real Fairy Caught On Camera? -And Other Odd Experiences

The above photo was taken by my brother on Sunday, December 20, 2009. I have disguised the face of my nephew for privacy reasons.

To the right of my nephew is what appears to be a pair of glowing eyes in front of closed closet doors. There is nothing on the closet doors that would reflect light in this manner. The only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with the camera lens.

Interestingly, this summer another brother who shares this particular bedroom had a sighting of a being he described as a "ghost". According to him, this ghost appeared as a small child-like being with dark, tanned skin and yellow eyes. The spirit was sitting on my brother's bed, staring at him. My brother claimed to have seen the apparition from the corner of his eyes while watching a movie late one night. As soon as he saw the being, he turned and claimed to have actually locked eyes with it, at which point the creature gave a look of shock or fright, almost as if he was scared that my brother saw him. The figure then quickly dissolved and vanished.

Knowing of my brother's experience with the little man, I jokingly told my other brother who took the photo that it was a fairy goblin. I then informed him of fairy lore and of about how fairies like to kidnap babies and leave one of their own malformed fairy offspring, a.k.a. changelings, in their place. I then advised my brother to place an iron object near the bed and to sprinkle salt around the bed to ward off the fairy and to prevent it from taking our nephew. LOL
This isn't the only weird thing to have happened in the house either. On Christmas Eve in 2006, a series of strange events happened that left my family perplexed.

I had to work that Christmas Eve and my family was visiting relatives, leaving the house supposedly empty. That night I received a call at work from my father who angrily accused me of going to the house and playing pranks with the alarm. I informed my father that , "Duh..I'm at work." and then he apologized and claimed that the alarm system went off three times and that people from the company went by the house and that the alarm company has called him several times now. My father claimed he also went to the house a couple of times and found no sign of a break-in nor was anything disturbed. After getting off work I learned the rest of the story. Apparently my father spoke with an employee of the alarm company. The person told them that the sensor in our living room was fine and that it is only triggered when something a minimum of 3-4 feet tall moves around in it's range. My father claimed he was told that something at least 3-4 feet tall triggered the sensor at least 3 times that Christmas Eve night. Whatever that something was, is a matter of speculation.

My grandfather, my mother's father, passed away in January of that year. My mother has decided to interpret the events as my grandfather's spirit returning to spend Christmas with the family.

As for possible explanations, there are three dogs but that night they were kept in a room in order to prevent them soiling the carpet. When my father went to the house to check it out he found them still in the room. I offered the possibility that perhaps a mouse climbed a curtain and had triggered the alarm, but my father rejected that explanation.

So what happened that Christmas Even night? Unfortunately, nobody has come up with a satisfactory explanation. I can tell you that the event has not repeated. That was the only time the alarm went off, and of course only time it went off three times on one night.

Finally, shortly after my brother claimed to have seen the little man in his room, my niece claimed to have seen a "shadowman" in her room which frightened her. Frankly, I discount her sighting as a product of imagination due to her hearing of my brother's experience.

So is there a fairy or spirit in the house? Frankly, I don't sense anything. I've never sensed that something was watching me, nor have I gotten any negative vibes from the home. I do have my own experience, which I attribute to a hypnogogic experience. One day last summer, and before my brother sighted the little man, I decided to take a nap. I was awakened by what appeared to be a small, child-size and pale-skinned being with dark eyes. The creature had its hands on my arm as if trying to shake me. Here's the weird part, when I saw the being I didn't freak out but told myself that it was one of the dogs. I actually named the dog to myself, "Oh, it's just Precious.". (Precious is a black cocker and is no way similar to a pale-skinned little person! LOL) As I stated above, I attributed the experience to a hypnagogic state, the state between waking and sleeping where dreams and reality can temporarily merge for the experiencer.

Did I mention that a female relative claimed to have seen a "alien" walking in her room one night? She claimed she woke up one night and saw an alien (gray) standing at the window. The being then just casually walked out of the room, keeping it's head and black, piercing eyes turned toward her the whole time.

So what do you think? Have the little people invaded the home? If they have, at least they aren't evil or negative, as I have never sensed such.

UPDATE 10/14/2011: In my writing above I mentioned that the even had not repeated. This is now now the case. It has happened now at least two more times. Unfortunately I didn't take note of the date or time so I can't be sure. All I can say is that both additional times it happened the family was out to eat and my father recieved a call from the alarm company that the motion sensor inside the home had been triggered. Again, there is no explanation as to why it went off. We've all come to refer to it as "the ghost", as in, "the ghost is playing tricks again".

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