Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cu Sith

In Irish and Scottish folklore, the Cu Sith or Fairy Hound, is a large and fearsome dog with supernatural powers.

Appearance: The Irish envisioned the Cu Sith (Cu Sidhe) as a black dog with glowing eyes. To the Scottish the Cu Sith was a dog the size of a calf with green fur. In traditional Celtic myth, the fairy hounds are believed to be dogs with white fur and one red ear and one red eye.

Lore: Cu Sith roam the land performing tasks for their fairy masters, such as aiding in hunting as well as abducting human women to take back to the fairy realms. It is believed these women are used to nurse fairy offspring.

Powers: Cu Sith are completely silent when hunting. It is likely that Cu Sith can become invisible or disappear at will.

Defense Against Cu Sith: Like all fairies, Cu Sith fear iron objects and salt.

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