Friday, December 18, 2009

C.D.B. Bryan Passed Away (1936-2009)

Journalist and author C.D.B. Bryan has passed away at the age of 73.

Bryan, who is most remembered for his 1976 book Friendly Fire, became interested in the U.F.O phenomena after attending a 1992 UFO conference at M.I.T.

Bryan walked away with changed opinions on the subject. Bryan no longer believed individuals seeing UFOs and making claims of being abducted by aliens to be crazy. Later on, when Bryan sat in on several Hypnosis sessions with abduction researcher Budd Hopkins, Bryan realized that the standard response of the Hypnotist leading the patient into making up stories of abduction was also wrong.

Bryan's book, Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind: A Reporter's Notebook On Alien Abduction, UFOs, And The Conference At M.I.T., documents his experiences attending the conference, the information presented, and details the astounding possibility of dealing with a mysterious phenomenon that may in fact be true.


Loren Coleman said...

Actually, I think by presenting C. D. B. Bryan's interest as so recent and contemporary, you may have missed the significance of his father, Col. Joseph Bryan III (a "former" covert agent of the CIA), and his role in dismantling the early UFO organization, NICAP. In my obituary, I point out this family legacy and also that C. D. B. Bryan shared an intelligence community background with his father.

BoyintheMachine said...

Thanks Loren, I wasn't aware of that fact. Very interesting.

I should have also clarified that despite his changed opinions, Bryan still remained a skeptic of the phenomenon.

Now I'm wondering if Bryan had ulterior motives. By which I mean, he wrote Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind, and then kind of fell away from the subject of UFOs afterwards. Or was the book his mea culpa?

I guess it's time for a reread of Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind.

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